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  1. Tattmad

    Anyone recommend a tattoist

    Try Stirltat on recon....he based in Holloway, London. does intimate, gay ink...no attitude....got a sling if it’s somewhere that needs you in a certain position. He would never win a prize for his work, but he does a decent job of the more ‘specialised’ type of ink 🐷🐷
  2. I am a 49 yr old pig..have booked a London Vauxhall hotel for the night of Sunday 01st July. am stocky, defined and very heavily tattooed. I am there to have my tattooed hole pumped full of your cum...NO LOAD REFUSED. My partner will be looking after me and pimping me out between 5 and 9pm..I will be on the bed, on all fours, blindfolded, hungry tattooed arse in the air, in the parTy mood and there to be used for your pleasure.. Cum alone or bring a pal and tag fuck me...cum and go, or stay a while.. ad will be on barebackrt...will text hotel rm number nr the time. All I ask is No attitude...and mark my arse with a pen when you shoot your load in me.
  3. To celebrate my up and cumming birthday.....I plan to spend an afternoon living out my very own fantasy....see if it lives up to expectations. i plan to be at the Pink Broadway Sauna between 3.30-6.30 Thursday 14th April. Naked, blindfolded, lubed up, tattooed hole in the are and taking ANY and ALL LOADS from guys/group. NO LOAD WILL BE REFUSED. my tattooed hole is yours to fill and what will be will be...🐷🐷🐷🐷😀 you are all very welcome to come and play on me.. best regards. jim

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