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    Married, she knows and hates that I'm bi. I simply need cock, I need to suck and swallow, I need to be fucked, I need to take loads. I've fucked around for 20 years, taking loads all over the world and I'm still HIV neg and no Hep C - what the hell? I'm not a bug chaser, never wanted to catch anything, just didn't care and never knew why but I was recently diagnosed as bipolar with mixed depression - I'm on lamotrigine which lets me think more clearly and keeps me balanced and guess what....I want cock just as much as before!!
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    Was in one straight porn and one gay porn, both in Vegas - can't even remember the name I made up!
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    I LOVE to suck multiple cocks, love to swallow multiple loads, love to be fucked by guy after guy with people watching and LOVE to be used and take all the loads I can get. I've enjoyed the theater scene, the glory hole booths and the bath houses - those are my favorite - find me a sling and some poppers and I'm ready to go!

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  1. My doctor recommends Prep every day, said she is not comfortable with on-demand scenarios because you can easily forget, not have access to it or run the risk of lowered effectiveness. As a side note, she gave me an HPV immunization, a pneumococcal immunization (mono, etc), a Hep B immunization and agreed with my question about preventative doxy to prevent Syph, Ghono and Chlam (100mg daily). So with the daily doxycyline , the daily Prep and the proper immunizations you can drastically lower the chances of everything but Hep C.
  2. Hey there - I knew what you were saying (I've been to the pleasuredrome, the one in Soho and all the Chariots!) - I was a complete slut before I ever thought of getting on Prep (and am still right at the edge of the "pull the trigger" phase). Once I'm on Doxy and Prep, the world will open up again and I'll continue to be the sluttiest slut I know - so for me the meds will just ensure I'll be around/mobile/healthy for my kids.
  3. To make you feel a little more at ease - I took hundreds loads in bathhouses, video stores, dark basements and alleys for almost 20 years without prep or anything else - and I'm still neg. And I don't even have the CCR5 deletion to explain it. So, if you've been on prep for a few months, HIV is almost a non-issue - Syph, Gono, Chlam, Hep B, HepC and HPV are your only concerns.
  4. sweet - that was a good find. I hope you have a trip soon to try a few of the ones on my list - you'll have fun.
  5. This thread has me hard as a rock. For the last 20 years or so all I wanted was casual, anon sex - first with women, then with couples and now more with men - I got into the raunchiest scenes (someone mentioned Sansom - I've been there but prefer naked at the Apollo next door, where I can head into the pitch black bathroom and get ass fucked, face fucked, pushed around, slapped, used and degraded like I enjoy. Those tops don't give a shit about you or your well being - that's hot. Bush River in Riverside MD is the same way - late at night in the theaters you can get literally abused by guy after guy after guy - pumping loads into both holes for hours on end. I left there one night with my shirt ripped in so many places it was nearly falling off. I wrote elsewhere here about the my times at Slammer in FL - same scene, lovely abuse. Violence of the mind & torture of the body. :)
  6. Thanks - it's the right thing to do since I have kids. I also just got a Pneumococcal Polysaccharide immunization yesterday (prevents against meningitis, bacteremia and types of pneumonia) - why not, right? Truth be told, for 20 years I never gave a shit what might happen to me - feeling amazing during each romp but terrible after. Being diagnosed bipolar this past year explained a LOT so 200mg of Lamotrigine every day has given me the clarity to prepare for the types of fun I know I love. Now to figure out if the wife understands.
  7. 300 - this alone tells me what a perverted SOB I am Too bad there wasn't a score multiplier for how many times I've done those things!!
  8. It's the CCR5 gene deletion (called DELTA32, so you would see it as CCR5 DELTA32 meaning deletion of the sequence on BOTH #3gene strands) - it's in 10-15% of the global population whose ancestors are from Europe. Scientists believe those descendants carry this gene deletion because their ancestors were survivors of the Black Plague, which was nature's last attempt to eradicate us. Presence of BOTH gene sequence deletions gives you a 90-95% chance of immunity to HIV, presence of just one of the deletions gives you a 40-50% chance. You can determine your status with 23andme - I got my results last week and I am NOT one of the lucky ones.
  9. I love the sissy hypno (I run into them and watch every now and then) but I don't know whether its actually changed me. I was in 321 Slammer in Ft. Lauderdale and had a big burly guy come up to me and say, "you wanna be mine to get used for awhile?" just hearing that made me absolutely GIDDY. I said, "Yes sir" and it was on. All I had on was a cock ring and shoes so he grabbed my arm and led me around. First to the sling where I got on and he disappeared - then he came back with two guys and said, "have at it". I, of course, sucked and got fucked by both - I remember him saying, "loads?" and they both nodded. He told me to get out and led me over to the round, cushioned bench and told me to "assume the fucking position, pig". On my face and knees he had at least 10 guys take turns in me. Most didn't cum (most guys in those places don't want to blow their load until they're ready to leave) but a few did. He led me back to the maze and told me to wait at a particular glory hole - he sent about 5-6 guys to me over the next hour or two. I swallowed a LOT of loads that night and got at least 6-7 in my hole as well...but the biggest turn on was not being in control.
  10. AND - both of these cases coincided with cancer - the treatments for which appear to have affected the HIV virus - and bone marrow transplants were involved as well. Just good to know.
  11. Everyone remember though, it would not be cured, it would be in remission. The same goes for all this stuff we get (Gono, Chlam, Syph, HSV, HPV, Hep b/c, etc). It's amazing that science can push down these infections into little pockets where they can't get out to keep multiplying, but they will always be with us. That might scare some, but those who think of these bugs as gifts might be pleased to know this.
  12. I have Syph myself - here's what I can tell you. If you have it, you're never cured - you'll hear about "viral load" which is not just an HIV term, when the viral load drops to a certain point it's considered in remission. Those figures mean when blood with Syph in it is analyzed, it is still detectable after they've thinned the blood 64 times, 32 times, 16 times, 8 times, etc. My syph was diagnosed in July of last year (along with Hep B), was latent and tested 1/64 by the time they found it, so it wasn't contagious but it had a long time in me - I was treated (3 shots of penicillin over a 2 week period) and I've been monitored every 3 months since it is now at 1/16 - I just so happened to see my doctor today and she was happy with the drop - said it will soon be undetectable and no longer a problem. She is ready to put me on a preventative dose of 100mg Doxy daily to lessen the chances of Syph, Chlam and Gono. Hep B, by the way, is similar - you're never cured, but in 75% of all cases here in the US the liver takes care of it for you and puts it into remission. She's checking my viral load this week and if it's low enough she'll have me get a Hep B immunization. FYI - she gave me an HPV immunization today and is ready to put me on PrEP when I say go.. I'm getting as bulletproof as possible little by little.
  13. Your post resonates with me - although I've been having BB fun for around 18-20 years I never wanted to admit my sexuality to anyone, especially my wife - I lied, cheated (literally and figuratively) disregarded and avoided the topic altogether - about 9 months ago I was diagnosed with HepB, the first time I'd ever been positive for any STI other than Herpes (of which I've never had any outbreaks) - then after follow up STI tests I was positive for latent Syph - it had been in me for a decade with no damage and no symptoms - the Hep B is under control (AST and ALT numbers are nearly normal) and the Syph went from 1/64 to 1/32 and now 1/16. I've always had HSV1 passed down from one of my parents, so that might be why HSV2 never showed up as a big deal. So 9 months ago when this latest cheating happened (always with men and groups in the last decade) I went to a Psychiatrist, to figure out why I didn't give a shit when these things would happen and why I couldn't admit my truth - she diagnosed me as bipolar - it makes sense - and the Lamotrigine she has me on is nothing short of amazing - I am who I am and I can not only see it, but I freely talk about it with my wife and today I had sat with my doctor (made the app't myself, wow, that's not something I EVER would have done before) ad openly talked about the status of my STIs, my desire for bisexual and gay sex, my status as a MSM and what I should do if my wife and I don't work this out. We talked about Syph, Chlam and Gono - to minimize those risks, she's prepared to put me on a 100mg preventative daily dose of Doxy and to minimize the risk of HIV she'll get me on PrEP right away if I say "go" (But $1000 a month from KP is highway robbery, so I asked her about the online source and she said that is totally cool as long as it's real - last I saw it was $89 for 3 months supply). They gave me an HPV immunization and will give me a HepB immunization as soon as the Hep B viral load is low enough. We talked about Hep C (Harvoni annd Saldoni (SP?) are covered if I get it and it doesn't go away in a year). It was a very different talk than I've ever had the capacity to have, with anyone. Makes me feel MUCH better if the wife and I don't work it out - I'll be ready to stay as healthy as possible while picking up where I left off as a total BB cumslut.
  14. In 23 and me, use the search tab on the main screen and type in CCR5 - it'll come up with a list of gene readings, look for one titled i3003626 - on the far right, it'll have one of the following -/- (you're a lucky SOB), -/GTCAGTATAATTCTGAA..... (you're a half lucky SOB) or GATTGACTATCA......./GATTAGAGATCTG... (you're like me, not a lucky SOB).

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