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  1. Gonna be ass up face down for as many loads as possible in Bristol on the 25th of March.
  2. fuck that us hot. This is literally my goal
  3. Thanks, have you bred many cumdumps at open door hotel breeding sessions like this?
  4. Also of any Tops who have bred a bottom at a no loads refused cumdump hotel session want to give advice your welcome. What do I need to know? How can I best be of service to you tops?
  5. I'm thinking about hosting my first no loads refused cumdump session in a hotel and I'm looking for tips from any of my fellow cumdump brothers who have done this before. What do I need to know before I take the plunge. I'm neg and on Prep and get tested regularly. Any advice on how to stage it. Should I try a blind fold? What is the best way to get lots of guys to show up? Grindr/BBRT? I'd love to get some advice and learn from your experiences of doing this before. Thanks sluts
  6. Curious about all of you bottoms who are full on no loads refused cumdumps? What's it like hosting a no loads refused gangbang session? What was it like the first time you decided to let any man breed you? Anyone done anon? What is it like being completely in the dark as you hear the tops belt buckle knowing he will mount you and breed you like a whore? What is the most loads you have taken etc.????????
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