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  1. If your ever in south UK looking for a hole to use and to whore - hit me up! 

  2. I would love to offer myself to you.

  3. damn youre beautiful

  4. I'm also a Vegas local you should fuck me

  5. Looking For Slutty Bottoms.. Message Me ASAP
  6. Welcome to the forum. Hot profile! 

  7. It Was The Other Night With This Big Booty White Boy, He Was Telling Me When My Girl Left That He’d Suck Me Till I Came In The Back Off His Throat. I Met Him On BBRT So I Waited Till She Went To Work, He Came Over At About 6:00am & Left At About 9:00am, He Only Wanted It Doggy & Raw, So I Gave It How He Wanted It. He Got Really Verbal When I Went Faster, Listening To His Moans As I Played With My Nips, Before I Know It I Felt A Cold Sting Of Precum Leak From His Cock, It Made My Dick Harder... As I Got Closer To Cumming He Got Louder & He Came First. He Squeezed Down On Me Just Eno
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