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  1. well, me myself i am smooth always, i feel cleaner... but men, i prefer them hairy, very very hairy... hairy men is pure gold!!
  2. WOW i love reading some comments... i still gotta feel it!!! SO FAR ive only felt the warm feeling after they cum, sometimes a little throb, but the warm feeling is 100%... and how it gets slicky! But i'd love to feel the cocks swelling or anything like that, and id love to feel the sperm leaking on my legs... yummy ๐Ÿ˜›
  3. Hello... so im a new slut, have been whoring for the last month and after years, thats what i want... But im discovering whats good or not for me. Ive been to a sex club, where men stay on clothes, that was a horny experience, and i loved it... i went to bath house for the second time today, even tho i was fucked 3 times, most men there wants condom, only 1 fucked me raw. Thats ok... The thing is: Sauna is boring, because everymen is naked, theres no something exciting, is too dark... for me, i love to see the men on clothes, then naked... i wanna see everyday man, these men you see on the str
  4. 2 loads inside 3 bareback fucks should've been 3, but the top misunderstood what i said.... he came ON me, instead of IN me ๐Ÿ˜„
  5. Hello! I had a lump in my anus 2 months ago after a fist session, it was hemorrhoids... in my case, i solve it within 5 days using Proctyl all the time! i also discovered this cream is nice to get rid of bad odor and can be used to cure fissures too!! ๐Ÿ˜„ the lump went away but sometimes it swells if i fuck too hard, but nothing serious
  6. I already had my tendencies to be a slut since 13 when i used to be my friend's cumdump... what happened after BZ is that i got a lot of information and it helped me to get over some fears
  7. how these hoes handle several dicks in one session ๐Ÿ˜„ the max i took in one night was 3
  8. Hey guys... i made a topic last saturday talking about my 11 dicks sucked in a bathhouse... ok... idk if its the first time i did it, i dont know if i exaggerated... but after that i got a sore throat, i really bad one... it has been almost a week and its getting better now... i remind one guy with a really thick dick that forced me to deep throat him, but he did it with violence and it hurted... i didnt know i would get sore from it... Yesterday i went to hospital and took my first penicilin injection, now im better but im afraid of sucking and deep throat again... i thought i
  9. Yes... i sometimes think its way better to fucking raw than giving head or rimming raw... i had a Strep Throat from giving head to many men, and its way worse than genital STI
  10. WOW... After my last topic here, i am now more confident to aproach guys... i used to fear rejection, but i realized that most guy dont reject me ๐Ÿ˜ฎ at last night i went to a bath house and sucked 11 different guys, my favorite was one guy that seemed to be married, i love married men, those with dad body and lots of hair... some of them wanted to fuck me but im not confident enough to let them breed me, i need to create the strength to let it happen and be a total slut. My goal is to reach 1000 loads in my hole... so far, none ๐Ÿ˜„
  11. i sucked one guy at bathhouse and he was cut... i love cut guys because its rare in brazil.. but when i started sucking him my mouth got numb ๐Ÿ˜„ he fucked someone who used some kinda of anesthetic lube, so he fucked raw for sure... afterwards i got me thinking... "he already cut, its cruelty to put anesthetic on his less sensible dick" ๐Ÿ˜„ but i loved it
  12. i think porn industry is going to be paid soon... thats good because nowadays, more guys are going to sex clubs and saunas to have real sex. Lately porn doesnt turn me on anymore... i prefer going to sex club and LIVE the experience, its addicting
  13. So, im a new slut, 25 yo but look 17, i am new to saunas and etc... im having a hard time trying to figure out if the men are open to me or not. Sometimes guys just look at me touching their balls and other make sounds... but idk, im very afraid of getting close and be rejected. How do you experient whores know when to aproach the men?? how do you know if its safe to get close or touch him? I think im missing a lot of good fucks due my insecurity
  14. i cant see why a "Only condom guy" would go bare in any circumstance...
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