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  1. maybe it has to do with how easy is it to open your ass up to get a dick... some guys have trouble getting hard in some enviroment like Sauna and Sex clubs... but thats true, in the LGBT community, bottoms outnumbers tops... Here in Brazil its the same.
  2. i used to... but its the adrenaline of the moment... i just got accustomed to the feeling and thought of being his cumdump
  3. i dont like it at all... you jus exposing someone who trusts you to lots of STI and HIV, in some countries its even a crime to expose someone to HIV without advising.... maybe a lot of people here might get turned on by that idea, but im totally against it.
  4. I have been going out and this week i had sex with 4 guys between 18/21 years old... all of them are still boyish look but adult... what i realised is that, they cum a lot, like big amount of sperm, something idk its related to their age or just coincidence... any one here have an opinion about that??
  5. thats a sad truth... porn as we used to know is gone... to be honest it lasted longer than i thought... back in 2012 i already knew that porn would be paid one day... now i miss my gloryhole videos and bareback cruising
  6. yes i understand... in some countries its a crime to spread STIs on purpose... i think its a personality or mental disorder... cant explain it other way
  7. amazing asshole... i miss the day when i didnt have hemorrhoids 😞 but yes, that a great place to get hair removed... the place i want too... hope someone helps you
  8. i love your posts... i love reading you...
  9. so i went off prep for pandemic reasons for 3 weeks and today i decided to go cruising just for blowjobs... but one guy jerked off to cum in my mouth and my teeth hit his dickhead and made some little cuts... so he bled in my front teeth and lips... as i realized i went washing my mouth, theres a faucet in the park. i got scared since it NEVER happened to me before. So i went back home and bought listerine and washed my mouth again with it. My question is... should i get on PEP or its a low risk??? i dont have any sore on my mouth and everything was fast, but im scared...
  10. i had sex with a total of 102 men since october 2020... and 67 went raw... so by my maths basically 70% dont wear condoms anymore.
  11. thats amazing... for more guys topping... it feels great to cum in someone's ass
  12. well, i made that decision now, at 25 years old and looking 19yo... im having so many men available for me, it makes me feel hot... but i know its due my age... it sucks it doesnt last too long
  13. in the last 6 months i had sex with 64 men, 48 of them were bareback... so it means, 75% of them sex i had were bareback... yes, its a very high number for me... and after the hiv vaccinne im pretty sure 90% of the sex will be bare
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