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  1. Princealbert69

    Weirdest Fetish

    If anyone asks about my fetishes, I always say, "it's not a weird thing... but it IS a sex thing." I've liked feet since I was a baby. A BABY. Crawling. I would suck on my parents' toes. I seem to remember it too... even though it seems like I'd be too young to remember. Several people have mentioned theories--there's evidence that shows that there are shared neural pathways between the parts of your brain that control feet and genitals, and that there can be cross-firing. Then there's the idea that there can be imprinting issues--where for some reason, as a child you grew some kind of sexual association with feet. Related to feet, I like combat boots for some reason. But it's not all leather or all boots. It's just the one style. I also like latex (EXCEPT FOR CONDOMS!!!). Boots and latex probably play off of our fascination with smooth, clear, healthy skin. I already like feet--combat boots are bulky and shiny but taper to skin tight calves, drawing attention to the feet. Latex is the same--the second-skin appearance. Tight, shiny, smooth. Smoother and shinier than nature affords, so it's extra exciting. A super-normal releaser. In other fetishes--I really like jockstraps, harnesses/restraints, low-hanging balls/stretchers, and chastity (I sort of fetishize being a TOTAL bottom). I think verstoplatin says it about right. That's about how my foot fetish goes. I think there's always a certain level of un-satisfying-ness in most fetishes. I find it very interesting. It's like, "what do I do with this?" As much as I like feet, for example, I don't really do anything with them. At best, I like to hold them (if I ever top, I love having the bottom's feet near my face or rest them on my chest), touch them, smell them (not stinky, just a nice foot smell), lick/kiss/suck them. That's it. No foot fucking or anything. I just like them. It's a like, with almost no satisfying release. Nice feet make sex better, hot guys/girls hotter... I always notice nice feet. But no release--just a "like" in the background. Whether it's latex, jockstraps, feet, or even being filled as a cumdump--it's like... "that's great, but what now?" Even being full of cum--you want that cum. You want to be sloppy and dripping. But then what? Push it out--waste it? (Actually, pushing it out, smelling it, and drinking it is a pretty satisfying release). Fetishes just have varying degrees of satisfaction and practicality, I think. Thank goodness at least my fetishes are things I can actually kinda act out/release. Some fetishes--like vorarephillia, sexual cannibalism, beastiality, hard S&M... stuff like that--if you happen to come out having a sexual fetish for one of those... best thing you can do is just think about it and fantasize. Find anime and art on the internet that shows what you fetishize. Weird youtube videos of... dolphins swallowing people whole or... amputating penises... or whatever you're into. Stuff like that... you just can't be eaten whole or "unbirthed" or sleep in someone's stomach--it's just not physically possible and if it was, you'd die. You can only amputate your penis once. So not only does the fetish go nowhere, you can't even physically act it out (or at best, just once). So... thank goodness I have releasable/non-destructive fetishes. I always bring that up at Thanksgiving. Mmmm. Turkey.
  2. Princealbert69

    XTube link collection - breeding videos

  3. Princealbert69

    Apadravya Piercing

    So--I know this is really random, but I'm trying to decide if I want to get an apadravya (a type of penis piercing that passes through the head vertically). I thought this might be a good place to get some feedback and opinions, from like-minded people, that might tip the scales for doing it or not. I have a prince albert, but normally don't wear any jewelry, actually. My PA is gauged to a 4, so it never closes up. I can put jewelry in whenever I want, or not wear any whenever I want (avoiding the messy stream of pee that you get with jewelry in). I've always thought about getting an apadravya, and have wanted one for a long time. But that's in my head. Reality might be different. Pro's: (1) I've wanted one for a long time, so it would satisfy that desire. (2) I'm a total bottom, so it shouldn't really affect sex. It's just aesthetic. (3) I'm bi (though mostly interested in guys), would stimulate the G-spot. (4) Seems like a good time to go for it since I'm between jobs and not I a relationship (as in... I don't have to worry about spotting blood on my slacks, walking funny at work, or interrupting a sexual relationship during the healing period). (5) Pride in having a painful/cool piercing and having done it myself (I did my own PA and would do this one myself). Con's: (1) The barbell needs to be long enough to accommodate erections, so, flaccid there'd be extra barbell (just feel like that'd be annoying) (2) I couldn't just take the jewelry out like my PA, a hole would show on top (which looks stupid) and it wouldn't be gauged big enough to stay open (3) there would be a scar right in the middle of the head of my penis if I decide to take it out some day (4) shoving a needle through my penis, pain, abstinence for a while/bloody erections for a while/really careful masturbation for a while, aftercare, and sleeping on a puppy pad for a while so that I don't soak my bed in blood. Thoughts? Super hot? Love it? Hate it? Experiences with them?
  4. Princealbert69

    Favorite Silicon Based Lube

    I have a little caddy that suction cups to my headboard--it sits under the level of my mattress, so it's convenient and doesn't look tacky (unlike what I'm sure you'd imagine from the first part of this sentence). I keep it stocked with Gun Oil silicone and water based J/O anal. I use the Gun Oil with toys (seems to work well with sort of "hard" surfaces and of course doesn't dry). The J/O is preferred for sex. I know it's water based and seems like it'd turn sticky or be less luby, but no. It's the best. Side by side, when it comes to skin on skin sex, I always like the J/O water based better, and so do tops. It just works and feels natural... like what it would feel like if god designed a self-lubing asshole, installed standard on all gay/bi men.
  5. Princealbert69

    Bottom Pride Symbol?

    Lol. Yeah, I don't think so... though you do see the colors some. Color coded shoe laces or piping on clothes. I was just trying to think of the closest thing... Thanks for the link. Hadn't seen those. Cool stuff.
  6. Princealbert69

    Bottom Pride Symbol?

    There's a pride flag, seemingly for everything. I don't know of one for bottoms. Closest thing is maybe hanky code, or maybe jockstraps at the bath house. It'd be cool to have an actual symbol. Something to put on a flag, tattoo, or wear as a pendant--something like that. Anyone know of anything? There are some guys that see being a bottom as just a position preference. For me, it's like something deep down--I AM A BOTTOM. I use my dick to fuck girls or to jerk-off when I'm alone. But with guys--I don't fuck--my ass is my main sexual organ. There are some other threads about the use of the word "pussy.' I don't usually call my hole a pussy, but I find the term fitting since my hole is there to fuck and my dick is really more akin to a clit--I don't use it like a top does and I don't want to. Anyway, it'd be cool to have a symbol for guys like us.
  7. Princealbert69

    total bottoms and their cock

    I'm the EXACT same way. Interesting. It's weird how people's sexual interests naturally gravitate. A question for everyone--sometimes I don't get hard and it's embarrassing. Is it that you don't want/like to get hard, as a fetish? Is it a fetish or a way to rationalize ED? How do you explain to a top that you want your dick ignored? I always have trouble explaining my fetish to guys when they think it's weird.
  8. Princealbert69

    First Time Past the Sigmoid

    I was on Grindr, and saw a profile name that said "11 inches." The profile said, "it really is 11 inches." I went over to his hotel. He was a cute guy. I couldn't stop touching his dick over his clothes. Then I couldn't stop sucking it. It was a beautiful sight. He fucked me raw. He went in just fine, but of course he hit a spot where he couldn't get any deeper. He probably had 4 more inches to drive into me. I wanted to take it to the hilt. I kinda wanted him to just push hard, until it popped in--but he was gentle. He fucked me slow, pressing as far back as he could on each stroke. He moved me, to lay on my tummy. He slid in that way--pressed as far back as possible until I finally felt his dick slide in, past the turn. I normally am not all that loud during sex, but I couldn't stop saying "oh god! Oh god! God! God!" It just came out. I fucked two loads out of his dick. He liked fucking slow, but buried all the way down deep. I guess that must feel good--it must grip pretty tight on the most sensitive parts of his penis. When I came, I asked him to pound me hard. He was pushed all the way in. A hard pounding 11 inches in is a weird mixture of dull pain, soreness, and extreme pleasure. I just held my little dicklet in my hand, but otherwise I came from the fuck alone. I hope I find a regular that big. I could get used to that. I know a lot of guys wouldn't want that every day. I do. Mostly, I'm just posting this because it was the first time anyone actually fucked me that deep. He popped my cherry. I'm sore, super deep. But I love that feeling of sore.
  9. Princealbert69

    Taking Multiple Loads

    I have the Cleanstream Comfort Nozzle--it's like ten bucks on amazon. I recommend that one. It's very comfortable silicone. No problems with it falling off of the part that threads into the shower. It's stiff enough to be able to guide it past the sigmoid colon, as I described. I think the key to cleaning really deep is to get the nozzle tip past the sigmoid colon (the turn), then filling up multiple times with rest periods in between. Don't douche over and over in the shower--just fill up and empty until it seems like you're fairly clean. Then take a break. Giving it time seems to give everything a chance to loosen up, so that it comes out the next time or during the rest period. Moral of the story--(1) you don't want to wash and wash and wash in the shower because you'll get irritated and worn out before you even get to fucking--fill up, empty, wait 30 minutes, repeat; (2) you don't need a nozzle that goes super deep, the 10 inch one will get past the sigmoid and that's all you need. I also got a really long one from Mr. S. The Mr. S. one is for deep cleaning--it's maybe 18 inches long. I don't like the Mr. S. one. It's too flexible, so it's hard to navigate through turns inside and stuff. It'll fold over on itself, inside. Also will tend to disconnect from the threaded part. The water comes out the side, instead of the tip, which means that you have to push the sucker in without lube and without the water jet sort of making a way in. https://www.amazon.com/Cleanstream-Silicone-Comfort-Nozzle-Attachment/dp/B00767NASE/ref=sr_1_5_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1500932798&sr=8-5&keywords=cleanstream
  10. Princealbert69

    Taking Multiple Loads

    There's a turn in your intestine. I have a shower shot. I just make sure to get the nozzle past the turn, that gets water into the descending and transverse colon, so you can clean deep. When I need to clean really, really well, I'll fill myself up with water (making sure to go past the sigmoid--you can tell) maybe three times, each time maybe a half hour apart. So, fill up, then go watch TV, do house chores or whatever, then fill up again after 30 minutes or so, and repeat once more. By then you should be empty, to where you won't poop until the next day or later. If you do that maybe once a week, clean up becomes really easy the rest of the week. You might take half a pill of loperamid (Imodium) after washing to be sure any left over water is soaked up. Then add a little lube, so you're prepped. Getting a shower past the turn takes a little practice. It helps if you've popped a dildo I'm there before or done some depth training. I've used magnesium citrate a couple times--it gives you diarrhea that empties you out. I think it's a little irritating though. I haven't done it in forever.
  11. Princealbert69

    PREP Cumdumps, how many loads still negative?

    Cool cool. I'm happy there have been so many replies and good experiences with PrEP. I'm not a chaser, and trying to avoid getting HIV. I used to be a safe only total bottom. Since being on PrEP and going through a break up, I've really freed up, and have mostly only taken dicks that will feed my ass with a warm load. Main thing that concerns me now is getting herpes, but I guess that's not so bad. The break up helped me accept myself as a kinky person. Among other relationship issues--he wanted manogamy whereas I wanted a committed semi-open relationship where we'd play together. It would have been hot if my boyfriend's slurred me out every so often, or we had a third. But I would even have been happy to be totally chaste (no other dicks, and even cage me). I would have liked to have fun though. I would have liked to suck my boyfriend until he was hard, rim a boy's hole until it was nice and wet, push my boyfriend's dick inside the boy's ass, hug my boy and kiss his neck while he fucks another hole, licked my boyfriend's cum out of the boy's ass and off of my boyfriend's dick. Used the boys cum as lube to finger my own pussy. Some people want monogamy, and that's fine--but I hate that it's turned into homo-normativity that judges people that want anything but committed monogamy. People don't treat being manogamous (or not) as just a personal choice with risk levels that each person can choose--its the standard to be lived up to. I don't see the point of artificial rules and boundaries. It took so long to ditch hetero norms and accept being bisexual. It's so weird that so many gay people have adopted norms that have so long subverted gay people, such that we face judgement from inside our own community. I felt judged, not by him, but by all of our friends. I decided to say, "fuck that." I want the person I love to share in sexual adventures with me. I am me, and I like lots of kinky sex. Take me or leave me. I used to play safe only--never got any STDs. I was STD free and we were monogamous, since we were in a relationship, we never used a condom even once. I grew accustomed to having my boyfriend's bare dick followed by his load inside me every night. Now that we're not together, I'll continue having as many bare sucks as I want. My future mate can take me or leave me. If they're not a freak like me, we probably won't have much in common anyway. I want to go down to Dallas and lay blind folded (hooded actually) in the sling at the bathhouse. It makes me nervous, but your replies have given me some confidence. Any thoughts on my my possible visit?
  12. A question for bottoms on PREP. How many loads have you taken (from different guys) and still negative? If positive, how many loads before the conversion? Estimates are good, of course.

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