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    I’m a 59 y/o bottom looking to get back into the game after kicking cancer’s ass. I give amazing blowjobs and will swallow anything that comes out of your dick.

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  1. You have to really push sometimes to get the flow going when your dick is in somebody’s ass. But once you get the flow going, the pressure from inside and outside your dick can be sublime, like a prolonged orgasm. The T might inhibit the sensation.
  2. If you douched beforehand, it shouldn’t be a problem.
  3. I went home with a guy from the bar once. Sexually, he was rather boring; all he wanted to do was jack off together. But I did talk him into coming in my mouth. I don’t know what his secret was, but he had the sweetest cum I had ever tasted; it was almost like sweet cream. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
  4. Full denture wearer here too, completely edentulous. (Your new word for the day.) The secret to giving a toothless blowjob is that the guy receiving needs a nice fat dick to really enjoy it, because even with my dentures out, I can only close my jaws so far.
  5. Why bother if you’re not gonna swallow?
  6. Same here. I’ve trained myself to take it pretty strong and like it.
  7. I love getting my hole pissed in, though I’ve only had one bf who would do it for me. I could never take his whole bladder, though, and so I’d drink the rest. On the other hand, I’ve being the one pissing, though. The force of the urine stream against the pushback from the anal walls feels like a prolonged orgasm.
  8. At the time, I was dating a leather boy and we brought a guy home from the bar for a three way. Long story short, he starts pissing in my boy’s mouth and I got curious, so I told him I wanted some. Fortunately he had some left for me, but it was after-bar piss, so it was mostly water, with a tinge of sweetness.
  9. Artificial sweeteners aren’t absorbed by the body like sugar is, so they’re eliminated in the urine. So if you like sweet pee, have a few cans of Diet Coke.
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