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    Hertfordshire, UK
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    Bareback sex, poz guys and getting bred and converted
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    Bottom/Verse guy in my late-40's
    More bottom than versatile
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    Want to be converted, need poz guys to use me and breed me.
    I'll also meet neg guys or those that don't know their status for fun. I have no set type so young or old, slim or fat all are welcome.

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  1. anyone else into breeding rent boys?

    There's quite a few escorts on BBRT and it's easy to search
  2. I love dominant to TS/TV girls. But finding one's that fuck bare is not easy.
  3. Hi fella , cheers  for the message, happy to meet up an breed u mate for sure 100%. I'm in se9 can tel or accom .

  4. Best London Sauna For Bareback Fucks

    I've only been to Lockeroom once, I didn't see any bareback, so I guess it matters what day and time you go. Now I knwo where it is I'm willing to give it another go, what days and timies are recommended?
  5. Hiring an escort...

    I hired an escort a couple of months ago. I hired him for a couple of reasons, I'm a shy person so arranging meets here and BBRT is not easy for me and cruisiing is a bit of a struggle. The second reason was that he's poz, I'm neg. I've not yet been tested but there wasn't a sign of any fuck flu. I will be hiring bareback escorts again at some point
  6. Caitlyn Jenner

    All bad girls too
  7. Spankie -Herts/London

    Neg guy looking to be bred
  8. thanks for accepting

  9. London TS

    I wish I did know for certain which bareback. Only heard rumours from the hungangels forum.
  10. First toxic load taken. Hope it takes.

  11. What Is Your Current Hiv Status? (Poll)

    Negative, not on any kind of anti-HIV medication and not intending to. I am chasing and might be able to get my ideal fantasy pozzing in a month or two
  12. One of very few openly bareback trans escort I've never emplyed her services, mainly because Liverpool is so far away, but I have read some good reports over the past few years
  13. Meet me - London/ Essex area

    I'm sure you'd get a lot of guys interested. I am but I suspect I'm not your type
  14. Me too, but by the looks of it finding a TS who tops and goes bareback is not easy
  15. What makes you think she does bareback? I can't see anything on those adverts that could suggest bareback is a possibility.

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