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    Hertfordshire, UK
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    Bareback sex, poz guys and getting bred and converted
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    Bottom/Verse guy in my late-40's
    More bottom than versatile
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    Want to be converted, need poz guys to use me and breed me.
    I'll also meet neg guys or those that don't know their status for fun. I have no set type so young or old, slim or fat all are welcome.

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  1. Hi fella , cheers  for the message, happy to meet up an breed u mate for sure 100%. I'm in se9 can tel or accom .

  2. spankie

    Best London Sauna For Bareback Fucks

    I've only been to Lockeroom once, I didn't see any bareback, so I guess it matters what day and time you go. Now I knwo where it is I'm willing to give it another go, what days and timies are recommended?
  3. thanks for accepting

  4. First toxic load taken. Hope it takes.

  5. Negative, not on any kind of anti-HIV medication and not intending to. I am chasing and might be able to get my ideal fantasy pozzing in a month or two
  6. spankie

    Cumunion February 5th

    I asked a couple of months ago, the answer was " A pre-op male to female transsexual would be fine as long as you comply with the dress code which is almost naked. So shorts, jock, harness, boots, trainers, cap etc are acceptable. But not partially or fully clothed. " So I'm afraid you'd be turned away at the door or asked to leave.
  7. spankie

    Getting your ass more 'open'?

    I think you have to keep working your hole, if you stop using toys or your fingers on it then it seems to take a while to retrain the ass to take cock. It'll be uncomfortable and maybe even painful until you're used to it again. Pushing out like you're taking a shit does help, it relaxes the rings a bit so the top can get in there. That's a tip I only learnt last year and it has helped a lot.
  8. spankie

    Cumunion February 5th

    Thanks Andy, I didn't know how they handled things in the cloakroom. I guess don't take anything but some cash to get in and get a beer or two. I won't be able to get there until 2 or 3 but hopefully will find a top or two there.
  9. spankie

    Cumunion February 5th

    First time going to a party and I was wondering if there's any tips regulars could give to a nervous noob.
  10. i'm going to be in london on Saturday.  thinking about going to The Stable bathouse ...ever been?  Wanna get pozzed by me there?


    1. spankie


      Never heard of The Stables, but looked them up easy for me to get to in the afternoon or evening. Let me know what time and I'll be there.

  11. spankie

    Straight girl stealthes boy

    We hated him alright, got what he deserved though
  12. Thanks for the follow, hot cock you got there

  13. spankie

    Straight girl stealthes boy

    Hot, but I'm not too keen on rape. Sorry.
  14. spankie

    Fuck Load Count Using Excel

    Using Excel, fuck me I can stil count the number of loads using my fingers
  15. spankie

    Experiences at CumUnion

    I'm hoping to get to the London CumUnion in the New Year. Can't make the one on New Years Day but should be able to make the next one. Hopefully a few poz guys will be interested in fucking me.

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