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    Melbourne, Australia
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    I am an experienced submissive bottom, with a particular talent for heavy arse play: cock, fists, feet, massive toys are all welcome in my hole. I'm also a talented cock sucker, capable of deep throating.

    I am an exhibitionist and am comfortable performing for (or with) an audience, either in the room or on cam. I find having an audience makes me try harder in order to impress Sir.

    I believe in trying everything at least twice, just to be sure.
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    Home-made only at this stage.
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    Dom/tops who can admin and who like showing off how capable their eager and obedient boy can be.

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  1. Hey Melbourne pigs, I'd really love to make some play videos for XTube and PornHub and I need both cast (vers/tops preferred) and crew (camera/fluffers). Anyone interested? HMU for more info, but it'll be raw and kinky for sure.
  2. Hello men, I'll be visiting SF for a couple of weeks in October and I'm hoping to be the sluttiest possible pig bottom I can be. But I also understand and acknowledge how difficult it is to find a Dom top who's into that, so I thought I'd try outsourcing it. If I could afford an escort for the entire weekend, I'd go down that route, but unless I can pay with my hole, that ain't going to happen. So, I'm looking for a guy (or guys) who would be willing to either host me at their place (with the understanding that random guys will hopefully come over to breed me) or I'll get a hotel room and you'd act as doorman/gatekeeper. Basically making sure that a visitor doesn't hurt me or steal my shit. I will gladly reimburse you for your time, and my hole is yours to load whenever you like (obviously). Priority given to guys who are comfortable being filmed, public play and are PNP-friendly. If you have any alternative suggestions or a plan of your own, I'm all ears too.
  3. SubFFboy

    Anon btms wanted

    Sounds good to me. Where are you!
  4. SubFFboy

    Mygov health record

    Unless you forgot that you opted-in to it a few years ago as part of a clinical trial. Learn from my mistakes. I can't actually opt-out now. It's a fucking nightmare.
  5. Oink  !  Oink  !   So Freaking Beautiful and HOT !      Curious :  Rosebud or Prolapse  ?   I love to Seeing them  !     :)   :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ronnie4u


      Oink !  Oink  !   YES  !  Totally Respect your feelings - I love to be stretched - I need more stretching for fisting  !   :)

    3. ronnie4u


      You are so Freaking HOT - love your attitude , style , taste and your body -  love to be there or like you !   :)

    4. SubFFboy


      Thank you very much for saying so.

  6. Hey Portland! First time visitor arriving in PDX on Saturday. Would be keen to find out about any groups/sessions happening this weekend, particularly if they feature slam-capable admins who like eager little subs that enjoy kinky play. I always pay my share too. My hole takes cock, fists, feet, toys, piss and cum and sometimes more than one at a time. I'm a show-off, which means I'm cam-friendly too. Love to play 1:1 or in a group. My hard limits are kids and animals, but everything else is up for discussion. Feel free to PM me for more info. I'm also on BBRT and you can check out some of my videos on Grand Slammerz. Same username on both sites as here.
  7. SubFFboy

    barebacking and exhibitionism

    I love showing off what my hole can take but I'm also a huge believer in informed consent. This means I've never played in public, e.g. at a beat/park. However, I'm more than happy to be naked at a sex club/bar. I've been the bottom for several BDSM/kink demonstrations too. I'm OK playing on cam or being filmed too. Having said that, every time I get slammed my resistance to public play drops further. I keep dropping hints to various tops that they should take me out in public but so far, no-one has.
  8. SubFFboy

    Changes To The Server

    I'm using Firefox Quantum on macOS X High Sierra from Melbourne, Australia. Internet is 100/40Mbps FTTH. The site definitely feels snappier. I used to have to wait for some of the more dynamic elements (like the chat count or notifications) which are appearing quicker. Any chance you can enable IPv6? I have a dual-stack connection that preferences AAAA records so that would make things better again Also, it's the future, man.
  9. SubFFboy

    Fetish for bald guys?

    When I was a kid, my dad had a t-shirt that said, "I have better things to do with testosterone than grow hair." -- never a truer word was spoken. I starting balding when I was 20 and these days I go to the barber every two weeks to get a cut-throat razor shave. I'm not sure if the barber is aware of my erection under the sheet, but my cock gets hard as soon as the razor comes out and only goes down when I leave. I'd love to find a Dom who would be into shaving my head during play.
  10. I use "Hey mister" or "Hey handsome" if I can't remember (or was never told) their name and they aren't a Dom. I always do my very best to remember whether to call someone Sir, Master, Daddy or Boss as each dominant top I've had the fortune to serve has his own requirements around what he is to be called and how he will address me. However, my memory is extremely bad, so sometimes I will ask again and I will gladly take whatever punishment is required for forgetting. If I'm asked, my preference is to be called "boy", and you don't need to pay for my therapy to work out why.
  11. Hey pigs, I'm arriving in Chicago on Saturday afternoon and am staying at the W Hotel until Wednesday. Looking for recommendations on venues or events that may be on this weekend that I should check out. Even better if you're hosting a private play party and need another cumdump. ? I'm a kinky sub/bottom who is obedient, eager to please, house trained and group/cam/pnp friendly. I'm also open to all races, ages, body types and gender identity as long as you present as male and are dominant.
  12. You're the reason why Lycra was invented. You look so fucking hot in it.

    1. Atnrave


      Thanks man. Likewise. I always wear Lycra when fucking or getting fucked.  Love it.

    2. SubFFboy


      Same. Love getting hot and sweaty in it.

    3. Atnrave


      I'm always in a Lycra skin suit or wrestling singlet when I'm at private bareback parties.

  13. SubFFboy

    Bbrts Profiles

    SubFFboy (go figure). Will be in Chicago and San Francisco in April and am keen to play with any/all locals who may be interested.
  14. SubFFboy

    Alternative to Craigslist?

    Well, Melbourne is the sister city of Boston, so feel free to use our Craigslist if you want.
  15. I agree that it's up to the Dom, but in the absence of such a person, I prefer to wear Lycra wrestling singlets. I fucking love the feel of the fabric when I'm spun and it works somewhat like a mild chastity device in that my cock is "out of sight; out of mind". Also,l I think it looks fucking sexy. I hate wearing shoes though, and will usually walk around sex venues barefoot in flagrant disregard for their rules.

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