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Getting Fucked In A Dark Room In A Club In Sitges, Spain

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In the summer of 2010 I flew to Spain for a week in the sun.  After a couple of days of debauchery in Barcelona, my boyfriend and I took a train to the seaside town of Sitges, which several of my friends had recommended to us.  So I found myself on a train filled with many hot, sexy men. I'm 35, 5' 11", with short, buzzed, brown hair, a youthful face some facial hair that I've allowed to grow into a closely trimmed goatee.  I have blue eyes and a solid build.  I'm not particularly hairy, but my chest and stomach are covered with fur, which I keep it trimmed and neat, not shaved.  My cock is cut, above average in size, and seems to be always hard.  I would describe myself mostly as a vers bottom. I only bareback with my boyfriend, but will sometimes blow other guys outside of our relationship and even then I insist the guys wear a condom.  My boyfriend of three years and I had the talk; the talk that gave each of us approval to play outside the relationship without any guilt.  We also talked about how if we fucked or got fucked by anyone, we would always wear a condom.

The afternoon we arrived at Sitges, I stopped at a sex shop and picked up some single-use lubes, a couple of condoms, and a bottle of poppers.  That evening, around 12:00 AM, my boyfriend and I went to XXL.  While it wasn't all that busy, the music was amazing, so we danced for a while and the place gradually filled up.  There were muscle bears, bears, otters, twinks, the 'guy next door' type, in short, there were men of all shapes, ages, and sizes.


After about an hour on the dance floor, my boyfriend disappeared, seemingly for ages.  I figured he must be upstairs in the dark room.  I've been to the odd dark room in my time, but mostly it's always been a lot of groping and a few blow jobs that haven't turned into anyone cumming, at least in me.

Anyhow, I decided to see if I could find him, so off to the dark room I went.  The narrow dark room was pitch black, and, as it turned-out, so packed with men that I found it difficult to navigate.  While I could see some shadows, that was about it, so hands proved to be the only way of exploring.  Not surprisingly most of the guys were wearing t-shirts, and I took the time to explore some well-developed, hairy chests.  I also encountered several cocks, so while most of the guys seemed to be fully clothed, a fair number of the guys were nearly naked.  


One of the nice experiences was that I could pretty much feel anywhere and no-one pushed my hand away, whether I was exploring some guy's chest, his neck, the small of his back, or slide my hand into the waistband of a guy's pants.  Many a guy would even wiggle a little so I could reach further in his underwear and feel his ass and crack. 

I was feeling a little drunk and guys were grabbing my ass. I walked along and this one particular guy grabbed the back of my belt and pulled me backwards towards himself.  I let him pull me to him until I was standing directly in front of him, my ass pushed up against his crotch. His hands started roaming my chest, under my t-shirt, rubbing my nipples and rubbing my entire front and cock through my jeans.  I was hard and he could feel it. He began to lick my neck, and almost involuntarily I reached behind my ass, the palms of my hands rubbing the front of his shorts. To my pleasure I found the top button of his shorts was already undone and the zipper was half down.  He massaged my shoulders a little and whispered something Spanish in my ear.  He was rock hard.  I was able to lower the zipper a little lower and I reached into the front of his shorts. This seemed to be a invitation for him to reach down, unfasten my belt and fly and lower my jeans.  I leaned forward away from him a little and he slowly pulled my jeans down and then my underwear, only pausing for a moment to grab my hard cock that sprang forward when he yanked down my pants.  


Other guys were still passing in front of me in this dark room that was more of corridor than a room, but other than the odd grab-and-rub of my cock, all the action was coming from the guy behind me.  And let me say, he knew exactly what he was doing.

I reached inside his underwear and felt a large, fat, uncut, dripping cock.  Fuck, was he horny.  I moved my hands so that my palms were facing and rubbing his furry belly.  With one hand firmly and slowly jerking my cock, he pulled his shorts and underwear down, and they fell to his feet, so I kept exploring his body. With his free hand he began rubbing the crack of my ass, his firm fingers going right for my hole. They were rough and he was intent on trying to push a finger inside me.  My pants were only partially lowered, certainly not quite at my feet, but I still had to lean forward to grab the small tube of silicone lube I had in my pocket.  Retrieving it, I handed it to him.

He flipped open the bottle and I thought he was going to rub some on his finger to lube my ass, but instead, he pushed me forward a little and he began lubing his cock.  Obviously he thought I was giving him the green light to fuck me, but I wasn't. I didn't want him to fuck me without a condom.  Not here, and not with a guy I didn't know or couldn't even see, but I was a little drunk and it was all happening pretty quickly and before I realized it, he was pulling me back towards him and his cock was lodged between my cheeks.  His cock was really solid and his hands on my waist were strong and pulling me back on his cock, the head of his cock was pushing right for my hole now and I knew he was going to push it in.  Raw. I thought for a second he was going to miss my hole but he didn't. I didn't want him to miss so I leaned just a little forward and then I felt him enter me.

Slowly and firmly, my ass was stretching as he kept a firm hold on my hips. It felt fucking amazing.  My mind was racing. I thought I either pull away now completely, or enjoy our session.  I decided on the latter.  I reached into my other pocket and fished out my poppers, but found I had to lean forward to reach down enough into my pockets because my jeans were now halfway down my legs.  When I made this move, he pushed right in. All the way in.  I could feel his pubic hair on my ass. His cock was inside me and he was holding me there, still for a couple of seconds, but not for long.

His hands were on my waist and his cock was completely inside my ass.  I opened the poppers and took a hit - a deep hit.  He took the bottle from me, and I heard him take four deep hits, then he handed the bottle back to me, so I took another hit.  Although I was now flying,and everything was a little out of focus, I could still feel the thump of the music and I could feel bodies pushing past us in the dark room.  I was sweating and flying.  He held onto my waist and pulled me on and off his cock, steadily, not fast, but with the serious intention to fuck me deeply.

He straighten me upright with a few gestures, and then he began licking and sucking my neck, whispering in my ear, licking my ear.  I tried to turn my neck and head so he cold kiss my lips.  He took the hint and we kissed a little.  I could feel stubble on his face.  He was sweating, breathing heavily, and his tongue pushed into the corner of my mouth.  As the position was very difficult on both of us, we stopped kissing and he placed his hands on my hips.  I took the hint and began to rock forward and backward, slowly.  I wanted him to enjoy my ass, so in my mind I was imagining that I was jerking him off with my ass, clenching and unclenching my ass muscles so he would not be able to stop fucking me before pulling out.

He started a regular steady rhythm of fucking.  I opened the bottle of poppers and took another hit, and he followed suit, taking several strong hits.  The entire time I moved forward and backward on his cock.  He was fucking me more deeply and I was completely enjoying the sensation of his cock inside my ass.  As his fucking intensified, my mind was flying.  All I could think about was what we looked like.  What he looked like and what is cock looked liked pounding in and out of my ass. His fucking was taking on an animal like quality.  I could hear him grunting.  I reached down and grabbed my cock and started to jerk.  He was pounding my ass so fiercely I thought I might bounce right off of it but he kept amazing control.  I could hear the music of the club and I was loving every minute of the experience:  the beat the music and the hot raw cock in my ass.

I reached between my legs and I could feel his cock fucking my ass. I felt it with my fingers as it was pounding in and out of my ass.  This must have driven him a little crazy because his fucking began to get harder and I could hear him grunting and his body started to spasm a little.  He was cumming in me.  I could feel him cumming inside me.  He slowed down a little and then his cock popped out.  Cum immediately ran down my leg.  He turned me around and pulled me towards him, kissing me passionately.  For the first time our cocks rubbed together.  His was gradually going soft, even if it was sticky with his cum, but my cock was hard and pressed up against his. His hands grabbed my ass and he pulled me very tightly towards him.

That was enough for me, and I came, shooting between our bodies and stomachs.  He knelt down and licked my cum, taking my cock inside his mouth for a couple of seconds, sucking out the last couple of drops of cum from out of my cock.  Then he stood up, pulled up his pants and said 'ciao' and disappeared.


He was done, I was done, so I pulled up my pants and went off in the opposite direction, wondering if my boyfriend was also getting into some trouble.  

Anyone have any stories from some fun they've had in Sitges?

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Actually the darkroom at Bear's Bar is pretty big. I already have a hard-on as soon as I walk in there. Not much light but enough to see what is going on. Several sections for private and public use. Love the public! Had many times when I got fucked there with guys looking on. And, as mentioned on other threads as well, Spanish guys don't use condoms in general. They are just out there to give loads to tourists. Got many loads with a "ciao amigo" afterwards. And they just look after themselves, get in, fuck like hell, shoot their load and leave. Perfect ;-) I love that darkroom. Went to XXL as well, but bear's Bar beat them! XXL is more for the guys that love to dance. I no longer dance ;-) but I do like the hairy bears in BB. Too bad the darkroom at El Horno was closed when I was there last time. Loads of horny guys there too, and all a few meters away from each other (El Horno is opposite XXL)

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Yes' date=' but a lot of Spanish guys seem to use it.[/quote']

It's used all over Europe and Eastern Europe too.

If you think about how many foreign words we use in the English language it actually makes. Bit of sense.

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It's used all over Europe and Eastern Europe too.

If you think about how many foreign words we use in the English language it actually makes. Bit of sense.

Very true. Comes in handy in the darkroom. LOL

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I am glad someone dug this story up. I remembered it, but not enough details or enough of the title to find it in a search. Super hot story! You should write some more for us!

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      I met Jack, we shook hands and he gives me a light hug and welcomes. We chatted for several minutes and I quickly became at ease. Jack was very good at getting me to loosen up and relax, Eventually he began to explain how things worked.
      "Just like the massage you might get at day spa, you take off your clothes, lay face down on the table, and you can put a towel over you if you wish to hide your modesty. It's completely optional here. I'm usually undressed as well unless that makes you uncomfortable, and I'll start with a nice soothing massage of your legs and feet. I'll then move up to your back. After we are done with your back side, you will roll over and we will do your front. It's very similar, but hopefully a little more erotic and sensual.”
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      As I am a complete novice at this being a straight guy, I start to panic a bit, but then my pure lust takes over and I again start to moan like a cheap whore trying to excite a client. "I find myself begging him and he complies, but slowly and methodically. Oh my god, please do more. I really love that! Please do more" I practically yell at him, and he just giggles to himself and says, "don't worry lover, we will get there". OMG, I sound like a chick, and well I guess it's kind of like that.
      He slows his actions down a bit and returns to rubbing my arse cheeks, lower back and upper thighs, and I relax a bit, but remain really confused and still so excited.
      My thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of a warm gel going on and into my hole again. I was so excited that I had no hesitation although having someone's tongue and finger up there was as far as I had ever now gone. Then I felt something being inserted and I gasped as I realized he was putting.....
      "Just relax your muscles, Dan.... ungh," Jack advised as he adjusted his position on top of me.
       "Let my cock stretch your ass. It'll get used to my dick in a minute or two."
      "And...ohgawd... and then you'll pull it out?" I asked hopefully and in a hesitant state. 
      "Well... mmm... then we'll really get to business." Replied Jack
      "What does that mean?" I reply
      "That means we're going to have some real fun!"
      "Are you... going to fuck me?"
      "Just relax."
      "I... I told you I'm not..."
      "Dan, take it easy and enjoy my Cock. I told you I'm not gay either. This is just healthy sexual fun okay?"
      "Okay I... ungh... I guess." I tried to remain calm under the circumstances.
      "UMPH!" Jack slammed his pelvis into my ass hard. His dick rammed all the way into my warm wet hole with a loud thud.
      "UNGH!" I felt the cock invade my insides again. The full length had just been pulled out and now it was back with a vengeance. "Jack, I think you might be too... UNGH!" Again the cock plundered my ass.
      "Oh SHUHweeeeeeet Gggod!" Jack exclaimed as he pulled his hips back, readying for another plunge into my straight ass.
      "Jack... huff... please just... UNGH!" Again the dick ploughed into me. Jack was actually long-dicking me.
      "Please, Jack!"
      "Oh, Jack!"
      "I... huff... UNGH!"My eyes bulged almost out of their sockets with each powerful thrust. I found my body instinctively humping my pelvis back into Jack. Was I actually fucking back? There's no way my mind screamed inside!
      "Oh... yeah, Dan, that's it. Fuck back at me baby!" Jack was astonished at the speed he was turning me out. All he could think was this guy must be a real horny to turn out so quickly.
      "Oh Fuck!" I thought out loud. It wasn't my imagination, I was actually humping back. But it was okay. All I had to do was relax like Jack said.
      I tried to remain calm and tell myself everything was cool. I then felt him picking up the pace, Jacks balls smacking into my ass with loud WHACKS! Thrust after thrust. He continued to grunt and hump,
      "OOF!" huffed Jack.
      "UNGH!" I grunted.
      "OOF... this is fun isn't it, Dan." said Jack
      "UNGH... yeah... I..."
      "UNGH... I didn't think I'd like..."
      "UNGH... sex with a man, but this feels strangely nice!"
      I had no idea what I was exposing myself to, By allowing Jack to have his way with me, I was opening doors to a sexual bliss only known by gay and bisexual men. For a horny, straight male, this may certainly become an addiction. I may not be able to control the urge or the want to be filled by cock. But I would be in denial for a long time to come, as I undoubtedly would try to suppress my desires. At that moment though, I was letting myself go. 
      "UNGH... Jack, I'm not..."
      "UNGH... I'm not GAYooooooh!" my mouth formed a perfect "O" shape as Jack's dick hit my sweet spot in my ass. It was my prostate finally reacting to the ass pounding. My eyes crossed and my eye lids fluttered as the intense pleasure rippled through my body. Jack paused for a moment, leaving his thick dick on the special spot inside me.
      He reached behind me to support my back. He lifted me off the massage table and laid himself onto his own back, this time with me positioned on top. In doing so he exposed what I feared most.
      All the while, Jack kept his massive cock lodged in my ass. This guy could fuck!
      I felt like a meat skewer as Jack spun me around on his cock. When I was finally in place, I came into eye contact with with my own 7" cock which was raging hard. It stood proudly in the air, all stiff and precum oozing out of the tip.
      I had never felt my cock this hard. It was so hard it was almost painful. Then I felt Jack begin to buck his hips. Up and down, slowly at first but soon picking up his pace. I almost lost balance but reached down to steady myself by placing my hands on Jack’s chest. I found myself gyrating my hips, grinding my ass onto Jack's dick. I was stroking the length of his cock with my ass. Up and down. Up and down. We picked up our rhythm, again causing the massage table to rock and creak.
      My mind was still racing and the sensible part was screaming out... “He is turning you out!” That means turning me... turning me gay? That's what was happening here. Jack was going to fuck me gay. But was that possible? It sure looked like it. But if I turned gay, what about my girlfriend or even future girl relationships.... The part of my mind screaming slowly was being lost turned into gibberish in the sexual haze. As I fucked up and down on the thick meaty cock. I fucked so hard that my own cock slapped violently against Jack’s belly. Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Precum spattered all over Jack from my leaking cock.
      Jack was in sexual heaven. He was lying on his back, turning me out as I was riding his massive cock. How could Jack ask for anything more?
      I slammed my ass down hard with loud whumps. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! I rocked up and down, pleasuring Jack's dick with my ass. WHUMP! And then I could feel it. WHUMP! my own cock was about to explode. But how? WHUMP! I hadn't even touched it. It was then that I realized the moment Jack's tongue had entered my ass, I had lost control of my body. WHUMP! Faster and faster. My dick continued flopping around wildly, slapping his belly. SLAP! WHUMP! SLAP! WHUMP! SLAP! WHUMP!
      As I rode, I felt my balls filling. And then it happened. My cock began spewing cum all over the place as it flopped around. It spattered onto Jack, the floor, and a direct hit sprayed onto my chest..... I screamed out loud as my cock lost all control spewing my seed.
      "Oh, Dan," Jack called out uncontrollably. "I'm going to blow my seed!"
      "Oh, Jack!" as I looked back over my shoulder as I saw he was ramming hard into my ass one last time.
      WHAM! He gave this last thrust every last of his energy he had. His massive dick reaching its hilt as it spewed into my ass and knocking me forward. My body rolled forward and with that Jack’s cock sprung out of my ass with a loud popping sound as cum continued jetting out. The heavy smell of man sex filled the room.
      Jack’s 8 inch cock was still hard and spasmed as cum continued to dribble out of the tip, as he gazed upon my body and my leaking hole. What a hot fucking mess, as Jack gazed at my ass spread out before him. Jack climbed off of the massage table and put on his shorts, his cock tenting the crotch as he tried to tuck it in.
      I watched as Jack was walking away to the kitchen to get some water, as I tried pulling myself up and begun pulling up my shorts. Cum dripped down my thigh as I tried to make sense of what had just happened. My ass now felt so empty... and I felt horny. But I had just been fucked by a man and I just needed to just get away.
      I was straight right? The sexual haze begun to lift and I just wanted to hide under a rock. I quickly got the rest of my clothes on and headed out the door.... Jack called out that it was only sex and “I shall be seeing you very soon again”
      I would never, ever, be the same again.....
    • By LooseHoleLoverr
      I responded to a m4m CL ad about pnp and wanted to try it. The guy was a hand some guy about 6ft 180lbs. He was masculine looking but slightly feminine acting. I arrived at motel 6 and pitched in for the stuff and he crushed it up. 
      We snorted it and the instant it hit me I felt the insatiable urge to do ridiculously raunchy gay things. I told him I wanted to eat his ass and I had my tongue so deep in his ass that clearly had been penetrated by cocks recently. The taste of cum in his asshole while spun was so intense, and I told him that we need to find as many guys as possible to cum in our asses. I couldn’t get hard at all, but after doing ass to mouth with a guy from Grindr and eating his cum out of this sloppy asshole, I got hard. I then penetrated him and he expressed how much he loves being a cumdump faggot.   More and more random guys showed up and I instantly pulled their cocks out. 
      I loved when the door opened bc people in the parking lot could get a glimpse into the room full of guys fucking two spun faggots before switching turns. I love love love how I feel when I bend over and let men that I don’t know penetrate me. I always knew that I’m destined to have multiple dicks inside my asshole, but this feeling while spun was so intense. Guys were turned on by how desperate I was to drink cum from his ass, and I git so caught up that doing ass to mouth with an asshole full of 15 plus loads that I didn’t even see or greet two guys that came in my ass. That was an amazing feeling and I hope that soon in 2021 I find myself in a cheap motel with hung hung uncut cocks so I can show people what it’s like for me when I have a cock inside my ass that’s covered in other peoples cum. 
      if you’re in Dallas, tx and interested in getting together in a low budget motel to pnp and have gay bareback group sex, give me a shout. I’d also love to start making schedules so people know at those designated times so they can swing by and cum in my ass. I’d also like to start filming my sessions and focusing heavily on how good it feels when a cock first pushes inside and ass snd feels multiple different peoples cum. Ass to mouth is so much better when multiple loads have been dumped!
    • By razman3000
      Hi guys.  This is part 1 of a slowly evolving dirty fantasy that's rolling around my head.  Let me know if you like it and there may be more to follow.
      The Club - Part 1: The First Entry
      Six years.  Six fucking years with that… that ass hole.  I did everything for him.  I was the perfect little show husband, (although he never actually got round to putting the ring on my finger).  I put up with his boring personality and the dwindling sex life.  It wasn't great to begin with but it pretty much completely stopped about nine months ago, the same time he met that fucking seventeen year old twink with whom he’s shacked up.  Bastard.
      As I finished off the vodka sat alone in my crappy studio apartment I decided I had had enough.  Enough of sitting there feeling sorry for myself drinking my way to oblivion for the fifth night that week.  I was twenty eight, had a pretty good body and was so fucking horny.  I was tired of living like a fucking monk, so I put on my jeans that made my ass look great and my sluttiest t-shirt before heading out to the nearest gay club.
      It was a busy Saturday night and I think the bouncer could tell I had already had a fair bit to drink, but I just slipped him a couple of notes and he let me straight in.  The club was hot and sweaty with a million bodies moving in time to the thump thump of the beat.  I squeezed into the middle of the dance floor and let the beat take over me.  I was getting a fair few looks from different hot guys, but I was in the zone until I saw him.  Just for a second, between two other guys, across the room.  He was tall, short black hair, deep green eyes.  Our eyes met.  Just for a fraction of a second, but I was hooked.
      I worked my way through the crowd desperately trying to get to him. He stood there staring at me, staring into me.  I walked up to him.  He was wearing tight black straight leg jeans and a light blue shirt, barely covering his rippling body.
      “Hey can I buy you a drink” I yelled over the pounding beat, gesturing to his nearly empty beer bottle.
      “Do you want to fuck?” he replied.
      “Uh, sorry?”
      “Do. You. Want. To. Fuck?"
      I paused for a second, he was pretty forward, but there was something about him, something I just couldn't resist.  I smiled a nodded to him.  He downed what was left in the bottle before setting it down on the table.  Then he grabbed my arm and dragged me towards the downstairs bathroom.
      The bathroom was filthy. Graffiti all over the walls and the strong smell of stale piss, although the floor was covered in fresh piss. There were three stall, all in use with a queue of about four guys waiting to use them. Just as we walked in the stall at the far end came free.  As the next guy tried to step into it, my guy pushed past him, dragging me in and locking the door.  Before I could say a word he threw me against the wall and rammed his tongue down my throat.  As I put my hands on his muscular body and tried to get a feel.  He grabbed both my arms and pinned them to the wall behind me.  With one hand he held both my arms by my wrists above my head.  With the other hand he reached into my pants and grabbed me dick. He could feel I was already rock hard.  He lifted up my t-shirt and pulled it over my head exposing my smooth chest.  He kissed me all over my chest, and when he had my left nipple in his mouth he bit down hard.
      “Don't make a fucking sound,” he barked.
      He pulled my trousers and underpants down to my ankles and forced me on to my knees. He unbuttoned the top of his jeans and unzipped the fly.  Out fell a fat, thick, juicy, perfect, uncut eight and a half inch dick.  “Well? Get to it,” he commanded.
      I knew exactly what he wanted me to do. I opened my mouth and took his fat cock head into my mouth. Before I could react he grabbed the back of my head and thrust his entire dick in my mouth.  I began choking and tried to pull away.  “Fucking take it, take it all” he grunted.
      I managed to relax my throat and control my breathing. I started sucking on it as he started fucking my throat. As I was kneeling there in a large puddle of piss with his dick being forced down me I felt more alive than I had throughout the last six years combined. I didn't know anything about this guy, not even his name. But already I had his dick deep in my mouth and I was loving it.
      After couple more minutes of fucking my skull he pulled all the way out and I gasped for breath. He pushed his jeans down a little, unbuttoned his shirt and sat on the toilet seat.  “You want it?” he said whilst looking to his rock hard cock covered in my spit.
      I moved over and positioned my ass over his fat dick. Then I noticed a strange tattoo on his chest, just above the nipple on his left peck.  It was the number thirty two inside a circle, which was at the center of a bio hazard symbol. He caught me looking at it.  “Yeah, I’m poz.  You still want this?”
      I hadn't thought about this at all. All I knew was this was the best experience of my life and I didn't want it to stop,so I lowered myself down onto the tip of his cock.  The tip parted my ass and poked inside. It hurt like fuck as my hole had not had any use in a long time so it was super tight.  A sadistic smile crept across his face.  Oh fuck I knew what was coming next but could do anything to stop it.  He grabbed my shoulders and and yanked me all the way down on his cock.  As his dick forced its way inside me I could feel my ass tearing.  As I opened my mouth to let out a yelp of pain, he put his hand over my mouth, muttering “Don't say a fuckin' word.”
      I gritted my teeth and kept my mouth as tightly shut as I could, as he bounced me up and down on his fat dick. Each time it felt like it was going deeper and tearing my ass wider. It fucking hurt like hell but I was loved it.  I was in pure ecstasy.  I started bouncing faster and fasted. I could feel every ridge of his dick in my ass and it felt amazing.  I wanted it harder, faster, deeper.  He started pulling all the way out and forcing himself all the way back in again.  I bit down on my bottom lip to stop me from crying out.  I reached to grab my own dick, which was still rock hard.  He slapped my hand away, snarling “Oh no, bitch. You're just a fucking slut.  You don't get to wank.”
      He forced himself in faster and faster.  Oh fuck, it felt amazing.  His dick started ramming straight into my prostate. It felt like electricity was shooting through my body with every thrust. Just as I was about to explode he pushed me off of his cock, onto my knees where I ended-up kneeling in a puddle of piss.  He grabbed his dick and gave himself a few swift tugs, and then ordered “Fucking open wide.”
      I opened my mouth and after a few quick strokes he fired all over the place.  I managed to catch most of his sweet dirty seed in my mouth, but he came so much it splattered over my face, chest and in my hair.  I swallowed all of his spunk instantly.  “Clean it” he barked as I stared at his dick, covered in split, spunk and blood from my torn ass hole.
      I dutifully sucked it clean, taking every last inch into my mouth. Once I had cleaned his dick he quickly fastened up his shirt before pulling his jeans back up.  “Unlock your phone and give it to me” he ordered.
      I complied. Snap, the  flash went off and I worked out he had taken a picture of me.  Covered in cum and kneeling on a piss soaked floor.  “I sent it to myself, so you have my number” he said tossing my phone back to me “Give me a text sometime.  I think my mates would really like you.”
      And as quick as that he was gone.  I wasn’t poz yet, but I had taken my first step on my journey to joining the club.
    • By ACURBOT95
      I am neg, and I have fantasies about being strangle fucked. But there is a big issue... Pre history. I was born and brought up in Central Asian country, where majority of population is Muslims. Being gay or bi is a real risk for life and career. Everythin started when I was a teen. 14-15. I found a straight porn, where guy strangle fucked a blonde. The moans and screams of a girl turned me on. I wanted to be her. In her place feel, what she felt. So I started masturbating. Vanilla first, wasn enough, authoritarian wasn't enough, bdsm wasn't enough, and I came through with strangle, it was so turned on. So fucking hot I lost my mind. I have read so many stories. And then there was a gay snuff sex. So there issue is I really want to be used, but I am afraid that I lose control, it turns me on. But scares too. I don't want to die. But want to be used, strangled and beated. I am gonna travel to US This summer. I really want to meet smone. But scared to meet
    • By PublicCumDump2431
      I just got home from a group meet with a few guys off grindr OMG I've never been more turned on 🤤 he took me to the woods at the end of the town I stay in and used me as he pleased filled me with cum and piss. He made me crawl around the woods on all fours while we waited for the rest of the group to arrive then they passed me around and did the same pissing and cumming in my already used hole stretched out and filled up they spat on my face and plugged my ass before making me walk home god I love being a cumdump 

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