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Getting Fucked In A Dark Room In A Club In Sitges, Spain

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In the summer of 2010 I flew to Spain for a week in the sun.  After a couple of days of debauchery in Barcelona, my boyfriend and I took a train to the seaside town of Sitges, which several of my friends had recommended to us.  So I found myself on a train filled with many hot, sexy men. I'm 35, 5' 11", with short, buzzed, brown hair, a youthful face some facial hair that I've allowed to grow into a closely trimmed goatee.  I have blue eyes and a solid build.  I'm not particularly hairy, but my chest and stomach are covered with fur, which I keep it trimmed and neat, not shaved.  My cock is cut, above average in size, and seems to be always hard.  I would describe myself mostly as a vers bottom. I only bareback with my boyfriend, but will sometimes blow other guys outside of our relationship and even then I insist the guys wear a condom.  My boyfriend of three years and I had the talk; the talk that gave each of us approval to play outside the relationship without any guilt.  We also talked about how if we fucked or got fucked by anyone, we would always wear a condom.

The afternoon we arrived at Sitges, I stopped at a sex shop and picked up some single-use lubes, a couple of condoms, and a bottle of poppers.  That evening, around 12:00 AM, my boyfriend and I went to XXL.  While it wasn't all that busy, the music was amazing, so we danced for a while and the place gradually filled up.  There were muscle bears, bears, otters, twinks, the 'guy next door' type, in short, there were men of all shapes, ages, and sizes.


After about an hour on the dance floor, my boyfriend disappeared, seemingly for ages.  I figured he must be upstairs in the dark room.  I've been to the odd dark room in my time, but mostly it's always been a lot of groping and a few blow jobs that haven't turned into anyone cumming, at least in me.

Anyhow, I decided to see if I could find him, so off to the dark room I went.  The narrow dark room was pitch black, and, as it turned-out, so packed with men that I found it difficult to navigate.  While I could see some shadows, that was about it, so hands proved to be the only way of exploring.  Not surprisingly most of the guys were wearing t-shirts, and I took the time to explore some well-developed, hairy chests.  I also encountered several cocks, so while most of the guys seemed to be fully clothed, a fair number of the guys were nearly naked.  


One of the nice experiences was that I could pretty much feel anywhere and no-one pushed my hand away, whether I was exploring some guy's chest, his neck, the small of his back, or slide my hand into the waistband of a guy's pants.  Many a guy would even wiggle a little so I could reach further in his underwear and feel his ass and crack. 

I was feeling a little drunk and guys were grabbing my ass. I walked along and this one particular guy grabbed the back of my belt and pulled me backwards towards himself.  I let him pull me to him until I was standing directly in front of him, my ass pushed up against his crotch. His hands started roaming my chest, under my t-shirt, rubbing my nipples and rubbing my entire front and cock through my jeans.  I was hard and he could feel it. He began to lick my neck, and almost involuntarily I reached behind my ass, the palms of my hands rubbing the front of his shorts. To my pleasure I found the top button of his shorts was already undone and the zipper was half down.  He massaged my shoulders a little and whispered something Spanish in my ear.  He was rock hard.  I was able to lower the zipper a little lower and I reached into the front of his shorts. This seemed to be a invitation for him to reach down, unfasten my belt and fly and lower my jeans.  I leaned forward away from him a little and he slowly pulled my jeans down and then my underwear, only pausing for a moment to grab my hard cock that sprang forward when he yanked down my pants.  


Other guys were still passing in front of me in this dark room that was more of corridor than a room, but other than the odd grab-and-rub of my cock, all the action was coming from the guy behind me.  And let me say, he knew exactly what he was doing.

I reached inside his underwear and felt a large, fat, uncut, dripping cock.  Fuck, was he horny.  I moved my hands so that my palms were facing and rubbing his furry belly.  With one hand firmly and slowly jerking my cock, he pulled his shorts and underwear down, and they fell to his feet, so I kept exploring his body. With his free hand he began rubbing the crack of my ass, his firm fingers going right for my hole. They were rough and he was intent on trying to push a finger inside me.  My pants were only partially lowered, certainly not quite at my feet, but I still had to lean forward to grab the small tube of silicone lube I had in my pocket.  Retrieving it, I handed it to him.

He flipped open the bottle and I thought he was going to rub some on his finger to lube my ass, but instead, he pushed me forward a little and he began lubing his cock.  Obviously he thought I was giving him the green light to fuck me, but I wasn't. I didn't want him to fuck me without a condom.  Not here, and not with a guy I didn't know or couldn't even see, but I was a little drunk and it was all happening pretty quickly and before I realized it, he was pulling me back towards him and his cock was lodged between my cheeks.  His cock was really solid and his hands on my waist were strong and pulling me back on his cock, the head of his cock was pushing right for my hole now and I knew he was going to push it in.  Raw. I thought for a second he was going to miss my hole but he didn't. I didn't want him to miss so I leaned just a little forward and then I felt him enter me.

Slowly and firmly, my ass was stretching as he kept a firm hold on my hips. It felt fucking amazing.  My mind was racing. I thought I either pull away now completely, or enjoy our session.  I decided on the latter.  I reached into my other pocket and fished out my poppers, but found I had to lean forward to reach down enough into my pockets because my jeans were now halfway down my legs.  When I made this move, he pushed right in. All the way in.  I could feel his pubic hair on my ass. His cock was inside me and he was holding me there, still for a couple of seconds, but not for long.

His hands were on my waist and his cock was completely inside my ass.  I opened the poppers and took a hit - a deep hit.  He took the bottle from me, and I heard him take four deep hits, then he handed the bottle back to me, so I took another hit.  Although I was now flying,and everything was a little out of focus, I could still feel the thump of the music and I could feel bodies pushing past us in the dark room.  I was sweating and flying.  He held onto my waist and pulled me on and off his cock, steadily, not fast, but with the serious intention to fuck me deeply.

He straighten me upright with a few gestures, and then he began licking and sucking my neck, whispering in my ear, licking my ear.  I tried to turn my neck and head so he cold kiss my lips.  He took the hint and we kissed a little.  I could feel stubble on his face.  He was sweating, breathing heavily, and his tongue pushed into the corner of my mouth.  As the position was very difficult on both of us, we stopped kissing and he placed his hands on my hips.  I took the hint and began to rock forward and backward, slowly.  I wanted him to enjoy my ass, so in my mind I was imagining that I was jerking him off with my ass, clenching and unclenching my ass muscles so he would not be able to stop fucking me before pulling out.

He started a regular steady rhythm of fucking.  I opened the bottle of poppers and took another hit, and he followed suit, taking several strong hits.  The entire time I moved forward and backward on his cock.  He was fucking me more deeply and I was completely enjoying the sensation of his cock inside my ass.  As his fucking intensified, my mind was flying.  All I could think about was what we looked like.  What he looked like and what is cock looked liked pounding in and out of my ass. His fucking was taking on an animal like quality.  I could hear him grunting.  I reached down and grabbed my cock and started to jerk.  He was pounding my ass so fiercely I thought I might bounce right off of it but he kept amazing control.  I could hear the music of the club and I was loving every minute of the experience:  the beat the music and the hot raw cock in my ass.

I reached between my legs and I could feel his cock fucking my ass. I felt it with my fingers as it was pounding in and out of my ass.  This must have driven him a little crazy because his fucking began to get harder and I could hear him grunting and his body started to spasm a little.  He was cumming in me.  I could feel him cumming inside me.  He slowed down a little and then his cock popped out.  Cum immediately ran down my leg.  He turned me around and pulled me towards him, kissing me passionately.  For the first time our cocks rubbed together.  His was gradually going soft, even if it was sticky with his cum, but my cock was hard and pressed up against his. His hands grabbed my ass and he pulled me very tightly towards him.

That was enough for me, and I came, shooting between our bodies and stomachs.  He knelt down and licked my cum, taking my cock inside his mouth for a couple of seconds, sucking out the last couple of drops of cum from out of my cock.  Then he stood up, pulled up his pants and said 'ciao' and disappeared.


He was done, I was done, so I pulled up my pants and went off in the opposite direction, wondering if my boyfriend was also getting into some trouble.  

Anyone have any stories from some fun they've had in Sitges?

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Actually the darkroom at Bear's Bar is pretty big. I already have a hard-on as soon as I walk in there. Not much light but enough to see what is going on. Several sections for private and public use. Love the public! Had many times when I got fucked there with guys looking on. And, as mentioned on other threads as well, Spanish guys don't use condoms in general. They are just out there to give loads to tourists. Got many loads with a "ciao amigo" afterwards. And they just look after themselves, get in, fuck like hell, shoot their load and leave. Perfect ;-) I love that darkroom. Went to XXL as well, but bear's Bar beat them! XXL is more for the guys that love to dance. I no longer dance ;-) but I do like the hairy bears in BB. Too bad the darkroom at El Horno was closed when I was there last time. Loads of horny guys there too, and all a few meters away from each other (El Horno is opposite XXL)

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Yes' date=' but a lot of Spanish guys seem to use it.[/quote']

It's used all over Europe and Eastern Europe too.

If you think about how many foreign words we use in the English language it actually makes. Bit of sense.

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It's used all over Europe and Eastern Europe too.

If you think about how many foreign words we use in the English language it actually makes. Bit of sense.

Very true. Comes in handy in the darkroom. LOL

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I am glad someone dug this story up. I remembered it, but not enough details or enough of the title to find it in a search. Super hot story! You should write some more for us!

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      This happened this last summer when everything was locked down for Covid. My husband used to drive for Lyft, and was friendly with a group of homeless people in certain areas of metro Detroit. We were bored, so we decided to take a drive and see if we could get into some trouble. 
      He had me wear a jockstrap, and some short shorts, sitting in the backseat fucking my hole with a dildo while we drove around. We went to the neighborhood, and spoke to some of his the homeless people he’s friendly with to see if they wanted to fuck me.
      Tommy, this 20 something straight guy decided he’d let me suck his dick, and if it felt good he’d fuck me. He’s got a semi hairy chest, and a big full bush, which absolutely turns me on. He’s about 5’7”, and 150 lbs, which is a frame that is a lot smaller than mine. (I’m 5’10, and 196). He’s cute, but this is not my type, but I’m a slut, and here we are. 
      So I get on my knees in the dark alley behind this dilapidated bank, where they’ve been sleeping, and start sucking his dick. I thought it would smell and taste horrible, but it was surprisingly sweet tasting. His cut dick got hard almost instantly, and was at least 8” long, and about 5” around, he kept whispering “fuck”, and “holy shit. You really know how to suck a dick”. After a few minutes he said “alright, let me see that pussy.” 

      We head over to where this huge bank door where I can lean over and get my balance. I pull my shorts down, and Tommy blurted out “god damn. That’s a nice fucking ass.” I could feel myself blushing, because this straight guy, who despite being homeless, was incredibly attractive. He takes my ass and spits on my hole, putting a finger up in me to see what it feels like. He liked that it was already loosened up because of the dildo, and creamy. He said “this feels as smooth and tight as a pussy”, and I responded “make it your pussy tonight”. Me saying that kinda turned him on, and he spit on his dick. 
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      Anyway, this was my first experience with a homeless man, but not my last. 
      to be continued...

    • By EnglishBottom
      So I've been with my husband for 12 years, we met when I was 18 and he was 19. I'd been fucked only twice before we started dating, but his cock was the biggest I'd ever seen in person.  He's about 8 and a half inches and quite thick and meaty too. It was pretty clear from the outset that I'd be the only one bottoming in the relationship, since I was always just more submissive in bed, even if we were just doing oral. Anyway, we'd been monogamous for 11 years when we started talking about the possibility of having a threesome. We talked about what we'd both want, what type of guys we'd go for etc but for a while it just kind of stayed as a fantasy. 
      A few months later after we'd had a little to drink we started talking about it again, and decided "fuck it, let's give it a go". Needless to say we both enjoyed it and have met four guys so far!
      Would you guys be interested in hearing about what happened, and any new experiences we have? Don't wanna post if no one is gonna be bothered 😅
    • By Hungnreadytofuck
      It all started on my 22nd birthday, I had just broken up with my boyfriend after finding out he was seeing someone else on the side and put up a post on Adam and I started getting hits. My boy friend and I had fucked a few times bare when we were drunk but generally always used condoms; I put up a safe only post and showed my hot ass and body.  I am lean and have a bubble butt that my bf loved!  Standing all of 5’9 weighing 150 with a 28” waist I carried my weight in my ass  
      I started to get lots of hits, and a few were tempting but in looking at their profiles most were either poz, undetectable or no answer.  I did not respond to them but did run across a hot profile from a guy who post he was bi, just loved ass and had a gf.  His file said he was neg and hung 9.5 with the most beautiful dick.  I could not help myself, I had to hit him up.  There was no response for about an hour and then he hit me back.
      He told me what a beautiful ass I had and thanked me for hitting him up.  He never asked to fuck me or anything.  I sent him another email and asked if he was looking and he responded with we are not looking for the same thing, I do not think you are into what I am.  I hesitated and thought maybe he wanted to get fucked again and asked him straight out if he was looking to get fucked also?  His response was fuck no, I am bi and have a gf and just love some hot boy pussy on the side.  I just want a hole to fuck and unload in. 
      I closed the email after reading it and thought, no you can not do that. I had to look at his pics a few more time and then emailed him back and said I normally only fuck with condoms, I have only ever barebacked with my ex-boyfriend, but I would take your big dick bare.  I am waiting for what seemed like forever and then he finally emailed me and said that is good to know. Probably still more than you want to get into and all.  I have some other straight and bi buds and we are looking for a regular bottom. We had a hot little bottom who serviced us, but he moved last month, and I have been looking for a new boy to take his place.  Do not get me wrong you would be perfect, but it may be more then you are looking for.  We just want a hot hole to use on the side.
      I read the email a few times and, in my head, I said no, this Is way too much and finally writing him back and said I would try it with him and if all went well, we could talk about his buddies.  No response for thirty minutes and I knew he opened it.  I followed up and said okay, I want to do it.  How does it work?
      Five minutes later he emailed me and said the guy are only into anonymous, we do not want to marry you just want that hot pussy on our big dicks.  We want to find you ass up and blindfolded and ready and we will lube you up and slide in and fuck you till we nut and leave.  No talking unless spoken to and you will be nothing more than a hot ass for some big dick. 
      Okay, lets do condoms okay, I emailed back.  Right away he emailed me and said never mind boy, I told you, it was not for you.  I emailed him back and told him I would be ready in 20 min and sent my address and that I will take it bare and be ass up on sofa in the living room, blindfolded.  He emailed back and told me I was a good boy, that I liked hearing, and that when his buddy arrived, he would knock and wait five sec and head in, and I should be ready.
      I asked if he were coming and he told me no, he only liked wet cummy hole and that a few buddies would use me first.  I almost pulled the plug on the entire thing but really wanted his cock inside me and I emailed back okay. I was nervous as fuck and twenty minutes later he emailed and said get ready and I slipped the blindfold on and got into place on the sofa in my jock and then the knock at the door.  Five seconds later the door opened, and I heard footsteps and then a hand on my ass.  I almost jumped and the hand worked its way to my hole and felt my tight little hole as he unfastened his belt with the other hand, and I heard his pants drop.  His hand withdrew and without a word I felt a tongue on my hole, and I was moaning as he ate my hole and tongue fucked it.  I was loving it but still wondered if I should stop and cancel the entire thing, but it felt so fucking good I just let him French my hole as I moaned and then suddenly, he stopped and stood up and slapped his big dick on my hole.  He grabbed some lube I had out and rubbed it on my hole and his dick and them slide slowly inside me as I lost my breath, fuck his dick was big. 
      This guy who I had never seen was sliding his bare cock inside me and I had not even asked what his tats where.  He said nothing as he pressed deeper inside me and soon, he was balls deep and he let me catch my breath before he pulled almost all the way out and then slide back in and after the second bottoming out, he handed me a bottle, I knew they were poppers and I grabbed them and took several hits and then he started to slow fuck me as my hole relaxed.  OMG is all I could think of as his big dick slide in and out of me, still saying nothing and then his pace picked up and I could not help but moan and beg him to fuck me.  I could fee his tight body against mine when he leaned in and whispered in my ear. “You have a great fuck hole boy”.  His first words and I then knew he was manly and had a bit of an accent.  He fucked me for ten more minutes and shot his load in me while he said take my nut boy.  He then pulled out and came around and made me clean off his dick before he pulled away and started to zip up while he said, stay blindfolded till I leave boy.  I said okay and I heard him walk toward the door and then it open and close. 
      I slid off the blindfold and felt me hole. It was open and cummy and I could not help it but to slide my finger inside and then taste more of his load.  I got up and went back to the computer and as I was getting ready to email my new friend, he sent me one. His email read.
      Congrats boy, one of the pickiest tops in our group has just passed you as our new bottom.  There are a few more that need to agree but my bud who just left said he would need you tomorrow at the same time.  We can talk about that later but for now you have another top on the way and he will be there in five minutes.  Make sure you are ready, and you can leave the cum in you boy.
      Fuck I thought, another, my hole was a little sore from his thick dick.  He wanted me again, Hot!  I might be good with just him.  I started to type that I could not do another but before I could send it there was a knock on the door. I rushed to get in place and put my blindfold on.  I made it just in time, I heard the door open and close and then a hand on my ass and hole just like before, he slides his long finger inside me and then another. He broke the silence and told me what a hot cummy hole I had.  Love that you have a lot inside you.  He then handed me poppers and told me to hit it, I did, and he finger fucked me and slide another finger inside me and my hole opened for him.  He twisted his fingers around inside me and I had never thought about how hot it would be to take a fist but suddenly, I was hot for it.
      I just moaned as he played with my hole and he spoke. “I see you like ass play, fuck you are going to a lot of fun.”  He made me moan with his fingers for another two to three minutes and then he pulled out and told me to hit the poppers again and then I felt it.  I huge dick at my hole and he pressed forward and the hand that had been in my ass came around and covered my mouth as he pressed that thick fat cock inside me and I whimpered and asked him to pull out and he said he could not hear me as he pressed deeper and It hurt like fuck, I tried to pull forward but he held me with his other hand and finally my ass gave away to his thick dick and he was all way inside me.  I was not sure I could breathe it
    • By 317cumdump
      I'll be in Miami starting Thursday, Jan 07 until the following Thursday, Jan. 14. 
      I'm a complete cumdump and willing to take any load - NO LOAD REFUSED.
      Not yet sure where I'll be staying - I'm working out those details now. I'm flexible the entire time I am there, and will be able to host at my hotel, most likely near one of the beaches. I am also willing to travel within reason.
      TEXT: 3177358650
      EMAIL: 317cumdump@gmail.com.

    • By ButtB4iGo
      This erotic fiction is a continuation of my story, The Broken Jock, that started in the "General Bareback Sex Stories" section that now, at Part 3, seems to belong in this section instead—for reasons you will soon discover.  Check out Parts 1 and 2 to see how far this young, gay, safe-sex only, softball player has fallen. Enjoy.
      The Broken Jock by @ButtB4iGo, Part 3
      The next Friday afternoon, Hank texted me.
      Hank: Hey boy, I have plans for that hot little hole of yours tonight. Be at room 228 at the Folsom Motel at 11.
      It had been almost a week since Hank fucked me last and I was feeling really horny. I had made plans to meet friends at a Castro bar at 8, but I figured I could excuse myself around 10:30 and head to the motel to get another one of Hank's anonymous fucks. I still don't know what he looks like.
      Me: OK, sir.
      When I got to the motel room door, the hall lights were dimmed by so many fluorescent tubes being out with one or two flickering. I’m in a horror film, I thought to myself with a grin. But since the typical motel had its hallways outside under the lights of the surrounding city, it actually wasn’t as dark or menacing as all that. I knocked on door number 228. 
      “Who’s there?” I heard Hank say. 
      “It’s me. Adam.” I heard lamps being turned off and then the door opened. 
      “Get on the bed face down, boy. Push down your pants, too.” I felt my way to the bed and laid down on my chest while opening the fly to my jeans. Hank closed the door, came up behind me  and helped push my pants down. “Nice white jock, boy. You know what gets my dick hard.” He then pushed his soft leather cod piece against my bare ass. “Let’s get this blind fold on you.” 
      My cock was rock hard in anticipation for Hank to plow my hole again. Did he bring more anonymous used condoms like last time?
      Hank got on top of me and licked the left side of my face in one long upward lick. “Your going to get some more of ol’ Hank’s cock tonight. Plus, I’ve invited a few friends over from that hook up site, BareBackFuckers.”
      “Yes!” I didn’t use my inside voice. 
      Hank explained more, whispering in my ear. “I found your profile on that safe-sex only site you are still on, and I took a screen shot of it. Then I went to BareBackFuckers and shared that screen shot with some select tops that I want to see get inside you.” 
      Hank shoved his hand under me to feel my dick. He easily felt the precum I was leaking into my jock pouch. “Fuck, boy! Already leaking. I knew you needed some more raw cock in you.” He continued rubbing my cock head through the cloth as he went on. “I told these select men that safe-only ShortStop91 is now taking all loads. There are two men coming here tonight to fuck and load up your hole while you suck my cock. These guys will only have one mission: to breed that nice newbie hole of yours. Then you’ll get fucked by me. Understand?” 
      I nodded. “Yes, sir.” Hank seemed especially intense tonight, but I wanted it, and Hank knew just how to use me.
      Hank got up and unsnapped the leather cod piece. He walked around to the other side of the bed and I felt the mattress take on his weight in front of my blindfolded face. His cock was rock hard as he rubbed it on my face and in my hair. His P.A. was cool on my lips when he told me to open up. He pushed his cock in forcibly to the back of my throat and he held the back of my head as I squirmed and gagged on the P.A. 
      “Fuck yeah, jock boy. Take my cock in your throat. I know you can take Phil’s cock in there.” I relaxed my throat to help Hank invade, and I breathed through my nose the way Phil always commanded. Hank said he wanted to skull fuck me before the other men got there. I did pretty well, I think. I tried to forget about the scary P.A. in my throat and just focus on Hank’s cock head. 
      About every minute or so, Hank would push all the way in and keep it there while I gagged. As he pulled out I got some air again, recovered, and opened my mouth to let Hank to do it again. “Good boy, Adam. Let me have that mouth and throat!”
      A knock on the door. “Who’s there?” Hank yelled. 
      “Ahhhh… I think we’re both from the site,” came from a man’s voice from outside the door. “I’m Coach4Jox and this other fella is…”
      “Pops9in!” the other man’s voice finished. They must have arrived at the same time.
      "Come on in, guys." The door opened and I heard the men enter.
      "Turn on that one lamp, too. I’ve got him blindfolded.” 
      I heard the click of the lamp and shortly thereafter felt a hand feel up my naked ass and another hand in my hair.
      “Shit! It really is you!” said the man near my face. “I’ve been checking you out on the safe-sex hook up site for two years. Your ass looks so good in that softball uniform pic! I’ve messaged you, too. But I figured you didn't answer because I’m a lot older. I see you at the bars sometimes, too. I have fantasized many times about fucking your gorgeous butt, and I have schemed in my head about how I’d pull the damned condom off without you knowing. I can’t believe I get to finally put my cock in that butt of yours—although I have to admit, a good stealth breeding of your jock ass would have been truly amazing.”
      As the guy near my head was talking, the other guy was already trying to push his cock into my hole. He was about a quarter way in dry. 
      As Pops9In was taking my hole I realized that I recognize the other guy’s handle from the safe-sex site. Coach4Jox was a white-haired man, mid-60s, who was constantly trying to set-up a fuck date with me with messages like: “I have condoms. I would love to shove my daddy cock into that very nice jock butt of yours.” But, I have had lots of men trying to get in my pants who were hotter than Coach4Jox, so I just never really gave him much thought.
      Hank pushed his cock back into my mouth and announced to the other men that ShortStop91 is going bareback today and that they should "fuck me up.”
      “As my handle indicates, I’ve got 9 inches of raw cock I’m going to shove up his 'safe-only' butt.” He kept pushing into me. "Fuck, this hole is tight!” 
      "There’s lube next to you on the bed,” Hank offered. “I brought the oil-based stuff this safe-boy has always avoided.” Hank was playing like I was being offered up for barebacking for the first time to these men. Close enough for me. In my head, I was still in the process of being fully used and violated by my Hank. A man who started fucking me into bareback whoredom only two fuck sessions ago. 
      I thought to myself, Pops9in and Coach4Jox will be men #11 and #12 to shoot their loads inside my hole. 
      “Ahhhhh!” I gasped. With a lubed cock, Pops9in entered my hole. 
      “Nice! We have penetration!” Hank said.
      The man’s large cock filled my rectum as I gripped Hank’s leather-clad thighs. Hank pulled his cock out of my mouth and put an opened poppers bottle under my nose. “Take a good hit, boy.” I took about six hits as the cock inside me pushed in some more. I felt the inner tingle and static from the poppers.
      “Mmmmm,” I moaned as Hank pushed his P.A. and cock head back into my throat.
      “He’s lit,” Hank said. “Go ahead and try to fuck him now.” 
      “He’s really tight,” the man said. “Take my cock, son. And no fucking rubbers, safe boy. This is raw cock inside you. This is what taking a man’s cock is supposed to feel like. Damn, I’m all the way in.”
      The man, Pops9in, bucked so that his cock head nudged the deepest part of my hole. “Oh, yeah. Fuckin’ sweet hole here. Can’t fuckin’ believe my luck today when you messaged me.” He then started fucking in long strokes. Grunting and telling me to take it. Telling me that I loved raw dick now. “And my cock is not pulling out until every one of my fucking sperm is inside your young" —thrust— “jock” —thrust— 
      “Do it!” Hank’s cock got extremely hard in my mouth as he watched the man fucking my ass. “Let me see you shove that poz cock up that jock ass. Fuck that neg jock ass.”
      Was that just hot talk? Did I hear Hank say “poz”, “neg”? It began to sink in how Hank might be violating me tonight. All the years of getting fucked with condoms to avoid HIV infection, and was it true? Was I getting fucked bareback by an HIV positive top? Was it just fantasy talk? Hank held the poppers under my nose again, and I surrendered. 
      “Yeah boy, take another hit. Poz9Inch wants to load up your hole tonight. Take his poz cock and let him load you up.”
      I realized then I had originally misheard the handle on the man whose huge cock was now pistoning in and out of my hole, a poz cock without a condom. The poppers had taken over my head, so I gave in. Hank put his hard cock back in my mouth and told me to suck on the head. A wave of poppers-induced electricity went right to my groin and asshole. I found myself using my mouth and my ass muscles to milk the two cocks that were inside me. I was going to knowingly have a raw anonymous poz cock unload inside my ass for the first time. 
      Once Poz9In heard his HIV status revealed to me, he started fucking rougher, grunting as he landed his cock head deep in my hole.
      “Fuckin charge that hole, man,” I heard the Coack4Jox say. “Breed that safe-only ass!”
      “My pre-cum has been lubing him up for the last 15 minutes, so this neg jock is getting it already. Might as well load ‘em up.” I heard the men wickedly cheer as Poz9in was building up to unload inside me.
      “Do it, man,” said Hank. “Unload in his hole, he’ll take it. Won’t you, boy.” I nodded.
      “Fuck yeah, kid. Here is comes.” Poz9in made guttural grunts as his cock shot his warm toxic cum into my rectum. “Yes! There is it boy. All my sperm having a party inside your hole right now. Ah! Ah! Fuck! Yeah! Let me fuck that in.” Poz9In fucked me hard for about a minute. His cum was so battered in my hole that I could feel some of it leaking down my nut sack and into my jock.
      “Fuck!” I cried. “Fuck!!!”
      “That’s it, boy,” Hank coached into my left ear. “Take the man's poz load, Adam. I knew you’d be a good submissive boy for me tonight.” 
      Poz9in pulled out of my ass and I felt the cool air of the room on my exposed jock-strapped ass. My legs had been kicked wide apart by him as he bred me, maniacally trying to shove his cock as far in as he could. I felt completely open as the white-haired old man got in place between my legs. 
      Coach4Jox entered me quickly and began hammering his good sized meat into my cum-slicked hole. He fucked in and out of me as he talked. “Fuck yeah! For so long, I’ve fantasized about doing this to you, Adam. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I’ve stalked you at your softball games and watched you get drunk at the bars, hoping you’d get wasted enough to need someone to walk you home. I’d imagine promising you that I’d wear a condom if you’d let me fuck you. Thinking about how I could use a condom and wait until you’re passed out drunk on your bed to rip the condom off and slide back in, stealth pozzing you when I unload shot after shot of my toxic cum inside that young jock butt of yours.” 
      Coach4Jox kept fucking my hole and promising me another poz load as Hank, listening to the man’s perverted confession, climaxed. “Damn! I’m cumming in your mouth, boy! Open up that throat.” I let Hank’s cock head into my throat again and immediately felt the warmth of his sperm in my throat as I swallowed. I took Hank’s load like he was a familiar lover. He kept his dick in my mouth as he watched and listened to the old man fuck me. Hank pushed my head to the bed hard. “Now’s your chance, Coach. You’ve got him passed out on the bed now. Fucking stealth that young jock ass. Fucking breed that neg hole with your poz cock."
      “Fuck! Here it comes, you fucking neg shortstop tease," Coach4Jox said. “Take my load up your sweet butt for good.”  Coach4Jox unloaded a hot torrent of poz cum into my hole. The men celebrated my violation with profanity and slaps on my ass. The old man pulled out of my ass and told the other men to look at my hole. “Fuck! This is what two poz loads up a hot young bubble butt looks like. 
      Poz9in added, "Fucking hot jock boy, getting knocked up by anonymous men like that.” He slapped my ass. 
      After the rustling sounds of men getting dressed, Hank said, “Thank you, gentlemen, for helping me out tonight. This was a safe-only boy who submitted fully to me only recently. As far as I know you two are his first poz loads. I am hoping to get him introduced and used at the bathhouse soon, and I think tonight should ease that transition.” 
      I could hear, “sure thing, man” and “anytime” from the outside corridor. 
      With the door open, I could feel the cold San Francisco air on my wet asshole. I heard Hank put keys on the night table by the bed. “Check out’s at noon. You can stay until then, if you want. You were great tonight, boy. Let’s consider meeting up again mid-week. I’ll text you.”
      My violation would continue. “Yes, sir.”
      “That’s what I like to hear. Keep that blindfold on for five minutes!” 
      I heard the door close and listened as Hank’s footsteps faded. I fell asleep in that position: facedown, bare assed, legs spread. My asshole felt wet, open, used and empty. I slept soundly, dreaming only of sex. I wanted more.
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