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That morning I woke with an all consuming urge like none that I had ever felt before, as soon as I opened my eyes I knew that I needed to be fucked and bred that day. I rolled over in bed and reached behind me to rub a finger over my furry pucker, it slipped easily a little way inside my hole. I could feel the sticky warmth of the load that had been deposited in my hole the night before. I slid my finger in deeper and looked at the boy laying naked next to me. He was this cute closeted twink from three doors down, he had shown up at my door late last night drunk saying his girlfriend had ditched him at a party and he needed to blow his load. Until that night we had been condom only, I had been condom only with everyone, but I was out of condoms and we were both horny so we went for it anyway. The sex was perfunctory, the load was huge, warm, and life changing.

I pressed my finger against my prostate and let out a low moan. The twink slept on. Being fully aware that my finger would never satisfy the lust I was feeling that day I got out of bed, pulled on a pair of briefs that were laying on the floor and walked over to my desk. I opened my laptop, pulled up the web browser and stopped not really sure what to do next. I pulled up craigslist and typed out a hasty ad.

Bottom boy looking to get bred, can host or travel. Send pic to receive reply. I attached a mirror shot of myself showing my body and my ass but not my face and after just a moments hesitation clicked post.

Then I clicked over to Adam4Adam and started editing my profile: changing my practices to anything goes, and my sexual role to bottom from vers.

The twink stirred in my bed and then looked at me bleary eyed.

“What time is it?” he said.

“Like ten am.”

“Shit I gotta go,” he got up and got dressed. As he crossed to the front door of the apartment he turned and said, “I’ll… um… I’ll text you.”

I clenched my ass a little and felt his load in my hole, my cock throbbed. I moved with my computer back to the bed and typed in “Gay bareback porn”. The sheer volume of search results was over whelming but one stuck out to me: Treasure Island Media. I scrolled quickly through their films and then after a few minutes on a ******* site had several downloading. I rubbed my finger over my hole again feeling a little cum leaking out.

I had just started watching “The Breeding of Ian Jay” when my phone chirped that I had a new email, almost at the same moment my computer rang with the familiar tone of a new message on Adam4Adam. I opened the email first.

“Still looking?” was all it said and included three pictures. The first of a tall blonde man standing on mountain trail somewhere, the second of the same man in a bathroom with just a pair of short running shorts on revealing a thin lean muscular body and a generous dusting of light brown hair, and the third and most intriguing of the bunch was of a thick veiny cock nestled in a thick cropping of light brown pubes. I immediately replied, “YES!” and included my phone number.

Adam4Adam presented me with another equally appealing prospect: a smile from a 29 year old muscle bear cub with an eight inch cock. His main picture was just of his muscular furry torso in a leather harness, his private pics which he had unlocked included a pic of his strong handsome face, a pic of his massive Italian cock (I guessed at his ethnicity based on his screen name being theItalianStalion) and a pic of his thick chunk of man meat sunk raw, halfway up some dude’s ass. “Hey, what’s up?” I replied to him and waited.

My phone was the first to go off. “Hey it’s Jeff, when can I breed that boyhole. I’m free till 1.”



What the hell was I doing, I knew nothing about this man other then what he looked like, and that was assuming he looked like his pics and I was about to send him my address and let him fuck my ass?

I sent him my address.

“On my way, be there in 20.”

My hole twitched and I felt a little more cum escape. What if he’s turned off by that? I panicked a little. “I already have one load in my ass, I hope that’s alright…”

“Only one, I would have guessed more ;)

Then after a moment, “When did you get this load?”

“Last night at like 4am”

“You showered yet?”

“No, but I can take one really fast.”

“Don’t. I’ll text you when I get there.”

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I turned the movie back on and watched as Ian Jay’s hole opened up easily to except Dan Fisk’s long thick cock. The horny bottom groaned as his hole was penetrated and I started to rub my cock. My hole twitched at the realization that in a few minutes I would be the bottom moaning as a raw cock slid inside of me. The pleasure on Ian’s face increased my lust to be bred and I started to look nervously at the door willing my top to get there sooner.

My computer rang with an Adam4Adam alert and I paused the movie to click over. theItalianStalion had messaged me back, “headin to the gym, horny as fuck, lookin for a hole to breed when I’m done. how long are you free today?”

I messaged back telling him I was taking loads all day and for him to text me when he was ready to come use my hole and provided him with my phone number. After sending my message I turned the movie back on.

Just a few seconds later my phone chirped with a text message, “I’ll be done in about two hours boy, you want me all hot and sweaty from the gym?”

“Fuck yes,” I replied guessing this was theItalianStalion.

“I’ll text you for the address when I’m done here boy.”

My cock throbbed and my hole twitched at the though of having another guy in such quick succession to the first. What the hell had come over me.

Another text came through, “here,” it read, and then was quickly followed by, “open the door a little and get on your knees.”

I did as I was instructed and opened the door a crack and got on my knees just behind it still wearing only my white briefs. I waited with baited breath for a few long moments to the silence out in the hall, and then I heard soft footsteps coming from the stairs and heading to my door. They paused for a moment outside and then slowly the door swung open and there he stood.

He looked just like he had in his pictures, tall and blonde with a strong angular face, he wore a polo shirt, brown shoes, and tan pants that were slightly tented out at the crotch. He closed the door behind him and pulled of his shirt, then he quickly shucked his shoes and pants and lastly dropped his boxer briefs revealing a cock that while still mostly soft was surprisingly thick.

“Well get over here and suck my cock,” he said in a gruff manly voice.

I scrabbled over to him and swallowed his semi-hard cock in one go. He groaned a little as his cock began to swell in my mouth. I bobbed my head back and forth slathering over his shaft working it to fullness.

Now I’ve been told in the past that I give a damn fine blow job and most of the guys that I had been with had enjoyed a nice long one before the fucked me but this guy had different ideas. A soon as his cock was fully hard he pulled it from my mouth and grabbed hold of my shoulders so he could spin me around. I suddenly found myself with my ass in the air and my chest pressed into the floor as this stranger rubbed a rough finger over my hole.

He spit on his finger and my hole and worked his way inside a little bit twisting his finger around in my hole. Normally I needed a lot of rimming and fingering to get ready to take a cock but on this day my hole just opened up and was only too willing to open wide and accommodate this man’s considerable girth. He moaned his appreciation at my now winking hole.

“Sweet little boy cunt,” he muttered, “You ready to get bred boy?”

“Fuck yes, breed my ass.”

“Good answer.” His finger was removed from my hole and I felt the warm wide blunt slick head of his cock pressing against my hole. I pressed back a little and tried to relax, under normal circumstances I would be terrified trying to take his cock but my hunger seemed to banish all of my fears. I needed his cock and so it must fit. Gradually my hole blossomed around his cock and he was soon able to slide balls deep in my ass.

I groaned.

He pulled out very slowly just so that his head remained inside my rim and then after a moment without any warning he slammed the full length of his thick meat back inside my hole, he repeated this several times each time slamming back a little harder and then he began to deep fuck me pounding away at my hole with long powerful strokes. My whole body shook with every thrust, pressing me into the floor. I was powerless against his pounding, not that I would ever have wanted to stop it. His raw cock sliding in and out of my hole was sending waves of pleasure across my body.

My moaning was reduced to whimpering as the sound of skin slapping against skin filled the apartment and my nostrils became saturated with the smell of sex. My body seemed to be melting away and all that was left was my hole stretched around this strangers raw cock. His did was becoming my whole world, the cum he would soon plant inside my guts the only thing I cared about.

He pulled out suddenly and growled, “get on your back, I wanna see your face when I breed your hole.”

I quickly rolled over, grabbed my ankles, and presented him with my hole again. He moved swiftly into position and sank his cock back into my now wet and sloppy hole. Sweat dripped from his strong furry muscular body onto my skinny pail chest. His armpit was right above my face and I could smell the sweet intoxicating sent that a man only produces when he’s fucking someone.

He leaned in close to my face and muttered, “I’m gonna breed your sweet boy cunt now.”

“Do it, breed my hole,” I encouraged.

He gave my hole a few more deep pounds and then growled as he bottomed out and sunk balls deep inside of me his cock pulsing madly. I groaned as I felt his load rushing into me, filling my gut.

After a long minute he pulled out his cock starting to soften and quickly got dressed. “You’ve got a nice fucking hole boy, I’ve got some friends who might like to use you, mind if I give out your number to some of them?”

“Please do.”

“Good answer slut,” and with that he was gone.

For a long moment I just lay there fingering his load in my hole, and then my phone chirped again.

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For a long moment I just lay there fingering his load in my hole, and then my phone chirped again.

“Ready boy, what’s the address,” was all the message said. I quickly responded to theItalianStalion with my address.

After just a few moments my phone chirped again, “Great. I’m really close be there in 10.”

My heart was pounding again and a mixture of excitement and dread ran though me. I had clearly lost my mind, but my cock or rather my hole was doing the thinking for me. I had two loads sloshing around in my guts and I needed more. There seemed to be no end to my hole’s craving for loads. I just stood there for a few moments, naked, next to my front door and then, thinking better of it, went into my room grabbed a jockstrap off the floor and stuffed my semi hard cock into the pouch.

It didn’t seem like it had been ten minutes when the knock came at the door. I quickly peeped through the peep hole and saw the handsome face of theItalianStalion waiting in the hall for me. Quickly I opened the door and stepped back to let him in. He seemed to look into my soul for a moment as he took me in, naked and sweaty in just a jockstrap. It was then that I became aware of the fact that the entire apartment stank of sex. I must have looked like such a slut, and in that moment I was.

“You’re a hot little fucker,” he said, pulling his t-shirt off. As he raised his arms the smell or sweat spring from him and I saw that his chest was still glistening slightly from his work out. He looked even bigger and hairier then he had in his picture and my cock sprung to it’s full six and a half inches at the though of this hunk of man breeding my hole. “Turn around, I wanna see that ass.”

I turned around and bent over slightly.

“Looks like you’ve got some cum leaking out of your hole boy. How many loads you got up there already.”

“Two,” I answered.

“You are a slut. Well that’s good cause I’m in the mood to breed some slut cunt.”

I heard a rustling and then felt his big strong hands against my hips. The smell of gym sweat filled my nostrils as I felt his cock rub up my crack. I bent over more and braced myself against my knees, his cock sliding up and down between my cheeks. From in my room I head my phone chirp, but I ignored it and focused on the man behind me.

“You want me to fuck you boy? You want me to slide my cock raw into your cunt and fill you with my spunk? You wanna get bred slut?”

My answer came out almost in a moan, “yes.”

“Good boy.” At that his cock found my hole and he pressed the thick mushroom head into me. If it hadn’t been for the two loads already in my hole for lube I don’t think I could have taken his thick veiny cock. “Fuck your hole is so wet and warm, I’m gonna fill you with my big load. I haven’t’ cum for three days, I’m gonna flood your guts, leave you dripping for the next guy. You gonna look for more loads today boy?”

“As many as I can get I replied breathlessly trying to adjust to his fat cock which was now balls deep in my formerly tight condoms-only hole.

“That’s fucking hot. Feed that hungry hole. Maybe I’ll come by tonight after your hole’s been used up for seconds.” He had started to thrust in and out of my hole now. There was no slow building up of speed with him, he had gone straight for pounding and I was gasping for breath as he pummeled my hole.

My phone chirped again.

“Oh god, pound my hole. Breed me! Fill me with your spunk! Shoot your load up my ass!” I begged as he pounded.

Suddenly he grabbed me and turned us together so that he could pin me against the wall and resumed his ass breaking pounding. I knew that my neighbors could hear me screaming as this man who’s name I didn’t even know slammed his raw cock in and out of my hole.

“You ready for my load boy?”

“Yeah! Breed my hole!”

“Here it comes.” He pressed his cock as deep as it would go into my hole and held me tight as his cock throbbed with in me. His load rocketed deep into my hole mixing with the other two loads sloshing around in there. His whole body seemed to convulse as he came, and feeling him shiver and shake behind me I felt pride at the pleasure my hole had just given him, and a need to provide that for more men.

After a very long moment he pulled out. I stood back up straight and watched as he dressed. Not twenty minutes after he had gotten there he was ready to leave again, but I wouldn’t have traded those twenty minutes for all the world.

“I’ll be back to breed you again later tonight boy,” he said and then he was gone.

I ran a finger across my hole and felt the slickens of loads leaking out of me. I sucked on my finger for a moment, and then crossed to the bedroom to check my phone.

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There were three new messages waiting for me and a few emails. I checked the texts first. One was irrelevant to my mission for loads as it was from a girl in my physics study group. The other two, however, got my hole twitching again. They were both from guys to whom Jeff had given my number. One was looking for later in the afternoon. The other guy, however, I found much more exciting.

‘Hey, Jeff gave my your number and address. I’m about five minutes away. You wanna get bred again?” He attached a picture of a thick fat cock with a massive mushroom head surrounded by a thicket of dark black pubes.

I replied: “Yes. Door is open.”

“On my way.”

I checked the emails on my phone and sent my phone number to a few other guys who looked promising, and just as I was about to open adam4adam I heard footsteps in the hallway outside my door. I tossed my phone back onto my bed and knelt in front of the door. As the handle started to turn I suddenly realized that the only part of this man that I had seen was his cock. I knew that that was somehow wrong, or dirty - that I was ready to take this stranger’s load, but the fact that I had no idea who was about to walk in the door only made my hole twitch more and my hunger for cum deepen.

The door swung open and a guy not much older then I walked in. He was short with shaggy dark brown hair and a broad barrel chest. His blue eyes twinkled as he looked at me and said, ”Hey.”

I almost laughed at the casualness of his greeting, but just responded, “Hey.”

“So you wanna get bred like a slut?” he asked, closing the door.

“Yes please.”

“How many loads have you taken?”

“Two today, one last night.”

“Turn around and spread your cheeks. I wanna see your hole.”

I spun around and bent over, sticking my ass in the air and reached back to spread my hole wide for him.

“Fuck that’s a hot, tender pink hole gaping open just a little bit. I’m gonna give you a big fat load up there.”

He pulled off his shirt and kicked of his shoes. I was impressed that such a short guy could be so fucking stacked. His pecs rippled as he moved, his torso was completely smooth except for a thick dense treasure trail leading down into his decidedly tented sweat pants. As he stepped closer he dropped his pants revealing the tick mushroom headed cock I had seen in a picture - the head of which now glistened with precum. He got down on his knees behind me and lined up his cock with my hole.

I let out a long moan of ecstasy as he sank his cock into my waiting cum filled hole. We didn’t need any pretence or foreplay we both knew what we needed. He needed to get off and my hole needed to be bred. I arched my back and pressed my ass back onto him as his mushroom head stretched out my insides.

“Damn, you’ve got a hot hole,” and with that he started to fuck me slowly, adding “it's so wet and warm.” I met him back with each trust, and in no time, he was pounding me, pulling his cock almost completely out of my hole and then slamming it back into my hole. A little part of me in the back of my mind was screaming, “You don’t even know his name,” but the rest of me didn’t care.

“Fuck,” he said, “your ass feels so good on my cock. I’m not going to last very long.”

“Fucking breed my hole,” I encouraged.

“Don’t worry, I will.”

After a few more minutes he grunted and slammed all the way into my hole, his cock twitching as he shot his load deep into my guys. When his cock finally stopped throbbing I expected him to pull out but after a few moments he just started slowly pulling in and out of my hole 'til once more he was he was fucking me in earnest, his cock never leaving my hole or having going soft. “I normally cum at least three times before I go soft,” he grunted by way of explanation.

He wasn’t lying. In fact it wasn’t until after the fifth time that he grunted and slammed his cock balls deep in me to shoot his load that he pulled out his cock finally slacking.

“I’m gonna keep your number,” he said before getting dressed and leaving.

I lay on the floor, covered in sweat and cum, wondering for a moment what the hell I had become.

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I just lay on the floor covered in sweat and cum wondering for a moment what the hell I had become.

Cum oozed from my fuck-battered hole and as I stood up to walk back into my bedroom a few globs ran down the inside of my legs. Though I was tired and shaky and my hole felt used and slack my cock was still hard as a rock and the itch that burned inside of me had barely begun to subside, I wanted more. I picked up my phone and found another message from the guy waiting for later, but no other new messages. My email turned out to be more fruitful, there were four emails from guys all looking to breed my hole.

One message was from a guy who had been taking loads all night and said he was ready to return the favor. Another was from a closeted eighteen year old high school senior who wanted to “use a faggot’s cunt good” and the last was from a discrete bi married guy looking for a little fun on the side. They all included pictures with their messages. The first guy was a slim older guy maybe in his late thirties with what looked like a fairly average sized cock, but the idea of a guy with a bunch of loads dripping out of him using my own load filled hole got my cock twitching so I sent him my address. The eighteen-year-old included three photos all with his face blurred out; he first was of him on the beach with some girl, he had a board frame and a few sproutings of hair on his muscular chest, he looked like quite the alpha male in the making; the next picture was of him in a football uniform his board shoulders filling out the pads nicely; and the last one was of a thick meaty looking cock with a wide flared mushroom head capping off the wide veined shaft. The last guy sent only one picture; a mirror shot with no face in it of a man in probably his mid forties with a bit of a gut but a beer can thick cock.

Suddenly over come by lust I sent the same message to all three of them “Had three guys breed my hole already today and the last one dumped several massive loads. Door is unlocked and my hole is ready for breeding, text when close,” and provided them all three with my address and phone number.

The first guy to respond was the other bottom who had been taking loads all night, his text said, “be there in ten, be on all fours with your cumy hole pointing towards the door.” A few moments after that I got a message from the jock saying he could be there in about an hour if I didn’t mind him coming right from football practice. I told him that was fine to just come right over.

As I sent of my response to the high school jock my phone buzzed again with a message from the cum filled bottom telling me he had just parked his car and was on his way up. I opened my bedroom door all the way so that you could see the bed when you opened the front door and bent over the bed holding my cheeks spread apart with my hands my face buried in the bed.

I heard the door open and close but didn’t move from where I was, not ever to look over my shoulder to see the face of the man standing behind me. “Damn,” he said in a soft voice, “that’s a hot fucking stretched out college boy hole all spread open and ready for me to breed.” I felt his hands on my ass spreading my cheeks as well, and then his mouth found my hole. I groaned into the mattress as he tongued my dripping cunt, lapping up the cum I felt certain my be dripping out of me. The tonguing didn’t last long before he announced, “I’ve gotta dump my load in this sweet hole,” and without further ado he stood up, dropped his pants and buried his cock in my loose swollen hole.

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    • By Rawboipussy
      This happened this last summer when everything was locked down for Covid. My husband used to drive for Lyft, and was friendly with a group of homeless people in certain areas of metro Detroit. We were bored, so we decided to take a drive and see if we could get into some trouble. 
      He had me wear a jockstrap, and some short shorts, sitting in the backseat fucking my hole with a dildo while we drove around. We went to the neighborhood, and spoke to some of his the homeless people he’s friendly with to see if they wanted to fuck me.
      Tommy, this 20 something straight guy decided he’d let me suck his dick, and if it felt good he’d fuck me. He’s got a semi hairy chest, and a big full bush, which absolutely turns me on. He’s about 5’7”, and 150 lbs, which is a frame that is a lot smaller than mine. (I’m 5’10, and 196). He’s cute, but this is not my type, but I’m a slut, and here we are. 
      So I get on my knees in the dark alley behind this dilapidated bank, where they’ve been sleeping, and start sucking his dick. I thought it would smell and taste horrible, but it was surprisingly sweet tasting. His cut dick got hard almost instantly, and was at least 8” long, and about 5” around, he kept whispering “fuck”, and “holy shit. You really know how to suck a dick”. After a few minutes he said “alright, let me see that pussy.” 

      We head over to where this huge bank door where I can lean over and get my balance. I pull my shorts down, and Tommy blurted out “god damn. That’s a nice fucking ass.” I could feel myself blushing, because this straight guy, who despite being homeless, was incredibly attractive. He takes my ass and spits on my hole, putting a finger up in me to see what it feels like. He liked that it was already loosened up because of the dildo, and creamy. He said “this feels as smooth and tight as a pussy”, and I responded “make it your pussy tonight”. Me saying that kinda turned him on, and he spit on his dick. 
      He plays with my hole with the tip, and asked if I was ready, which I responded “always”. He slowly inches it in, and fucks a little deeper with every stroke, until finally he gets it all the way in. He stops. His breathing is strained, and he just keeps muttering “fuck, fuck, fuck. This feels so good”. His strokes are uneven, and awkward, and you clearly tell he’s very awkward. 
      He finally gets his bearings, and gets his stroke to a very steady rhythm. He mutters “ I’m gonna make you my bitch. You’re gonna let me nut in you, aren’t you slut”, with me moaning “yes, baby, yes. Give me all that cum”. I’m leaking precum so bad at this point. He keeps pumping my hole harder and faster, making me moan so loudly, and I knew it was almost time. He grunts this primal, throaty noise, and pulls my ass so he’s balls deep in me. He starts to cum, and just keeps saying over and over again “oh fuck, oh fuck, ohhhhh fuuuuuck”, and I can feel him throbbing inside of me. I reach between my legs and cup his hairy balls, feeling them pulse with every contraction. He pulls out, and I turn around to suck his dick clean. Which isn’t something straight people do lol. 
      Anyway, this was my first experience with a homeless man, but not my last. 
      to be continued...

    • By gaypigbb
      I got in contact with him on Grindr. At first he seemed like a normal guy, just looking for a  hookup. He was not particularily good looking, so didnt catch my attantion. That day I was in mood for both cock and face. But waiting for potential  breeders to respond, I continued chatting with him. He was in his early forties, average build and rather tall. After sharing pics and some stories, he writes to me:
      "You know, sometimes I organize cumdump-sessions. Have an arsenal of tops I can gather for particularily hungry and deserving btms."
      My heart stopped for a small second, and when it started again, it went in a slightly higher rate. In a matter of seconds, my mind had already served me piles of kinky fantasies, starring me. Insecurely I responded a simple "wow, sounds fun.", adding "those lucky btms" a few moments later. Some nervewracking minutes passed before he read my replies, and I could se he was writing back to me. "You seem just like the type of boy. Horny, cum-craving, good looking, dirty minded, verbal, fit for long sessions - just like my other whores."
      I couldnt believe i matched all his criteria, but the more i thought about it, i realized that i actually did. It was basically a description of me. So I said that if he was interested in investing in me, i was willing to be in his stable of mares. Then I asked him how an evening as his rent-out-property would look like. He said it was too late for him to explain that day, but that he could send me an email the next day. So I gave him my address, and repeated that I would love to be whored out in one of his sessions. 
      I was satisfied for the night. Usually, when I first start cruising Grindr in the evening, i dont go to sleep before I have fucked at least one guy, or been fucked by at least one man. If its a really bad Grindr night, then I can accept having a cloudy popperbate to some filthy porn. Since the pandemic, the popperbate-nights had become more and more frequent. So having all my favourite popperbating-videos removed from PH in december really turned the 2020-nightmare into a fucking 2020-hell. This particular night however, I was satisfied only by talking to this mysterious - not good looking but still intriguing - guy that had made some vague promise to whore me out. So I went excited to sleep.
      The next day I woke up to a new email in my inbox. It was from a custom made sleazy-sexy-only-if-you-know-your-gay-kink-language-email adress, and the whole thing looked impressively serious and professional.
      I really didn't know what to do. The whole concept seemed surreal, did this really happen to me? In real life? Part of me just wanted to reply a giant YES!, while another part wanted to stay calm - just in case it was a dream I didn't wanna wake up. All I knew was that my cock was rock hard, throbbing in precum.
    • By Cockdumb&Cute
      I wanna be used for days as a Bareback Cumdump/ChemSlut...COLLAR ME, LEASH ME, CHAIN ME, USE ME, TOUCH ME, FUCK ME, BREED ME!!!!!!
      I am party friendly- I especially love being on g h b...I will be used however you decide, by whoever you decide and as often as you decide ect...limits will be discussed ahead so I will only be able to answer with "Yes" and "No" will most definitely NOT be an option. 
      Ideally a regular thing to happen at least once(or more, ideally) every month.
      Looking even further ahead, should you choose to pursue this direction(I.e. relationship/dating me..Ect..)it could eventually ecome a PERMANENT thing(i.e. - I relocate/move in with you as your FUCK-PET/MAID/SEX-SLAVE.
      I live in Cambridge Ontario, 5'11"-6', 163lbs, toned/slim, Poz-Undetectable, BB ONLY, BOTTOM ONLY, Power Bottom/Cockslut, Chem Friendly, Party Friendly....Let me know.  You can pick me up asap.   Hmu & ask for my number to txt.
    • By KindaBasic
      It has been said that smell is the last memory to go. I am not sure if that is true or not, but one of the first things that I remember arousing me is the slight musty scent of old basements. When I was a kid, one of the earliest places I messed around and got fucked was an old, unfinished basement. Even now in my 50’s, I find myself getting hard at the earthy smell of a cellar or old basement. Though I am pretty versatile, the smell really puts me into the mood to top hard. One ex-boyfriend, once he figured this out, found all sorts of reasons to get me into various basements. Of course there are others scents, such as certain fragrances, that turn me on. 

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