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I love Christmas, that special time of year when the decorations are up and everyone is so full of joy, but the main reason I love it is that because of my age, my powerful build and my deep baritone voice I get employed as a Santa, it’s a handy bit of pocket money.


So that’s where this story kicks off, I was working at a small shopping centre, chortling and doing the ‘ho ho ho’ bit as countless times before as a bratty girl sat on my knee asking me for a pony, after her mother took a picture she jumped off and ran off with her mother, the next was another girl, the plain unimaginative dress and neat hairstyle denoted devout Christian or some other religion and that was further confirmed by the way her mother was dressed, however my attention was stolen away by the very cute blond teenage son that stood just behind his mother, I guessed him to be about 18 and though he was short and dressed in a very repressed kooky conservative way I could see that he would have a fine athletic physique underneath those dreadful clothes, I also saw the way he looked at my bulge.


The girl sat on my lap asking for the starving in Africa to end and that peace should reign over the earth, I swear I had to stop myself from yawning as she chattered on about helping the needy, finally I realised she’d stopped, “Ho Ho Ho what lovely sweet wishes for Christmas my dear, what a good Christian you are!” as soon as I said that I could see the look of pride beaming on the mothers face “but you must wish for something for yourself?”, the girl looked shyly at her mother who sighed and nodded as the little girl became animated asking for a new dolly. 


The girl jumped off my lap and I turned my attention to the lad “come and sit on Santa’s lap son”, the kid blushed bright red croaking “I’m too old for that” however much to his chagrin his mother insisted and he looked so deliciously uncomfortable as he walked to sit on my lap, his eyes darting to my bulge again


He sat on my knee and I tentatively brushed my fingers over his small firm round arse, though he stiffened he did not say anything so I took the lead and as I chortled “and what do you want me to give you for Christmas little man “I squeezed his little firm bum.


While his mother and sister were giggling at the pictures they had taken I discreetly whispered “I finish in an hour or so boy, come back then for your present”.


I saw him about 15 mins before my finish time, furtively hanging about, shyly looking away when I looked in his direction. “ho ho ho, its time for Santa to go to the north pole now, Merry Christmas everyone”, there were the usual claps and whoops, I stifled a yawn thinking ‘arseholes’ as I made my way round the side of the unit, I looked over my shoulder seeing him standing about twenty feet away, gave him a jerk of my head and went inside leaving the door open.


I took off the beard and hat rubbing my short salt and pepper beard, before removing the Santa jacket and padding leaving myself wearing just the red trousers held up by braces and boots on, I scratched my stocky hairy belly as I heard the click of the door close behind him “you took your time boy”, I turned to look at him, the lad was visibly shaking “I didn’t want anyone to see me”, I smirked “and did they?”, he shook his head “I don’t think so”, I unzipped the fly on my trousers tugging my fat cock and balls out before sitting down and spreading my legs, I lit a cigar “c’mon boy suck my dick that’s what you’re here for”, he licked his lips but stayed still shuffling his feet “I’ve never done it before”, I slapped my forehead, trying to hide my excitement at getting a virgin “well no time like the present to try it son” and clicked my fingers “NOW!”


I smirked as he obediently walked over getting on his knee’s in between my legs and held my rapidly growing cock in his smooth little hand, he stared at it for a moment and then tentatively put his lips on the end of it, I grinned “that’s it son, that’s what you need” as he became animated and literally sucked on my cock like hoover, I rested my hand on his blond hair giving him encouragement  and instructions on how to suck a man properly, he caught my cock with his teeth only once and a slap to his sweet little face ensured he didn’t do it again.


I settled back smoking my cigar and swigging brandy from my hip flask luxuriating in the sloppy wet tongue job my cock was getting from his inexperienced mouth, I looked down catching his blue puppy dog eyes looking up at me “when I cum boy hold it in your mouth until I say so”, he nodded and went back to sucking in earnest, I made a mental note to write a letter to Santa myself thanking him!!


When I did cum it was a nice big load as I’d not wanked off that day, I filled his mouth so much that some of it did dribble out over his chin, as I put my cock away I smiled “hold it there boy”, “open your mouth and show me”, he opened his mouth showing my spunk swimming round in his mouth and over his tongue “good boy, swallow it now”, as he gulped it down I got up and put my jacket back on wondering how I was going to him back again.


I handed him a toothbrush and toothpaste “clean your teeth so your mother does not smell my spunk in your breath”, as he cleaned his teeth I admired his pert little bum wiggling and then it dawned on me “want a job as my elf son?”, he nodded furiously spitting out the toothpaste in the sink “I’d love to but I dunno about my mum, she’s a bit”, I interjected “repressed?”, he blushed nodding as he smoothed out his hair, I patted him on his bum and pulled him close to me “don’t you worry about her son, go find her now and bring her to me, I’ll talk her into it”, as he left I asked “what’s your name boy?”, he grinned at me “Noel”


He scurried out, and I did wonder if he would follow through but just to be on the safe side I sprayed the unit with air freshener and dressed myself as respectfully as I could possibly do, and then for an extra touch I put my copy of the good book on the side table.  I was obviously very pleased when he brought her back, seems she was overjoyed at the idea of her son earning some extra money, unemployment was rife in the area and when she saw the bible on the side she was even more keen.


I explained that I did not work on Sundays as it was the lords day, well that’s not entirely true I never worked on a Sunday due to drug and alcohol fuelled Saturday nights, she nodded in earnest agreeing with me but I then added “of course young Noel needs to be fitted out in his costume and instructed in the workings of the grotto, I can tell you’re a strict religious woman but would you consider allowing Noel to receive training tomorrow so that he can start work on Monday?”, she was undecided at first but then I lifted the bible up stroking its leather surface “I know it’s a lot of ask but its so unusual to meet such good Christian people who understand the true meaning of Christmas”, with that she elatedly blubbered  “he’ll come after church tomorrow morning!!”, as they left I winked at Noel, he blushed and as the door closed I opened my hollowed out bible and took a good few swigs of brandy from the bottle secreted in there as I checked my stash of Tina humming to myself ‘have yourself a very merry chemmed up little bum boy’

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That night I did not go out, I wanted myself alert for the next day, the next morning I’d picked out a nice elf costume for Noel and though it was maybe a little risqué I knew he’d wear it with a little bit of encouragement, I dressed myself in my Sunday best and sat waiting resisting the urge to light a cigar, drink some brandy or fire up the meth pipe.


At 11.34am exactly Noel turned up along with his mother she was relieved when she saw me “I thought you did not work on Sunday but when I saw the Santa out there???” I stopped her, “unfortunately my dear lady, commercialism does not  but recognise the ways of our lord “ I sighed “that is a colleague, an ungodly man, but the stores insist on a Santa everyday” I lowered my head “it’s not right but what can one do?”, she rested her hand on my arm “I completely understand” adding “may I leave Noel with you, he will do whatever you say”, I nodded ushering her gently out of the door “of course my dear lady, do not worry I’ll take care of him”


I closed the door locking it, I walked across the room getting a cigar out of the draw lighting it up and started to undo my shirt, “don’t just stand there boy, take off your clothes”, I sat down groping my cock through my trousers as he shyly stripped off, folding his clothes as he went until he stood in front of me in a pair of old off white y-fronts “those too son”, he blushed as he pulled them down and off.  He stood there like a little short Adonis, he was indeed beautiful to behold with a nice smooth lightly muscled body he stood covering himself with his hands,  I stood up and walked round him “hands behind your head boy”, he hesitated as first but a swift slap to his peachy rear made him put his hands behind his head, I fondled his sweet six inch thick penis “that’s better boy” as he groaned and squirmed as I massaged his hard little prick and furry little balls, before tugging on this pubic hair “this needs to go”, I could see his emotions wave over him as I added “that’s if you want to suck my cock again son?”


He groaned in anticipation as I sat him on the chair slathering his pubes with shaving foam, not being a stranger to shaving boys I did it expertly until his cook and balls were as hairless as the day he was born “is your crack hairy son?”, he fidgeted a bit “no Sir”, I raised my eyebrows “really?, show me”, he looked a bit scared but he raised himself  up settling down so his legs were over the arms of the chair, his arse was deliciously smooth, like a plum, his voice was trembling “is it ok?”,  I took a lick at it growling ”its perfect” before burying my tongue deep in his arse crack.


I love the shock and surprise a boy has when a tongue first flicks over his arsehole, and Noel was better than expected, he shrieked “oh my god”, I grinned “like that son?” he squirmed and panted as I stuck my tongue right into his young arse “oh god Sir yes I love it!!!”, I savoured the fresh taste of his arse, I detected a scent and taste of soap as I tongued him, he was trembling playing with his cock “I never, never, oh my god forgive me”, I pulled my tongue out of his quivering boyhole “don’t you dare cum yet boy”, he groaned letting go of his cock, “that’s a good boy”, “you finger youself boy?”, he blushed nodding, I chuckled “show me”, Noel slowly licked his finger before putting it down to his smooth young hole, pushing his middle finger into himself moaning as he wanked himself with the other, I grunted slapping his hand  “no wanking boy, just pleasure your arse”, he obediently let go of his cock, he looked so cute his eyes clearly needing approval  as his finger slipped into his hole and he started frigging himself, I nodded “good boy” and smiled down at him at I picked up my tub of Tina laced lube, “that’s a good boy, here use some of this”, he looked at me quizzically “I’ve only used spit before”, I chuckled “this is much better than spit son”, he scooped a glob up as I grinned “show me how you do it son, go on just for me”, he rubbed the big old gloop of lube onto his hole “like this Sir?”,  I had to control my voice as I whispered “very good boy, now finger it in, show me “ and just like that the kid chemmed himself up, I had to puff out my chest in pride, who wouldn’t?

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      Moderator's Note: We are going to treat the stories in this thread as fictionalized accounts based on real-life occurrences.  
      Creaming boy bums. Pt1
      These will be a series of shortish stories about boy bottoms who are all of legal age in the country they reside in, and my times in them
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      Part 1
      Chris and Tyler both grew up in conservative homes in the midwest. They both knew early on that they were different. At church, homosexuality was condemned and at school the locker room was full of talk about girls. Chris and Tyler both tried to pray their feelings away but they would always go back to their computers at night and search gay porn. After they got off they would feel nothing but guilt. They thought this would be the way their lives would go. Push the urges down and feel guilty about them when they gave in. They always gave in.
      Both of them ended up going to the same college and had the same idea once they moved on campus. Give in to the urge now that no one knew them. They were both the only people from their town to go to the school so they didnt have to worry about someone finding out. They both downloaded grindr and thats how they met. They were both bundles of nerves when they chatted but they learned that they had so much in common. They talked about meeting but they both admitted to being scared. It was a big school but they still had the fear of someone finding out. Finally though they did decide to meet but in public like wholesome Christian boys. It was awkward. They didnt know what to say to each other now that they didnt have the safety they felt when they were just messaging in an app. But they were both attracted to each other. Chris was taller by a couple inches but both were athletic from being three season athletes in high school. They even had that in common. That meeting ended with a handshake and they headed back to their dorm rooms. They didnt end up talking about much. Just classes and moving from a small town and dorm life. They had never talked about gay sex with anyone. It was hard to just start.
      Once they got back on the app just an hour later, their conversation got a lot freer. They both told the other that he was hot and they wanted to get naked together. They went for it and Tyler invited Chris to his dorm room. Once Chris got there the nerves were back. They didnt really know what to do. They kissed. For both of them their first. They were just lips and teeth at first but a hunger started to emerge as they realized they were getting what they had wanted for so long but thought they would never get. They started moaning and breathing heavy tongues exploring the others mouth. Clothes started coming off and they moved to the bed. Tyler's cock was 7 inches cut but Chris was 9 cut and thick. Chris was on top of Tyler grinding his big cock on the hot boy under him. Both of them lost control fast and came almost at the same time. There was a pool of cum between them all over their chest and abs. They never broke their kiss once it started to the moment they came. But once they came down from their cum the guilt set in and Chris got his clothes on fast and ran out.
      They fell into a routine. They would do most of their talking on the app and eventually they would meet up and grind and make out until they came. The guilt was always there to rush them out. But they started getting bolder on the app after a few weeks and a few hot sessions. Chris decided to see if he could push things a little further.
      Chris: So you ever think you would wanna do more than what we do?
      T: You mean making out and getting naked? I like that
      Chris: Yeah it's amazing but would you ever wanna do more?
      T: Like what?
      Chris: What kinds of things do you think about?
      Tyler didnt respond for a while as he tried to decide whether he could tell Chris about a fantasy he had.
      Chris: u there?
      T: Yeah. I saw this video where a guy was watching a couple guys hook up. He just jerked off and didn't touch the guys but I thought it was hot
      Chris: You want someone to watch us?
      T: Is that too weird? I didn't really think we would do it or anything
      Chris: Thats hot. We could try it if you want. Who would it be though? I don't know anyone.
      T: We could find someone on this app.
      Chris: Oh yeah lol. So you wanna try to find someone to watch us mess around?
      T: Sure!
      The search for a guy to watch them play became an obsession for Chris and Tyler. Chris wanted to try more than just rubbing their bodies together until they came and he was hoping this could be a step in that direction. Tyler had been holding this fantasy longer than he told Chris. He would jerk off in his bedroom at home and fantasize about a hot stranger sitting at his desk and watching. The idea of being watched turned him on like nothing else. They decided to start with guys who contacted them first. After chatting them up they would tell the guy that he had a friend who he messed around with regularly and they wanted someone to watch. Some of the guys weren't into it and other guys who liked it as long as they got to join eventually. Chris and Tyler werent ready for that yet. So that left just a few who seemed ok with the parameters that Chris and Tyler set. They settled on Hunter. He was older and seemed really nice and he even said they could play at his place so they could have more privacy.
      What Chris and Tyler didnt know was that Hunter was always looking for good Christian boys like them who he could change forever. He bought his home near campus so that students didnt have to worry about finding a ride to his place. Most of the kids on campus didnt have cars so a guy who had his own place and was nearby was always the easiest way to yes. He loved breaking virgin boys in and Chris and Tyler were exactly the type he loved. Usually he would have to find one and convince them to bring a friend, so this was almost too easy.
      Hunter first reached out to Chris. Hunter could tell from the profile pic that this boy was hot. Smooth and athletic and he said he was 18. When they traded face pics Hunter thought he was in love. This was the cutest boy he would have over in a while. Tyler was no different. This was going to be a hot couple to watch. At first. He talked to Chris about what he wanted to do once they got past rubbing each others bodies and making out. Chris revealed to him that he really wanted to fuck Tyler but he wasnt sure because he was so big and Tyler was a virgin. Plus he felt like he was a top and wasnt sure if he could handle taking Tylers smaller but still sizable cock in him. Hunter knew that if he could find a way to get Tyler let Chris fuck him, he would own them for good. He wanted them to see him as a helpful guide to pleasures they never even had heard about. That would be easy with these two once he got them their first fuck.
      Chris and Tyler were together when they made the decision to meet Hunter. "His pictures look ok." Tyler shrugged. "Yeah but its not like hes gonna mess around with us too so it doesnt really matter that much."
      "True" Chris said "but I might get turned off a little if hes a troll."
      "Hes not a troll."
      "I know. That's what I'm saying. So you wanna do it?"
      Tyler knew he could make this fantasy a reality. "Yeah. Let's do it."
      Hunter happened to be on when they messaged him and said they were up for meeting.
      H: How about now?
      Hunter had to wait a while for a response. They must be deciding if they wanted to actually go through with it, he thought.
      C&T: Ok. Send over the address. We'll probably be 20 minutes.
      H: Thumbs up
    • By MattQueen1
      Part One.
      Brad was in a really good mood. His son was coming home from college. He was going to his mothers for a few days aftuter dropping off his college roommate but, he was going to be home for the rest of the summer. Brad loved his son. He had never met his roommate but Kevin, his son, said that Greg, the roommate, was a great friend and needed a place for the summer. Brad was happy to take him in. If Kevin liked him then Brad would. He was also going to be stepping away from his business for a while. Brad ran a high-end escort service. For the right price he could get you any man or woman you wanted. He sometimes took clients himself. You see Brad was HIV positive and men would pay thousands for Brad to give them the gift. He also did for free when it happened organically. Brad was gay. His marriage had been a disaster that ended in pure bitterness from his ex. The only thing good about it was Kevin.
      Now they were due any minute. He soon saw Kevin's car and two very tired looking college boys dragging luggage to the house. "Dad." Kevin said as he hugged his father. "Kevin, welcome home." "Dad, this is Greg." Kevin said as an introduction. "Hello sir." Greg added. "No, call me Brad. I hate being called sir or mister." "Okay, Brad it is." Brad shook Greg's hand and noticed something on his breath and on his upper lip. Brad was very perceptive and he knew the smell and look of stale cum when it was there, no matter how faint. He got the vibe right away, Greg is just as gay as he was and Kevin did not know. He was told that they would stop to sleep at a rest stop and Brad knew Greg must have stepped out for a quickie. Greg blushed, he knew what Brad knew. "You guys must be hungry and tired. I have some food in the kitchen then you can wash up and get to sleep." It was pretty late and they had plenty of time. 

      After a couple of days Kevin went to visit his mom and it was Brad and Greg alone. The first day Brad decided to spend it by his pool. It was hot. He put on trunks and some suntan lotion and went to his patio chair. Greg joined him. The two got along real well. Brad wanted to ask the question when they were alone. "So, you are gay like me?" "Yeah. I have known for years." "Why have you never told Kevin?" "As weird as it sounds, it has never come up. Neither of us are partiers, we stick to studies. We both are taking hard core classes and neither of us want to fuck up our grades. So we have spent what little time off we had watching movies and stuff. I know it will not be bad for him to find out. He loves you and cannot stop bragging about you. My family has either died or forced me out so Kevin became the person I just hung out with and we just don't do anything that made coming out a big deal." Brad seemed to be pouring his heart out. "What about you. I know enough to know that you are a gift giver from your tattoos." He had a biohazard and scorpion tat on his chest. Brad laughed, "You don't do anything?" "I never said that, I am too busy most of the time. I still sneak a peak online and hit a gloryhole when I need relief. It is just very rare." Brad looked at Greg, I mean really looked, for the first time. This this, well built young man was beautiful. The attraction was there but would it could it lead anywhere? Brad had rules with sex, no condoms and no pulling out. He was a dominate top and that was that. Would Greg be into this and what would he tell his son. Greg leaned in and kissed Brad. Fuck it, he will think of something. 
      Brad grabbed Greg's hands, "Let's take this to the bedroom." They got there in record time and were naked and making out right away. Greg kissed his way down Brad's body. When he reached Brad's dick he kissed the head then started to suck it. Brad moved into a 69 position and returned the favor. When they were both nice and hard Brad grabbed some lube and rubbed some on his finger. He inserted it into Greg's ass both lubing and priming it up. Brad could tell that this would be his first time taking anything in his ass. Well it was too late now Brad pushed his mushroom head against Greg's virgin hole and pushed himself into it. Greg whimpered as his ass opened and spread to accommodate this invader. Greg looked like he was experiencing a mixture of pain, fear and ecstasy. Brad loved that look on a boy getting his ass roughed up for the first time. He fucked Greg hard. Greg was now moaning. Brad was going to make sure the bug took effect. Because he used so little lube and was in by force more than anything Greg's insides were tearing. Nothing too bad but enough for him to accept the gift of Brad's precious seed and all it's toxicity. Greg was now cumming all over his chest and belly. Brad scooped up all of it and fed it to Greg. "No sperm gets wasted with me." "Yes." "No, no, no yes Daddy." "Yes Daddy. Fuck me Daddy, poz me Daddy, make me your poz cum slut Daddy." With that Brad could take no more. He shot a load right into Greg's ass. "I am not done yet." "Daddy, please give me more." "Of course baby. Daddy loves to share his seed with the willing." Brad pumped more into Greg. This continued until Brad had nothing left. He inserted a specially made butt plug to keep in as much as possible. He fed Greg the rest. This was just the start of the day. After getting some rest, as well as food and water, they were right back at it. This was pretty much the whole day. The two were becoming more than a fuck buddies. They were a couple.
      In just 2 days they were like a married couple, who were open and one called the other daddy. Brad was still not sure how he would explain it to Kevin but he was not due home for two more weeks. They had Greg tested quickly by a doctor was was a client of Brad's service and got it done as soon as possible. Between Brad'd HVL and as many loads as Greg took he was shown to be poz. They celebrated by getting Brad his first tattoo and going home to fuck some more. They were so excited they threw their clothes all over the house as they ran to the room. After their fuck fest they both fell asleep in each others' arms. They woke up together kissed and were both starting to rub each other's cocks when they heard a shout, "What the hell is this?" 
      Part 2 is written, should I share it?
    • By Bolithouk
      Some true and some fantasy you decide. My first post so hope you’re all kind. 
      Part 1
      I grew up in a VERY Christian family where marriage and kids was the only way to go. 
      For years I lived the “straight” lifestyle but the only fun I had was with my trusty right hand and porn mags as the internet was not around then. Every programme on tv that was gay orientated I’d tape and watch time and time again. 
      When I was nearly 30 I decided enough was enough and came out to my parents. They were actually fine about it and allowed me to be who I wanted to be. 
      The first night I went to a club was in St Helens. It was great all these guys and gals there kissing and dancing. 
      A few guys came over and said hello but then backed off. I didn’t know why what was I doing wrong? Then the barman told me it was because someone had told them I was with the police. Ok I was but did that matter? Yep all down to trust. 
      Weeks went by before they started to open up. There was a really cute twink couple that kept chatting me up but I was really looking for someone older. 
      Along came Steve he was about 30 too. A nicely build Blond haired blue eyed trolly dolly with British Airways. Woof was he nice and he pressed all my buttons. He flattered me so much I was putty in his hands and afterwards we went back to his place. We wasted no time and soon we were both naked and making out. He wanted to fuck me and I wanted him too. Condoms were not mentioned. The lube came out and after fingering me for a while, that drove me crazy as it was the culmination of my fantasies for years, he got me to rub it all over his cock. He was about 7 inches and not thick so when he slid it in it went in fairly easily. Was I happy oh yes. He started slowly and after about 10 mins started getting faster and harder. He hurt a bit being a bit rougher but I knew it must get better and it did. After about 30 mins he started grunting and moaning and then pulled out. “Thanks that was great he said and then I better go as he was up early on the New York flight!” What an anticlimax that was. 
      I drove home with a bit of a smile as I had finally taken a cock and it was raw.
      After that he kept making excuses and I decided good riddance to him. I found out he did this to everyone and he had so many notches on his belt you couldn’t count them. 
      After that I made some good friends and off to Manchester we all went.  The New Union on Canal Street did a stripper every Sunday and I was in for a treat I was told. 
      In we went a few drinks later this big black stripper came out and started his routine. He must have been about 25 and 180lbs at least of pure muscle. When he finally pulled his thong off I burst out laughing. It was SO SMALL! I nearly got kicked out. 

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