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Christian College Boy Gets Drugged And Raped

christian poz loads rape
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Posted 01 August 2010 - 10:24 AM


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[DO NOT do this at home. It's rape, it's illegal, it's wrong...]

Douglas was a walking, talking wet dream. He was 5-11, 160, had short brown hair, and the sexiest brown eyes you've ever seen. He was all toned muscle. No fat on that boy. His shoulders, chest, and abs were the envy of many dudes. He had been on the basketball, swimming, and wrestling teams all four years in high school, and had lettered in all three. He was every girl's dream date and more than one guy's fuck dream.

Doug had no idea how sexy he was. He was completely naïve and oblivious. He had dated only a few girls and never had a serious relationship. He rarely went to parties, and, except for the communion wine, avoided alcohol.

His Dad was the pastor of a large nondenominational church in Albuquerque; and ever since he could remember, Doug had wanted to follow him into the ministry. He was 19, and had just finished his freshman year at Liberty University, a Christian college in Virginia.

On the long trek back to New Mexico, just this side of Amarillo, his Explorer started acting up. He pulled off the highway onto a deserted service road. Poor Doug had one other deficiency—he knew nothing about cars. He was staring vacuously at the steaming engine when a van pulled along side.

Horny Chris stared at the Boy for a few moments. Doug was wearing a white tee and tight, faded Levis that highlighted his perfect Bubble Butt. Chris saw the bumper sticker: Liberty University. 'Mmmmmm. Oh my God! A good Christian boy!'

Chris was somewhat of a Twink himself. He was 24, and about Doug's height and build, but had blonde hair. Oh, yeah, and Chris was opportunistic, unscrupulous, Gay and POZ.

He'd been infected during a night of wild whoring at the Midtown Spa in Dallas, and felt duty bound to induct whomever into the Gay STD Hall of Shame. And he had a special weakness for pretty, young, religious boys like Doug.

He glanced in the back of the Explorer and saw that it was filled with luggage. Looked like the Kid was headed home for the summer. "Car trouble?" Chris inquired.

"Yeah," Doug acknowledged. "It's stallin' out and overheatin'. I tried to call the Triple-A, but my cell phone doesn't work out here."

"Mind if I take a look?"

"Sure," Doug said. "Help yourself."

"Name's Chris," the newcomer introduced himself.

"I'm Doug. Glad to meet you."

Chris gave the engine a once-over. "Looks like your radiator fluid's low. It's overheated. You need to let her cool down a bit—then fill her up. I've got some water in the van."

"Good," said Doug, reaching for the radiator cap.

"No!" cried Chris, pulling Doug's arm back. "You could burn yourself! Give it time to cool down."

Doug nodded, wiping the sweat from his brow. "Thanks, but I don't want to inconvenience you."

"I'm sure you'd do the same for me."

A broad grin crossed Dougie's face.

"So, you go to Liberty University?"

"Yeah, you heard of it?"

"My cousin went there a few years ago." The so-called cousin had flunked out.

"I'm studying to be a minister. My dad has a church in Albuquerque." Doug was clearly excited about his calling, while Chris's mind was already in the gutter.

"Wanna join me in the van while we're waitin? Cooler in there."

"Love to!" the Boy agreed. Chris smiled at the Kid's enthusiasm and wondered if the Punk would still "love to" later on. He rummaged in the back and returned with a couple open Cokes.

"Thanks," Doug said, gulping down the brew. "Oh man, that tastes good. I didn't realize how thirsty I was." He took one swig and then another. Within a minute the soft drink was gone. "Whoa!" Doug exclaimed. "I think I got too much sun out there. My head is spinning."

"You all right?" Chris sounded concerned. "Wanna lie back? The seat reclines."

"Yeah, thanks." Doug pressed a button that eased back the seat. His eyes were drooping, and his speech was slurred. He had no clue that Chris had spiked his Coke with GHB.

"Hey man, you okay?" Chris sounded far away. Doug's head was swimming. He felt dizzy. His eyes were heavy, and he had no inclination to reply.

"Here, let me help you into the back so you can lie down," Chris offered, dragging the drugged young man out of his seat. Overtaxed from all the dead weight, Chris positioned the insensate Youth on an air mattress with pillows to prop him up.

He busied himself setting up a video cam while Douglas flaked in cuckoo land. With preparations well in hand, Chris turned to court the oblivious Young Man. He unzipped his fly and hauled out his 8 inches.

"Hey, buddy, wanna protein shake?" He ran his Dick back and forth across Doug's handsome face and over his lips, leaving a trail of Precum glistening on his new Boyfriend’s face.

"Nnnnnn... " Doug moaned, barely cognizant of what was up. Chris slipped his index finger in the Young Man’s mouth, prying his jaw open, and slid his fat, dripping Cock into the dazed Stud's mouth. With one hand on the back of Dougie's head, he began to fuck his Playmate's face. The Kid had no conception what was going down.

Chris pulled his Dick from Dougie's throat, reached in his gym bag, and pulled out his Poppers. He held the bottle to the Youth's nose. "Come on," Chris coaxed. "Take a nice deep breath." The Teen inhaled, and his body shuddered. Bingo! Chris quickly switched the bottle to the other nostril and instructed Doug to sniff again. The high-as-a-kite Youngster did as he was told, and was soon floating on Cloud Nine. A low guttural moan escaped his lips. For good measure, Chris administered a couple more hits.

Then he took his own half-empty can of Coke, and topped it off with

whisky. He placed it to the Young Man's lips and made the young Teetotaler imbibe. Doug reflexively tried to spit it out, but Chris forced him to swallow. Having rarely consumed alcohol before, in congress with the Poppers and GHB, the Boy was totally fucked up.

Chris shoved his Cock back down Dougie's throat, grabbed his ears, and began to fuck his face in earnest. When he felt his Balls begin to boil, he pulled out, jerked a few more times, and spewed his Noxious Load right onto Dougie's pretty face. Seven spurts hit Doug dead on. There was Jizz in his hair, his eyes, and on his lips and chin. Some dribbled down his tee.

Chris scooped up some of the Toxic Spooge, and, with his nails, dug it into Dougie's inner cheeks and gums. "Be a good boy and take your medicine. Daddy wants so to give you AIDS."

Chris slid Doug down till he lay prone and quickly re-aimed the video cam. He pulled off the Young Hunk's tee and marveled at the smooth chest, pointy Nips, and chiseled Abs. He leaned down and sucked and bit the manly Tits, nibbling at them real good.

"Unhhhhh... Ooooohhh... Mmmmmm..." the inebriated Freshman moaned. Chris watched the Stud's Cock-Bulge balloon.

"Oh yeah, I bet you're still a Virgin." Tweaking and twisting his Victim's Nips, he blew in his ear and licked his lobes.

"Oooooh.......Noooooo...." Doug moaned, half conscious of the stimuli and how his body was responding. He may have been thinking no, but his tumescent Shaft sure as hell was nodding yes!

Chris frenched him and kept up the titty torture. Within seconds Doug began to kiss him back.

Oh yeah...a guy's a guy and a mouth's a mouth—Gay or Straight—it doesn't matter.

Chris played tonsil-hockey with his Drugged-Up Play Thing a few more minutes. He traced his finger across the Student's lips, down to the waistband of his jeans. He tongued Doug's belly button and once again nibbled on those perky, pouty Nips.

"Ahhhhhh!" Doug gasped, trying to push Chris away; but the besotted Youth was too far gone, and Chris had no trouble pinning him. He grabbed a rope from his gym bag, tied Doug's wrists above his head, then continued torturing the Cunt.

He unbuttoned the Boy's jeans and slid the zipper down. Poor Dougie’s Cock was well-endowed but under-nourished, and the Kid's hard Rod jumped appreciatively as Chris slobbered on his Cock and Balls.

Chris lifted Dougie's Ass and stripped his jeans completely off. Doug's legs were tanned and muscular, with a light smattering of hair. He fingered the Boy's quivering Pussy and felt it spasm beneath his touch. The Youth was totally at his mercy, his body screaming FUCK ME!—or so it seemed.

With the video cam already catching every nuance of the Boy's enthrallment, Chris grabbed a digital camera and began to shoot pic after pic of the naked, aroused Nymph. Besides the carnal pleasure, Chris stood to make a few bucks off the Kid. He'd knew exactly which web sites to post the Teasers on. And the video—wow! He could make a mint off of that—once guys realized it wasn't fake.

After taking several Polaroids specifically meant for DEO—Doug's Eyes Only (for Chris was fond of acronyms), he ran his hands over the dazed Teen's chiseled Bod, twisting his Nips and engulfing the Young Twink's out-of-control Joystick in the warm, wet recesses of his mouth and throat.

Shit! The Kid's Precum was so saccharin and crystal clear. He couldn't wait to contaminate it with his own POZ Spooge. For on more than one occasion Chris had used the BUG to bond with another man, and Doug was just the latest to fall victim to his wiles.

He placed Doug's legs on his broad shoulders and lifted his sweet, tight Target off the mattress. He slid his index finger up the Virgin Pussy and wiggled it against his Prostate. The Man Child began to buck and moan.

He gave the Kid another hit of Poppers and another shot of booze. It was time to teach the Preacher's Son a lesson.

Shucking off his own jeans and briefs, Chris lubed up his Dick with Jizm from the Christian's Cummy Face AND RAMMED IT UP THE VIRGIN'S ASS.

Doug screamed in pain as Chris reamed his nigh unlubricated Chute. Chris fed the Youth more Poppers, which he readily accepted—perhaps because, subconsciously, he knew they helped.

Chris continued to fuck Doug for the next half hour, grinding his own POZ SPOOGE into the Innocent's Ass Walls. The Kid got fucked till his abraded Sphincter was caked with Cum and Blood and Stools. In a single afternoon the straight-laced Christian Fundamentalist had been transformed into a wretched Faggot Cum Dump.

The sun was setting, and Chris dragged the Youth, clad only in his birthday suit, over to his SUV, and dumped him in. He stashed two plastic gallon jugs beside the wheel well, along with an envelope containing a few choice Polaroids and a note warning that if he discussed their little affaire de coeur with anyone, he'd be the next Gay Poster Boy. Yeah—like Chris wasn't already intending to cash in; but he figured Doug would be so ashamed, he'd never tell a soul.

Chris looked down at the somnolent, defiled Youth stretched across the bench seat of the SUV. It gets cool in the desert after dark, and the falling temp would wake the Young Man up for sure.

He wondered, now that Doug had had his first exposure to Gay Sex, the only sex he'd ever known, if he'd cum back for more. And then there was the matter of his Special Seed. Had Chris succeeded in breeding the Boy? Alas, he'd never know.

The fading roar of Chris's engine caused the inebriated Youth to stir. His eyes fluttered, blinded by the brilliant oranges of the setting desert sun. His head ached so bad. So did his Ass. He fell back asleep and dreamt erotic fantasies about some guy named Chris.


Posted 29 August 2010 - 04:58 PM



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It may be bad and illegal but it sounds hot! Breeding a young Christian jock, spurting pozz juice up his cunt, - fucking gr8!


Posted 29 November 2010 - 06:44 AM


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Yes. I was raped by two guys when I was 17 yo. and used to hate it. Then I met this Dominant Top guy who used to give me drugs to get me high so he can control me and fuck me as if he was raping me and now everytime I get hi, I tend to seek that kind of dominant/submissive sex.


Posted 29 November 2010 - 11:22 PM


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Wonderboy, good for you for embracing reality. I bet those experiences have combined to make you a truly wonderFULboy!


Posted 30 November 2010 - 08:00 PM


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hah hah. I don't have sex often. Last time I had sex was almost an year ago. So when I do have sex, I love the tops to dominate me and teach me to be a better bottom. Last time I had sex, I got bred and pissed by two black tops. That was my first WS and it was fun.


Posted 16 December 2010 - 03:37 PM


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When I was 18 in last year of school, I got gang raped (without the help of drugs - except the tonne of alcohol I'd consumed). I was so ashamed didn't tell anyone for years.

2 years later I was stalked and raped by one of the regulars at the bar I worked in, and I didn't tell a sole, but wasn't quite as depressed as after te first time.

Another few years later, I'd just come out of a very violent relationship, which was lacking in the sex department and met with a mate for drinks, and he spiked my drink and raped me! After that I was so horny, and have almost sought to be raped again!


Posted 18 November 2013 - 08:37 AM



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very hot story would love that to happen to me


Posted 18 November 2013 - 10:09 AM



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Really get off on this story, have read it many times.
I posted this on the other version of this story that's on here, maybe rawTOP could weave his magic and continue the story???

Would be nice if there was a follow up to this but as Chris's point of view and how he deals with his experience.
Am sure after he gets over things he would poz many of his dads congregation etc and maybe seduce his dad as well?


Posted 18 November 2013 - 10:10 AM



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Really get off on this story, have read it many times.
I posted this on the other version of this story that's on here, maybe rawTOP could weave his magic and continue the story???

Would be nice if there was a follow up to this but as Chris's point of view and how he deals with his experience.
Am sure after he gets over things he would poz many of his dads congregation etc and maybe seduce his dad and any brothers as well?


Posted 18 November 2013 - 12:23 PM



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sorry that should have been Doug's pov not Chris in my above post.


Posted 18 November 2013 - 01:42 PM

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fucking hot.. love to get drugged up.. slammed up and have my ass gang banged.. by a bunch of evil tops.. have them tear up my ass.. and then leave me in some cheap hotel.. with my ass dripping with cum.. and needing to get fucked more..


Posted 21 December 2013 - 04:41 PM



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hot! I often fantasize about setting my bf up to be stealth drugged and used. It really gets me off watching him with other people, but he's too afraid to try T on his own.


Posted 25 December 2013 - 05:23 PM


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My first time t was stealth. The top never told me what it was and started to give me shot guns. I also did slam once so far and my friend tricked me with another top and slammed me while the tops cock was already balls deep inside my hole.


Posted 26 December 2013 - 07:41 PM


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This is so delightfully evil! Love it. Hope this continues to have him convert some of his classmates.


Posted 27 December 2013 - 03:24 AM



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I agree fucknig hot.

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