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I am a college dude who has been through a lot sexually, so I am just posting things i have done before and experiences that still make me cum to this day.


The first time I decided to fuck a guy, and i say that because i was used when i was really young, was when i was just legal. But I remember that day so well, i was helping my cousin clean because he worked at a hair salon. He needed it clean for the week so i helped him that night. It was a Sunday evening and i lived with my grandparents at the time in a 2 bedroom house with the two rooms next to each other. 

   I was just starting to experiment with my sexuality and decided that craigslist was a great place to find a dude who might be interested. I mean at the time i thought who would go for a young naive boy begging to be fucked. I havent had sex at all since the indecent that happened at a young age. So i start emailing guys who i thought maybe would respond. I even sent my nudies out to who ever asked. I had a picture of my shaved dick, and a picture of the wooden plunger we had in the bathroom stuck up my ass. I didnt care what fucked me i was just a horny little teen,

  So a guy who was in his mid twenties emailed me back and he had a massive dick. He send me a pic of it and it was the width of a redbull can and at least 9" if not bigger. He asked if i could host but at the time i didnt understand what he meant. So i said yeah, and figured it was my address. i was still not home though. Eventually he kept blowing up my phone to see if we were still meeting up. I was so nervous because i didnt know how to bring him in my room without waking up anybody. 

  I decided i didnt care so i just let him in and came into the room. He was a lean dude but average around the waist nothing special, until he tool out his dick and made me suck it to the base.

I told him he needed to stay quiet but he didnt care he just kept forcing my head all the way down and i kept gaging. 

  The adrenaline was intense because he gave me no chance to breathe, i enjoyed his dominance. He then flipped me over and began eating out my ass. i have never felt a better and more intense euphoria in my life so i gave up my little boy cunt up like nothing. I began to talk dirty and telling him anything he wanted to hear. He gets up and sticks his dick back in my mouth, he then told me that if its not wet enough its only gonna hurt more so suck it up. At that point he grabbed my head and stuck his dick past my gag reflex and deep in my through. He kept it there for a while and i thought i was gonna die of asphyxiation, i even squirmed. He took his dick out and put me on all fours. His dick was wet with slobber and i didnt care anymore.

 He took the tip and began playing with my hole, at that moment i knew he wasnt gonna use a rubber, and i felt a rush of ecstasy with that thought. I just wanted him to fuck me. I looked at him back and then he Ramed his dick in, oh how i wanted to scream hard! i knew i couldnt scream and so did he because people were sleeping. But boy did it hurt, he just kept going all the way in and all the way out. I swear i felt a small tear inside but i didnt care. i wanted to feel owned. 

  I just rememeber he kept fucking harder and harder, slapping my head from behind. He told me boys are meant to be on all fours and that i will remember that. Then all i felt right after was something running down my leg and ass, even though he hadnt pulled out yet. I knew he came in me, and it was a lot because once he pulled out there was a puddle of cum visible right where my ass was. He pushed me back on all fours and told me not to spill his cum from my ass. 

  then he left. 

I stayed with my ass up all night playing with his cum as lube. I knew then that i was a corrupt little boy.

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On 10/20/2015 at 7:39 PM, nycnastyboy said:

So far so hot. But where's the chems?


On 10/21/2015 at 10:14 AM, whorepig said:

Hope there is more to this story, you sure have lots of doors to open up yet

Moderator's Note: This was originally posted in Chem Sex Fiction, but chems are not mentioned in the one part we got. It was moved to General Bareback Stories after 3 years. 

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