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My Fantasy.

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I've read all the stories of poz guy who want to take advantage of a young neg guy.  Why can't I meet one.  I want to give up control.  I fantasize about being date raped or stealthed.  I'd be willing to come over, take a couple of sleeping pills and pass out on your bed.  I have often fantasized that I'm at a party and drink to much so I find a bed to sleep.  I wake up to someone penetrating me, no clue who it is but too drunk to stop it.  Eventually, everyone at the party takes a turn.  Like I said, I want to give up control.  indynickb@gmail.com  I'm in Columbus but willing to travel to make something like this happen.


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I think about that all the time... have always had the rape fantasy or druged etc... wake up confused with a group of guys taking turns filling my hole hot loads. Unable to stop it or even really complain know what going on but not much more then that

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