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My Fantasy.

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I've read all the stories of poz guy who want to take advantage of a young neg guy.  Why can't I meet one.  I want to give up control.  I fantasize about being date raped or stealthed.  I'd be willing to come over, take a couple of sleeping pills and pass out on your bed.  I have often fantasized that I'm at a party and drink to much so I find a bed to sleep.  I wake up to someone penetrating me, no clue who it is but too drunk to stop it.  Eventually, everyone at the party takes a turn.  Like I said, I want to give up control.  indynickb@gmail.com  I'm in Columbus but willing to travel to make something like this happen.


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I think about that all the time... have always had the rape fantasy or druged etc... wake up confused with a group of guys taking turns filling my hole hot loads. Unable to stop it or even really complain know what going on but not much more then that

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    • By bumbtch
      Tops: do you like stealthing a bottom? If so how often do you?
      Bottoms: do you like being stealthed? 
      I get really turned on when I'm being stealthed. I normally go bareback but there's something so hot about letting a guy think he's going to use a condom on me and letting him remove it. 
    • By Dutchdelight
      Available in private Dungeon for total ass abuse and rape. If interested I’ll send details and doorcodes including timings of availability. Find me in Dungeon, (ab) use my ass as you wish, toys in Dungeon can be used or bring your own. Please do share my details with other Satanist or active sleazy breeders and invite them to cum too. My ass may be filled with all you want. No costs involved, only Raw cum in ass mandatory. Preferably more than once. PnP welcome! Like action to be filmed (anon)
      Will be on grindr when in Dungeon as well, talking about assplay game. Please share and invite others to join!
    • By pervfantasy24
      Last Saturday, after an evening out with friends, I felt horny as hell. I decided to go online, but Saturday nights are always a bit of a bore in my town. I remembered all the hot times during my weekend trips to bigger cities - Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid - and wished I had flown out, but this time I had to work early on Monday. I'm 24 and just got my first serious job after finishing university, so the wild days seemed kind of over anyway. I settled for some porn and music at home, smoked some weed and logged in on a gay dating app - usually there's not much going on in my area anyway, but you never know. After checking some guys' profile I came to the conclusion that it was just the same old boring profiles. I almost felt like sending a message to one guy I always suck off, since I know he's always looking for a quicky, very reliable and hot. Then I suddenly remembered a chat page where i sometimes log in and where things get a little more exciting sometimes. People from nearby towns into bareback, BDSM, PNP who are willing to travel etc.
      So I log in to this very basic, text-based chat and pour myself a drink. Not much is going on there either - most guys are far away and nobody reacted to my opening line yet. Then suddenly a guy with the mysterious nickname DarkNetFucker666 logs in without any info other than that he lives in a nearby town. I get some associations with a couple of porn movies I got from a friend the year before, with Satanist plots, neonazis, strangling and a whole lot of other extreme things. Is this a guy who is into that sort of thing? I always wondered what kind of people would watch such extreme stuff. Besides, he might be some older guy and I'm definitely not into that. A bit doubtful, I decide to send him a message and we start a chat. He says he is 30 and has 'dark fantasies', and I tell him I'm into barebacking and poz since two years ago. I send him a facepic and ask him if he wants to meet. He gives me a place and time, and by this time I'm feeling curious as hell, and intuitively agree to meeting him at a petrol station around 30 miles from where I live for 'and outdoor date and we can see about continuing somewhere else'.
      When I get there I look for the van he described. He's parked in a bushy area by the petrol station and I park the car next to his. I send him a message saying I'm there and he answers asking me to take a walk with him in the bushes. Reluctantly I agree - even though I feel really excited and horny as hell, it does seem like a very scary and potentially dangerous scenario - I definitely don't feel all that safe. Luckily the weed I smoked helps a bit, and I determinedly walk into the bush past his car. I see him getting out. The moonlight reflects from his face and he actually looks pretty hot. He walks over to me and asks me if I feel like 'playing around a bit before we take it further'. I guess he wants to try me out before taking me 'somewhere else', to his home or wherever. So we lower our pants and I stand closer to him. He looks like he's not very used to this - he doesn't attempt to approach me or touch me. He has a huge uncut boner and I ask if he wants me to suck him, and I get on my knees. I smell his balls and it really turns me on, I lick them all over and suck his big cock. I start jerking off and he reaches down to feel my cock and balls with a firm grip. He suddenly stops and says "Shall we go to my place?" I nodd. He sounds foreign and I ask him where he is from. "Germany", he says.  We get into our cars and I follow him.
      When we get to his place, which is really in the middle of nowhere in a very forested area, I notice he has a really great looking house. This guy must have done really well for himself. There's a big fence around the property and a huge pool. We go in and he asks if I want to do some drugs. It has been at least four years since I had taken anything other than weed - at university I had tried some things, like coke, ecstasy and speed - and I'm suddenly overwhelmed by obsessive thoughts about not being able to get to work on Monday. He is obviously noticing that I'm worried and tells me not to, saying we won't take too much. I agree to smoke some meth with him, it can't be that bad. While he prepares the stuff I get a better look at him in the kitchen light. There is something eminently hot about him. He has a good body and his face looks smooth and young. His eyes are dark and his gaze is somehow cold, there is not really much warmth in his appearance and his demeanor is very masculine and serious, but his eyes and occasional smile when we talk about sex add a sexual overtone to the situation. I ask him what he does and he tells me he's a psychiatrist, which strikes me as odd since he doesn't make a very empathic impression. He introduces himself as Jake. We sit down in the living room and smoke some. He puts on some trancy music and wants to know more about 'the bareback thing'. I tell him about bareback dating sites, about bug chasing and gift giving and about some of my experiences at bareback parties and in fetish club darkrooms. He asked if I'm on meds, I tell him that I haven't been needing medication yet. He smiles. "We could fuck someone bareback," he says. The drug feels good and I notice it starting to kick in even more because I kind of feel more disinhibited. "And how do you want to find someone?" I ask. -"I can get some guys that come here sometimes", he says. "Sometimes I invite guys in and give them some money, I often call them and we fuck a bottom together". -"That sounds good", I say. He shows me a pic of a big, dark skinned guy who looks very handsome, I scroll on and his tablet reveals some dick pics. "This one looks hot", I said. He asks me what kind of type I really fantasize about fucking. -"Maybe one of those white power kids, like a young skinhead or something." He shows me another pic of a young blonde guy who is not a skinhead as such but very handsome and muscular, with neonazi-type outfit and boots. He has this really grim, bad look on his face. "This is a very violent one who is very much into this neonazi stuff", he says. "He is a sadist and just wants to fuck on coke, he was also in trouble with the police for sexual assault." This really makes me hot and I ask him what he wants to do. "We let him fuck you on coke and give him some drinks and maybe some drugs, then we can see if we can maybe fuck him." -"But I thought you said he doesn't want to get fucked." -"We'll see", he says with an evil grin on his face. I get some alarm bells - this guy really seems very perverted, I'm getting worried about things going too far. But he seems really controlled and calm, and I suppose he knows what he's doing. So I agree. He calls the guy and agrees on meeting. He's drunk but he's driving over anyway. "We have half an hour", he says. So I have a shower while Jake prepares whatever he has got to prepare. In the shower I feel kind of nervous about what is about to happen, but I feel a odd tingling in my lower body. I clean up thoroughly and go back to the living room while the white power guy is ringing the doorbell. Jake goes to open the door and brings the guy in. "This is Frank." We shake hands and I look at Frank, he looks really nasty with a superior look in his eyes full of despise. But he looks damn hot. He hardly looks at me and talks more to Jake, whom he obviously has some kind of bond with. He brags about how he burned down the car of a family who lives in his neighbourhood, foreigners. This guy is really an asshole, I think. Still, I feel an amazing and almost surreal attraction to him. "So what are you waiting for, get your clothes off", Jake, who is obviously taking the lead, snarls at me. I undress quickly and we sit down on the couch. Jake puts on a porn with a girl surrounded by a group of men, and says he will pour some drinks and prepare the coke. I go for a piss, and while I walk past the kitchen, Jake whistles at me. I approach and he whispers "these two lines on the right are for us. When I offer don't take the ones on the left." -"Why, what have you put in those?" I ask, worried. -"Just something more for him to relax, he usually prefers to fuck girls".
      When I return to the couch Jake already has his hard cock in his hands and Frank is touching his crotch, staring engagedly at the Czech porn movie, where the men are cumming one by one into the girl's holes. Jake tells me to bring around the plate with the coke and sniffs a line. He then passes it to me and I sniff the other line on the right, then give it to Frank. He sniffs one of the lines on the left. "Let's get down to action. What are you waiting for?" Jake says. I kneel down in front of Frank. I put my nose into his crotch and take in the smell. I unzip him and get his hard throbbing tool out and start licking it. Ending the foreplay, he grabs my ears and puts my mouth over his cock, snarling "no teeth". He fucks my mouth for a while and then grabs me and puts me on the couch in front of it facing Jake, who is seemingly enjoying the situation masturbating and smiling. He lubes up and pushes me flat on the stomach, then rams his piece in raw, I'm in pain and cry out but he doesn't show any consideration. Staring at the porn movie he goes on and gets in the flow in a regular and relentless rhythm. Jake passes him poppers and he sniffs. He slaps me hard and rams on. Seemingly, Jake is afraid that Frank is getting too close to cumming and he gets up. "Now it's my turn", he says. Jake's cock is even bigger than Frank's and I feel him going in. He does it hard like Frank but differently, he is less distant and comes closer, grabbing me by the shoulders and thrusting it in hard. "Sit on all fours", he says. I obey and Frank sits down on his knees before me and pushes his cock into my mouth. I feel ecstatic, the pain has passed and I feel their big cocks ravaging my holes, I just ride on the wave, unable to think of anything else. After a while Jake exchanges again with Frank and they both take a hit of the poppers. I feel Frank thrusting in harder and harder, and the sounds he makes indicate he is in his own world right now. Jake doesn't stop him, and Frank fucks until he comes. "Yeah, take it, bitch", he yells. Jake screams "yeahhhh" and masturbates in front of my mouth. Frank has just finished and breathes heavily. He asks for a beer, and Jake sends me to get him one. I walk into the kitchen but don't find the beer, and I call out to Jake. He comes in and grabs a beer without saying a word. He takes a little vial out of a drawer and quickly drips in a large number of drops while keeping his eye on the door. I'm a bit confused but I understand and walk back into the living room and try talking to Frank. His answers are short and it seems like he is extremely averse to talking with me. Luckily, Jake comes back into the room and gives Frank his beer. "Now let's just relax for a while", Jake says. After a while, Frank dozes off and Jake says "Now let's get to the real action." At this point I'm horny as fuck but I still get alarm bells and say "Will he be alright?" Jake says: "Off course he will. Maybe let's have a smoke first." We smoked some more meth and I notice I'm not getting a hard on. I tell Jake and he tells me to follow him to the bedroom. He takes out a little syringe and says: "I'm going to inject you, just stand still." He grabs my penis and rubs it with a bit of alcohol and I close my eyes. I feel a short sting and react shocked, but after a few moments I feel all relaxed again. "What is it?" I ask him. -"Just something to get you up and running again so we can complete the program." I feel this sounds odd, since I don't know what "the program" is supposed to be, but Jake seems all too confident and in a way I think that's hot. We walk back into the living room and Frank looks like he has passed out on the couch. "Is he sleeping?" I ask. -"Sit down on your knees before him and suck his cock." I sit down and pull his boxer short down. I lick his balls and take his limp cock into my mouth. Before long, it's hard as rock and Frank moans. Jake passes me the poppers and I sniff. "Now lick his ass." I go down and lick his hole. Jake gets up and rubs his cock against Frank's face. Frank moves his head but doesn't otherwise react. He says: "Help me here". We carry Frank onto a mattress. Jake switches off the lights and puts on a different porn. He cuts some more of the coke and gives me some. He puts on music at a very loud volume. From my eye winkle I see the porn. It shows a man dressed in a devil's mask with horns. He is dragging a young blonde boy dressed in sports clothes over a field in some forest with a rope. I look at the screen and see how he throws down the boy on the field, undoes his jeans and starts raping him. This looks like really hardcore, probably illegal stuff and I glance at over at Jake who seems to be enjoying watching me watching the movie and gives me another one of his evil grins, but I don't think about it and look at Frank. Jake is touching his balls and ass and he twitches, moaning. I get excited and go over to Frank. I feel my limits dropping to zero and my boner throbbing, I just want to fuck the shit out of this arrogant little neonazi fucker. It seems as though Jake senses this, masturbating hard and moaning "yeahhh", staring at me with a fixed gaze like Frank did before with the porn. He says "come on, fuck him". I get on top of Frank and lube him, fingering his tight hole. I enter it with a thrust. This is amazing, I want more. I thrust in several times and then grab him by his lower back, thrust in deep. Jake comes closer to me and I touch his hard, throbbing cock while pounding Frank's hole. I feel like I could go on like this for hours. Jake whispers in my ear "rape him". I keep fucking until Jake claims his turn. I watch Jake fucking him and matching the thrusts in the porn movie. He whispers "I'm gonna seed his ass and then you can do the same." He cums into Frank. Even though I feel very horny I still feel worried. Frank hasn't consented to this so this is actually really rape. Jake notices and tells me to follow him into the bedroom where we watch some porn. These are also very violent porns, it's a jail setting in the shower where several inmates rape a guy with a nazi tattoo. He asks me whether I want something to relax and he brings me a glass half full with coca cola. He says "this is going to relax you even more". I drink it and we watch porn for a little while. He asks if it's okay to set up a camera in the living room so he can film it, and I agree.
      We return to where Frank is. He looks like he is sleeping and Jake touches his crotch again. Frank moans and makes hip movements as if he is fucking the mattress. I feel like fucking and seeding him. I get on top and I grab him by the hips, thrusting my cock in. Jake passes me the poppers and I start fucking him. Jake changes the music and I think of nothing else but putting my seed into his tight hole. "Put your poz seed into him, poz him up", Jake whispered with a mean smile. He masturbates on Frank and I thrust into him, I really feel like I could do this for hours. I sniff some more poppers and fuck him hard until I feel like I'm going to come. "I'm cumming", I tell Jake. "Yeah, poz his little nazi hole", Jake says. I shoot all my cum into him.
      We sit down on the couch. "This is really hot", I said. "It's a pity we haven't used him as a condom for me to fuck you." I wondered what that meant. We sat silent for a while. "What do you mean, use him as a condom?" I asked Jake. "You'll see next time", he said.
      To be continued

    • By sataniclust
      The greatest cocksucking experience was being forcefucked by three guys and having to suck each guy off to climax. The force which they rammed their cocks down my cuntmouth caused such bruising & bleeding. When I went into work the next day, the office staff kept commenting on the state of my face which made me cum in my suit. The more they commented, the more I wanted to cum. After each cumshot, I got hard again as more comments were made about the bruising on my face.  Then someone pointed out the wet marks around my crotch. One of the most sexciting days I shall always remember. 
    • By Jizznfillme
      I'm a bartender so I work nights but I can host weekdays during the day at my place in Santa Clarita, CA. Unfortunately, the main disadvantage of being a bartender is that I'm free when everyone else is working and vice versa.
      I have however, thanks to a DoubleList Ad, found a fuck buddy who is able to come over and fuck me a couple of times a 
      week. Like myself, he is married and states that condoms are a must. He's handsome, well built and well hung so even with a condom on he's a great fuck and I always cum at least a couple of times when he fucks me. He's got great stamina and loves to fuck so he's my kinda guy.
      But this last week, things seemed to change. He came over on Monday morning and asked that I wait for him face down, ass up but not lubed because he wanted to eat my ass. I love getting rimmed and so I waited for him on all fours. 
      Sure enough, he came in, started caressing my ass and began to rim me like only he can. As he ate my ass, I could hear the crackling of the condom wrapper and looked back to see his shoulders moving, indicating that he was putting the condom on.
      "There's lube on the nightstand" I offered.
      "Ok" he responded, but resumed rimming me.
      He got up and I immediately felt his huge mushroom head pushing against my tight hole. I knew that there wasn't enough lube on my ass and the pressure hurt. I was about to complain when 2 things happened simultaneously; his cock head pushed past my hole's resistance and I felt the sharp snap of the condom breaking from the lack of lubrication and the tightness of my ass. 
      He froze when the condom snapped but didn't say a word. I didn't want to call attention to the rubber because I've been wanting to feel his bare cock for a while now. Instead I said, "Thanks for giving me a moment to adjust, you forget how big you are ha ha."
      "Oh yeah, no worries. Are you ok with this?" He asked. And in agreement, I said, "Oh yeah, definitely, but please go easy, your cock can do some damage ha ha".
      He kissed the back of my neck and slid more of his cock in me. Once he was balls deep in my ass, he pulled all the way out and drizzled lube on his cock. I wish he'd done that before but I think that, all along, his plan had been to cause the condom to break.
      Soon, we were both in a comfortable rhythm and his thick 8" hole wrecker was pounding my prostate and getting me close to orgasm. By this time, I could clearly feel  the ragged ends of the split condom which was now a sort of cock ring rolled at the base of his cock. His thick bare shaft felt amazing and I  was loving every stroke. I told him that I was getting close and he said that so was he. A few more strokes and I couldn't hold back and I started cumming really hard and my ass tightened on his cock and essentially milked the cum out of him. 
      I could feel volleys of hot cum spraying against my inner walls and I knew that his unprotected cock had just shot his cum straight into me.
      He collapsed on my back and just held me for a few minutes while his cock plugged me and eventually deflated and slipped out.  He jumped up, ran to the bathroom and flushed the condom. I could tell that we were not going to discuss the fact that he had just stealth bred me.  I was tempted to shove a couple of fingers in my ass and dig out his cum and show him but I knew that could potentially ruin a good thing so I just smiled as he got dressed in front of me. His chiseled torso shining with a light cover of sweat and his thick cock hanging down with a bead of post-cum on the top made me kneel before him and suck his cock head in and savored my ass juices and his cum commingled on his cock. He placed his hand on my cheek and caressed me as I looked up at him and he smiled down at me.
      "Thanks, I really needed that. Can we do that again on Wednesday?" He asked.
      "Of course," I replied enthusiastically, "you know you're welcome anytime you want to come over and use my ass to get off in."
      "Fuck yeah, I like knowing that that's my ass now. I'll see you Wednesday morning, wait for me on all fours but go ahead and lube up this time. I feel bad that I think I hurt you but I just needed to get in you. I'll treat your ass better next time, I promise."
      I walked him to the door, he squeezed my ass and said, "This ass is mine now, but I'll treat it really good."
      After he'd left, I shoved a couple of fingers in my ass and sure enough, there was a huge load of cum inside me. I won't say a word, but I'm definitely letting him stealth me from now on ha ha.

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