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I have what many would think is a cocksuckers dream. I have full dentures that easily come out for a full mouth pussy blowjob. I have always heard that many guys would love to experience a blowjob without teeth.  I seem to have a problem getting feeders that really want a toothless blowjob. I advertise on all the standard sites like A4A and Man Hunt but takers are scarce. I am not some 80 year old (I'm 49) and not too hard on the eyes. I'm in San Diego so you would think there would be plenty of cocks that want a toothless mouth pussy.

Any ideas of what I am doing wrong? 

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I have full dentures also, or did have.  Now don't have them as damn dog climbed up on a couch, and then onto a table where I had them soaking to clean and chewed them up. LOL   Wasn't my dog or it would have been kicked to the moon.  Now, just gum the hell out of a cock when giving a bj and haven't had a complaint yet. :)

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I have always loved to suck cock. But sucking cock is even better now that I can gum it without teeth. I lost my teeth in an accident at work. I was hit in the mouth with a beam on this construction job. Lost 6 teeth and the others were all messed up. So I had the dentist pull them all. Now I love to take my gums and work over a nice cock head. And every guy that I have sucked this way comes back for more. They say they love the way I gum the head of their cocks. Me too. Makes sucking cock even more fun for me.

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Full denture wearer here too, completely edentulous. (Your new word for the day.) The secret to giving a toothless blowjob is that the guy receiving needs a nice fat dick to really enjoy it, because even with my dentures out, I can only close my jaws so far.

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    • By OldFatCockSucker
      Hi Guys, I'm a new member here and. I'm in Saratoga near Hwy 85 for about 3-4 days . Then down in the Monterey bay area. And I'm a older fat and proud Cock Sucker I'm clean& Hiv- And highly skilled ,and there's nothing else that I would rather be doing. Retired 6' 325lbs Brown hair . If I can't host then I'll go to you for a quick Blow& Go. Until I make you Cum in my mouth or shoot your Cum all over my face and titties . And I'm not interested in any reciprocation from you. Other than me Sucking you off.  I also like to get a Good Face Fucking if you are interested please message me or text me. Until.    2 am. Contact info in my profile. (408) 713-9531 tonight 

    • By Harrahphotoguy
      This happened in the late 70s when I was around 27 yrs old.  I worked at GM in Oklahoma City,  got off at 3 each day, so I had a couple free hours before I had to be home for the wife. 
      There is a public park, Trosper Park, in Midwest City area. It was very active then, still is pretty active today, but they've done everything they can to limit the activity, shutting down and demolishing the public bathrooms, putting up fencing to keep people from going into the woods on trails, etc.  I used to go down those trails. The cum soaked tissues, rubbers filled with cum, made me hornier every time as I imagined the guys who fucked and sucked in those woods.
      Anyway, I parked near one of two public bathrooms. The men's side was very busy, guys coming and going, a few naked horn dogs would occasionally stand at the door, waving their hard dicks to the world. 
      I finally got up the nerve to tuck my cock back in my Levi's and walk to the bathroom. A nice looking guy was wanking at the urinals. Two booths were occupied.  I stepped up beside him and we jerked each other for a bit. The danger of being caught was an added, exciting boost to my sex drive.  It must have worked for him, too, cause he stiffened his body, moaned, and shot his load, splattering the porcelain of the urinal. He quickly tucked, zipped, and left without finishing me. Damn.
      I heard the guys in the booths, noisily sucking. Then one yelled, shi, I'm cumming.  He said thanks, man, and quickly left.  
      I moved into the empty stall. There was a good sized glory hole. It made me horny, thinking how his dick was through that hole, pulsing his load into a waiting mouth.
      So, I stepped up, slid my 8 inch cock through the hole. A warm hand jacked me, then a warm, wet mouth took me in. Oh shit it felt great. I just wanted more. He stopped. I pulled back and a big uncut cock pushed through.  At that time I had never sucked. I did6really want to, so I just jacked him. That must have frustrated him as he pulled back and said, come over here, kid. The booths didn't have doors. 
      I waddled around to his side, pants at my knees. He was a chubby, short, very hairy old guy. He told me he would hum my cock and removed his dentures.  That was kind of gross. But it felt so good that I gave in. He worked my cock like magic, smooth, wet, slick, his tongue dancing all over my dick. 
      He stood up. Pushing me into the back of the stall, forcing me to bend forward, I felt his big uncut, dripping cock head against my ass. I had never had anal sex. But I was so turned on, I yielded to this old troll, letting him penetrate and push forward. It hurt so much I saw stars and cried out. He let me adjust to his size, then began to fuck me.  I gradually relaxed and my prostate was being battered by his blunt cock with each shove forward. My dick was painfully hard and I just wanted the old man to use my ass. 
      Hugging me tight. His hairy abdomen was pushed against my smooth back, his dick pistoning into my bowels, he grunts and shoves deep. His cum pulses into me. Over and over. 
      My cock pulses and I moan making a big mess all over the porcelain potty as my cum splatters. 
      He pulls out, turns me around, forces me to sit in my own cum on the stool and makes me clean off his cum and ass juice-covered cock. It was disgusting and hot at the same time. 
      Thanks, kid, he said. Zipped up and left.  I sat there, stunned, as more guys came in and did their thing. I finally got up, cleaned my ass up, left for home. 
      I visited the park many times and he sucked me off several times. His gummy buds were too fantastic to turn down. 
      Replies?  Similar experiences?   Krob73045@gmail.com 
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