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    Fisting (fist, fists, foot fisting), slamming them in to me are mandatory and all the following are welcome optional: BBC & Beer Can Cocks, Watersports & Cum, Rubber & Leather. Sounding & Electro. Dildos & Toys. Breath Exchange & Breath Control. Kissing & Cuddling. Rimming & Nipple Play. Fucking & Sucking. Booty Bumps & Poppers. Versatile but mainly bottom, I do sex with all my body.... brain included.
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Maybe, this will make me quite unpopular, I'm not in bugs sharing, I'm simply a proud BBarebacker, I'm not on PrEP, I love cum and piss and I'm into "don't ask, doin't tell" politic BUT I take care of myself and others and I tend to cure any curable disease when I know I have got them.
    Remember: The diseases doesn't give you the Freedom, you will be free only when you will be ready to accept the consequences of your actions.
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    I never do a commercial porn video, but many porn actors have had FFun with me and I with them... (no, I haven't paid them) and some are currently my friends.
    >>> In my main pic I'm the bottom <<<
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    Versatile Top BB FFister & Fucker into the same sTuff.
    Thick, wrist wide, beer can sized and heavy cumming cocks at top of the line, I love to be stretched and breeded before the FFun begins.

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  1. The red tags on a grey background aren’t easily readable
  2. I totally agree with you!
  3. Probably Brian is ready to be brought to the next level 💉...
  4. Wow! You have been fucked and breed by Peto Coast, isn’t it? Lucky you! 🍆💦😋... ok I ‘m mainly into FF but a good Fuck is always a good Fuck 😉👍
  5. First of all thanks for your hot stories. Well, imho since no one is forced to write a never ending story so no one would blame you if you would be so kind to add a final chapter where James accept Conrad as his master or go home happy of his new born cumdump life... BUT... your last chapter, the James’ surrender to Conrad looks more a new beginning that a prelude to the end. So... I think @pitsnipspisspig is right, to shift the story toward the BDSM could be a good idea and, of course for me, Fisting should not be an option but a MUST, Fisting and all its subsequents extre
  6. Yeah! He is deFFiniTively ready for more...
  7. Well, if you start trying with what you suppose to be the best experience of your life all others experiences of minor intensity will appear to you empty, valueless and definitively unsatisfactory. Take advantage from any step of your life and from your sexual life, let yourself to be able to be surprised by your discoveries, to appreciate them and to keep good memories. Of course don’t forget to leave the besT at the end... but always paying attention to the real price of each one of your experiences.
  8. Thanks @NECub for your kind reply, even if we have different fetish is a nice story. 👍 Btw I would meet Peter and his FFriends but without those chems... 😉
  9. I dunno... the story is intriguing, hot and well written but what’s wrote in this last chapter it’s not my cup of tea... probably the best session of a life without memories? If those has happened to me I’ld feel defrauded... and I don’t remember it!? I know some guy have the fantasy about having sex while knocked out but.. Nah! That’s simply not for me. I have god memories of all the steps of my slutty progression... a real chest full of cherries... my firsts: cock, double penetration, Fist 👊🏻 , double Fist, foot 🦶🏼... and more others interesting combinations and tricks and
  10. Normally my sessions doesn't last less than four hours of FFisting (that is way my sessions are so long: deep cleaning and preparation deserve at least fours hours of FFun), Fuck, Cuddle, Rape and again... All weekend long sessions are the best with the sloppy n' gaping hole already cleaned and cum lubed by the night before but still hungry for more...
  11. My public apologise, to @19boy93 he just typed the wrong button and I went instantly to DEFCON 2, nothing that few words can't change, everything is OK now.
  12. sorry, MST is Italian and it means Malattie Sessualmente Trasmissibili, in English is STD Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
  13. Well first of all I HAVE to clarify a detail in my previous post, when I wrote: it have to be clear that the "you" is absolutely not referred to the author, who has my respect, but to the character of the story. Now.. my thanks to @drscorpio who lets the topic open, he and some others members know I never been polemic or impolite but covid-19 is a topic that hurts my nerves. @Spermpig is considering me as an hypocrite, well I'm consider myself as a proud barebacker but I never been a bug chaser or a bug spreader, I know the risks and I've accepted the consequences, what I do
  14. Well, with the Covid-19 in two weeks you could be died. Here in Europe hundreds of people are already dead, this is not a joke...
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