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LONDON ANON CUMDUMP 29.09.17-01.10.17

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Hi guys,

I am visiting London at the end of September and looking to take as many loads as possible over the weekend COMPLETELY ANON.

I'll be advertising my arse out on grindr, BBRT and on here for a NO LOAD REFUSED policy.

I need to know which hotel is best to book on a budget which will allow lots of guys to cum and go? I've currently got Travelodge Vauxhall booked (I can cancel), but I believe there is a key card for each floor? People have previously mentioned putting selotape on the door latch on whichever floor I am on so I'm thinking of that option at the moment but if anyone's got any better suggestions of more ideal hotel's PLEASE let me know???

Much appreciated ;)




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Sounds good to me. Not sure about access to floors there. Maybe Holiday Inn Express Vauxhall? Days Inn Waterloo (not that far from there)? 

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I use ibis Euston no key card required for lifts. Busy. Central. Cheapish.  there is another post in here on hotels somewhere

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Thanks guy... have now booked Ibis Euston... can be cancelled still so if anyone else has any other recommendations they are still welcome

BBRT is cumholes87 ill set up an event on there soon

i've never took even one anon load before but started prep last year and have proudly become a total BB cumpig, the thought of anon sends me wild so i'm planning to get a good 30 loads over this weekend please feel FREE to give me your nut

anyone got any tips for how best to get the best out of my weekend? 

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17 hours ago, SaunaDaddy said:

Hit the sauna. We all fuck BB and you'll not be disappointed 

I'll no doubt do a few saunas/sex clubs over the weekend so hopefully i'll get your load too ;)

mainly wondering though if anyones got any tips on how i make the most of my time being face down ass up in my hotel room taking anon loads...  be the best cumslut available in london  ?

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    • By cumluvnbottom
      Part 1:  Ryan and the Scally Lads
      "Are you sure you want to do this?"  Jared asked, absentmindedly brushing his blond hair out of his face.  
      "Yes.  Definitely.”  Ryan tried to not roll his eyes. “Come on... aren't you even a little bit curious?"
      Jared looked at the the building in front of them.  They were in a part of Manchester he hadn’t been to before. It was dark, and the object of their interest was in the basement of an old building that hadn’t served its original purpose (probably some kind of industrial space) in decades.  There was a sign but the name was generic enough that neither he nor Ryan would have known what it was — a gay “sauna” — except for the ad they had seen in a magazine in one of the bars on Canal Street. 
      "No.  I've got a pretty good idea what goes on in there.  Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I have to be a slag.  Don't you want to save yourself for someone special?"
      Ryan knew exactly who that "special" person for him was in Jared's mind:  Jared.  He and his friend were both Mormon, had been raised in the same ward (congregation), and — around the time they hit puberty — had felt drawn together.  For Ryan, it was simply because they had something in common... they were both gay in a church that didn't look on that very favourably.  
      For Jared, it was more.  He believed they were "destined" to be together.  Ryan had tried to let his friend down easy.  Jared just wasn't his type.  Even now when they had been bar hopping on Canal Street, Jared dressed like he was on a church outing.  He wouldn't even drink alcohol. With his thin and hairless body he was the picture of a typical twink. He was cute but didn’t do anything for Ryan sexually.   
      Ryan had always been attracted to rougher guys.  Council estate lads who would shock his middle class Tory parents back home in Essex (if he ever told them he was gay).  Crass, tough, and a bit scary.  That's what got him hard. But, no matter what Ryan did or said, Jared didn't want to hear it. 
      "I stopped believing in soulmates around the same time that I stopped calling myself a Mormon.". Ryan said.  It wasn’t the first time he had said that (or something similar) to Jared but his friend still looked hurt at his words.  "I'm going in.  You coming?"
      "No.  I don't think so.  I'll wait for you over on Canal Street for awhile... in case you change your mind."
      "I won't."
      "Just... just be careful.  Ok?  Be safe.  I've heard guys don't always wear condoms in places like this."
      It was good advice, Ryan decided.  He didn't want to get sick.  He was on the rowing team for the university and knew his tight body was his best feature. Well...  tight body, dark hair, blue eyes... and a butt to die for.  He had not yet done anything other than sucking a cock or getting sucked... but he had watched enough porn to know that he was a bottom.  Which was, of course, another reason he knew there was no future for him and Jared... what were two bottoms supposed to do together?  
      But no.  He had not yet surrendered his ass.  Tonight, however, he was determined to change that. Tonight, he would lose his virginity.  
      "I’ll be safe. And thanks."  He gave Jared a friendly hug, walked down the steps, and into the building.  
      Jared waited where he stood for a couple minutes, ignoring the leering look some drunk gave him, before turning around and walking back to Canal Street and the bars.  
      Inside, Ryan paid his admission and passed through a turnstile.  He wasn’t sure what to expect... but the somewhat generic locker room wasn’t it.  Still, he guessed it made sense.  He knew guys walked around with nothing on but a towel ... so they needed to secure their clothes somewhere. 
      He was pleased when he saw a couple other guys checking him out as he got undressed. They weren't his type ... but it made him hopeful he wouldn’t just be ignored.  
      He wrapped the towel he had been given around his waist and set off to explore. Despite his bravado with Jared, and his sincere desire to have "real sex", he was nervous.  How would he know a guy was interested?   How would they know he wanted to get fucked?  Should he tell them he was a virgin?  
      He started with a walkthrough of the bathhouse to see what it was like... and to give himself time to calm down.  
      There was a jacuzzi and a steam room, then showers, then a TV room.  Steps led down to a short tunnel and then back up to several areas with different types of booths. Then another tunnel that led back over to the entrance from the locker room.  
      Then, as he was turning a corner, he ran face first into a man coming in from the lockers. 
      The man smelled like he had been working hard all day and hadn’t showered before coming to the sauna.  Not dirty, just a little sweaty. He was about Ryan's age — maybe a year or two older.   About 6 feet tall and lean.  He had close cropped ginger hair and a nose that looked like it had been broken sometime.  There was a tattoo on his hip but the towel covered almost all it it so it wasn’t clear what it was.  Not a “pretty boy”... but incredibly sexy in Ryan's eyes.
      Ryan's dick was hard instantly. 
      "Oi! Watch where you going, boy." 
      "I'm so sorry.  My fault.  I wasn’t looking where i was going.". Ryan stammered. 
      Two other men stepped out of the locker room, glancing at Ryan before turning to the man he had run into.  "What's all this noise, you ginger cunt?" It was more banter than an actual insult.  
      The man who spoke had 'dirty blond' hair and blue eyes.  Unlike every other man Ryan had seen so far, he was wearing a pair of shiny black trackies instead of a towel and expensive looking trainers on his feet. His upper body, however, was bare.  He wasn’t fat, not even remotely, but he had just a hint of a belly.  Still muscled though.  Just the kind of muscles you get from hard work not working out.  
      The ginger man sneered at his two friends.  "This little bitch ran into me.  I think he wanted to see what a real man feels like."
      Ryan blushed and tried to stammer out another apology.   
      "I think you're onto something there Scotty.  Look how hard his little dick is."
      Ryan didn’t think his dick was "little" (it was about 5 1/2 inches) but he was hard as a rock.  
      "Yeah. What fag boi wouldn’t be hard at the thought of this?" Scotty groped himself through the towel.   
      Fuck! He was hung.  Ryan couldn't take his eyes off what looked to be eight inches... and not yet fully hard.  He just stood and stared.
      "You know what we have here lads?"  The third man spoke for the first time.  He was a bit shorter than the other two, maybe 5’ 10”, but was the most muscular of them.  His hair was dark like Ryan's but his eyes were brown.  "I think you've found a virgin."
      The ginger smiled and seemed, suddenly, to be friendly.  He put his arm around Ryan's shoulder.. Ryan couldn’t stop himself from inhaling a deep breath of the man's musk and sweat.  He smelled soooo good.
      "Is that true, boi?  Are you hiding a cherry under that towel?"
      "Well... kinda.  I mean I've sucked a guy off before."
      "Thats just foreplay."  The guy in the trackies laughed.  "If you've never had a dick in your ass, you're a virgin."
      Unsure what to say, Ryan just nodded. 
      "That's shameful!". The ginger man said with mock seriousness.  "I can't believe some guy hasn't claimed that prize yet.   A fine piece of ass like you.” He turned to his friends and winked.  “I think we should help him out lads."
      The other two nodded and agreed.  Not even trying to hide their smiles. 
      "You want that, boi?   You want me to fix that ‘cherry problem’ of yours?"
      Ryan looked at the three studs who now had circled him.  Like sharks.  Hungry sharks.  Hungry — and very sexy — sharks.  He took another whiff of the ginger man’s musk... he smelled like walking sex.  A wet dream come true.  "Please...?" was the only word he could form. 
      "Good boi.". The third man, the muscular one with dark hair, smiled.  "I'm Troy.  This... " he gestured vaguely at the guy in track pants.  "... is Connor.   And you probably figured out that this ginger fucker’s name is Scotty."
      "I'm ... I'm Ryan." He couldn’t believe his luck at meeting up with these three chavs.  Or scallies as they called them here in Manchester. 
      "Where you from, Ryan?".  Connor asked as the three lads led him deep into the sauna... back to one of the areas with booths he had walked by earlier.
      "Oh.  We've got a posh boi here lads.  Best be on good behaviour."
      "No. No. Really... just be yourselves.   I ... um... I like it."
      "Just yanking your chain, boi.  Relax. You here at Uni then?"
      Ryan nodded, delighted as they seemed to ease him into their little group.  
      "I never had much use for school myself.”  Connor said.  “Too many bullshit rules.”
      "Enough chatter.” Scotty interrupted.  “The only thing Ryan here needs to worry about right now is my popping his cherry and setting him free."
      Ryan blushed but his cock strained even harder under his towel. 
      Troy opened a booth door and gestured for Ryan to enter.  The booth was filled wall to wall with a large mattress (if that was the right word.... more of a big cushion or pad) which was elevated enough that they had to climb in.   It was large but still a little cramped when the four of them were all in and the door closed. 
      It hadn’t occurred to Ryan until that moment that there would be witnesses to his deflowering. He wasn't entirely comfortable with the thought but didn’t want to look like a pussy in front of these guys and ruin his chance.  
      Troy surprised him by pulling him in for a kiss. His mouth tasted of cigarettes and beer.  Ryan wasn’t crazy about smoking ...  but was too turned on to care.  
      Troy lay down to the mattress, pulling Ryan down on top of him... which served to raise his ass up a bit.  Scotty pulled the university student's towel off.  
      The ginger man leaned over on top of Ryan so he could whisper in his ear. "You've got a lovely arse here, Ry.  I'm gonna love WRECKING it."
      Ryan looked up nervously.  
      "Ignore him.  He just likes messing with you." Connor assured him.  "But... well... he IS big.  Especially for your first time.  I do have something that can help though..."  He pulled out a small brown bottle from a pocket on his trackies.  
      "I don’t think I want to do any drugs..."
      "Oh its not like that.  Just poppers. They just help you relax."
      "I'm not sure..."
      "Connor is right.".  Troy said beneath him.  "They really will help.  Just give them a quick try.  If you don't like them, no harm done... right?"
      Ryan nodded reluctantly.  He reached for the bottle but Connor shook his head.  
      "You’d better let me hold them.  The last thing you want to do is spill them down your nose. Here, just take a big sniff..."
      A moment later and Ryan felt warm.  Like he was blushing.  And then just a little woozy.   But he barely noticed as Scotty buried his face in his crack and started licking his hole.  
      "Oh. My. Fuck!".  Ryan moaned. 
      The bottle was back under his nose.  
      "Sniff." Connor said.  
      Ryan didn't argue. 
      Jared looked out the window of the bar.  He didn't really expect Ryan to give up or come to his senses so quickly, but he hoped he would.
      They were perfect for each other.  It was so obvious to him.  He couldn't understand why Ryan didn't see it. 
      He hoped that, by letting Ryan "sow his wild oats", he would get this nonsense out of his system and be ready to settle down as boyfriends.  
      He took another sip of his diet cola and decided to give Ryan a bit longer to come find him.
      Ryan was in heaven.   Scotty’s tongue, and the occasional finger, was still buried in his ass and Troy’s lips were still locked with his.  The poppers had left him so horny he could scream.  
      Connor lifted his head up.  “I’m feeling left out, Essex boy.  Why don’t you use your mouth on this?”  
      He pulled his trackies down with one hand, just far enough to free his dick, and with the other hand pulled Ryan’s face into his crotch.  
      Ryan opened his mouth and swallowed the cock.  It wasn’t quite as long or thick as Scotty’s but it was still the biggest he had ever had in his mouth.  He couldn’t help but gag a bit.  
      Troy had the poppers now and placed them next to his nose.  “Sniff, Ryan.”
      Ryan obeyed.  Scotty had gotten a bit more aggressive with his fingers now... but the poppers helped him handle that as well.  Troy had told him that Scotty needed to stretch his hole so he could enjoy his first fuck more. Ryan just wished the ginger was more careful with his fingernails... he was feeling a bit scraped up.  
      Then... the tongue and fingers were withdrawn. 
      “You ready?  You ready for me to pop that cherry and make you the slut you were born to be?”
      Ryan pulled his mouth off of Connor’s cock but Troy held him tightly enough from below that he couldn’t really turn around to look at Scotty. “Fuck me!” 
      “Bossy little bitch, aren’t ya.”  Scotty sneered.   He started running his cock up and down along Ryan’s ass.
      “Um.  You’re going to use a condom, right?”  Ryan pointed to the container on the wall that held condoms and lube.
      “Of course, boy.  The lads and I always play safe.”  
      Ryan couldn’t tell if Scotty was being sarcastic or if that was just the way he always talked.  
      “You shouldn’t use those condoms though.”  Troy told him. “There are guys who will tamper with them.  We always bring our own...so we know what condition they are in.”
      “Oh cool.  Thank you guys.”  Ryan still couldn’t turn around but he could hear the condom being opened and rolled on Scotty’s cock. 
      “Here.  Give me your hand.”  Scotty ordered. 
      Ryan reached his hand back and Scotty placed his fingers around the big — no, massive — cock that was about to penetrate him.  He could feel the johnny firmly in place. He felt some cold gel applied to his hole and pushed in with a couple fingers. There was a slight tingling sensation. 
      “Lube with a numbing effect.”  Scotty told him.  “Will make your first time easier.”
      Ryan smiled nervously.  “I’m really glad my first time is with you.  You making this so perfect.  Thank you.”  
      “No worries.” Connor replied.  “Maybe a boy like you knows, deep down, that he needs what we have to give him.”
      Ryan didn’t understand but didn’t have time to think about it as he felt the invader pressing against his hole.  
      Scotty slapped his ass.  “Don’t tighten up.”
      “Just relax and push down on his cock.”  Troy said below him.  
      “Better fill his mouth with that dick of yours, Connor.”  Scott ordered.  “I think he’s going to be a loud one.”
      Ryan didn’t resist as Connor’s cock filled his mouth again.  And he tried to push back as Troy had suggested.  
      But it hurt.  Oh fuck!  It hurt. 
      Troy held the poppers under his nose again.  He sniffed deep.  
      Scotty slapped his ass again.  Harder.  Much harder.  Startling him.    But, apparently, it was enough to make his hole spasm open...  as he found Scotty had managed to push the thick head of his uncut cock in.  
      It felt like someone had shoved a cricket bat up his ass.  He tried to cry out... but with Connor’s dick in his mouth it just sounded like moans.  
      “Oh, fuck yeah.”  Scotty grunted.  “Your cherry will always be mine.”
      “You’re doing good.”  Troy assured him.  “Now push back and let him get more inside.”
      Ryan’s eyes were watering with the pain but he did as instructed.  He had done it.  He had a cock in his ass.  And now, despite the pain, he wanted more.  
      Scotty was not patient but it still took several minutes before that big cock bottomed out inside him.  Before he finally felt Scotty’s heavy balls slapping his ass. 
      Scotty slowly pulled back until just the head was inside.  Then back again balls deep.  Out. And in.  
      After a few minutes of this action, Scotty pulled all the way out.  Ryan could feel Scotty’s hands behind him, doing something.  He had a moment of panic... was Scotty taking the condom off?  He reached back but could still feel the condom there.  
      “Don’t worry, slut.  The condom was just sliding a bit... so I’m pulling it on me tighter. “
      And then the cock was back in.  Thrusting in.  And sliding out.  
      A few minutes later and Scotty pulled out again.  He rubbed some more lube in Ryan’s hole.  
      Connor leaned over Ryan, looking at his friend’s cock with a smile.  “You’d better pull the condom REALLY tight.  Make sure it stays on.” 
      Ryan could feel Scotty’s hands stretching the condom tight behind him.  After a moment Scotty groaned slightly.  
      “Fuck yeah.  Just like that.”  Connor said with a smile.  
      As the cock went in, Ryan decided the extra lube was really helping.  This felt amazing.  Better than it had just a moment or two earlier.  
      Still, he reached back, trying to be subtle.  The cock was deep in his hole but he could still feel the base of the condom so he breathed a sigh of relief. 
      “I’m starting to think you don’t trust me, boi.”  
      “I’m sorry, I’m just nervous.”
      “Shhh.”  Connor said.  “Just get that mouth back on my cock.”
      Ryan did but couldn’t really focus on it. Connor, however, seemed content to just let it sit there for now.  
      Scotty’s thrusts were getting stronger.  More erratic.  The cock seeming to swell up even more inside him.  Every man knows what that means.
      Instinctively, Ryan started pushing back harder. Into the fuck.  And was rewarded. 
      “Yeah.  You’re pushing me over the edge! Here it cums, you slut.”
      Scotty kept thrusting as he came before finally collapsing on Ryan’s back.  His breath escaping in ragged bursts.  
      After a few moments he pulled himself out of the hole and sat up.  
      Connor withdrew his cock from Ryan’s mouth and Troy released his hold, allowing the student to sit up slightly and look around. 
      Scotty had already wrapped his towel around his waist and was throwing the used condom in a small trash can in the corner.  Ryan could just see the tip of the tattoo under the towel and again wondered what it was.  
      Scotty smirked.  “Looks like I may have used too much lube.  It’s dripping out of you.”
      Connor moved behind him.  “Yeah, man.  That is a lot of ‘lube’.  It would be a shame to let that go to waste.”  He started rubbing his cock against Ryan’s hole.
      It took the student a moment to realise what Connor wanted.  “Um.  I don’t know.  I’m a little sore.”
      “Oh come on.”  Troy frowned.  “We’ve helped you lose your cherry.  Surely you wouldn’t hold out on us, would you?  Besides, neither of our cocks is as big as what you’ve already taken.  You’ll be fine.”
      “You both want to fuck me?”
      “Well not at the same time.  I don’t think you’re ready for that.  Yet.”  Troy winked up at him.  
      Ryan had to admit the cock rubbing against his hole was feeling good.  “You have more condoms, right?”  
      “Oh, yeah.  Lots more. Just like the last one.”
      “Let’s do it.”
      Ryan thought Connor’s grunt as he slipped into his no-longer-virgin ass was the most beautiful thing he had ever heard.  
      Connor’s style was so different than Scotty’s had been.  Where Scotty had thrust deliberately in and out, Connor’s were more like a rabbit fuck.  Short but very fast thrusts.
      He didn’t want to insult the guys again, so he didn’t let himself reach around to feel for the condom.  He had heard Connor opening it and say he had put it on.  Why would he lie? 
      Meanwhile, Troy kept kissing him, rubbing his nipples and dick, and giving him the poppers.  Scotty was sitting in the corner watching them all while playing with his now soft cock.  
      Connor reached the point of no return much quicker than Scotty had.  “Fuck yeah.  You little slut.  Your fucking tight hole is going make me shoot.” 
      Ryan realised he liked when they talked dirty to him.  It was like he was in one of the pornos he watched online.  “Yeah.  Do it. Fuck me like a slut.” 
      “Damn.  That was so fucking hot to watch.”  Scotty said a couple minutes later as Connor pulled out of Ryan. 
      “Yeah, you dirty fucker.”  Connor bantered with the redhead.  “I know you get off on watching me fuck.  You just wish it was your ass I was pegging.”
      “In your dreams.” Scotty sneered.  
      “Looks like I used too much lube as well.  Look at it flowing out of him now.”
      It was strange, Ryan couldn’t remember Connor adding more lube. He didn’t worry too much about it though. It was Troy’s turn. 
      Troy’s style was completely different from the other two fucks.  If Ryan had to describe it, he would say it was gentle.  Almost romantic.  It took Troy much longer to cum that the first two but he did eventually collapse on Ryan’s back after his cock spasmed deep inside him.  
      “Damn.”  He said as he pulled out.  “It looks like we all used a little much ‘lube’.  Your hole is a mess.  Looks like you might have bled a little as well.”
      Ryan sat up and felt his ass.  “Really?”
      “Don’t worry, it sometimes happens.  Especially your first time.  It will heal up in a day or two.  Nothing to worry about.”
      Ryan nodded.  His ass really was a mess. Whatever lube they had used was running out of his (now far less tight) hole and down his ballsack. 
      “That was fun, slut.”  Scotty said.  “Welcome to the club.”
      “The club?”
      “Yeah. The former virgin club I mean.” Scotty sneered at him.  It was a bit scary.  But very sexy.  “I doubt this will be the last time you get fucked.  Will it?”
      “No.  I liked it.  I really liked it.”
      “Fuck yeah you did.”  Connor added, pulling his trackies up.  “You’ve worn the three of us out.”
      He opened the door.  There were a few men outside listening to the action who looked in the opening door.  Their hungry looks made Ryan blush.    
      “Hope to catch you soon for a repeat.”  Troy smiled.  “We need to make sure that hole is well and truly broken in.”
      After they left, Ryan pulled the door closed but there was no latch.  
      He should go, he told himself.  If he knew Jared, he was still in a bar waiting for him.  But he was so drained.  He needed to rest for a few minutes first.   
      He flipped the light switch off, laid down on his belly (his butthole was pretty sore now), and closed his eyes.  Just for a minute he told himself... right before he fell asleep.  
      He woke with a start as he felt someone move on top of him.  
      “What the fu...”
      “Shhh, boy.” A stranger’s voice said to him. “I saw you in here with your juicy ass in the air and I could see what you want.”
      A hard cock pressed against his hole. He was so sore... but it felt so good.  He pushed back and let it enter him.  The stranger didn’t feel very fit or toned but, in the darkness, Ryan could ignore that.   
      The stranger used him hard.  Both of them grunting in exertion, thrusting together.  Until the stranger came and pulled out. 
      “Thanks.”  Was all the stranger said as he got off Ryan and climbed out of the booth. In the light from the corridor, Ryan had saw him for the first time.  The stranger looked to be about 60 with a flabby belly and a saggy ass.  
      That was the moment he realised that had never seen the stranger put on, or take off, a condom.  Had the old man just fucked him bare?  
      Ryan was ashamed.  He felt... dirty.  Truly slutty. And not in a good way. 
      He hurried out of the booth himself.  He didn’t even stop to shower on the way to the lockers.  Five minutes later he was out the door and back on the street.  
      He didn’t think he could face Jared right now. He headed home telling himself he would talk to his friend tomorrow.   
      He hurried into his apartment and to the toilet.  Trying to push out anything inside him.  But he didn’t see anything but more lube like Scotty, Connor, and Troy left behind. He breathed a sigh of relief.  
      His phone rang.  
      Not tonight he decided.  He would talk to Jared tomorrow. He turned his phone off and took a shower.  
      It was past closing time.  Jared shivered in the cold night air outside the bars as he slipped his phone back in his pocket.  
      He never should have let Ryan go into that place.  He had been gone for hours and now wasn’t answering his phone. 
      There was only one thing to do.  He would have to go in and find his friend and get him out of there.  
      NEXT:  Jared and the jock
    • By 21subpup97
      Anyone know about the 269chillipepper hotel in brazil. Anyone ever been there?
    • By cumstick
      My name isn’t so important…what happened that is a story worth telling, you can decide if it’s worth reading.
      I am about 6’ good build, solid muscle and hung at eight thick inches.  Guys never complained, well, occasionally a guy would when I slid into his ass for the first time.  In any event, my experience was that once I had played with a guy, he would always tell me my cock was a good size and shape.
      I would go to the sex clubs, bath houses, cruise the guys on-line, always looking for next way to blow my load, be it in a guy's ass or while jerking off to porn or perhaps while watching guys fuck at the bath house.  Most days I would go to bed after shooting five or six loads throughout the day.  I was always sex hungry.  And I was almost always a top.
      I loved going to the sex club where I could flop my cock out of my pants, give it a few quick strokes to get it hard then wait for a hungry bottom to come by.   I particularly loved topping and breeding raw hole after raw hole, giving greedy, hungry bottoms what they wanted, which was, of course, my seed.  My favorite bottoms were the muscle studs with a bio-hazard or scorpion tattoo.  Sex with poz bottoms was always better.  Somehow they just knew how to give a great fuck.  Although I loved topping, a voice in the back of my head kept asking what a bottom felt when another guy shot his DNA deep into the bottom's ass.  Of course I could have bottomed and answered the question in my mind, but for one reason or another it simply never happened.  Until a bottom turned me into more of a sex pig than I was already.
      I was at the sex club hanging around with my cock hanging out keeping it in various states of arousal ranging from chubby to rock hard.  I spotted a muscle stud who was just standing looking kind of irritated.  If he was having a bad night, I certainly didn’t want to make it any worse, but I was curious as to why such a muscle stud so was upset he turned guys away left and right.  He could have played with any guy he wanted!  I found a spot where I could discreetly observe him.  Perhaps I could figure out what was going on.  If so, perhaps I would be able to mount the stud.
      The muscle stud stood about six feet tall, and was wearing a white wife beater that showed off his big shoulders, his large pecs and pair of nipples that gave every impression of needing some serious attention.  He was wearing basketball type shorts and no underwear, which was useful as I could see his rock hard cock, which was an amazing ten inches, made a a very visible protrusion in his shorts.
      I had been at the sex club about three hours.  I had fucked a few guys, and had been continually edging my cock, but hadn’t as of yet dropped a load.  Consequently my balls were starting to ache - the classic blue balls scenario.  The six foot muscle stud punched all my buttons.  I just had to breed him, and, I hoped, several times.
      The venue was a sex club, not a bath house, so there were no showers or private rooms just various play spaces and 'stalls' where those patrons who didn't want an audience could find a bit more privacy.  I, on the other hand, usually liked having an audience, so I positioned myself in front of an open stall just across the walkway from the muscle stud.  He could easily see me, and indeed we made occasional eye contact, but I made it a point to merely give him a general smile, and to remain stationary.  I decided there was no point in even trying to make a move on the muscle stud until I determined why he was so irritated.  And, I decided, being respectful of his space was a good place to start.
      Guy after guy would walk past, ogle his body then immediately try to grab his huge cock…that’s when he got irritated and I almost had my answer.  He looked over at me again saying “I might have a big cock that doesn’t mean I have any desire to use it” then he turned a bit to give me a peak of a big muscle butt.  I responded, “I don’t give a fuck about your cock, I want to put my tongue up that ass.”  For the first time he smiled walked past me motioning for me to follow him.
      We walked into one of the public large dark rooms where there was a padded fuck bench.  He immediately dropped his pants and bent over the bench as he was dropping his pants, I was dropping to my knees.  I needed to get my tongue up that perfect muscle ass, didn’t know if he had been fucked already and I would have some cum to eat or if I was his first and I didn’t care.  I wanted to eat it, suck on it, open it up and breed it then breed it again.  I was going to pound every drop of cum I had into this stud and I was sure he wanted it and could take it as rough as I wanted to give it.
      I shoved my face between his two perfect fuck globes I stuck my tongue out and licked him from his taint to the top of his crack with my tongue flat.  With my tongue flat and deep lick they get a nice run of sensation over their hungry hole and I get a good taste of sweat and sometimes seed that has already been pumped into them.  This guy was a bit different, I wasn’t sure if he had been fucked tonight I could taste a little lube but that was it and the lube could have meant that he just came prepared.
      I proceeded to eat that ass like it was the last hole I was ever going to eat.  I licked him up and down (stayed away from his cock), then putting my mouth around his hole and sucking on it making it open up in my mouth.  Sucking on a cum pig's hole will usually get me some seed to taste but not this time but he wasn’t relaxing his hole as much as most bottoms do.  However, I could tell he was really enjoying what I was going as he was really vocal about it and I REALLY enjoyed eating his muscle ass so both of us were very happy.
      I asked him to flip over on his back so I could eat that ass from a different angle, which he did.  To be honest, I also wanted to see those pecs of his - again.  As he turned I made a move to start taking his shirt off which he realized and took it off himself, there my new conquest stood, naked, bulging muscles, big pecs and the perfect nipples.  I asked him if they were wired and he pulled my face into his chest where I latched onto his nipple and worked it like was his ass.  His response was to moan just as he had while my tongue was up his hole.  I then switched nipples.  His pleasure was obvious.  I specifically didn't touch his cock, but made it a point to keep a firm hand on his rock hard ass, gently fingering his wet twitching hole.
      After taking a quick lick into each pit, relishing the stud bottom's perfect scent, he lay on his back, raised his legs in the air, spreading them wide.  His perfect muscle fuck mounds parted and there was my prize:  a perfect hungry pink hole that was hungry for a pounding and a seeding.
      The lights were dim so what I hadn’t noticed was the biohazard symbol tattooed on his hip, not particularly big as some tattoos go, but big enough to be easily seen if there was more light.  "Are you poz?" I asked.
      "Yeah, is that a problem?" he responded.
      "By no means - it's a bonus!" I replied as my tongue dove directly into his cum pig hole.  Knowing my new muscle cum pig was a poz muscle cum pig made everything more exciting, increasing my need to use him.  What I didn’t appreciate was, even considering the brief period of time he and I would play, he would nonetheless  have a substantial and lasting effect on me.
      --End of Part 1--
      Let me know what you guys think and I will continue the story.
    • By edgecub
      At the Hampton Inn Airport 1-4 March, looking to get as many loads as possible.  Can host in my room (can be anonymous) or can meet at your place or public spot.  Just load my hole!

    • By chunkychains
      As I stand here in my giant bathroom, inspecting my naked body in the massive mirror, I find myself thinking about the road that led me here.  I trace my fingers over the outlines of the amazing designs on my arms, and then reach up and touch the forbidding symbol on my left pec.  I then turn, first left and then right, craning my neck back to see the words imprinted on my buttocks.  If my former teammates could see me now.  If my ex-girlfriend could see me now.  That always makes me smile.
      My name’s Jake, and I’ve just turned 30.  I live on my own in this huge house, bought two years ago when my numbers came up.  But while I’m single, rarely a day goes by when there isn’t someone else here.  Whether it’s a guy or two I have in the house as a guest, or a whole group of them in the playroom I had built in the garage after I moved in, there’s nearly always someone on hand to keep me entertained.
      But it wasn’t always this way.
      Over the next few chapters I will tell you how I became what I became, the things I did that I never thought I would, and how I ultimately emerged as a thirty year-old bearing the words that would forever mark me as what I am now: CUM DUMP.
      My story starts when I was 26.  I had recently changed jobs, finally getting my break as a proper consultant after being stuck in a seemingly never-ending graduate cycle at my previous firm.  The rounds of interviews and assessments had been rigorous and taxing, but in the end it all paid off and I found myself finally getting somewhere with my career.  The extra money meant Rachel and I could move out of her parents’ place in Hertfordshire and rent a decent flat in Camden, gaining our independence as well as about two hours extra a day with the shorter commute.
      The new job was hard going, but I loved being thrown in at the deep end and getting to show what I was capable of.  Over time I earned praise from my managers and the colleagues around me, and was eventually assigned to a new project that I had been hoping to get on since I found out about it.  I was going to be working as part of a team with some great guys, getting to travel to various European offices of the client who had commissioned the introduction of the new system we had developed.  Lisbon, Barcelona, Milan, Munich, Stockholm, and many more, all paid for by the firm.  I was so excited, although my mood was dampened by Rachel somewhat when she got in a huff about me travelling to all these places without her.  She could be hard work sometimes.
      The first trip was to Lyon in France, and I excelled by being able to surprise the others with my competent grasp of French, a gift from the long hours I had spent being taught French by my maternal grandmother, a native to France.  The trip went really well, and by the end of it my more senior colleagues in the team were no longer treating me like the new boy.  Then came Barcelona, and that’s when everything changed.
      The job in Barca was a bit smaller as the client only had a small outpost there.  As such, only four of us went this time, comprising me, Ben, Mitchell and Rob.  Ben was the senior on the trip, whilst Mitch and Rob had been at the company for only a year or so longer than had I, so we were pretty much equals.  To save a bit of money, (and as it was only for three nights), we were sharing two twin rooms in the hotel.  Whereas normally at least the senior would get his own room and then the rest of us either sharing or also getting singles.  As Mitch and Rob were good friends, it was only natural they took one of the two rooms, whilst Ben and I took the other.
      On the first night two guys and one of the women from the client’s office took us out for dinner, before leaving us to explore some of the bars in the old town.  However, we were all a bit tired from the journey so didn’t stay out late.  The next day was a busy one, but by late afternoon we were done with what we could do, pending some overnight process work the client’s IT people needed to do.  As such, we headed back to the hotel to change, and then went out for the early evening.
      The drink and tapas flowed, and dinner never really happened.  Mitch and Rob were then up for going to a club, but I could see Ben was enthused as the prospect of a late night, so I suggested that the two of us just call it a night and maybe have a nightcap in the hotel bar.  I was actually quite keen to go clubbing, but I didn’t want to be crashing into the room and waking my senior colleague at whatever time in the night, especially as I was making such a good impression with everyone at the firm.
      So, sure enough, Ben and I found ourselves back at the hotel.  We both got a drink, G&T for Ben, a rum and coke for me, and then sat in the comfy surroundings to chat.  Ben was 34 and single, which I found surprising as he was a very handsome man.  Tall, well-built, well-dressed, charming and funny, he seemed like the sort of guy who would have his choice of women.  Or men.  I didn’t actually know which team he played for, but didn’t want to pry too much and it really didn’t matter anyway.
      We finished our drinks and headed upstairs, both of us declaring that we wanted a shower before bed as it had been a clammy night in the city.  Ben went first, and then when he came out of the bathroom wearing a towel I headed in to get myself clean.  When I’d finished showering the bathroom was so full of steam that I concluded I’d never get dry in there, so did as Ben had done and went out into the room with just a towel on.  To my surprise, Ben was still just wearing his towel, and he looked up at me and smiled as I padded past his bed to my own.
      “Wow, you’re built” he said to me as I passed.  I blushed.
      “Er, yeah, I work out” I said.  I was actually pretty proud of my body, all 6’1” of it.  I worked out several times a week, jogged regularly, ate healthily, and kept my chest shaved and smooth the way Rachel liked it.
      “You should show it off more” Ben said, his eyes on me.  “Your shirts are way too loose.”
      Oh man, he had been noticing what I wore.  Well, that answered that question I guessed:  Ben must be gay.  Strangely enough, I felt a stirring in my own loins as his gaze rested on me.
      “Oh, 'er, you think?” I mumbled.
      “Hell yeah” he said, “don’t put in all that work just to waste it on your girlfriend!”  He laughed, and after a moment I laughed too, although I think it was more nervous laughter than anything.
      “Thanks” I said, blushing harder.  “I didn’t realise, 'er, you were, 'er, noticing.”
      Ben gave me a warm smile.  “I’m not the only one who’s noticed” he said.  “You’re pretty popular in the office.”
      I blushed again, and awkwardly shifted position on the bed.  As I did so, my towel loosened and slipped, basically leaving me sitting there naked.  I hurriedly tried to sort it out, but only got it into more of a tangle.
      “Don’t” Ben said softly.  I stopped wrestling with the towel and looked up at him.  “Let me see.”
      I don’t know why, perhaps it was the buzz from the rum, but I slowly released my grip on the towel and let it fall beside me.  I then swung my legs off the mattress and slowly stood up in the gap between our beds, locking my stare on Ben as he gazed back at me.  His eyes were making their way up and down my body in the most lustful way anyone had ever looked at me, and I saw him give his lips a small lick.  He wanted me so badly, and something about this situation had my heart racing.  My dick started to swell and rise, until I was standing before him with a massive boner, almost starting to pant.  What the fuck was happening to me?  Wasn’t I straight?
      Ben looked for a bit longer, and then started to scoot across his own bed towards me.  He deliberately removed his own towel on the way so that he too was naked, and then he was sitting there in front of me, staring straight ahead at my dick.  Instinctively I shuffled forward a bit, and he leaned in, opened his mouth and swallowed me whole.
      “Fuuuuuuck” I groaned, having never felt a blowjob like this.
      He then reached both his hands behind and roughly gripped my arse, pulling me in towards him even more.  His head started going back and forth on my cock like a jackhammer, the suction on my dick like an industrial hoover.  I put my hands on his shoulders to steady myself, and gradually gripped him tighter as he brought me towards orgasm.
      Then, rather abruptly, he let go of my arse and pulled his mouth off my dick, causing me to stagger back slightly.  I snapped out of my reverie and looked down at him.
      “Turn around” he said, turning his head up to face mine.
      “What?” I asked, a little all over the place.
      “Just do it” he said, suddenly sounding rather stern.
      I just did as instructed and turned around, not sure what was coming next.  Then he grabbed my hips and pulled me backwards towards him, reaching up to push the small of my back so that I would bend forwards.  I put my hands on my thighs to steady myself, and then the next thing I knew his face was in my arse.  His tongue was lapping at my hole, and the room seemed to be exploding with fireworks.  I had never felt anything like this in my life.  It was fucking amazing!  I’m not sure, but I think I must have been moaning and groaning for England as he gave me my first ever rimjob.
      He kept this up for a while, actually getting his tongue into my hole, and then he pulled his face out.  Before I could turn or straighten up I felt his fingers in there instead, gently prodding and poking at me.  I then understood that I was going to be fucked.
      Ben must have planned something like this, or maybe he was just in the Scouts once and was thus always prepared, but he had stashed a tube of lube in the drawer of the bedside table.  He briefly paused the fingering to open the drawer, grab his supply and lube up his fingers.  He then started to apply much more pressure with them, pushing one, then two, and then I think three fingers into me.  All the while I just continued to stand there, bent over in front of him seemingly inviting him to carry on doing what he was doing.  I could say I was paralysed with fear or something, but in truth I was loving it and was suddenly really excited to see what this was going to be like.  I’d never really thought about it before, but that didn’t seem to matter.  The drink must have been a factor, or at least that’s what I tell myself these days.
      His fingers started to hit something inside of me, and my silence turned to moans.  This only spurred him on, until he was really going to town on me with his fingers.  Then, as before, it all stopped abruptly.
      “Get on the bed” he commanded, “on your hands and knees.”
      I didn’t even pause.  I just moved forward, crawled on to the bed and waited.  He grabbed my ankles and pulled me back a bit, and then I heard the splooging sound of some more lube being squeezed out of the tube.  The pressure returned on my hole, but it was spongier and fatter than any of the fingers had been.
      “Let me in” he said gruffly.  I didn’t know what that meant, but I instinctively pushed back and must have done whatever it was that was needed as he popped inside.  It startled me and gave me a brief flash of pain, but that soon subsided.  He then pushed steadily in to me, making me feel fuller than I ever had before.  As he got deeper it started to hurt a little more, particularly as he was going into territory his fingers had not reached, but I gritted my teeth, closed my eyes and forced myself not to pull off him.  Then the pushing stopped, I felt the roughness of his pubes on my buttocks, and I knew I had his whole cock inside.
      He didn’t give me any time to adjust, instead starting a steady rhythm on my whole, thrusting his cock in and out in substantial strokes.  A dull pain was radiating from my arse, but something else was there as well and it felt amazing.  As the pain started to subside, my whole body started to tingle as he fucked me.  The feelings were incredible, and I couldn’t stop myself from pushing back against him, trying to get more of his cock in me, trying to make him fuck me harder.
      And fuck me harder he did.  If I thought he was like a jackhammer when sucking me earlier, it was as nothing compared to what he could do with his cock.  Pneumatic drills are gentler on tarmac than the treatment I was getting, but it was pure ecstasy.  He fucked me for 20 minutes, and then started groaning.
      “I’m cumming” he grunted, suddenly accelerating his pace even more.  Then he stopped, yelled out and held in position as a curious warm feeling filled my rear end.
      “Fucking take it” he grunted as he unloaded in me, breeding me like the bitch he was turning me into.  I just knelt there on my hands and knees as I was filled with cum for the first time, loving the sensation as his cock pulsed inside me.
      Then, and again rather abruptly, he pulled out and collapsed backwards on to his bed.  I felt some cum running down my leg, and began to crawl backwards off the bed with the intention of going to the bathroom to clean up.  But as I turned round I saw Ben lying on his back panting, I noticed his cock was still erect and covered in juice.  Perhaps it was a case of being in for the penny, in for the pound, but I just couldn’t help myself from dropping to my knees, leaning forward and taking it into my mouth.
      The taste of his juices, the lube and, I guess, my own arse was intoxicating.  As I sucked and licked him clean I started furiously wanking my own cock, getting off on the feeling of more of him leaking from my rear end as I did so.  In no time I blew on to my torso, the bedspread and the carpet.  I then collapsed back on to the floor, panting and exhausted.
      Neither of us said anything for a while, but then I got up and started making my way to the bathroom.  I got in there, and turned to face the mirror so I could look at myself.  I was glistening with sweat, but otherwise looked like me.  I felt different, but the man staring back at me was still me, at least outwardly.
      Then Ben came into the bathroom as well, and turned to face the mirror too.  We looked into each other’s eyes via the reflection, until I noticed his cock starting to rise again.  I stared at it coming back up to full mast, and then looked back up to his face.  He was smirking at me, and then moved to step behind me.  I leaned forward a little, and he just planted his cock between my cheeks and pushed into me again.
      This time he fucked me more tenderly, with none of the jackhammering of before.  Throughout, I kept my eyes either focused on my own face, or looking back at his has he slightly grimaced from the exertion of reaming me.  My own cock also came back to life so I started stroking myself, adding that to the things I watched in the reflection.  After about 15 minutes Ben accelerated, and I focused on watching the reflection of my own face as I felt him shooting a second load into my sloppy hole.  Again, it was still me, but this was a me with a cock shooting cum into his arse.
      When he was done spurting his load into me, Ben caught my gaze in the reflection.  Smiling, he gave me a wink, withdrew his cock and swiftly left the bathroom.  I just stood there, once again with cum dripping out of me, gazing at myself in the mirror.  I felt awesome.
      I got myself cleaned up a bit, and then went back out in the bedroom.  Ben was in bed properly, and was clearly asleep.  I headed for my own bed, but then turned to look back at him.  The temptation was too great, and I just climbed in.  He stirred as I did so, wrapping his arm around me.  I briefly lay there facing him, but then turned so he was spooning me.  He pulled me in a bit tighter, and then we were both still.  I reached out and switched off the lights, plunging the room into darkness.
      Inside, I knew that I would wake up with a right clusterfuck going on in my mind, but for now I was exhausted, a little sore and in the comforting arms of a man who had just shown me a whole new side of myself.  Sleep came quickly.

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