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LONDON ANON CUMDUMP 29.09.17-01.10.17

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Hi guys,

I am visiting London at the end of September and looking to take as many loads as possible over the weekend COMPLETELY ANON.

I'll be advertising my arse out on grindr, BBRT and on here for a NO LOAD REFUSED policy.

I need to know which hotel is best to book on a budget which will allow lots of guys to cum and go? I've currently got Travelodge Vauxhall booked (I can cancel), but I believe there is a key card for each floor? People have previously mentioned putting selotape on the door latch on whichever floor I am on so I'm thinking of that option at the moment but if anyone's got any better suggestions of more ideal hotel's PLEASE let me know???

Much appreciated ;)




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Sounds good to me. Not sure about access to floors there. Maybe Holiday Inn Express Vauxhall? Days Inn Waterloo (not that far from there)? 

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I use ibis Euston no key card required for lifts. Busy. Central. Cheapish.  there is another post in here on hotels somewhere

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Thanks guy... have now booked Ibis Euston... can be cancelled still so if anyone else has any other recommendations they are still welcome

BBRT is cumholes87 ill set up an event on there soon

i've never took even one anon load before but started prep last year and have proudly become a total BB cumpig, the thought of anon sends me wild so i'm planning to get a good 30 loads over this weekend please feel FREE to give me your nut

anyone got any tips for how best to get the best out of my weekend? 

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17 hours ago, SaunaDaddy said:

Hit the sauna. We all fuck BB and you'll not be disappointed 

I'll no doubt do a few saunas/sex clubs over the weekend so hopefully i'll get your load too ;)

mainly wondering though if anyones got any tips on how i make the most of my time being face down ass up in my hotel room taking anon loads...  be the best cumslut available in london  ?

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