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    Some days you just aren’t sure what to do.  I had a few days off because I was at the limit my employer allowed me to save and needed to use them or lose them.  I had no plans.  I thought about going to the bathhouse in Houston, but Harvey ruined that.  Maybe the one in Orlando?  I had a great time there last summer but Irma has all flights in and out of central Florida halted and millions without power.  Maybe travel isn’t a good idea this week.


    Lucky for me there is an adult bookstore with a theater about twenty minutes away.  It’s not in the best neighborhood, but daytime isn’t all that busy so it’s relatively safe.  Lots of elderly though, mostly cocksuckers fighting Mother Nature that can’t get it up or cum without prescription assistance.  They can get aggressive and their actions do tend to run off the younger men.  But they know me and leave me alone to do my thing.  Which is bending over and taking on all comers, even them sometimes.


    With that plan in mind I head to the shower to clean inside and out.  After three enema bags, I put on my jockstrap, lube the butt plug up and shove it in to open my ass a little bit.  Tight is one thing, but too tight and those semi-hard cocks would never get in.  I double check to see that I’m clean and head to the ABS, stopping at the bank to get about $50 in singles for the arcades.


    It’s too quiet upon arrival.  Just the clerk and me.  A young girl, but streetwise, she all but ignores me.  She takes my money, gives me change in singles for the booths and a bottle of water, and goes back to the series she is watching on her laptop.  She’ll watch a whole season by the end of her shift.


    I go into the theater first which is really two theaters, straight and gay, in adjoining rooms.  I adjust the TV volume which is always too loud.  Hopefully I won’t be alone for long as the lunchtime crowd should be here soon.  I take off my shorts, lube up, and walk around both rooms in my jockstrap.  I can think of no better way to advertise what I’m there for than to have my ass exposed and nothing else.  There isn’t much chance of police activity and the employees don’t come in unless there is a problem so it feels great to be in a public space nearly naked.   


    I can hear the cash register out front.  Someone is coming in.  Yes!  It’s one of my regulars.  He is married, and he doesn’t like crowds so he’ll get what he needs quickly before someone else comes in.  He sees me and comes to join me behind the half wall at the back of the room.  He’s a good looking dude, 35 or so, decent build and a 7” inch dick.  It’s dark, but my favorite sound is clear.  That zipper is coming down.  I’m on my knees before him in seconds.


    “I saw your car outside.  Thought I might come in for a minute.”   I mumbled something back that wasn’t really clear as the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat.  I know he likes it slow, wet and with lots of hand action, not up and down but soft twisting all around the shaft.  Soon enough he urges me up and over to the end seat.  


    No further words are needed.  I lean over the back, place my hands on the armrests, and he slides it in slowly but firmly.  I wince as he hits bottom, then slowly starts to pull back.  Then a forward thrust all the way back in.  I try to relax but he’s hitting deep, being first cock of the day and all.  I’m exhaling loudly as he increases his pace, the friction starting to burn as the lube wears away.  He’s in the zone now.  He puts his two hands on the back of my shoulders and pulls me deeper onto his shaft.  Then he stops and holds.  He’s unloading into me now.  I wish I could feel it.  But I know he’s finished.  Two soft pats of his hand on my ass tells me that as he pulls out and zips up.  Without a word he leaves.  I’ve done my part for him.  He’ll be back and again I’ll do what is expected of me.  That’s my job.


    I pull my butt plug out of my shorts pocket.  As much as I enjoy the feel of cum spilling out of my ass and down my legs, I know there isn’t enough yet.  I’m wanting more cum and the first load is just lube for the next guy.  I push it in to hold whatever gift he gave me.


    I return to standing behind the wall in my jockstrap.  I realize I didn’t even pull out my poppers for that first fuck.  I take a short hit just to see if how strong it is.  The bottles they sell today are weak as fuck, most counterfeit labeled with the true ingredients unknown to anyone.  This was no different.  I’ll save them for that really big cock today that I’m not sure I can take.


    I hear the register drawer close.  Another guy coming in.  Crap.  It’s a couple.  Why do straight couples come in before lunch?  They’re new.  And it looks like she is fairly attractive, but nervous and clinging tightly to her man.  They aren’t here for me and I’m not here for pussy.  I am the pussy here. They need to be alone to get comfortable.  I slip on my shorts and head out of the theater to the arcades.


    There are three booths, side-by-side with gloryholes between them.  The booths are small with just a folding chair and the TV.  I enter the middle booth, strip off my shorts again, pull out the butt plug and put my dollar in which is good for about six minutes.  I’m not going anywhere for awhile, at least not until the couple leaves the theater.  I fold up the chair, lean it against the wall, and put my ass up against the 4” gloryhole to practice here exactly to stand to be perfectly lined up.  It’s a tight fit, especially for tall and short people.  LOL.


    A few minutes later someone enters the booth to my left.  My ass is still lined up.  I stick another dollar in the machine.  I used to look to see who it is, but I no longer want to know.  Many times an ass against the hole is a big turnoff and the person who entered the booth will leave right away.  But this one did not.  In fact he put his own dollar in.  Game on!


    First it’s a finger.  Then two, pushing into my hole.  Next comes the cock.  It only take a moment and he’s in.  I bend over at the waist to take it deeper.  The lube disappears quickly and I realize he is wearing a damn condom.  Shit.  Shit.  Shit.  Oh well.  He finishes quickly, pulls back and takes the condom off, drops it on his floor and leaves.  


    I stand up to stretch as someone enters the other booth.  I shift over, drop to my knees and have a look.  It’s an older gentleman.  Instead of reaching for his zipper, he shifts the chair and sits down with his face near the hole.  Just another cocksucker.  I ignore him, stand back up and put my ass back against the opposite hole.  After another two dollars, he gives up and goes.


    My patience is soon rewarded.  The door in back of me opens again.  This time there is no foreplay.  I feel a hard cock nudging at my hole.  I bend over and it slides in.  I can hear him sigh as he feels the warmth and comfort inside.  He’s in no hurry.  He’s wants a bit of a ride first.  I’m looking at the other gloryhole and a white dick comes through.  Not too bad, but hard to suck it deep when I’m bent over.  But he was ready and shot his load into my mouth pretty quickly.


    I hear some voices talking in back of me.  I can now tell it is black men talking.  Whoever was fucking me isn’t alone.  They are conversing about something when the guy in my ass pulls backs.  In that moment while I was still wondering if the guy who pulled back came in me I feel another cock taking his place pops right in.  The wall between us started shaking as he pounds in to me.  I hear him saying he is breeding me and he stiffened up.  I squeeze my asshole as tight as I can trying to pull in the last drop from his balls.  As quickly as he removes his cock what I think is the first cock slides back in.  A few minutes later he unleashes a squishy load into me, probably fueled by the one before him.  As he extracts himself, I stand up again only to see a dick coming through the opposite wall.  I put my plug back in and go to my knees and start sucking him off.  He pumps a good volume into my mouth and leaves.  I savor what I didn’t immediately swallow. 


    Time for a break.  I go back into the theater.  The couple is gone.  There are four guys, three whom are sitting including two black guys that have fucked me raw several times but likely don’t know I did the other, one middle-aged fat guy I knew to be a cocksucker, and a handsome guy in his twenties jacking off by the half wall.  Slowly I made my way back to the young guy who didn’t pull back as I approached.  I stop near him and he points to his cock and waves me over.  I shuck off my shorts, set them on the wall and kneel down to service him.  I made sure it was loud and slurpy so the others could hear what I was doing.  After a few minutes I hear a seat squeak and realized someone had gotten up and was coming back to where we were.  I kept sucking but got off my knees to a bent over stance.  Sure enough, one of the black dudes with a huge cock comes up behind me and starts playing with my hole.  He only barebacks and I need my poppers for this. I take a few huffs, then bend back to continue sucking the young guy.


    The guy in my mouth starts stroking his cock with his hands as my man in back of me shoves his rod into me making me have to pause to catch my breath.  He bends down near my ear and says, “I own you, bitch.  You know I’m going to take what I want.”  Hearing those words with me, the guy in my mouth gets excited and blows his load into my throat.  He pulls out and pulls back just as the other black guy makes his way to where the young guy had just been.  His cock was already out.  He didn’t ask.  He simply told me, “I think you can handle another one.” I start to slobber on his knob.  The young guy left the theater as the fat white guy came over to see what was happening behind the wall only to find me with two black dudes, one in my mouth and one in my ass.  Then they stopped being gentle.


    The next twenty minutes was a blur.  They repeatedly tag-teamed my ass until it hurt.  The previous loads had dried inside and the friction was making me hole heat up quickly.  Then one guy pulled out and started spitting on my ass, then shoved his cock back in.  He was slapping my ass (why do only black guys do that?) as he pitched in and up and around and then told me he was putting his babies into me and I should be thankful real men were reminding me of my place in life.  He pulled out and the other one took his place.  He remarked about how wet I just became and within seconds had shot his load in with the others.  I wanted to stand up but just kind of slid my way over towards the chair as the two black men left the room together.


    I thought I was done.  I was worn out and was ready to leave.  If a man could get knocked up, I was pregnant for sure.  My manhood long gone, I turned to see the fat white guy, cock in hand come up behind me.  He politely asked, “One more?”  Shit.  Okay.  I probably wouldn’t feel him anyway.  Then I slowly bent over the chair.

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4 hours ago, Malesack said:

......Then one guy pulled out and started spitting on my ass, then shoved his cock back in.  He was slapping my ass (why do only black guys do that?) as he pitched in and up and around and then told me he was putting his babies into me and I should be thankful real men were reminding me of my place in life.  He pulled out and the other one took his place.  He remarked about how wet I just became and within seconds had shot his load in with the others.  I wanted to stand up but just kind of slid my way over towards the chair as the two black men left the room together....



Well, this white guy slaps an ass--not constantly, but when I want to make it spasm and tighten down around my cock....

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That's a very sexy way to spend your day off! Nothing feels better than having your hole used and dumped in by random guys.

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On ‎9‎/‎13‎/‎2017 at 5:26 AM, FelchingPisser said:

Well, this white guy slaps an ass--not constantly, but when I want to make it spasm and tighten down around my cock....

Nothing beats a choke hold  for making a guy's asshole tighten up and spasm around your cock,   with the added benefit of being pretty quiet in case you're shagging some bloke with his wife sleeping in the next room.

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I've spent many a day off in the bookstore, waiting thru slow times for the next cock or hole to show up. One 9 hour visit yielded 8 loads down my throat, mostly older men, and 6 in my ass from all types. #6 was a short fat 50 something guy with dyed black goatee and hair. Kinda creepy looking, but a fat 7" cock that made me shoot while he fucked me.

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