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Anyone know about 269chillipepper Hotel?

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    • By ohvisit
      A week ago when I was in DC, I decided to cruise a building on a university campus to see if I could score any understall action. This particular building was known for its active cruising scene, and the posts online seemed to indicate it was safe for non-students. Fortunately I can blend in with the student body at this particular university. So around 4pm in the afternoon I made my way to the building, then up the stairs to the floor with the restroom that supposedly had the most cruising. I walk in, and it's totally empty. But it's easy to see why guys choose this place: the stalls are set far back from the door, and the door is so squeaky you have plenty of warning. I pick a stall in the middle, wondering how long I'll have to wait for someone else to show up. In less than five minutes, I hear the door open and footsteps leading to the stalls. I peek through the crack between the stall door and wall. It's the tall muscular black guy I had spotted in floor's lobby area on my way to the restroom. He quickly drops his pants and taps his foot, wasting no time to signal he wants to play. I tap my foot, but before he can even respond, the door opens again. I peek through the crack and watch a trim black guy, probably in his early 30s, enter the stall on the other side of me. He drops his pants, sits down on the toilet, and immediately taps his foot. I'm sandwiched between two black guys looking for action!
      I tap my feet to let both of them it's safe to play. The muscular guy drops to his knees and slides his legs under the stall. His cock is huge, at least 8" and thick. I get on my knees and start stroking his cock with my left hand. I motion with my right hand under the other stall, and the guy within seconds slides his legs under, presenting me with a second thick cock, probably around 7" long. The guy on my left reaches under and starts rubbing my ass. He pulls his hand back momentarily, returning it lubed with spit and getting my hole nice and wet. I spit into my hand and lube his cock. Knowing that someone might enter and disrupt our fun at any moment, I don't waste time. I quickly squat down onto his bare black cock, taking his entire length up my hole. As he starts to slide his cock in and out of my ass, I lean over and start blowing the other guy's hard cock. The guy fucking me starts to pound me hard, and I can hear his breathing increase. He moans loudly. I feel his thick cock pulse in my hole. His raw cock is loading me up with his cum. He pulls out fast, and I feel some of his load leak out of my hole. I quickly stand up and lower myself on the other cock, honestly not caring if he came here to fuck or if he was even willing to fuck raw. He didn't pull away, so I bounced on his cock until he started to push and pull in and out of my ass. Within maybe a minute he pushed in deep and held his cock buried all the way in me, giving me his load. I squeezed my hole tightly as he pulled out, hoping to keep as much of the cum in me as possible. 
      After the guys left, no one else entered for the next ten minutes. I pushed the loads out into my hand and licked up the warm gooey sperm. I jerked off and left, feeling fulfilled for the day.
    • By PussyBoyKristy
      i wound up getting 6 guys to fuck me in the room as i sucked off 3 

    • By PopperMeUp79
      Got into Atlanta last night, staying in a hotel downtown. This morning I had some time and logged into BBRTS. Chatted a few guys, but everyone was one their way to work. One guy hit me up who was working down the block and was thinking he could come over. There were long pauses in his messaging, so I figured he was either at work or flaking. He also never unlocked his pics, though I didn’t ask him to, either. I liked the vibe in his messages and the cock pic. Meanwhile another guy hits me up from one of the other hotels in the area; he seems pretty serious, and we get chatting. The first guy responds again, saying he’s on his way and needs the room number and asking which tower I am in. The latter part of the question told me he knew the hotel and had visited here before.
      The first guy arrives wearing his work clothes and a light jacket. Handsome bearish guy, about 5’11” with dark hair and a beard. I was immediately attracted and glad I took the risk. I’m wearing nothing but jogging pants which I shuck as he pulls out his soft cock. I drop to my knees and start sucking. I quickly felt his cock responding in my mouth, gradually getting firmer and filling more of my mouth. I took a hit of poppers and went down on him again. His cock grew to an easy 7 1/2 inches, thick head, and getting wider at the base. I was wondering how much work it would be to take him. 
      I stood up, reached for the lube n the nightstand, and slicked his cock. I had pre-lubed my hole with a little Vaseline while he was on his way up. I laid back on the bed with my ass at the edge, He didn’t even both undressing, just pushed his pants down to his thighs and pulled up his shirt tails — it was hot! This guy was strictly here for some hole and his own pleasure. He posoiioned his cock at my hole while I took a long drag on my poppers. He slid in slowly, and my hole stretched right around that thick piece. I was kinda surprised how easily it went. He started pumping, standing over me fully dressed while I was butt ass naked in front of him. He pounded away, his face showing how much he was enjoying himself. 
      “Fuck that hole is tight.”
      I could tell this was gonna be a quick fuck, so I focused on how hot his raw cock felt. He used long strokes, thrusting back in and drawing out fairly quickly. I was grunting and encouraging him, flexing my ass muscles to help milk his cock. His eyes were locked on me and he grinned. 
      “What did you come to do?” I asked him.
      ”Breed you.” He started pumping faster, and breathing heavier. His thrusts were harder now, and his head rolled back. “Fuck Yeah!” He says. And he’s pounding away. I knew he was feeling his cum shot building. He finally lets loose, spraying his load inside me. His face was a grimace as he edged between intense pleasure and hypersensitivity that was almost painful for his cock. I clenched my ass muscles, trying to drain his cock. “Push it all the way in me.” He stayed in me, panting, for a good minute or two. Then pulls out. I could feel some of his cum beneath the head of his cock ooze out and down my hole as he pulled out. He pulled up his pants and headed for the door. Quick exchange of thank you’s, and he was gone. No names, though he dropped me a note on BBRTS later saying thanks and how hot my hole was.
      The second guy showed up about half hour later. Thinner and shorter, he had a nice cock. I was more into the first guy, but had agreed to meet so I was obligated to give up my hole. He told me he was poz, and I said I’m neg and on prep. This was a quick fuck, as well, with me poppering up and offering my hole to his raw cock and load. If you’re gonna offer your hole raw, you’re obligated to take his load. It was an easy fuck. He had a decent cock, though it wasn’t as robust as the first guy’s, so I wasn’t feeling the same intensity. He fucked me about 10 minutes, and I was riding the wave of poppers and getting into being a cumdump this morning. I had one load in me, and knew I could have the second.
      ”Breed that hole. That’s what you want to do, isn’t it?”
      He was breathing fast, but he was athletically built and had good stamina. He wasn’t breaking a sweat, but had a solid rhythm. He was watching his cock pump in and out of my hole, then suddenly looked up into my eyes, his mouth open, and shot without any warning. He emptied his seed with slow, deep strokes, taking his time to pleasure himself. I felt the long, slow pull of his cock leaving my hole. 
      He left a couple minutes later after washing up quick. He was a little more conversive, but still left quickly.
      neither of them showed any concern for me getting off, or asked if I wanted to. Both did a pump-n-dump and left. That was really hot, and I stood in the room stroking my cock thinking about the two loads in me from these nameless guys who came and went. 
      I’m in Atlanta two more nights, and I can tell I want to cumdump again and again while I’m here, and take as many cocks as I can.
    • By muscledpigbttm
      It's been a week since I last got bred. That fact's been driving me crazy, but since last Thursday I've been at the beach and there aren't that many guys away from the city. Today I got back though and went straight downtown to the bathhouse to try and get some loads. I rented a private room as soon as I got there, got my hole cleaned up and went out to prowl the joint.
      This fit as fuck Venezuelan guy kept looking at me a soon as I got out so I approached him and we started making out. As I got there pretty early, around 4 PM, the place was almost empty and he wanted to set up a little show for the few guys that were around, so right in the middle of the steam room he pulled out his dick and drove my head towards it. I swallowed it hole, while two other guys watched and jerked off. The Venezuelan had some poppers, gave me some, took a hit himself and drove his shaft all the way in my throat, holding the back of my head as he fucked my face hard, not minding my gagging and coughing noises. "I'ma cum", he said, and didn't stop facefucking me until he shot his load down my throat. I got up, made out with him for a bit and without saying a word and trying to keep his cum from going down my throat, I left for the bathroom.
      I got into a stall and gagged onto my hand until his cum came out. I crouched down and with the poppers still ringing in my head, relaxed my hole and got as much of the Venezuelan's cum into it as I could. I've never done anything like this before, but the need of having this hot guy's DNA in me was too big and I didn't even really gave it a second thought. I was gonna have that load in me no matter what. I walked out of the stall and right there was this older heavy guy, not pretty, peeing with a can-thick dick and doing a pretty lousy job of covering it.
      I checked his cock out, making sure he saw that I was craving dick and nothing more and he nodded me into getting back into one of the stalls. I did and he knocked a few seconds later. He got in; we barely fit in there together and I got on my knees and started blowing him. That big piece of meat grew and grew and kept of growing, until in spite of it already being all the way down my throat it's girth got too thick for me and it started to really hurt and I had to pull it out. I turned around, he stuck a finger into my hole and said "Nice, you're already wet". He got the tip of his dick next to it and started pushing in slowly.
      He took his time and I didn't mind it. I'm not a big guy, 5'4", and he looked to be over 6 feet, so with me standing on my tip toes and him somewhat crouching, getting his dick to slide into my hole took some work. And the girth didn't help. I scooped up the Venezuelan guy's cum from my cheeks and perineum, using it to lub up his big bear's dick, and I finally felt the *pop* that goes with getting a really thick dick into you. He slid the rest of the way in and, grabbing onto the stall, proceeded to relentlessly fuck me, holding onto my shoulders, pushing my body against his dick, getting his dirty fingers into my mouth and spitting in it and I fucking loved it. There's something special about being manhandled by a guy you know you're fucking just because their dick is big and it's gonna give you a load. It makes me feel like the cumdump I love being. I makes me feel like nothing else matter but the dick.
      He announced he would cum soon and I started squeezing and releasing my ass to the rhythm of his thrusts. That got him moaning even more and, with his big hand on top of my head pushing me down while pushing himself deeper, dropped a load into my guts that made all the meat on his body shake. I realized while he came that I'd managed to use this guy's cock to push the Venezuelan's cum into me while also getting another load in the process and that thought plus the feeling of that dick in me made me cum a little bit. After that he got his towel around him and left.
      I walked onto the little dark room by the terrace on the first floor and found it empty. I turned around to leave and saw that a couple of guys had followed me. They were a little taller than me, bodies that had clearly never been to the gym and faces I couldn't quite make out, but one of them had a HUGE bulge under his towel so I grabbed one of his nipples with one hand and his dick with the other, while the third guy took my towel off and started eating my ass. "Salty", was all he said while the hung guy sat down and I started blowing him, and the rimmer shoved his dick in me.
      I couldn't believe I was getting bare dick this easily on a weekday. I got fucked hard and fast and got another load in me without it being announced. His dick wasn't that big and I really wasn't paying much attention to the guy but for the occasional ass squeeze while he came. When he left it was just the hung guy and me in the dark room and I felt a hand making me turn around and a dick poking my leg. Yes, more bare dick and a really big one this time around.
      I sat on it and felt the joy that comes with being truly full of dick. The rush of not even having seen this guy's face, the thrill of just being a hole for him while him also being just a dick stirring the other three loads in me. I was grabbed by the waist and the fucking dude just stood up with him still inside of me. I was wet from sweat and slipped a little, which made his dick open my hole in a weird and painful way. I yelled that he was hurting me and he just turned around, said "Get on all fours and don't complain, whore", and put me against the place he was sitting in a second ago. He didn't wait for me to get comfortable, he didn't even wait for me to have all my limbs down before he started fucking me.
      "I'm gonna take a while", he said, and pushed his dick all the way it could go in. I could feel my second sphincter opening up, but it hurt like hell, my body was clenching up and my dick was oozing cum out of the excitement. Pain was bad, pleasure up there with it, and the continuous loud fucking was drawing some shadows into the little dark room. Soon this guy sat close to my head and pulled out a nice average dick. I sucked on it, not even trying to jerk myself off as all I could do was focus on being a good willing hole.
      The guy I was blowing took a little poppers bottle out out of nowhere and gave me a hit and that fucking did it. The hung top fucking me took the queue and shoved his dick all the way in and the pain gave way to pleasure as I could feel my fucking soul opening up at the same time my second sphincter did, letting him truly all the way in. "Give me some poppers", the top said and took the biggest hit ever. "I'm leaving it there, bitch", he said and fucked me hard, moaning and yelling, as some guys watched him wrecking my hole. With a big final plow he said he was cumming and dropped his load as far in as his dick would go, leaving me sore, leaving my balls emptied of cum, leaving my ass with four loads and leaving my head with the knowledge that I had them all the real way in.
      I got up, took my towel, thanked the guy for the load, showered and left. Got home a while ago and can barely sit. My underwear is wet from my hole dripping cum, but I'm trying to keep it squeezed as that's some hard earned loads. I'll be going out later tonight, hopefully there're more loads to take. I'll write about whatever happens.
    • By travelingbi
      After weeks and weeks of traveling for work, I finally have a full week at home and had some free time to do my favorite activity. Fuck! On Monday, I was cruising the Craigslist ads. The first ad I responded to was from a guy that claimed to be str8, married and father of 3. He was looking for a massage. I messaged him and told him I'd be happy to give him a relaxing massage. Since neither one of us could host, I told him I'd get a cheap hotel room nearby. Since it's a weekday and apparently there are no big conventions/trade shows in town, I found a cheap hotel room in the Las Vegas suburbs for $29. I set it up with him for 1pm the next afternoon. 

      I didn't have much time to set up a hotel pump and dump like I try to do every few months, so I quickly sent out messages to a few of my Vegas "regulars" to see if I could get some more dick while I have the hotel room. 3 of my regulars got back to me. Amazingly, all 3 of them said they'd be able to come to the hotel. 

      So, the next afternoon I was able to check into the hotel early at 1pm. I quickly sent the room number to the str8 daddy that wanted the massage and sent the room number to my 3 regulars. "Str8" daddy was knocking on my hotel room door at 1:30pm. When I answered the door, I found a very handsome guy in his early 40's. I invited him inside and told him to disrobe as I stepped into the bathroom to give him some privacy as he stripped. When I came back into the room he was fully nude, laying face down on my bed. He was in great shape. Buff, with not an ounce of fat on him. I took off my clothes and oiled up his back, butt and the back of his legs. I smoothed the oil into his skin and began massaging his shoulders, neck and arms. Then I worked down his back and finally to his ass. He softly moaned as I began to work on his ass. As I got to his inner thighs he spread his legs wider and I could see he had pulled his cock down so that it was exposed and he was hard already. My fingers brushed his balls and cockhead as I massaged the inner thigh. His cock would jump each time his balls and cock were touched. 

      After working down and back up his legs, I again went to working on his ass. This time I let my fingers get deep into his crack and rub his asshole. He began to lift his ass a bit. I massaged his hole as his ass rose and did a "grinding-fucking motion". I reached under him and took hold of his cock. I stroked his hard cock as I massaged his asshole. He was moaning and grinding his ass. Within just a few moments he groaned and cum began to squirt onto my arm as I stroked his cock. I pulled my hand off his cock and my mouth dove for it. I sucked on his last few explosions of cum shot from his cockhead. Once he had finished cumming, I licked his cum from my arm and went back to softly massaging his ass and back as I heard his breathing slowly return to normal. Soon, he decided to get up. He quickly dressed and thanked me for the massage. In typical "Str8 guy" fashion, he was dressed and out of my room in just a few minutes. 10 minutes after he had left, he sent me a text, again thanking me for the massage and telling me that he'd love another massage sometime if we could arrange it. 

      A few minutes later, one of my gay "regulars" was knocking on my door. Barry is a 6'4", thin, muscular, Dutch guy that has been fucking me for over 3 years. He's got an 8", uncut, very thick, Dutch cock that for a guy of his age, (early 60's) get's amazingly hard. He has incredible stamina as well. Barry quickly stripped as I fell to my knees and began to worship his monster Dutch dick as it grew to full hardness. Barry loves to suck on my tits as he fucks the insides of my thighs. He sucked my nipples, bit them and we kissed passionately for about 10 minutes. Then he turned into his usual aggressive top. He demanded I get on my hands and knees. I did so as he climbed behind me. He slapped his giant dick on my hole as he dribbled lube on my hole. He lubed up his cock and began to press the head into my hole as I sniffed poppers. He's very aware that it takes time for most guys to adjust to his giant dick. He slowly pressed up into me. Then he held his cock in me, as I adjusted to his size. 

      As he could feel my ass relax around his cock, he now began to be aggressive again. His cock was now pounding deep into me. I could actually feel his 8" cock sliding in and out of my second sphincter. It was an amazing feeling. Barry was pacing himself. He'd get close to cumming, then stop. Then he's start again, until he was close, then stop. He edged himself for 20 minutes, then he reached that point of no return. He was fucking wildly when he finally said, "I can't. I have to cum. Oh, God", he yelled as his cock throbbed and he emptied his balls deep up past the second sphincter into my colon. He stayed inside me for awhile as my ass milked the remaining cum from his cock. He finally pulled his soft cock out of me. And we laid there, embracing and kissing as we chatted for awhile. I caressed his chest as we kissed, then my hand moved down to his cock. As I slid my hand up and down his soft cock, I could feel him getting hard again. Soon, I was stroking his fully hard cock. Without saying a word, I climbed back onto my hands and knees and he crawled behind me. He spit on my hole and on his cock. And in one, quick thrust, he slid back up into me. This time, there was no edging. He fucked hard and deep for about 5 minutes, then let out another groan as he emptied his second load into me. 

      Barry was just getting ready to leave my room, when there was another knock on the door. I answered it, to find Trace standing there. Trace and Barry smile and knowingly nod at each other as Trace enters and Barry leaves.

      Trace is a divorced, 49 year old guy from Tennessee with a thick, sexy, southern accent. He's a former competitive bodybuilder. Even though he doesn't compete any longer, he still has an amazing body. He's 6' foot tall. With a thickly covered hairy chest and abs. Also body is also thickly covered in tattoos. He divorced a few years ago and his son that's in his mid 20's lives with him. Trace told me that he realizes that he's always enjoyed the fact that other men would admire his body. But a few years ago, following his divorce and his move from Tennessee to Las Vegas, he finally allowed another man to suck his cock for the first time. He found it to be an extreme turn on to have another man worship his muscular body and 7", thick cock. 

      In the past few years that Trace has been exploring M2M sex, he's opened up a lot. When I met him a few months ago, he had come to the acceptance that he was indeed bisexual. And he told me that he's now comfortable in saying that outloud. He remains closeted with all his friends and family. But, he's fully accepted that he likes to be sucked and likes to fuck other men. One thing that Trace has discovered recently, is that when the chemistry is right with a guy, he gets into kissing guys. Thankfully, he feels that chemistry with me. 

      Trace had fully stripped. I stepped up to his pumped up body. I began to caress his strong, hairy and tatt covered chest and his erect nipples, as he and I began to kiss passionately. We moved to the bed as he sat on the edge. I dropped to my knees and took his fully hard cock into my mouth. I sucked, licked and worshiped his 7", thick, uncut cock. I licked his balls as he moaned softly. Sadly, the one threshold that Trace hasn't crossed yet is letting me rim him. I licked under his balls as close to his asshole as I could, before I could sense that he was uncomfortable and would tighten his thighs. 

      My mouth went back to his cock and I could taste beads of precum oozing from his piss slit. I climbed onto the edge of the bed and put my ass up. He climbed off the bed and stood behind me. He took the lube from the bedside table and he lubed my hole and his cock. I poppered up as he began to press into me. Barry had sufficiently loosened me up and Trace slide up into me easily. He was super horny and it only took about 5 minutes of intense pounding before Trace was filling my ass with his load. Once he pulled out of me, he joined me on the bed and we cuddled, kissed and caressed each other. While we were locked in our embrace there was another knock on the door. 

      I got up to answer the door. I welcomed into the room a new fuck buddy. Ray is a latino guy in his early 50's. He had fucked me for the first time about 3 weeks ago. Ray is also newly divorced. He had let guys blow him in his high school and college days. But, it had been decades since he'd ever really thought about guys. But following his divorce, he found at his age, it was difficult to find women to fuck. Since Vegas has a ton of very active adult bookstore video booths, Ray had discovered the video booths and had once again discovered that guys give amazing head. In the several years that he'd been letting guys blow him, he's loosened up and had expanded into fucking guys. Ray seemed a bit uncomfortable the Trace was still in the room, but Trace asked Ray if he minded if he stay to watch him fuck me?

      Ray awkwardly said, "Yeah. Sure". But, you could tell he was uncomfortable with it. It must have been a new experience for him.

      But, even so, Ray quickly undressed and was fully hard when he pulled his boxers down. Ray climbed onto the bed and I climbed on and knelt between his legs, taking his 7", uncut, thick, latino dick into my mouth. While I was sucking on Ray, Trace climbed behind me on the bed and slid his cock back into my ass. 

      "I know I won't be able to cum again, but this is fucking hot, guys. I just want to feel your ass on my cock as you suck your buddies dick", Trace said as he slowly fucked me. 

      I sucked Ray for several minutes, then moved my head up and sucked his nipples then kissed him. 

      "Oh, Fuck! That's HOT!", Trace said. "Yeah! I love seeing you kiss another man."

      I pinched Ray's nipples as we kissed passionately and swapped spit. 

      Trace was now pounding me hard and deep. Within moments he shot an unexpected second load into my cunt. 

      "OH, FUCK!" Trace yelled as he exploded in my ass. Then he pulled out of me and went to the desk chair and sat down to watch Ray and I play.

      I reached back and took hold of Ray's cock. I put his cockhead up to my cum slick asshole. Ray had insisted on using a condom the first time he fucked me a few weeks ago. But he said nothing as I lowered myself onto his cock. His latino dick slid easily up into my cum filled cunt. He let out a soft sigh as he slid balls deep into me. I rode his cock for several minutes, then he pushed me off and told me to get on my back. I laid on my back with my ass hanging off the edge of the bed. He got off the bed and stepped up to me. He lifted my legs up and draped them over his shoulders. Then he slid back up inside of my hole. I sniffed poppers as he began to fuck me deep and hard. Trace had moved to the bed. He sat on the end of the bed, so he could get a good view of Ray fucking me. Soon Trace climbed over me and began to kiss me as Ray continued to fuck me. The sight of Trace kissing me must have been a turn-on for Ray. He soon was groaning and filling by ass with his load. 

      Once Ray had pulled from me, Trace and I slid to the side of the king sized bed and continued to kiss. Ray climbed onto the bed, next to me. I turned and began to kiss Ray. Soon, Trace had climbed over us and the three of us swapped passionate, sloppy kisses. 

      I was happy to see there was chemistry between both Roy and Trace. I suggested we 3 get together again. They agreed and we're going to try to make it happen again as soon as possible. 

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