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  1. I wish I cared less about myself to actually show something that would identify me. Being degraded is a turn-on I hide from most people out there.
  2. When I finally arrived in Rio again, it had been over three years since my last visit. My ex-boyfriend was at the gate waiting for me with a smile on his face and a bag, as he was coming from a smaller town near the capital. We hugged, but the heat of his body pulled me closer, so we ended up kissing. The nostalgia came rushing in from that soft, calm kiss, and I knew everything I promised myself during the flight wouldn't really come true -- we could never act as friends, I was going to fuck him the whole way. Truth be told, I was expecting it from the beginning. We had dated for four ye
  3. Hey guys. So, as you can see from my comments and posts before this, I am a serial dater, and one of the reasons I do it is to keep safe. Every time I'm single and out there, I like to be risky and let guys fuck me bareback. Sometimes I can't even feel the cum filling me inside, but I still get my rocks off from the fact that they're actually getting there. It's hard to explain it to myself, because if I was being rational, it wouldn't make any sense. But it's something that makes me horny and willing every time, sober or drunk. Anyway, I'm dating this new younger guy and it's been perfec
  4. My body has historically responded well to collateral effects warnings, so it doesn't really bother me if I end up having it at some point, as my username suggests I have the best coverage in the world, with the most experience and easy availability of modern drugs. I've dated two poz guys (my first boyfriend, who took my virginity -- with protection, mind you) and my last, who I broke up with last weekend unfortunately. He's still very dear to me and it hurts that I have to do it. In fact, I care so much that I wish I could go back, but I know I can't for all the stuff that is going to come r
  5. Okay guys. So here's the thing. I've been dating this guy for the past 5 months and he's HIV-positive. Here in Brazil we'd call him "safado", meaning he's done things that would grant him the status (the closest I can think of for the word's translation would be "shameless", or if I'm less lightly, slut), but he actually got it from a blood transfusion tied to a surgery. Anyway, we started dating, and after he showed me his viral count was undetectable, we lost the condoms. Here's the thing: we both got our wisdom teeth out at the same week, and soon after, for two days, I felt like shit. Weak
  6. I read a similar article in Portuguese and it's insane. The pictures, the horror, the suffering... I feel for these guys. So young and completely out of options. Those who had money enough left for here or other neighboring countries, those who didn't are left to die in a way no one should be dying anymore. Venezuela's situation makes my heart ache.
  7. I've been to the one in Belo Horizonte, it's pretty decent and there were a lot of hot guys. Definitely better than my first sauna experience in Rio. I heard it's crazy in the São Paulo branch. Lots of hot guys and sex.
  8. Last time was on Friday, found a guy attractive on Grindr, we started dirty talking and soon enough he was over at my place and we got right to it. I was on all fours in the couch and he fucked me from behind, busted his nut and left. The picture was better than the real deal but he was good looking enough to take on. Wasn't the best fuck ever because my grandma was sleeping and I was worried she'd get up in the middle of the night and make things awkward. It was alright though.
  9. Here in Brazil I'd say it's 50/50. There are guys who know about it and take it, and some guys who have no idea about it. PEP has been around for longer and is more commonly known as a "morning after" treatment if you bareback and feel suspicious about the partner. PrEP isn't as known, but it's getting better as people are spreading the good news. I'm going to start taking them in the near future probably. It's all free anyway... which I'm really thankful for, reading the stuff from American users.
  10. This thread was an extremely interesting read. Back when I was 18, I started dating this guy and he found out he was HIV+ right after we started getting serious. I lost my virginity to him (condom used) and then the news hit us. I'm pretty level-headed when it comes to things like that so I stuck out for him and we stayed together for four years. We had unprotected sex a few times after he was undetectable, nothing bad happened, but more and more I would enjoy watching bareback porn and the feeling of skin in me. Condoms were just bothering me at some point and when the relationship was starti
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