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With spring and summer on the way, I'm wondering if any others enjoy having their clothes soaked with piss and wearing em for the entire day? I know if it's going to be warm, I loved getting a golden shower and then going about my day still wearing the soaked clothes and boots. Usually I'm doing yardwork, or even camping or other outdoor stuff. My cock stays drippy the entire time, thanks to the feel and smell of piss on my clothes and beard.

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1 hour ago, Trash said:

Especially if im being told to do it, fuck yes.

When I'm pissing, I make sure to get his clothes as well as his hair and beard. Then rub it in good after.

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12 minutes ago, CigarBear68 said:

When I'm pissing, I make sure to get his clothes as well as his hair and beard. Then rub it in good after.

i'm not particularly interested in wearing piss just for it's own sake. For me it's a matter of connection to the Dom or Top using it. i find subtle much more of a mind fuck turn on than overt.  For example, i've had tops stealth piss inside of me.  i've also had it happen where i was sucking a guy off and after coming he let a little piss go too, not a huge amount, but just enough for me to know it.  if a top happened to piss on me some after breeding me, without saying anything, just naturally and even affectionately marking His territory-maybe with a smile and a nod afterwards, it'd be a total turn on, especially the humiliation of it.  i can't see myself getting off on wearing piss all day, but they idea of being pissed on like if i were at a abs, then having to leave and travel home that way, is really hot.  For me it's the incongruency of the whole thing, affection mixed with humiliation is a huge turn one, bullying, meanness, anger with humiliation are not. just the way i'm wired, i know some guys are into it, but again, i like the simile and affection accompanied by the humiliation, really makes me fall in love lol

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      Sure enough, as I lay there gasping, I felt calloused hands on my hips and a thick, stubby cock probing my dripping hole.

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      “Who else wants to fuck him?”

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      I know a lot of guys really like the taste though--- this makes me curious if any guys grew to like it over time, or if it's just mostly a thing that you either like it or you don't.
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      Chapter One
          The more I stood there looking at the black steel door in front of me, the more I got pissed. He disappeared in the evenings during the week many times, only to show up with some lame excuse to where he had been. Tonight, I followed him. I was going to find out what the fuck was going on. I expected to see him go into one of the many adult bookstores in our area, but he went passed them and down this alley.
          I wondered if he knew I was following him, because at the top of the stairs leading down to where I was now, he paused and looked at the entrance of the alley. A smug grin came across his face and then he descended to the door. With a loud bang, he was gone. 
          My anger grew and without thinking about it I kicked the bottom of the door. The thud echoed through the alley way. I heard some loud clicking and the door swung open.
          “What do you want” a deep commanding voice said from the darkness inside.
          “I, um, I’m not sure……”I stuttered out.
          “You the fresh meat?” the voice asked
          Without starting my second word, a large muscular arm reached out of the dark, it’s hand grabbed my arm and pulled me in. The door slammed shut with a loud thud, then a click and I knew I was trapped inside this place.
          Before I could say anything or even protest, the man pushed me into a room and order:
          I was shaking with fear and without even thinking, I pulled my shirt over my head, stuffing it in one of the large brown bags on the floor. I kicked off my shoes and tossed them in.
          “Hurry the fuck up, the clients will be in soon” 
          I undid my jeans and pulled them off, tossing them in the bag. There I was standing in my underwear, with this huge muscle man looming over me. 
          “Underwear too,” he said, “Fuck are you shy?”
          Hooking my fingers in the waistband of my briefs I pushed them down my legs. His had went to my ass, rubbing it, then sliding his fingers in my crack. They moved up and down, teasing my hole. I was too scared to pull away and allowed him to play with my ass and hole. 
          “Okay, lets get you strapped in and hooked up” he said.
          He grabbed my arm, around my bicep and pulled me down a darkened hall. As we moved I looked around, trying to see if my cheating bastard of a boyfriend was lurking around. I got a good look at the first room we past. It was full of glory holes, about 4 on each wall. I tried to get a better look, but the brute pulled me along.
          He pulled me around a corner and opened a hidden door. I could see a padded bench about waist high in the room. A black piece of leather covered an opening in the wall, blocking my view of what was on the other side. 
          “Get up there and slide through” the brute ordered me.
          I quickly, got up on the bench on my knees.
          “Wait, stay just like that and relax”
          I was too scared to move. He grabbed a bottle off a shelf. It had a long thin tip on it. He squeezed it a bit and a clear liquid oozed out the top. Using his thick finger he rubbed that liquid up and down the tip. He positioned it at my hole and slid it in, squeezing it. I could feel the warm liquid coating my insides. Once he was satisfied, he pulled it out and put it back on the shelf.
          “Okay slide through”
          I laid down on the bench and slide my legs through the opening, lifting the leather just a little. 
          “Keep going until I tell you to stop”
          I slide more and more. My legs were hanging out in the other side. I kept moving  until the top of my ass was just past the edge of the bench outside the leather. 
          “Right there.
          He positioned the leather up around my belly button and clamped it down on each side of me. He put my arm down beside me and strapped me in, then moved to the other and did the same. He pulled another strap over my chest and pulled tight. 
          What ever was going on, I wasn’t going anywhere. He grabbed a clear plastic tube, that looked exactly like what you would see in hospitals to get oxygen. He hooked two hoops around my ears and then positioned two tips coming out of the tube up my  nose, one in each nostril.
          “I don’t think this is right….” I said finding my voice.
          “Yeah they all say that the first time”
          “Relax and enjoy” he said leaving me in the room, turning off the bright light above leaving me in the dark.
          A few minutes later, I felt a hand around my ankle, raising my leg up. I could feel cold leather around my ankle shortly after. The slack in what ever was holding my leg was pulled tight and I was left with my leg in the air, unable to move it. Before I could even say anything my other leg met the same fate. 
          A rough hand started to explore my ass, feeling my smooth cheeks and then my crack. The fingers pushed against my hole. I felt a sharp nail scratching the sides of my hole, then press inside. 
          “Prep him good” a voice said. 
          As the finger slid inside and started to scratch at my insides, I breathed deep through my nose. Poppers were flowing through the clear tube and I immediately felt the relaxing wave run through my body. The finger nail continued to scratch up my insides.
          “You’re going to love this” another mysterious voice said through the walls.
          I mumbled something, even I couldn’t understand.
          “Been coming here for weeks” the voice said.
          Even in my popper high I recognized the voice, it was my boyfriend David. I fucking knew it. 
          “Just keep huffing and you will enjoy it too” 
          My mind wondered if he knew it was me. I hoped not. 
          The finger pulled out and I started to hear ominous music playing. In the darkness of my little room my mind began to wonder, what exactly was this place. Soon there were noises in the hall that brought my mind back to the situation I was in. Voices were talking, some I could make out what they were saying, others I couldn’t.
          “Look they have fresh meat” someone said rubbing my ass.
          “I will try that soon, but I am going to slid into the one that’s been here before” 
          “Yeah, guess he’s not infected yet” 
          “Been taking all the loads and haven’t turned” David said.
          “You need more then” a voice said.
          “Yeah, been giving it to the boyfriend too, want to pass it to him” David said.
          “Huff deep” a voice said.
          I heard a grunt and then David moaning. What the fuck was happening? Was he getting fucked right now?
          I felt a finger play with my hole and slid in and out. I tensed up a bit.
          “The more you tense up the rougher it gets” a voice at my feet said.
          The finger was replaced with a cock head, pressing against my hole. I huffed deep from my “popper line,” as the head push in and went balls deep. The pain was intense, yet dulled a little from the huffs I was continuing to take. 
          “Just popped the new boy’s cherry” the man said, “going to open him up and seed him deep”
          Fuck, even through the popper fog my mind was in a panic. This man was fucking me raw, I only ever fucked raw with my boyfriend. I tried to move and I couldn’t, the restraints were too tight. I squeezed my hole, trying to force out the raw cock, but that only encouraged the man.
          “Yeah you bitch in heat, squeeze that ass around my cock” 
          “Fuck, sounds like he wants to milk out that spoiled seed” 
          “First time chasers are so fucking eager” 
          My mind raced to come up with ideas on how to escape. I tried to focus on not breathing through my nose, but as the cock continued to pump in and out of my hole, the more I huffed the poppers.
          “Wish y’all were infecting my boyfriend” David said.
          What the fuck, I thought. Not only was he cheating and taking loads and trying to infect me with what ever disease he caught, but now he wants me here getting infected. My anger grew thinking about how fucking twisted this was. Yet, I hadn’t cried out for them to stop, nor did I expose to my boyfriend that I was in the dark room next to him.
          “I get that hole next” I heard a voice say.
          “It’s yours” 
          It wasn’t the man fucking me responding. It was David’s top.
          “Heard the shit shot up there hadn’t taken, so they called in the big guns” 
          “Full blown, med resistant” 
          There was a loud cheer from the other side of the wall. 
          David was moaning loudly, could even hear him over the slapping of flesh as the two tops pounded our holes. 
          “If that don’t take, I will go the blood route” David said.
          “Oh it will take” the man said.
          The cock in my hole was thrusting in and out at a fast pace. His balls were swinging and hitting my back when he thrusted in. They must have been so low hanging nuts. The head of the cock would meet the inside of my hole, pull it out just a bit and then his cock would be shoved back in balls deep. 
          My pulse throbbed in my temples and I could hear my heartbeat in my ears, drumming out the rhythm of the fucking that I was getting. 
          “Full blown huh?” someone asked, “you look like death is trying to beat down your door” 
          “I take that as a compliment” the man said, “plan to infect as many as I can before I meet the grim reaper” 
          David was moaning louder and louder as the slapping of flesh got louder and faster. Who ever was up his hole was pounding him like there was not tomorrow. The man up my hole was still pounding me at a good pace. 
          “Here comes your first load of the night” someone said.
          “Shoot that cum up my hole, breed me you diseased fucker” David shouted.
          “Ohhhh fucccckkk”
          There was cheering as the man came up David’s hole. This encouraged my top who started to pound my hole harder and faster. I was grunting with every thrust in. 
          “Cherry boy is about to get his first infecting” the man said.
          “Break his cherry, breed him deep” someone shouted.
          “Hold on buddy, it only gets better from here” David said.
          The man slammed into me deep. I could feel his cock pulse as his load shot out of  his piss slit and splattered the walls on my insides. 
          “Virus ho!” he shouted.
          There was more shouting and cheering as the man shot in me. I closed my eyes and felt my warm tears run down the side of my face, cooling as the moved away from my eyes. My mind was twisting in the guilt of what just happened. I was beating myself up for allowing this to happen. for not stopping the muscled brute from strapping me to this bench.
          “Beg for my disease”  voice said, “Beg for my death” 
          “Please gift me with your disease, your death. Shoot your mutated virus in me, to spread” David said.
          I heard a loud grunt and knew that the man had shoved his cock up David’s hole. 
          “Oh fuck yeah Daddy,” David yelled, “deep dick me”
          I listened close as the man pounded David’s hole. My cock was hard and standing up, supported by the leather. 
          A hand slapped my ass hard, making it sting and warm, then a cock slid up my hole. I moaned. A hand wrapped around my cock and slowly jacked it as the cock started to move in and out of my hole.
          “Milk that last untainted load out of those balls” someone said. 
          The man started to jack my cock faster and faster, while his cock was pushed in deep, his crotch against me. I could feel my cum building.
          “Anyone wanna eat a virus virgin’s load” the man jacking me asked.
          “Oh fuck no” someone replied, “waste that shit on the floor” 
          I felt a new hand take over jacking my cock as the cock in my ass started to move, pumping in and out. Soon they were moving at the same rhythm. Each time the hand slid down my shaft, it crushed my nuts. 
          I wanted to cry out that I was about to cum, but did’t want David to know it was me on the next bench getting seeded by anonymous men, just like him. 
          My muscles began to tense up as my cum load got closer and closer to shooting out of my piss slit. My ass muscles squeezed the cock in my hole, only to have it pump harder and rougher.
          “He’s about to blow” the guy fucking me yelled.
          “Jack him harder” someone yelled.
          “Milk that vanilla load” another voice yelled.
          “Empty those nuts, so they can fill up with poison seed” David said.
          My body tensed up more and I felt my muscles twitch and my cum shoot out. I could tell this load was shooting high. The men cried out as my piss slit opened and my load flew high in the air. The hand on my cock continued to jack and my cock continued to shoot. 
      Until it to too sensitive and began to deflate. Once limp the hand dropped it and it fell on to my crotch.

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