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Whored Out At Slammer 9/8

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A hot buddy of mine wants to whore me out at Slammer tonight. He wants to train my slutty hole to take multiple loads. And I say, Yes Sir!

He says I should be getting a minimum of 6 loads without spilling but I think we can do better than that. So lets aim for more gents.

Will be at Slammer at 10pm rotating between a sling and the bench. Will be in a harness, jock, and military boots. Come by and load me up. My hole will be hungry and no loads ref used.

IMG_5496 copy.jpeg

IMG_4896 copy.JPG

unnamed copy.jpg

IMG_3870 copy.jpeg

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So how was your night?  Did you get more than 6 loads?  I'm guessing yes with that ass and sexy look!!  If you come to Atlanta I want to add my seed too!

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i always feel a special respect for fuck buds who whore me out.   i view it as a sign of respect for my skills, the quality of the fuck or blow job that i give, and i view it as a sign that my fuck bud whoring me out is kind of showing me off.  i know that it give my fuck bud a sense of power to be able to do that, and as a faggot, i understand that i am just in a different (and inferior) social class than He is or than any of the guys who are using me.

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Well put! I have nothing but admiration for my Bud/Sir and his dominant, yet passionate, side over me. My main importance is always to please him and follow his order. Nothing makes me happier or hornier to see him using me or making men line up to use my hole while he watches. He’s amazing and I’m very lucky. 

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Hey buddy, great posting.  Am wired just like you.  After suppressing my inner pig for too long, have finally set it free to root around for cocks.  Went to Slammer yesterday afternoon but it was lame, not busy enough yet.  Would love if you could put me in touch with your Bud/Sir and see if he can use me like you.  Also trying to contact Master Jerry on BBRT but can't remember his exact screenname.  Can you help.  Thanks bud.  Oink!

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    • By Relentlesspig84
      Hey guys this is Chapter 1 of a new story I wanted to write.  Theres not much action in this first chapter but it builds the scene. Hope you like and don't worry it will get messy pretty quickly.  Its also inspired by a real pub I worked in when I was 18.
      The Pub
      Chapter 1
      They say change can be a good thing, but when a lot happens at once it can be overwhelming. I had just recently turned 18, I had moved into the city to attend University, I was in student accommodation and I was out walking the streets looking for work. I needed a job to pay bills and have a decent student life, after all my loan would only go so far and my mum wouldn't be in much of a position to help me out; however most of the stores in town were already packed out. It felt like the entire uni had hit the town weeks earlier and taken all the good jobs. 
      As I was slowly walking out the end of town back towards my new room, I came across a dank little pub on the edge of a cross roads. The building looked fairly rundown with a front door that had “Entry in the rear” painted across it. In the window was a little rainbow flag, suggesting it was a gay bar or something and next to it was a fresh A4 piece of paper advertising a bar man job. The notice said it was varied shift work and paid a working wage. In fairness I wasn't in a place to look a gift horse in the mouth so I followed the instructions and wandered round the back. 
      There was a dark closed off alley which looked like it continued down to where barrels were stored; however I turned to the right and pushed open the door and stepped inside. The pub was darkly lit and as I walked in the attention of a few of the patrons perked up and stared at me. It was mid afternoon by this point and so the clientele were all in their early sixties at best, some sat along the bar talking to the barman, some hunched over their pints. I approached the barman, trying to ignore all the stares and asked him about the job in the window. He looked to be in his late forties and looked me up and down making me slightly uncomfortable. “You're a damn looker, I think you'll be very popular. I'll just shout the boss and he can give you an interview”. This got a couple of the men chuckling as they started to engage in conversation with me.
      Whilst the barman headed out the back and up some stairs I did my best to smile and chat with some of the guys at the bar. They enquired about where I had come from, never having seen me around before and I explained I was new to the area and studying. That got a few comments about me being fresh meat and a few more laughs about keeping an eye out for some of the pervs that come in here. I laughed somewhat reluctantly, but they didn't seem all that bad, and I appreciated that whilst they weren't my type, it seemed obvious that they didn't get younger guys in here very often. 
      The barman came back down and told me to head up and that the boss was waiting. The old man closest too me patted my arse giving it a good squeeze and told me to knock them dead and that they were rooting for me. 
      As I got to the top of the stairs I heard a gruff voice beckoning me in to the room on the right. It looked like a fairly nice living space, although it wasn't exactly kept nice and clean. I could see a lot of dishes stacked up in the kitchen and as I turned into the living room the place was cluttered with all sorts of boxes and props and various clothing and fetish gear. There seemed to be a variety of rubber and leather gear strewn around the room. Nothing that shocked me, I was young, I wasn't naive, it was just a little off if this was the room I was going to be interviewed in.
      On the far side of this large living room was a big torn up leather couch and sat to one side with his legs stretched out was a large beast of a man. He looked to be early fifties, scruffy hair and a big beard. He had a tight wife beater on with a huge bush of chest hair bursting out of all sides and he had torn baggy sorts on. He stood up and took a few steps towards me palm outstretched. We shook hands; or rather he shook most of my arm with his powerful shake and pointed me to the couch to sit. 
      “So you're looking for some work eh?” he asked giving me a look up and down as I sat down. “You know this is a gay pub right?”. I nodded and explained I understood and it wasn't a problem. I explained my situation, having just moved down for University, single mum at home and needed to support myself, no luck in town etc. “Well I'd be happy to help you out” he said as he made himself more comfortable lifting a leg up onto the sofa and leaning back getting a better look at me. “but you should know that we do all sorts of events here and you would need to follow a dress code every now and then”. 
      His baggy torn shorts slowly fell down his arched leg and I could see he wasn't wearing any underwear. In fact I could actually see he was circumcised and had a large floppy shaft nestling over some huge hairy balls. I tried to focus on his face and desperately tried to pay attention to what he said. “Erm yes thats fine, I'd be happy to wear whatever uniform you required”.
      “Right stand up for me” he said as he adjusted his crotch and rose with me. “Arms up” he commanded and I obeyed without question as he grabbed my tshirt and lifted it up over my head with a quick motion. He gave a little whistle and ran a chubby thick finger down my chest and along my abs. “Damn kiddo you've got a killer body, do you work out a lot?”.
      I blushed, both at the compliment and that I was suddenly topless in front of a stranger in a random house during a job interview. “Erm I work out a few times a week, but nothing over the top. I have played sports most of my life so I just have a good body I guess”. He was rubbing his hands up and down my abs now and then grabbed my hips and turned me around, his hands went back to my chest and began working my nipples. I couldn't control myself and moaned softly. He chuckled. “So you're a sensitive little scamp too eh, thats good to know and the patrons will love seeing that, right now the rest please.” his hands worked down and unbuttoned my jeans, allowing them to drop to the floor, leaving me standing in my lucky yellow jock bare arse practically pressed into his crotch. “Well hello, I guess this tells me what position you played in sports eh” he chuckled and gave my bare arse cheek and squeeze before running his finger between the cheeks graving my hole. “Well lad you look perfect. Great body great attitude, thats the main thing.” He span me back around and took my hand, walking me back to sit back down with him on the couch. 
      “Ideally I'd like you to start as soon as possible. Theres a shift going tonight if you're keen. I can show you the ropes and if you do a good job and keep the customers entertained and drinking then I think we have a deal”. I spluttered my thanks back to him and shook his hand again. Ok it wasn't exactly a conventional job interview but I had a trial shift and could start straight away. 
      We both stood up and I bent over to grab my clothes. He had obviously tried to assist as he accidentally bumped into my back side as he clearly had stood too close to me. “Whoops sorry boy” he said as he took my hips in his hand and slowly pulled me up into him. He chuckled “Daddy's got you don't worry.” I laughed politely as I put on my jeans and t-shirt while he watched. I shook his hand one last time as he looked at me fondly and he told me to head back down for 8 o clock. “Go home grab a shower and just come back in what you are wearing, you don't need to put in any effort”. I thanked him again and headed back downstairs.
      As I walked back through the pub the guys at the counter asked how it went and I confirmed I had a trial shift at eight. “Oh lovely” said the guy who had patted my bum. “I'll look forward to seeing you then” he winked. I left and walked out the pub heading home to get ready for my first shift, with no clue as to how a simple bar job would bring even more change to my life. 
    • By tybb
      This just happened and I wanted to share
      Had a hot military/muscle top who was passing through my city hit me up on Grindr. Had been driving cross country and wanted to drop a load before getting back on the road. He asks me if I’m down to take a load and I give him my address. He gives me clear instructions on what he wants—ass up, hitting poppers, and my hole nice and sloppy with boy butter. 
      I leave the door unlocked and follow his instructions. Fifteen minutes later I hear him come in and he walks into my room. Strips real quick and comes up to my head and has me gagging on his cock to get him lubed up. He then slides into my greased up hole and begins fucking my brains out. Pushing my face down into the pillow. 
      About 10 minutes after he starts fucking me, I think I hear the door to my place open but don’t think anything off it. He starts calling me a slut and faggot. And asking me if I want his load. As I’m begging for his load, this ripped mid-20s stud walks into my room naked—cock dripping precum. 
      At this point, I’m so confused but turned on. The guy fucking me tells me that he was driving cross country with a straight buddy and his friend was waiting in the car while he fucked me. Before he came into my place he told his friend if he got bored or horny he could come and join. He hadn’t told me any of this beforehand. His straight friend starts face fucking me as the top in my ass pounds away. As his friend gets close the straight guy starts egging him on and telling him to “breed that faggot.” At this point I’m so turned on. 
      The guy fucking me picks up the pace and shoves me down on his friend’s cock as he blows a huge load in my ass. He quickly pulls out and his friend slides into my ass without asking. The first top grabs my phone and starts filming his buddy fucking his load into my ass. The straight guy fucks me for about two minutes and then blows his load in my ass. “Thanks for that faggot.”
      Currently sitting here with their loads running out of my ass and hitting poppers. Wasn’t planning on being a cumdump today but now I’m thinking about inviting some more guys over. 
    • By NYCboycumhole
      My last load was a weekday lunchtime breeding. My friend hosted me and another guy.  I told my hosting friend that my other buddy likes to dp me, so he got to work priming my hole. When my buddy arrived our host had already been fucking me raw and opening up my hole. They took turns fucking me until they both wanted inside me. I sat on my buddy’s cock, took a deep hit of poppers while my friend pushed his cock in from behind me. My hole was full of raw cock and I was in heaven. They pumped my hole for a little bit, but my friend couldn’t hold out and pumped his load in my hole, making it slick for the other guy inside me. He pulled his spent dick out and the other guy had me get up on my hands and knees so he could piston fuck his cum into me as he had to get back to work. He dumped a massive 5-day load deep inside me, pulled out, washed up and went back to work. And for the rest of the day their loads slowly leaked out of my hole until my underwear was soaked. 
    • By PowerTopper
      No bleeding
      No scat
      The slut loves piss, lives in the village, frequently at steamworks, strangle, degrade, she doesn't care, no condoms
      Tell her PowerTopper sent you she'll thank me later

    • By Emzop
      Just finally made a Twitter and put some things up. Follow me and spread me around, maybe I'll get to get a bunch more loads from it. I'm a cumdumppig and hungry for loads all the time. Lmk I live in Central Massachusetts and go to surrounding bathhouses for loads. Hmu! 
      Twitter : @cumswirls 
      Bbrt : useNabuse

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