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Age you were first sodomized


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First sodomy was the first time I hooked up with a guy. 15 years old, insecure as fuck, found someone online who sounded hot in his early 20'ies, met in the woods and he fucked me without much chit chat bent over a dirty picnic table. Condom though but felt thoroughly used as he left then without a word as I was still trying to process what had happened. I did take the condom he had left here back home and ended up jerking off with his cum that night. He messaged me again the next day saying he liked it but that I was too young and I never heard from him again.

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On 11/3/2021 at 1:13 PM, T-Girl-Cumdumpster said:

omg I was the same age when my brother started fuckuing me!

I was trying to think of what happen and my age - think the most inspiring person was my mother / divorced - Italian - big breasts - gotten addicted having sex with black men in her bed room . Think at 10 yrs old - I was peeking into her bedroom window - nothing but raw sex - words - she was aggressive .

I must of been 11 or 12 yrs. old - short cut through the woods to home - came upon 2 males ( 1 Black & hung and 2nd was white - fem - painted nails ) having sex - I was staring and they noticed - waved me closer . Soon we were chatting and next I was being given instructions sucking a black hung dick . I was seeing what it was all about my mom - feeling sucking 1 . Then the fem boy chatting / instructing me started taking off my pants - squeezing - licking - sucking me - then it happen - he rubbing my hole - sticking his small finger up inside my hole - telling me hang in there - saying I will enjoy it soon !

Then the Hung Back man gushed / exploded his cum load in my mouth - told me not to spit it out - hold it - then the white fem boy grabbed my head and started kissing me - his tongue in my mouth .Soon after the session - I learned how to lick a ass hole - the fem style .

Soon it was becoming dark - I learned of what my mother enjoyed and I was told we should be friends - they needed someone cut there grass - I could make some money !

I did so - soon - I went to their house -cutting grass but I was learning and being transformed into a girly boy with them - butt plugs - trimming - shaving - watching videos - smoking - wearing panties - finally becoming a expert sucking dicks - cum loads . 

This happen to me about 12 and still watching my mother having sex - wishing I was with her !

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