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On 5/17/2021 at 9:04 AM, Tampachaser626 said:

Cum Dump, submissive bottom here. I will be in Chicago this Saturday  5/22 I’m looking for Dominant tops would luv a gang bang but one on one is good too. 
Gag me, tie me up, whip me, WS make me drink from the tap, Oral, Fuck me, make me take ATM, Verbal humiliation the more Dom and verbal the better. If interested Message me for details.

any success?

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Got fucked 3 times while I was there. Twice in my hotel and once in a men’s bathroom at a park. I picked the guy up and he didn’t have to go to my room so he directed me to a nearby park we got out and I followed him to the bathroom, he locked the door, I dropped my shorts and he proceeded to shove his 9” BBC into my ass and pounded me until he nutted in me. It was a great trip 

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    • By Skeet9000
      I want a sequel to 1000 loads fuck 🥲 like what are some of you guys favorite movie from treasure island? I love viral load, hard training and fuck holes 3 🤗. Just loads of sperm to be feed or injected in either hole. Can’t forget suck dick to save World Series lol
    • By SleazyAnonBBBottom
      Will be in ptown july 23rd under dick dock at 1 am put ur loads in me and my friend! 
    • By SLUTfem
      I love and prefer raw bareback sex with anon strangers. High, on all fours, blindfolded, guys walk in fuck and leave. LOVE it. Especially if they verbal and want to pregnate me. 
      But, I'm curious what guys do if there's incidents where guys want to use a condom? On one hand I'm pleased that the man is satisfied and gets to fuck me as long as the male is satisfied right? That's my priority as a slut. On the other hand it's not something I crave or need or love. I'm just kinda bent over letting him enjoy himself and then move on. Which feels nice as a slut knowing they're satisfied but there's that raw animalistic feeling from bareback fucking which is gone with condoms. 
      Sometimes they leave the condoms in the room which is a bonus. I can do something with the cum even though the feeling isn't the same (I want the man to breed me), and sometimes they flush it 😩😩😩
      Do you guys ONLY fuck bareback and say no to anyone with condoms? Do you try to convince them to go bare? Do you do anything with the condoms after if you let them? I feel like I should have sex with anyone bare or protected but I know deep down I only want raw, but am I being a bad slut for denying male pleasure?
    • By Ldnraw
      I was working from home and felt really horny. So I went onto Grindr and after a while this guy messaged me asking if I’m up for a bb fuck, I said of course. He asked for my address and said he’ll  be half an hour. He turned up and asked me if I was neg, told him of course. Sucked him for a bit and then he just went on top of me and pushed his raw cock inside me, no lube. He said if he comes too quickly we can wait 5 min and do it again. He shot his load and said he needs to get cigarettes and be back. I’ve met him before and I knew he won’t be back. Lol. Which was fine with me as I just wanted a load anyway. A while later this other guy messaged me and wanted the fuck dump and go style as he’s never done that before. I left the door on latch and waited on all fours on the bed. He came and started fucking me. He also came pretty quick and told me he was so turned on and that he usually takes him ages to shoot his load. I could feel the loads inside me so I messaged this other guy who I spoke to before. He told me he only wants preloaded holes so I told him I had two. Not long and he was here. He ate my hole and sucked some out then pushed his big cock balls deep in. I could feel the other loads deep inside. He fucked me and whenever he pulled out I could feel the cum leaking from my hole. He dropped his load and left. I was hungry for more and I found the 4th guy. Stocky blacK boy who was horny. He came pretty quick too. I pushed the loads out later and it was a lot. I hope to work from home again soon.  
    • By Loadmybbttm
      Cumdump boi needs a real and serious Dom top daddy master too tie me up use FF and whore me out regularly. True sub here no pnp...host or travel here in FTL

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