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On 8/18/2020 at 10:35 AM, itsnatural82 said:

I woke in a bit of a fog, unable to be sure what exactly happened last night and what I might have dreamt about. I felt Anthony stir behind me, his arm still draped across me and his cock hardening against my lower back. My hole felt a bit sore, and also full - then I remembered it still had the plug that had been inside me all weekend, whenever a cock or tongue wasn’t. My mind trailed back to all the various places we had fucked in the past days, all the ways Anthony had gotten inside my body and also inside my head. I recalled the increasing control he seemed to be able to exert over me, and the intensity of our verbal interplay. And that’s when I sat up with a jolt, “Oh fuck!” Anthony groaned and tried to pull me back down to the bed, but I was too freaked out.

“Anthony, wake up. Wake up! Last night, you said something and I just want you to tell me it was part of the role playing we were doing. Tell me it was all a fantasy we were playing with.”

“I could tell you what you want to hear, but it wouldn’t be the truth.”

“But...but you told me you were shooting a poz load into me. How can that be possible? You assured me you were safe!”

“I answered all of your questions honestly, Joey. I assure you, I have not lied to you once since I met you.”

“But you said you and your husband had been together for years!”


“And that you hadn’t been with anyone since you broke up 6 months ago!”

“Also correct.”

“So how is it possible for you to have HIV?”

“Joey, you only asked if I had had sex outside our marriage. And I never did. But my husband, the cheating piece of shit, did. I found out when I had some routine bloodwork done for a physical exam. When the doctor told me I was positive, I was sure it was a mistake. But after another positive test, I rushed home to tell my husband, and that’s when he confessed that he’d been slutting around behind my back for the past year, allowing people he barely knew to bareback him, and didn’t have the courage to tell me. He begged me to forgive him, but I threw him out on the spot.”
“Oh my god. I just...I can’t imagine.”

“Like I told you, our breakup was pretty brutal on me. I took some time to process my new reality and give myself some space. And it dawned on me that I wasn’t as powerless as I felt. If I was willing to use my new power, I could perhaps do something to move forward rather than wallow in self pity. So after 6 months, I decided I was ready to get out there and do some damage.”

Gulp. “Damage?”

“Joey, I first saw you at the conference earlier this week. I really enjoyed your talk, and of course since I found you handsome, I took note of the ring on your finger. And then when I saw you in the bar, and I saw your ring finger looking rather naked, I knew it was time to make my move. A sexy, intelligent man such as yourself going out all alone with no wedding ring - exactly who I was seeking. So I picked you up. I told you the truth every step of the way, hoping against hope that I could get into your hole bareback and shoot my potent seed inside another cheating husband and teach you a lesson.”

“Oh my god.”

“So here we are. I’ve lost count of how many loads I’ve dumped in you, and they’ve stayed in there thanks to that butt plug, seeping into your walls. You’ve had high viral load semen in your battered rectum for a day and a half. Oh, I didn’t mention that I haven’t started on meds yet. So the cum I’ve been filling you with over and over again is super toxic. And a dirty cheater like you, Joey, has earned every last bit of the treatment you’ve received. Dirty boys like you deserve exactly what you get. You said it yourself!”

My head was swimming. So much to take in. Not only had I actually cheated on my husband, something I’d fantasized about for so long but been too afraid to follow through on. I had trusted someone and let him bareback me - repeatedly. And more than that, I’d allowed myself to start to develop feelings for this man - he had infiltrated my mind in such a short period of time, I lost track of what was real and what was fantasy. I just knew that even now, after hearing this devastating news, after learning that the rough and passionate fucking and load after load filling my hole could very well have already given me HIV, I still found myself enraptured by this man. 

Anthony said, “Judging by the erection you’re sporting, I think it’s pretty clear what you want, whether you’re willing to accept it or not. Joey, I want to fuck you again and dump another load in you. But this time, you need to tell me exactly what you want. No hiding from it. No game playing. Be honest with yourself and with me and tell me what you desire.”

“I can’t believe I’ve done what I’ve done.”

“I can imagine. You betrayed your husband, your vows. You let a virtual stranger fuck you bareback. You took multiple loads over the course of a couple days. You became a cheater. But you liked it, didn’t you?”

“I can’t deny it. I enjoyed it. I feel like something has shifted inside me.”

He pulled me down onto the bed with him.

“And you want more. Just admit it. You crave more cum in your hole. You want to be fucked again by a man who fucks you better than your husband. Tell me what you want, Joey.”

“I want you inside me, Anthony. I can’t explain it, but I feel empty when you’re not in me. I crave you, I desire you in a way I haven’t wanted anything in a long time.”

He rolled me on to my back and shifted between my legs.

“And now you know all about me. You know what you’re getting when I insert my cock into you. I need you to tell me what that is, Joey. I need you to use your words and say what’s going to happen when I put my penis inside you.”

“You’re going to fuck me. And you’re going to cum inside me.”


He pulled the plug out of my hole, and rubbed the head of his cock against me. I could feel his precum smearing on my stretched pucker.

“And that cum is going to seep into me, and infect me. You’re going to give me HIV.”

“Tell me you want me to do that, Joey. Say it.”

Feeling the pressure against my hole, wanting nothing more in this moment than to be penetrated by this man, to be full of him, hardly believing when I heard the words come out of my mouth. “I want you to convert me, Anthony. I want you to fuck your disease into me until I’m HIV-positive like you are.”

That was all it took for him to slide into me balls deep. Holding steady, he grinned down at me and I could feel his cock throbbing and leaking deep in my guts. One brief moment of pause flashed across my face, thinking of my husband and what I was in the process of doing. Anthony saw and grabbed the little brown bottle, uncapping it and holding it under my nose.

“Breathe, Joey. Inhale the fumes and let it go. Let it all go. Be here with me, in this moment. Just us, nothing else.”

I inhaled deeply. Looking up into his eyes as he switched nostrils, I breathed as deeply as I could and felt myself open up more completely. His cock seemed to push even deeper into me, and I welcomed him. I wanted every bit of him to be inside me. I wrapped my legs around him, grabbed his head, and pulled him down on top of me, planting my lips on his and kissing him passionately. It felt like any inhibition I might have felt had melted away and all I wanted was to be filled, inhabited, possessed. 

Then he started to move inside me. Slowly at first, then increasing the speed and force of his thrusts. I felt things I’d never felt before, a deep satisfaction in what I was doing. Like every other fuck I’d ever experienced had been inferior compared to what was happening in this moment. Anthony surprised me when he pulled back, brought his left hand up, and wiggled his fingers to remind me he was still wearing my wedding ring. He grabbed my rock hard cock and used it to pull himself deeper inside me. Then he brought his hand to my mouth and shoved his ring finger in. I sucked it instinctively, running my tongue along the cold metal of my ring. He put two more fingers into my mouth and started to piston fuck my hole. Looking deep in each other’s eyes, I saw his demeanor shift to one of dominance and derision, in an instant.

“Look at you, you pathetic cheating whore. Putting your fucking wedding ring on another man’s finger, begging that man to fuck you bareback when you know without question that he has a high viral load churning in his balls. Degrading and debasing yourself in any way you are told, all so you can ruin your fucking life forever!”

I grabbed his ass and pulled him into me, scratching his solid glutes. Desperate for more of him.

“I’m gonna give you what you want. I’m gonna knock your ass up and infect you with my disease. After the pounding and all the loads you’ve taken this weekend, there’s no doubt you’re going to convert. Your bug chasing ass is going to carry my DNA forever, you cheating piece of shit! Take my toxic cum, faggot!!!”

Anthony shot rope after rope deep inside me as I shot an incredible load all over my face and chest without touching myself. I couldn’t believe how much I shot, and then realized I could still feel him shooting into me. It was by far the most cum I’d ever felt inside me, and I squeezed my hole as tight as I could to get every last drop.

He collapsed onto the bed as I reached for the plug and smiled, sliding it back home where it belonged. Anthony chuckled and reached for his phone. Unlocking it, he said, “What a whore. Remember before when you saw me on my phone? I got this txt all set and ready to go. Just need to hit send.”

I saw the name of the group message on his phone was “Support Group buds” as I read the txt: “Weekend went exactly as planned. This cheating fucker is eager for more POZ loads. Party tonight at 8, bring poppers and lube. No condoms, obv.”

“That’s a few guys from my HIV group. They know my whole story, and I told them what I wanted to do, and they offered to join in. All you have to do is hit send, Joey. It’s all up to you…”

Thanks for the stories!! I am so hard right now and am oozing my neg precum.  More chapters please. 

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18 hours ago, flexbtm said:

I’d like to see what happens when Joey has to tell his husband that he cheated and is now poz.

Or doesn’t tell and lets him find out later while continuing cheating w more guys. Maybe picking up more bugs on the way. 😈

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      New to writing go easy on me! True story
      Sunday a guy I met on grindr last year, messaged me and told me he just left the gym and was horny. I was free and my husband was at work so i showered and quickly got ready. He only lives .02 miles away but our schedule always conficts with each other. I got to his apartment and knocked on the door, he opened it slitghty for me to come in, there he was 6'1 thick stocky muscle guy standing there naked rock hard. I closed and locked the door and he grabbed me and we started making out, bearded masculine tops turn me on!! I was rock hard and starting grabbing his dick while he was holding my head kissing me deep with alot of tounge(my fav), Me stroking his super thick 8 inch cock. I finally dropped to my knees and in one second it was down my throat, he moan "oh fuck" and started throat fucking me. At this point im leaking precum like crazy and he pulled me up and started kissing me again to taste his cock from my mouth. He pulled me to the bed and pushed me down pulled off my shirt and shorts to leave me lying there in my boxer briefs. Now im a pretty big guy 6'0 about 250lbs and he layed me down and got on top of me, i wad in heaven I love when guys who sre bigger than me lay on top of me kissing our cocks rubbing together.
      He turned over and pulled me on top of him and i started licking his neck down to his nipples and his smooth thick body down to his cock again! Damn it was so big and hard he layed there as I spent about 10 min deepthroating his cock(again one of my favs) i slid down off the bed and sat on the floor eith my back agains the bed and he stood up and stuck his thick cock in my mouth and holding my head and started face fucking me i was so turned on! Tasting his precum leaking so heavily i knew by the sounds and moans he wss making he was about to cum, and for me that drives me wild and I shot my load straight up all over my chest, and then he started getting louder and more forceful he pulled out cause he likes to see it shoot all over my face and he blew a huge load, stream after stream, i tried to catch as much as I could with my mouth and tounge and theb he shoved his cock back in my mouth and let ne lick it clean!! The taste of his cum was amazing , sweet and creamy i loved it!! After he pulled his cock out my mouth, he said "Fuck you can suck some cock, that was great, Thanks Bro!" I got dressed and we chatted for a few and then i left, driving home tasting the cum on my lips was enough for me to get home and jerk off again!! Very hot time, cant wait to do it again!!
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      I’ve been with my daddy since I was 20.  Now I’m 45 and he’s 62.  He’s always treated me like a prince!  He’s loved, supported (financially as well as emotionally), and encouraged me at every turn in our lives.  The problem is that he is old and feeble before me.  Obviously this was going to happen from the beginning, but I was too young to realize or worry about it.  He used to fuck me good and gave me all I needed, but at some point )in the last 5 years) he just became weak and less manly.  No one stays virile forever.  I’m certainly not the catch I used to be.  But I am still in need of a dominant  real man to take control of me and put me in my place.  My daddy just can’t muster that anymore. So I’ve been cheating with just about anyone I can for a few years now,  I hate the betrayal, , but the thrill and disgusting nature of cheating is better than  any sex we ever had (even when he was real man).  I know I’m a worthless fucking simpering cunt, but I just can’t get enough of cheating.  The more shameful and the bigger betrayal the hotter it is.  I don’t work  so I love to have men over to fuck kevin our bed right after he leaves to make the money.  
      anyone have any thoughts on this?  Love to hear from you.  
      hmu if you want to use me and humiliate me btw!  

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