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Stroking his beard, K C continued,  "I've been going to the same gym for years and I noticed a new guy, Asian, toned heavily tatted.  Definitely gay but no sexual attraction between us.  His ink had me intrigued and we had some nice discussions.  Oh yeah, his name is Lee and he was looking to get more ink, but I didn't know any tattoo artists.  For a few weeks, there was no sign of Lee and I figured he was away.  I'm on a bench, doing presses when Lee is back and he approaches me.  Done with my reps, I take a break and Lee tells me he has some new ink, lowering his left sock to reveal a dragon tat on his calf.  He says there's something else, but it needs to bee seen in private, so we arrange to meet in the locker room in 15 minutes.  I asked where he was and he said he'd been 'under the weather'.  My workout finished, I head to the locker room to find Lee waiting for me.  Looking around, he's satisfied that no one is around and he lowers his shorts a bit.  Just above his pubes is a bio haz tat, in neon blue, outlined in red.  I suggest we discuss it  in private over coffee after I've showered.  Fifteen minutes later, we're in the local coffee shop at a quiet table.  So, 'under the weather' is code for fuckflu which made us both laugh.  Lee had found Ivan's ad in a local gay rag and booked an appointment to get the dragon tat done.  Unbeknownst to Lee, Ivan had seen him at a sex party, hooded, in a sling and getting fucked bareback by man after man.  Lee didn't even flinch when Ivan told him what he saw.  He also said we wasn't on PrEP and wasn't poz....yet.  That's when Ivan dropped his pants to reveal what he calls his 'weapon of mass infection', 12.5" of thickly veined AIDS cock, with a scorpion tat along the shaft, offering to get the deed done.  A few nights later, Lee was in Ivan's sling, getting fucked repeatedly.  Just as promised, Lee came down with the fuckflu and when Boris came to take him, he got confirmation with a home test.  Hearing this made my cock throb and Lee gave me Ivan's number and said it would be okay to use him as a reference!"

Mickey put his hand on Tim's scorpion tat and said, "That night, after dinner, K C said we need to have a serious talk.  He told me how some POZ guys can go to great lengths to hide their status and thinking about it, I had to agree.  Next, he mentioned that POZ men can be just as hot as neg men, maybe even hotter and rather than relying on the luck of the draw, it might be best for the 2 of us to knowingly get knocked up.  Both of us were hard and when he told me how Lee was knocked up by Ivan, I suggested we call Ivan before making a definite decision.  K C called Ivan and left a message, using Lee as a reference.  An hour later, Ivan returned the call, definitely interested as he'd never infected a couple.  We logged onto the web so we could have a cam session.  Granted, he's a bit rough around the edges and heavily inked, but he was still hot and that cock helped us make up our minds.  Understanding my high profile job, Ivan assured us he'd be discreet.  He'd come to us the next night and we'd both need to be cleaned out before deciding who'd get Ivan's venom first!"

To be continued

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Reaching over Tim, K C squeezed Mickey's thigh.  "With our decision made, we went to our bedroom where we fucked each other repeatedly, to complete exhaustion, our last fucks as neg men, even if conversion took time." He said. "The next day was filled with excitement and anticipation and while we playfully felt each other up, there was no fucking.  After dinner, we both did thorough cleanings.  Ivan called at 9:30 to let us know he was on his way and that his assistant, Boris would be dropping him off.  The doorbell rang shortly before 10:00 and Mickey went with me to greet our guest.  Dressed in white shorts and a white tee, at 6' weighing 170#, covered in tats, with piercing blue eyes and a blond buzzcut, Ivan cut a fine figure.  He carried a black knapsack."

"We ushered him into the parlor and the 3 of us sat where we're sitting right now and we exchanged handshakes." Mickey said.  "I thanked him for agreeing to this and told him how excited we both were.  Reaching into his knapsack, Ivan took out 2 OraQuick tests, saying 'it's best to make sure we're both neg'  K C and I each swabbed our cheeks and Ivan set a timer on his phone.  Ivan suggested we 'get acquainted while we wait'"

K C chimed in and said. "Ivan, at the risk of prying, how did you get knocked up?  Were you chasing, stealthed or just the luck of the draw? 'I need to give you the backstory' Ivan said.  'The man who gave me my start in the business was an older bear by the name of Theo and to describe him as merely hairy is an understatement.  In short order, we became coworkers and friends with benefits.  Both of us shameless barebackers and versatile, not to mention a dislike for monogamy, life was good.  Fast forward a few years, I wanted a shop of my own and the last thing I wanted was to be competition, so I looked for a shop out of state.  The ad for the shop I own now caught my eye and because the current owner had suffered a stroke, he was eager to make a deal if I approved.  I drove down the next day, taking my books with me and he was impressed with my work.  Next, his wife drove to the shop with me and everything seemed to be in good condition.  Back at the owner's place he told me that I could expect a fair amount of steady work from the biker crowd and when I told him I'm gay, he said it shouldn't be an issue.  I wrote out a check for the deposit and squeezed his shoulder to seal the deal.  Two weeks later, I was back with a certified check and the lease was now in my name.  Unexpectedly, the sign didn't cost me anything, because the guy wanted to get into ink, ass well as into my pants.  Theo and I parted on good terms and we'd kept in touch through e-mail and the occasional phone call.  Getting up in years, Theo decided to sell the shop and retire.  Just about a year ago, Theo calls and asks if he can come down for a visit in the next few days.  I tell him there's room in my bed and in my ass and we agree on him visiting in 2 days.  Theo walked into my shop 2 nights later, just as I was finishing a tribal design on one of my biker regulars.  I explained to him how Theo gave me my start and I wanted him to see it, so the guy showed it to him, complimenting me on my usual fabulous work.  Theo said he was proud as I wrapped the guy's arm, collected my fee and gave him the cleaning supplies.  Something had changed in Theo.  His gut was gone and it was now solid muscle.  Needless to say, I liked what I saw.  Locking up the shop, I took Theo to grab a burger and then back to my place.  Once inside, I told him he was looking good and asked if he was feeling nostalgic or there was another reason for his visit.  He shocked me when he said it was partly nostalgic, but also business.  Theo, as hairy as you are there's only one place for ink on your body and that would be your cock!  I nearly fell to the floor when he said I was right.  Then, he says he wants a scorpion there.  I got beer for the 2 of us and Theo told me the reason.  Having deprived himself of a proper vacation for too many years, he decided to go to Provincetown for a 2 month stay.  The owner seemed nice when they spoke on the phone and said he'd enjoy the company, since most guests only stayed for the weekends.  Provincetown, being a gay Mecca, Theo had hopes for a slutcation and he wasn't to be disappointed.  Arriving when most if not all the guests were at dinner, Theo rang the doorbell.  Never one to be ashamed of his fur, he'd removed his tanktop and tucked it in the waistband of his shorts.  Seconds later, the owner answered the doorbell, dressed in skimpy white shorts and a t-shirt adorned with a bright red bio haz.  The owner said 'WOOF', Theo said 'OINK' and they hugged.  'I'm Bob, and this is my cottage of lust!  You must be Theo.  There's been a last second change in your accommodations.  For tonight at least, you'll be sleeping in my bed, that is if we sleep at all!  If you're not satisfied, the room you've booked will be available starting tomorrow.' Theo tells me that Bob could be my older brother and then he takes his phone and shows me a pic.  I see a definite resemblance and the, he shows me a pic of a fat cock, saying 'This is the cock that pozzed me!'  Again, he asks if I'll do a scorpion tat on his cock and I agree on the condition that he uses that cock to poz me!"  Just then, the timer on Ivan's phone dings and he looks at the tests.  Congratulations, you're both neg..for now!"  Reaching into his knapsack, he extracts a deck of cards and fans them out.  "Each of you pick a card and high card goes first!"

To be continued

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"K C's card was the 10 of diamonds and mine was the 7 of clubs." Mickey said.  "I wished K C luck and said I'd enjoy watching.  That's when Ivan chimed in, saying since we were lovers, I shouldn't be a mere spectator!"

"Together, we walked upstairs to our bedroom, where we all got naked, the 3 of us hard." K C said.  "Up close, Ivan's cock was more than impressive and as it throbbed, the scorpion on his shaft seemed alive!  Would you like to use my toothbrush to rough up the insides of my hole?"

Ivan squeezed K C's ass.  "Ordinarily, that's what I do, but in the brief time I've been with you men, I think this should be more intimate.  Unless you have any objections, I'll use my teeth to open a few blood vessels.  My PA will also do some tearing and being that spit is the only lube you'll get, the initial penetration will be rough and painful.  That's what I call making fertile ground.  Again, with you there's a need for intimacy, so once I'm balls deep in you, I'll give you a fuck you'll enjoy until I'm close to climax and then, I won't be as gentle!"  Reaching into his knapsack, Ivan pulled out a black towel and a large white cloth with multiple bloodstains.  "So far, this is the blood of 10 men I've knocked up.  Between tonight and tomorrow, it'll make an even dozen!"  He put the towel and the cloth on the bed.  "K C, get on the bed, on your back and suck my toxic cock while I literally eat your neg ass!  Mickey, get next to K C and do what feels right!"  The 2 men followed instructions and Ivan got on top of K C in the 69 position.  K C's mouth engulfed Ivan's cock, slobbering all over it, while Ivan planted his face in K C's ass.  Licking his crack, he found it quite tasty and it had been Ivan's experience that a tasty ass was always a fuckable ass.  Inserting his tongue, he could feel K C's buttmuscles responding and his juices flowing.  Mickey gently worked K C's nips.  It was a scene of carnal bliss.  Using his hands to spread K C's buttocks, Ivan buried his face in the sweet black hole and bit down twice.  The taste of blood was unmistakable and the ground was now fertile.  "Let the breeding begin!" He exclaimed, as he left K C's ass and removed his spitsoaked cock from K C's mouth.

To be continued



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    • By rapazsolitario
      Since I was a child I lived in the same neighborhood, with the same neighbors. I played on the street with the usual people, until we grew up and moved away. All the houses in the neighborhood had a child my age, except that of the neighbor on the right, who lived alone.
      Everyone said he was gay, so no one came close to him. But I always thought they were envious, because he had the biggest house in the region, with a pool and everything. My parents always treated him well, invited him to my birthday parties and he gave me great gifts, so I was always courteous to him too.
      When I was fourteen, my mother was diagnosed with cancer, and it was Pablo, the neighbor, who took care of me while my father was in the hospital with her. In the two years that followed until the death of my mother, we created a bond almost like father and son.
      At that time, I already knew that he was really gay, I had met some of his boyfriends, and he was the first person to whom I told that I was also gay.
      What I didn't told him was that I had a secret crush on him, after all, a skinny teenager like me would never have a chance with a mature, 36-year-old man, wealthy and well resolved like him.
      I had already spent countless afternoons in the pool at Pablo's house, and when he went swimming with me, I would look at his strong, hairy body, with that big volume in his trunks and all the tattoos he had on his body. He told me to wear swim trunks, but I always wore shorts, so he wouldn't notice my erection.
      My father was very depressed after my mother's death and started drinking, so whenever I could, I would run away to Pablo’s. He had even given me a copy of his key, so I could come in and watch TV or use the computer when he was gone working.
      One day, as usual, I went to his house during his working hours, thinking it would be empty. I was starting to settle in the living room when I heard a groaning noise coming from his room.
      I went there in silence and came across a scene that left my jaw dropping. Pablo was fucking another man with all the pressure.
      The guy was under him, in a chicken position, while Pablo fucked him mercilessly. His hairy, juicy ass was in front of me, as were his huge balls. The guy moaned and screamed like he was in paradise.
      For a moment, I thought the man under him had seen me, because he whispered something in Pablo's ear after looking at the door. But I was well hidden in the shades and they just kept fucking, without looking in my direction.
      I was looking at that scene for some time, my dick exploding in my underwear, when I heard Pablo saying:
      “Do you want my cum?”
      ”Yes, I really want it”, the other man shouted in ecstasy.
      “And what kind of cum is it?”, asked Pablo.
      “It's poz cum.”
      "Say what you want then," ordered my neighbor.
      “I want you to poz me, to fill me with HIV.”
      Hearing that was strange. First, because I didn't know that my neighbor had HIV. Second, the other guy was getting fucked without a condom on purpose, literally begging to be infected.
      A few seconds after that, I heard Pablo howling, and I knew he was coming inside the passive's ass, injecting him with his virus-contaminated semen.
      I turned away in silence, left his house and ran to mine. My cock was still hard and drooling in my underwear, so I ran to the bathroom and touched myself remembering the scene I had just witnessed.
      I came as I never had in my life, I had to restrain myself from screaming otherwise I would get my dad's attention.
      I didn't fully understand why the guy wanted to be infected with a virus that had no cure, but I realized how that would feel in sex. Because it was bigger than just sex, they were creating a bond that would last until the end of their lives, something totally irreversible.
      I never mentioned any of that to anyone, obviously, because people would find it strange and try to get me away from Pablo. I continued to act normally with him, but in a way our relationship was no longer the same, because I knew his secret.
      The more the time passed, the more I understood the fetish that man had to be pozzed by my neighbor. It was literally putting your life in the hands of the other, and I didn't know a better person than my neighbor to have that kind of trust.
      I started researching the subject on the internet and discovered that there was a whole community with this type of fetish. The more videos I watched, the more I became horny about it. I even lost track of how many handjobs I gave myself imagining my neighbor doing that to me.
      It was in these researches that I discovered that a tattoo that he had just above the swimsuit mark meant that he was positive and that he was proud of it. One day, when we were sitting by the pool, I got some courage and said:
      “I really like your tattoos, when I turn 18, I want to get some done.”
      "Tattooing is something that when you do the first one, you get addicted," he said.
      “Would you be upset if I had one just like yours?”, I asked.
      “Which one?” he wanted to know.
      "The one over the swim trunks," I said innocently. “I think it's very beautiful.”
      He smiled a little condescendingly, as if I had no idea what I was talking about and said:
      “That one has a very special meaning for me, someday I’ll explain it to you.”
      I didn't ask anything because I already knew what it meant, and he closed the matter too. But I realized that from that day on he started looking at me differently, as if he were evaluating me. At that time, I was starting to gain some muscle, because I was going to the gym and my body was starting to develop as well. There was hair growing in corners that I never imagined I could have it, and I left everything to be natural, just as I had seen that Pablo was.
      I thought he could be evaluating me in that matter, seeing the changes in my body, but he never said anything. Time passed and our relationship remained the same as always. It was childish of me to still hope to be with a man twenty years older than me, who thought about me as if I was his son more than anything.
    • By MattQueen1
      This is my first attempt at a dark story.
      I was in a strange city in a strange bar meeting a stranger. He was going to change my life. I never thought I would do something like this but, here I am. Maybe I should go back and explain how I got here. Yeah, that way I can show you what happened from my prospective. 
      My name is Keith.I am a bisexual man. I did stuff with other guys when I was younger. Always safe and always brief.  After college I met and married the woman who would become my wife. Her name is Nikki I decided to give up doing gay stuff. I really did love her and being gay was not as accepted. I also took a job in computers and finance which made me rich. I also came from family money. I settles into, what I thought, was a happy life. I was wrong. Just out of the blue my wife just stopped wanting sex with me. She just stopped. When I tried to find out what was wrong she just blew me off. She was going out more. I wound up using my tablet to watch porn. Mt desire for guys was slowly coming back. I watched more and more gay porn. I delved deeper and deeper into it. I found all sort of different types. I got into bareback which led my to pozzing porn. When I first learned about pozzing, bug catching and gift giving I thought it was not real. However, the more I read the more I learned how real it is and how hot it can be. Soon it was all I could watch. I still hoped it would work out with my wife but was starting to desire the feel of raw skin on skin in my ass.
      The moment I knew it was over was when I found out that she was not only having an affair she was having that affair with the man I thought was my best friend. To be honest they were fucking before Nikki and I started dating. She wanted to marry me for money. I was crushed at first. I knew what was coming and I needed to protect my assets and get as much proof as I could. Then it hit me. Why just do all this legal crap when I could get revenge and turn them against each other. I started doing research on the deep web to find what I was, or rather whom, I was looking for. I found the perfect guy. He was a drop dead gorgeous, he was very well endowed and he was a poz. I was going to meet him soon. I made an excuse to travel to another town where he lived. That is where I am now. Sitting in a bar waiting for him to show. I had a suite in a five star hotel for us and I was going to get him for the whole weekend. He walked up to me and asked, "You the guy?" "Yes" was my response. He ordered a drink on my tab. He asked if I had it with me. {The money.} I told him half now and half back the room. He was actually okay with that. So we finished our drinks and left. I could not wait for what was about to happen.
      The conclusion will be posted soon.
    • By Horny4256
      I stood at the entrance of club Orlando and was mixed with both fear and excitement. I had heard of this place many times before and was fixed on going when I did my research and saw it was a gay bathhouse. I had read many stories of times there and I wanted to go so badly to have as many cocks and loads shoved up my ass and down my throat. Most of all I was so hoping that I could find someone there to take my poz cherry. I went inside and paid for my membership and for a room and went in. Once I found my room I started to take my clothes off and took a moment to admire myself in the mirror on the wall. At 21 I stood at 6ft 2 and was 230 pounds of muscle thanks to the 6 years in the army. I kept my blond hair cut short out of habit but still managed to catch the eyes of anyone and everyone who looked and admired me. I wrapped my towel around my waist and made my way through the club to see what was going on there. I came on a night of a lights out party so the inside was dimly lit. I brushed by allot of thick hard cock and got my ass felt up many times as I ventured further into the bathhouse. I saw the theater room and the dark room they had there and caught a twink getting pounded on the table in the dark room. I stood there for a little while stroking my cock enjoying seeing the twink squealing for the bear that was fucking him to go harder and faster. The bear let out a mighty growl and yelled that his pussy was about to get his toxic load and I had to stop and walk away before I came myself since I didn't want to cum just yet. I made sure to make a mental note of what the bear looked like so I too could possibly take his toxic load in my ass too. I made my way out to the pool where I saw a nice cabana next to it lined up with many chairs to enjoy the time by the pool but there wasn't much there for me to get into. I walked back along and saw two guys making out in the hot tub and decided to keep on moving on. I saw the room that was in the far corner and decided to go in and see what was going on and if I could join. There was allot of guys milling around in here all in different stages of fucking. I saw the twink I saw in the darkroom earlier in the sling getting fucked hard by a monstrous man. I stood there admiring what I was seeing, the man was at least 6ft 4 and very muscled and covered in tattoos. I could see the biohazard tattoo at the top of his back and two of them one on each asscheek. I couldn't help myself any longer and went to kneel on the floor behind him and spread his ass to devour his hole. I could taste a few loads that he pushed out into my willing mouth. The mix of the cum and his ass juices made me moan. I tried to shove my tongue as far as I could and didn't even realize that there was another guy that got right behind me and started to thrust into my ass. It went in without any resistance and they went in balls deep right in making me moan loudly into the ass I was eating and with a savage hunger I went in deeper into his ass. The guy who was fucking me was holding no bar against plowing my ass and it felt so amazing. He reached around and grabbed my nipples and started to twist them making me moan even louder. Get ready bitch you're about to get my fully charged up aids load he whispered in my ear. Hearing I was about to get my first poz load of the night with hopefully more to come I dug my face in as deeply as I could into he ass in front of me as the guy slammed into me one last time and I could feel his pent up aids load gysering up into my rectum making me feel full and warm as ever. I kept up on feasting this guys ass and could feel his ass clench onto my tongue and I knew he was loading up the twink in the sling with a nice load of poz cum and I hoped I would be next.
    • By cumdumpSD
      Open to the public Anonymous cumdump hosting tops and Anonymous to ass up blindfoled (unless you want me to look in the eyes of the person giving me a gift) 
      Hosting at Best Western Hotel Circle. Dec 24th thru Dec 26th. Will add room number here when I check in.; Send me a PM when you want to come

    • By submissivebottom74
      Would love to plan a two month vacation to Las Vegas two years from now. Would love to write and film real stories. Anyone around Vegas that can communicate back and forth?

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