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  1. Will be in Amsterdam for the day on Thursday March 14, which is best sauna for daytime pig fun?
  2. How many piss loads did you swallow? Sounds like the perfect start to the year.
  3. Fucking hot. I love the contrast between the intimacy of Mitch and Cole and Mitch's acceptance of his cumdump status!
  4. This is so fucki hot - love dar rooms and having no idea who s giving me piss and cum. Keet it coming mate. You write well - so evocative!
  5. Give us all details son
  6. Got my first lid of 2015 from him in washroom on my way home from work to the train station. Fuck his cock is so beautiful! Fucked me for about 10 min in washroom cubicle before dropping his sweet load deep in me.
  7. Taken three more loads from the young fucker. Second time again lunchtime washroom fuck. As before sucked him to lube his cock then offered him my hole. After a minute or so I felt his cock pulse as he unloaded but this time he kept on fucking. After a few minutes, he pulled out, smiled and indicated 2 loads in me with his fingers. I sucked him clean. Fuck did he taste good. Third time was in washroom on my way home from work. He went straight to work on my hole and quickly unloaded in me. I sucked him clean and soon tasted piss. Hit! He tried to stop me sucking and said I need to piss. I said no problem and took him back in my mouth and took a nice load of salty piss down my throat. Hoping for more piss and cum from him
  8. A mid 20s Asian guy messaged me on BBRT saying he wanted to fuck. Arranged to meet in washroom during my lunch hour. I was there first, naked in cubicle. He came in, cute good looker with hot body. I sucked his uncut cock, tasting the piss under his foreskin. Once good and hats (he is very slight build but good sized and thick cock) I turned round and he pushed his full length straight into my hungry hole. He was a hot fuck. He worked my hole and then whispered "I'm coming" into my ear. He didn't need to tell me because I felt his cock pulse as he unloaded into me. I sucked him clean and off he went zi tasted his huge load in my hole, - nice!
  9. Hey Hawker - had any more Arab cock and loads? Keep the stories coming!
  10. Keep the Arab fuck updates coming!
  11. Keep the stories cunmming. Love hairy Arab guys. Hope you get to fill a hole or two as well. Sounds like you have lucked out there son!
  12. Love to suck a cock clean after its unloaded in my ass. The taste of cum and ass juice is incredible. As a good sub I clean my shit off the top's cock if I haven,t prepared properly

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