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  1. I was 14 wearing my school uniform cruising in the public toilet while waiting for my bus home. An older guy ( a farmer I think) saw me looking through the glory hole and said to come Into his cubicle. I was nervous but horny so did as he asked. Once in the cubicle he pulled my pants down, licked and fingered my hole then pushed his cock in. It hurt but felt good. He came inside me, and immediately pulled up his pants and left. I pulled up my pants and ran to catch my bus home. Have loved being fucked ever since that day. I kept hoping to see him again but never did unfortunately.
  2. Most of the cases where someone was infected while on PrEP was because they got a strain resistant to the drugs in PrEP. It’s very rare but It can happen.
  3. It’s always up to my top to decide how long he wants to fuck me. I love cock in my hole, and have no problem being used for a long time, as long as I get rewarded with a huge load in the end, or even better several loads if he’s a multiple cummer.
  4. I love eating a really hairy ass, really enjoy the musky taste. I’ll eat any ass but hairy really does it for me.
  5. Love the stink of my own pits, but rank hairy pits of a hit guy drives me wild. Used to meet up with a guy who wouldn’t shower for several days before meeting up and would have an intense gym work out on the day and I just devoured his pits. Definitely as good as poppers for giving me a high. Love getting the scent of a guy as he passes by. Washed and smelling of deodorant just doesn’t do it for me.
  6. Want to find out how much Jon likes his first fist!
  7. Keep it coming! Sounds like this could be fun!
  8. This is such an intense fucked up story. Loving every bit of it. Keep the chapters coming!
  9. I want to be a meth and crack whore for all cock!
  10. Definitely want to read more!, keep it coming!
  11. I met this incredibly sexy dom top in a sauna in Brighton. After pushing me down on my knees and telling him to suck his cock in a public area. He took me to his room to continue sucking him. Eventually he told me to get on all fours and fucked me raw and unloaded in me. He told me to get back down on my knees to clean him off, then without warning started to piss in my mouth, telling me to swallow every drop. Like a good pig I did as I was told. He eventually became my dom and every time we met he’d tell me to get on my knees and drink his piss before he used my ass. I sure miss him!
  12. A top can fuck me for as long as he likes. It’s all about getting the load. My hole is there to be filled with cum.
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