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14 hours ago, Cuteguy69 said:

On side topics 

those it create infections 

it did with me sounding 

but I love it and scare of doing it again 

Yes, sounds can introduce foreign bacteria into the urethra or bladder.  There are several things you can do to reduce the risk. Of course wash your hands and your dick before you start.   Since they are metal, you can sterilize the sounds, an autoclave is best tho impractical for most.  30 minutes in a pressure cooker or 45 minute boiling will kill just about anything.  Please let your tools cool completely before playing with them.

You also want to use sterile lube.  Small packets are best so you don't waste any.  My personal choice is made by Dynarex, reorder number 1250, available on Amazon.  I also use BZK wipes to give me a sanitary place to put the sounds, and do last second cleaning of flesh.  Again from Dynarex, reorder number 1303.

As soon as you can after the sounding scene, you are going to want to urinate.  Probably sitting down because there is going to be mild to moderate burning.  This will help flush out any excess lube or other nasty buggers.  Stay well hydrated and know that the discomfort should clear up on its own after one or two more full bladder evacuations.

Should burning last for more than 48 hours, or there is any discharge or odd smell, go to your doctor or urgent care and be honest about what you've done.

Play hard(er), play safe(r)

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