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Brian knocked on Mr. Miller’s office door. He checked his watch and found that he was a few minutes early. He felt a bit nervous, not knowing what Mr. Miller had planned for his final. It was Brian’s sophomore year in college, and while he did well in most classes, Brian found his psychology class was kicking his ass. Brian wasn’t a bad student. His mind just didn’t click when it came to psychology. That’s why he had been so relieved when Mr. Miller offered to help him raise his grade. Mr. Miller had given Brian videos to watch to help him memorize information, and after weeks of videos, Brian was feeling ready.

“Your final will be held in my office at three,” Mr. Miller said. “Make sure to watch the review video the night before. It’ll help make sure you’re fully prepared.”

The idea of being alone with Mr. Miller also excited Brian since he had a huge crush on the man. Mr. Miller was in his 40s, black hair with bits of gray starting to show through. Bits of chest hair stuck out of his shirt collar whenever Mr. Miller wore polo shirts. He was around 6 foot 3 which was a few inches taller than Brian. Brian knew that Mr. Miller used the school’s gym whenever he could, leaving him with a strong body. Brian had never been able to see Mr. Miller at the gym himself, though he had tried to on several occasions. Seeing Mr. Miller in the showers would send Brian to an early grave if it ever happened.

Brian knew he didn’t stand a chance. Mr. Miller was straight from what he knew. Every female student tripped over themselves when they saw him. Brian knew many hoped they could get knocked up by him. Secretly, Brian would have wanted the same thing if he had been a woman. The idea of having a part of Mr. Miller growing inside of him gave Brian a boner as he stood outside the office door.

The door opened, revealing Mr. Miller inside.

“Hey, Brian. Come on in.”

“Thanks, Mr. Miller”

As Brian entered the office, he breathed in deep, smelling the cologne Mr. Miller always wore. It filled the space. Brian’s cock throbbed as he leaked precum into his boxers. As Mr. Miller circled around to his desk, Brian adjusted himself, hiding his growing bulge.

“So, have you been diligent in watching all the videos I’ve sent you?”

“Yes, Sir,” Brian said. “I found them informative. I really feel like I’m understanding psychology.”

“That’s great, Brian,” Mr. Miller said. “And you watched the review video last night?”

“Sure did,” Brian told him.

“Sounds like you’re ready,” Mr. Miller said. He turned to his computer and started typing, his eyes looking at Brian for a brief moment. “Shall we begin?”

“Sure,” Brian said.

“Good.” Mr. Miller pressed a button on the keyboard and a sound filled the office.

Immediately, Brian’s eyes glazed over and his expression changed from nervousness to a blank stare.

“You have watched the videos diligently,” Mr. Miller said, smiling. “Many students in the past have skipped several or failed to even try watching any of them. I’m glad to have someone so committed now under my control.” Mr. Miller stood up and locked his office door. He had made sure his schedule had not shown any meetings that day, making it look as if he was nowhere to be found. He circled around his desk, stopping in front of Brian who was still staring straight ahead. “Tell me, Brian, who do you belong to?”

“I belong to you, Master,” Brian said, his voice holding little emotion.

“And what are you, Brian?”

“I am a cumdump,” Brian said. “I am an object to be used by men. I am your sex slave, dedicated to you for the rest of my life.”

“And will you do whatever I tell you?”

“Yes, Master. Whatever you command, I will do.”

“That’s right,” Mr. Miller said, reaching out a hand and brushing his palm along the side of Brian’s face. “The best part of this, Brian, is that the part of your mind that was unaware of the subliminal messages in the videos I sent you, is still aware of what is happening to you right now. You just can’t do anything about it. Though, I doubt you’d want to do anything. I know that you’ve had a thing for me. I’ve seen you try to hide your erections in class. I also saw a post from you on Faggot Fantasies. Yes, I know it’s all done under screennames, but a friend of mine was able to hack into your computer ages ago, allowing me full access to everything on your computer. Yes, everything. I saw the post you wrote about me, wanting to take my cock up your ass. You wrote that you’d swallow my load every morning if you could. You wrote you’d even get my name tattooed on your body. I must admit, that pushed me over the edge. Did you mean that, Brian?”

“Yes, Master.”

Mr. Miller smiled. “Good. I’ll keep that in mind. Stand up.”

Brian complied.

“Remove all your clothing except for your underwear.”

Brian started stripping as Mr. Miller reached back and clicked a button on his computer. The hidden cameras Mr. Miller had set up all turned on, recording Brian as he removed his clothing.

“I see someone is hard,” Mr. Miller said, reaching out and pressing down on Brian’s still-clothed hard-on, watching as it bounced back up, standing straight out from his body. “How often do you masturbate?”

“Twice a day, Master.”

“Twice a day?” Mr. Miller said. “Normally, I would tell all young men to be masturbating as much as possible. There is nothing more important than physical pleasure. However, since you are to be my slave, I will be insisting on you no longer touching your cock unless I tell you. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Master.”

“I see you spend some time at the gym,” Mr. Miller said, reaching out and rubbing a hand along Brian’s chest and abs. “That’s good. You’ll be doing more of that from now on. I see that you’re naturally hairy. Normally, I like hairy men like myself, and I can see you one day looking like me, but, as my slave, I want you hairless. When you get home tonight, you will shave off all your hair except for what’s on your head. Understand?”

“Yes, Master,” Brian said.

“Tell me, Brian, are you a virgin?”

“No, Master,” Brian said.

“Who took your virginity?”

“My neighbor,” Brian said.

“And how old is your neighbor?”


Mr. Miller smiled. “You like older men. That’s good. Older men should always have young men available to them. Experience breeds excellence. It is the best way to learn. Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, Master.”

“Good. You won’t need one. You belong to me now. My pleasure is the only thing you’ll need to care about now. Understand?”

“Yes, Master,” Brian said. “Your pleasure is all I care about.”

“Brian, what is a dark fantasy of yours?”

“I want to have your babies, Master,” Brian said. “If I was a woman, Master, I would want to have your babies.”

“Really?” Mr. Miller said. He turned and looked directly into one of the cameras, smiling. His hand slipped down and rested on his growing bulge. “Are you on PrEP?”

“No, Master.”

“Good boy,” Mr. Miller said. “That’ll make it easier. You’ll be carrying my babies sooner than you know. Would you like that, Brian?”

“Yes, Master. It is all I want. It is all I live for.”

“That’s right, slave,” Mr. Miller said, stepping away from his desk and circling around Brian. He grabbed the young man’s shoulders and ran his hands along his arms, feeling his muscles and warm skin. Mr. Miller stepped closer, pressing himself against Brian’s back, his groin grinding against the young man’s ass. He pressed his lips against Brian’s neck and kissed him, starting off slow before making sure there were marks left on his skin. “Do you like BDSM, Brian?”

“I’ve never tried it, Master.”

“What have you tried?”

“I’ve been fucked in the ass, Master,” Brian said. “I’ve also given blow jobs.”

“Do you use condoms?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Wrong!” Mr. Miller shouted, slapping the back of Brian’s head. “You never use condoms. Sex is meant to be bareback. You’ll never touch a condom again. In fact, you are allergic to condoms. Touching one will cause your skin to bleed, and not the kind of bleeding we like. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

Mr. Miller inserted his fingers into the waistband of Brian’s boxers and pulled them down, his erection causing some resistance. Mr. Miller moved the boxers down Brian’s legs, his lips moving along the young man’s back and ending at his ass. Mr. Miller released the boxers and then grabbed hold of Brian’s ass, one hand per cheek, and spread them apart slightly. He inserted his nose and breathed deep. “I love the smell of a young man barely broken in. Soon, your hole will be a ruined mess, full of cum and swollen from constant assault. Do you want that, Brian?”

“Yes, Master.”

Mr. Miller pressed his mouth into the young man’s ass and started kissing his hole, moving his tongue over the sweaty skin and hair, relishing the taste. He wanted to force himself further into Brian, invade his body completely, but not just yet. After several minutes of eating Brian’s ass, Mr. Miller backed away and looked at his work, seeing hair matted with his saliva and skin rubbed raw from his beard. It seemed Brian had sensitive skin. That would work well in Mr. Miller’s favor.

“Turn around,” Mr. Miller said.

Brian turned, his erection now sticking straight on toward Mr. Miller’s face.

“How big is your cock, Brian?”

“Six inches, Master.”

“Average size,” Mr. Miller said. “The thing is, average is pointless. Only men with truly superior cocks, cocks like mine, should ever enter another man’s ass or throat. Since you will be my bottom slave, there is no point in your dick every getting hard. You’ll need to learn how to cum from using your ass. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

Mr. Miller looked below to where low hanging testicles were waiting. “Now these are beautiful. Wearing boxers with balls that hang this low is dangerous. I think we’ll see how far we can get these to hang. How does that sound?”

“Perfect, Master.”

“You will gain pleasure from your hole being used and your balls being tortured. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good. Now, lose your erection.”

No sooner had the words been said that Brian’s cock started to deflate, shrinking down considerably.”

“A grower not a shower. That’ll be good for what I have in store.” Mr. Miller stood up and circled around his desk, opening a drawer in which he pulled out a cock cage. “This,” Mr. Miller said, holding up the cage, “Will make sure you don’t get hard without my permission. You will wear this everyday without fail. You will never take it off unless I allow it. There is a lock on the cage which I have the key to.” Mr. Miller came back around to Brian and fitted the cage on his cock. Even though he had shrunk, it was still a tight fit. “This lower section wraps around your balls. Now, normally, if you tried to get hard, it would pull on them, causing you pain. Unfortunately, since you’ve got low hangers, it will hardly do a thing. Still, it’s the thought that counts. Now, get dressed.”

Brian started pulling his clothing back on as Mr. Miller circled back around to his computer where he clicked a button and the cameras turned off.

“I’ll be giving you an A in my class. However, you will not be returning home this summer. Instead, you will be staying here with me. I’ve already written up a letter to your parents, telling them that you are to be shadowing me this summer, acting as an intern. Of course, the school knows nothing about this. What you will actually be doing is living in my house as my slave. I will be training you to serve me in every way possible. By the end of the summer, you will decide to drop out of college. I know you parents will be livid, but we’ll figure out a way to make you disappear without them having to be overly concerned. For the rest of your life, or, until I grow tired of you, you will be my slave and do nothing but think of how you will pleasure me. I will keep you under my control forever, though, there will be nothing of the old you left by the end of the summer. With each passing day, a bit of your old mind will fade until you remember nothing of your old life. There will only be me, your Master. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Master,” Brian said, clothed once more.

“You will go to your dorm room, shave yourself, and then pack all your things. You will then meet me at this address. It is my home. We will be selling your things as you have no use for them. I will take the money and buy more toys which I will use on you. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You belong to me now, Brian,” Mr. Miller said. “I am the only thing that matters. You will give yourself over to me completely. In return, I will fulfill your darkest fantasy. I will give you my babies. You see, Brian, I’m poz, and I’ll be knocking you up with my strain. What do you say to that?”

“Thank you, Master,” Brian said. “It is all I’ve ever wanted.”

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As you know, this is fiction. It's fantasy. Obviously, consent is necessary. We all know this. Anyway...


Brian pulled his car outside of the address Mr. Miller had given him, all his belongings in the trunk or backseat. It was nearly dark, the task of shaving all his body hair off taking considerable time. Now he was smooth. Since leaving Mr. Miller’s office, the effect over Brian’s mind had started to lessen. While he was still complying with Mr. Miller’s orders, there were moments of hesitation which reached out to the surface. As he had been shaving his chest, his hand had stopped for a brief moment as the desire to keep the hair which had made him feel like a man took hold in his mind. The interruption did not last as Mr. Miller’s control took over and he continued shaving. Even as he had taken his belongings to his car, there was a moment of sadness knowing his things were about to be sold. Still, he did as he was told.

Brian left his car and walked to the front door, ringing the bell. The door opened, Mr. Miller appearing in a bathrobe which was tied tightly shut. A smile turned his lips.

“Welcome, Brian. You’re later than I expected.”

“Sorry,” Brian said.

Mr. Miller’s eyebrow raised as he noticed the lack of the use “Master.” His control was wearing off.

“Come inside,” Mr. Miller said, stepping back and allowing his student inside. “Take a seat in the living room.”

Brian did as he was told. In the living room there was a large TV mounted on the wall with the couch angled directly toward it. There was a coffee table between them on which there were several books. If Brian had been able to take in his surroundings better, he would have noticed that each book was dedicated to images of the male body and sexual positions. All but one at the bottom which was titled The Human Mind and How to Control It by Andrew Miller.

“Would you like a drink?” Mr. Miller asked. Normally he wouldn’t ask his slave if he wanted a drink. He wouldn’t ask him if he wanted anything. But he knew that his control was wearing off, and not wanting to shock Brian out of his trance, he needed to ease him into the next phase without scaring him off. It was a delicate task creating a sex slave. Mr. Miller had done it only twice before, the first failing to respond to the hypnosis after a few sessions and the other losing Mr. Miller’s interest after only a year. As he looked at Brian who was standing in the living room, staring at the television, he had a feeling that he wouldn’t find himself bored. He had found himself a winner.

“Here,” Mr. Miller said, handing Brian a glass. “It’s Whiskey.”

“I…” Brian started, a bit of his buried mind coming to the surface. “I’m not… 21.”

“It’s alright,” Mr. Miller said, pushing the drink into his hand. “I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.”

Brian slowly took the glass but did not drink it.

“Sit down, Brian,” Mr. Miller said, motioning to the couch.

Brian sat down while Mr. Miller pulled out his phone and opened an app.

“I’ve been working on something that I’d like to show you,” Mr. Miller said, pressing a button which lit up the television screen. “Tell me what you think.”

The screen started flashing like a strobe light while a strange noise filtered through the sound system. Mr. Miller watched the reflection of the screen in Brian’s eyes which were growing wide while his mouth fell slack. The drink in his hand fell to the floor, spilling the whiskey.

“Looks like you like it,” Mr. Miller said. The subliminal messages within the videos he had sent to Brian before had been subtle, just enough to do the trick without turning him into a completely mindless husk. This video was stronger. He had been working on it for several months, syncing the flashes and the binaural beats. Images from porn were spliced in just for good measure. While there was no guarantee it would work, Mr. Miller had found it to be suitable when he had tried it out on his neighbor, Matt. Inviting Matt over for a football game while giving him time away from his wife was all Mr. Miller’s neighbor needed to find himself on the couch, mindless, unaware of what was happening to him. Matt had been a good fuck. His ass was a real bleeder.

Perhaps I’ll introduce Brian to him someday, Mr. Miller thought.

“Brian,” Mr. Miller said, stepping toward the television and looking at his student directly. “Who am I?”

“My Master,” Brian said.

“And who are you?”

“Your slave.”

“Very good,” Mr. Miller said, pulling his bathrobe open and revealing his almost naked body beneath. With the warmer weather, beads of sweat had started to collect under the bathrobe, hiding within his armpits and thick chest hair which ran down his stomach, disappearing beneath a pair of leather briefs on which a biohazard symbol was printed. While he had liked to have seen Brian react, taking in the sight of the teacher he had wanted to fuck for so long, knowing that the young man was under his control was enough to make him hard. “Brian, remove all your clothing.”

Brian stood up, eyes still glued to the television, and started stripping, revealing a hairless body beneath. Mr. Miller stepped forward and ran his hands along Brian’s hairless chest and abs, loving the feeling of his smooth, warm skin. As his boxers were removed, Mr. Miller caught sight of the hair Brian had missed, those strands around his cock, hidden within the cage. No matter, he thought, running a hand down to Brian’s ass. There was a slight sweat in the young man’s crack, allowing Mr. Miller’s fingers to slide down and find his asshole. Brian had done well shaving his ass much to Mr. Miller’s surprise. He positioned his middle finger over Brian’s hole and pushed inside, pressing his other hand on Brian’s chest as his body jumped from the intruding finger.

“Let me in,” Mr. Miller said. For sexual partners, he would say, “Relax,” but Brian wasn’t his partner. He was his slave. Having him tense was at times better, giving him something to struggle against. His finger was almost up to his knuckle, the tip of his finger searching inside for Brian’s prostate. Unable to fit anymore of his finger inside without fisting the young man’s ass, he angled his finger and pressed down, finding the small gland.

Brian moaned, his cock jerking in the cage without being able to grow. Mr. Miller could have told him to lose his erection again, Brian being under his control, but there was still the need for what would remain of Brian’s free mind to learn. He’d have to learn not to get hard, to find pleasure in his ass when pleasure was appropriate. It was Mr. Miller’s pleasure that mattered, and Brian had to learn this.

“Do you like that, slave?” Mr. Miller said, his one hand still grinding down on Brian’s prostate while his other moved down to the testicles.

“Yes, Master.”

“Know, Brian, that I will no longer be calling you by your name. Your name no longer matters. Your identity does not reside in what came before today. You are now what I’m making you. You are my slave and shall answer to the word. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good, slave,” he said. Brian’s balls were starting to rise up toward his body, seeking release, but Mr. Miller wrapped his fist around his scrotum and squeezed, pulling down slightly.

Brian’s body shook as pain warned him of his Master’s grip. If it hadn’t been for the video playing, Brian would have been pulled out of his trance. Soon he would suffer all types of pain while staying under Mr. Miller’s control, but for now, he was being eased in.

“If I have my way,” Mr. Miller said, his grip on Brian’s balls growing tighter, continuing to pull down, “your balls will hang down to your knees and drag on the ground as you crawl across the floor. Do you believe it is possible?”

“Yes, Master,” Brian said, his voice breaking from the pain. A slight tear entered the corner of his eye.

“Good, slave,” he said, releasing his balls, giving them a smack. “I think it’s time for us to begin your transformation. Follow me.”

Mr. Miller led his slave down a hall and stopped at a door on which a latch was built in at the top and bottom. Neither was bolted at the time. “Welcome to your new life,” Mr. Miller said, opening the door. Inside there were two slings, a doggy cage in the corner, a bench on which to either fuck or discipline, and a cabinet in which Mr. Miller kept other items at the ready. While he desired a sex slave, there were always nights when he wanted to fuck a random stranger. While the padded cuffs and small collars were suited for random fucks, the cuffs which were known to rub skin raw along with thick, unrelenting collars would be used specifically for Brian. The whips were for anyone. The as-of-yet unwashed butt plugs were waiting for Brian’s hungry hole.

“You said your darkest fantasy was to have my babies,” Mr. Miller said. “That’s exactly what you’re going to do. Tonight, I’m going to infect you with my toxic cum. Tonight, I will mark you as my own. My DNA will forever be in your body, destroying you even when I’m not here. Isn’t that what you want?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good,” he said, though it no longer mattered if it was what he wanted. “Slave, get into the sling.”

As Brian climbed into the sling, Mr. Miller went to the cabinet and pulled out a ball gag on which there were indentations of teeth from previous men and slaves. He brought it to Brian and fitted it into the slave’s mouth without asking him to open. He had to learn. He made it as tight as he could without causing his slave too much harm. Brian’s eyes had wandered up to the red light on the ceiling, the glow filling his eyes. In this light, Mr. Miller thought, his slave looked beautiful.

“I’ll always remember this moment,” Mr. Miller said, stepping back from Brian. He removed his leather briefs, revealing a nine-inch cock, thick and veiny. “Time to own your life.”


Let me know what you want to see happen. I've got ideas but only so many. No real end in mind, so we can go almost anywhere. Obviously, full on fucking is coming up next. 

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Yes great start of the second chapter, would love to see Brain's hole get dry fucked tear it up good hard balls deep causing it to bleed, choke him almost out by face fucking and keeping him in the dungeon all weekend long bound gagged caged beat tortured and rough fucked.

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i think a nice lubed leisurely fuck for the first one, one not to disturb the slave out of the trance too much, make him want more of the big cock in his arse, after all the Prof can mention that there will be plenty of time for much rougher forced fucking in the future

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