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Ric's 2nd Year At University

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Notice: The author does not consent to anyone using the characters or plot line of this story for any derived work, whether the author is still active on this site or not.  They are not abandoned nor placed in the public domain.

The following story is complete fiction.  It never happened and any similarity to real life people/situations is a bizarre coincidence.    


I'm unable to find another site to post this story without a lot of re-work.  It was written several months ago and wraps up a few unanswered things from "Ric's Freshman Year" ([think before following links] [think before following links] https://breeding.zone/topic/71582-rics-freshman-year/#comments).  Hopefully someone is interested in seeing how Ric and crew kept busy after his Freshman adventures.  There are 7 chapters, each with three or four sections.  I'm going to post these pretty quickly, otherwise I'll be posting for weeks (there's 26 parts total).  Consider it my finale for fiction on BZ.  


Chapter 1.1 - Summer Break

The summer job at the home improvement store wasn't like what he was expecting.  The mundane parts of stocking shelves and doing inventory were coupled with people asking questions about things he had no clue about and construction guys hitting on him.  He was a little surprised, but he knew from a lot of his escorting jobs that a wide variety of straight guys liked having fun with another guy as long as no one found out or they only pretended to be straight in public.   

Most just wanted a blowjob, some wanted to suck, others got more adventurous and wanted to fuck.  Only a few were interested in getting fucked and all gave up that idea once they saw Ric's cock.   The first time a guy mentioned heading to the store bathroom for some head, he was nervous but used all of the tricks he'd learned from the many times he'd done quickies with Jim at school.  Oral was as far as he'd go with guys there.  After the first time he fucked a guy in the restroom, he decided if they wanted more then they would have to hire him.  He'd built up a good bank account but knew he was going to blow a big chunk of it on a plane ticket and at Thad's shop.  

The messages between him and Mateo were almost endless, from the moment he woke up until late at night when he fell asleep.  His parents weren't happy about him leaving again, even if it was just for a week.  He finally told them about Mateo and their attitude changed.  Now the questions were along the lines of when they could meet his boyfriend and some more awkward questions about their relationship.  He really didn't want to tell them that they weren't monogamous, much less had done a couple escorting gigs together.  His dad might understand but not his mom. 

Mateo picked him up from the airport and they drove back to the ranch.  All Ric knew was that he grew up on a ranch with "some cows."  Mateo seemed to be ashamed of growing up in a rural setting and Ric thought that his upbringing in the suburbs was not any better.  Ric understood the desire to get away from family and experience a different place and that was just another thing that they bonded over.  It took a while but they finally got to the ranch.  Pulling up to the house, Ric was surprised at how out of place the large Georgian looked compared to the surroundings.

Ric was greeted by Mateo's dad and brother, both of whom seemed happy that he was there.  Not as much as Mateo, but close.  He got a big hug from both of them as Mateo grabbed his suitcase and backpack out of the truck.  They went inside to escape the heat and Ric dragged his over-packed suitcase up the stairs, following Mateo to his room.  They passed a couple bedrooms and Ric wondered where he would be sleeping.

"I even washed the sheets for you" Mateo said with a grin.

"Where are you going to sleep?" Ric asked.

"With you, of course" Mateo said as he pulled Ric into a hug and kissed him deeply.  Ric was concerned since the door was wide open and if Mateo's dad or brother walked by they could see them.   

"Lunch in five" Mateo's dad, Miguel, yelled out from the bottom of the stairs.  They kissed another minute, their hands feeling over the bodies they'd missed for the past month.  Ric changed out of the jeans and tee that he'd worn on the flight to shorts and a tank and they went down for lunch.  The conversation wandered as they ate, from where Mateo's brother was going to college in the fall to the size of the ranch to what activities Mateo had planned for Ric's visit.

After lunch Mateo and his brother, Marco, cleaned up the kitchen.  Miguel came up behind Ric and whispered "Thank you for visiting.  He's really been missing you" before walking away.  Miguel went back to work and the three younger guys headed into the family room and played a few video games.  When Mateo got up to go to the bathroom, Marco said to Ric "He's been like a little kid before Christmas once he heard you were coming to visit.  I've never seen him so happy.  You must be the perfect guy for him."  Ric was shocked, but he guessed that they all knew he and Mateo were more than friends.

"How about we hit the pool?" Mateo asked as he came back.  Soon Ric was rummaging through his suitcase trying to find the trunks he thought he brought.  He found the speedo that Shane had given him and realized he'd grabbed the wrong swimsuit.  Once it was on, Mateo chuckled.  "My brother is straight and I know what your cock is like, there's no need to show off" he said.

"I grabbed the wrong swimsuit.  Unless you got another one, this is it" Ric replied.

"No, that's fine.  Just don't expect me to keep my hands off you" Mateo said.

When they got down to the pool Marco was already swimming.  Ric was disappointed that Marco had some loose board shorts on, but the tight trunks Mateo wore made him look even sexier.  Marco was similar in size to Mateo but his face was clean shaven and his hair was longer.  Both ears were pierced and there was a light coating of dark hair on each pec.  Like Mateo, there was a nice trail running down into his shorts.  He had bigger muscles than Mateo and Ric wondered if he worked on the ranch or in a gym.  "Glad to see you got a better swimsuit" Ric said, remembering the warehouse party and the board shorts that he wore then.

"Fuck!  You really fill up that speedo.  Hope it doesn't burst" Marco said with a laugh.  Ric and Mateo jumped in and the three were splashing around and swimming.  Marco climbed out of the pool after a while and laid out on one of the lounge chairs.  After several more laps Ric swam up to Mateo and stood up, hugging him.  The hug soon added a kiss and hands groping over each other's bodies.  "No fuckin in the pool.  I just got it clean from the last party" Marco yelled over few minutes later.

Ric chuckled and went back to kissing Mateo, realizing that Marco didn't mind.  Fucking was going to happen, just not right then.  They climbed out of the pool and Ric sat down on the lounge chair next to Marco.  "I like the ink, Ric.  Are you going to do the rest of the arm?" Marco asked.

"Thanks.  Yeah, I have an appointment to do it when I get back.  Mom's going to be pissed again but it's my body" Ric replied.

"I want to get one, but dad said I have to wait until I've finished my freshman year" Marco said.

"Spend the time saving for it and finding a good artist.  Think about what you want, it's pretty permanent.  I'd recommend the guy I go to, but he's a plane ride away" Ric said, smiling back at him.

"Or you could come out and visit us at school and have the guy I used do it.  He was good and friendly, but he'd probably hit on you as hard as he did me" Mateo said, winking at Ric.  A short while later, Mateo said "I'm going inside.  The sun is cooking me" and Ric nodded.  They rinsed off under the outdoor shower, dried off and went up to Mateo's room.  This time, he closed the door and pulled off his trunks.  Ric tugged his speedo off and found himself pushed back onto the bed. 

"Your ass is going to feel so much better than my hand" Mateo said, climbing on top of Ric's body.  His legs spread Ric's apart and his hands pushed them back, letting Ric grab them.  Mateo moved closer, pressing his now leaking cock to Ric's hole.  They grinned at each other before Mateo dripped some spit onto the exposed head of his cock and pushed in.  "You're not very tight.  You been fucking a lot since summer break started?" Mateo asked.

Ric's grin got bigger as Mateo bottomed out.  "Of course.  Been working some, having fun with some friends, a few clients and some hookups.  How about you?" Ric asked, briefly remembering the night before he flew out when he spent a few hours with the high school swim coach and his boyfriend swapping charged loads.

"No one.  The only gay guy I know around here was my high school boyfriend and he's a safe only guy" Mateo said, plowing faster.  Ric flexed his ass muscles a few times and heard Mateo chuckle.  "Don't even think about it.  I want a nice long fuck to make up for these past weeks" he said.

The thrusts got harder and Mateo pulled out and slammed back into Ric's hole.  There wasn't enough spit or pre to lube him well, but he loved the burn from Mateo's cock drilling him.  The friction was taking it's toll on Mateo's dick too, getting him closer to shooting his first load into an ass in over a month.  He leaned over and kissed Ric, but that just excited him more.   Ric clamped down a few times, each one harder than the last until he was getting pumped full of Mateo's seed.

He milked Mateo's cock until there was nothing left.   Minutes later, they broke their kiss and Mateo slowly pulled his spent cock out of Ric's hole.   Ric let his legs down and then pulled on Mateo's arms.  Once Mateo figured out Ric's intent, he straddled Rics' stomach and lined up the rigid shaft to his tight hole.   Almost simultaneously, both realized that there was no way Mateo would be able to take Ric's cock without the help of some prep work and lube.

Ric pushed him on to his back and rolled him on to his shoulders before shoving his face into the ass he had missed so much in the past month and a half.  He had let his beard grow out and while he wasn't sure he liked how it looked, he loved getting it coated in spit when he rimmed a guy.   Ric's fingers and tongue took turns stretching the tight hole.  While he was eager to feel Mateo's chute wrapped around his cock,  he wanted to make sure it felt good for both of them.  Another couple minutes of fingering the saliva into his hole and Ric was ready.

Mateo's feet were on Ric's chest as he lined up the partially covered tip to the slick hole.  A few seconds of pressure got his cock through the outer ring and slowly digging in deeper.

"Fuck!  I missed feeling you inside me" Mateo said, grinning back at Ric.

"Part of me will always be inside you" Ric said, starting to plow his dick in and out.  Mateo nodded and started to rub his feet over Ric's pierced nipples making him grunt and thrust in faster.  Ric grabbed his ankles and pushed back, folding Mateo up and pounding him harder.   They stared at each other, wordlessly telling each other how much they missed having sex with each other.

Ric began to growl and his thrusts got harder.  His body bounced off Mateo's ass and once he threw his head back Mateo knew he was about to get bred again.  The orgasm was long and Ric's cock throbbed as each volley of cum painted Mateo's chute.  Ric leaned forward and kissed his boyfriend after the last spurt.  His cock stayed hard while he was still planted inside Mateo, but after a passionate kiss he slowly pulled back and laid on the bed.  Mateo crawled next to him and resting his head on Ric's shoulder.

"Fuck, I can't believe how hot that looked.  But...  you both fuck?  I thought one guy fucked and the other took it" Marco said, standing in the doorway cupping a pronounced bulge in his shorts.

Ric chuckled while Mateo had a shocked look on his face.   "You watched us?  That's fuckin' rude.   I didn't do that while you nailed that girl during the party a couple weeks ago.  I closed the door and went back to the pool" Mateo said.

"You could have.  I wouldn't have minded.  I like it when people watch.  If you wanted privacy, you would have closed both doors, anyway.   I was curious though when I saw the huge bulge in Ric's speedo.  It was the first time I thought you might be the one taking it in the ass.  And shit... that thing is even bigger now" Marco said.

Ric chuckled again, realizing that his cock was still hard.  "It's one of the benefits of gay sex... you can experience both sides if you want.   Not all guys do though.  Some only top and some only bottom" Ric explained, turned on that Marco had watched them.

"Now you know.  Go back to your room and waste a load.  It's time for me to make Ric take it in the ass again as you so eloquently put it" Mateo said, sounding even more irritated.   Ric saw Marco squirm and squeeze his hand tightly around his junk, guessing that he had just squirted cum inside his swim shorts.  He wondered which image turned him on more - his brother fucking or Ric getting fucked.   The shared bathroom door clicked shut as Mateo climbed between his legs.

"Sorry about that.  Sometimes he doesn't understand boundaries.  We've always been close, but he needs to realize we need our private times" Mateo said before he licked up the length of Ric's shaft.

"That's OK.  I like having an audience too.  It's even better when I get to 'take it in the ass' from a stud like you" Ric said as Mateo continued to lap at his cock.  Ric stared down at Mateo and continued "Uh... I don't think your brother is as straight as you think he is. He may not have fooled around with a guy yet, but once he's at college, he will."

Mateo stopped and looked back at Ric.  "I've been thinking that too.  Once I told them about you, he's been asking a lot of questions about gay life.  His first won't be me.  That would be too creepy" Mateo said.  His attention turned back to Ric, with Mateo pushing Ric's legs back and pressing his stiff cock to his hole.  Slowly his cock descended into the cum slick chute and the soft romantic side of Mateo's personality came out.  The strokes were long and slow, interrupted only by matching long, passionate kisses.

The thrusts eventually got a little harder and Ric responded by working his ass muscles around the stiff rod. Mateo's hands gripped Ric's shoulders and he drove himself all the way in before his cock began to pulse.   Ric pulled him in for a kiss as the last spurts shot out.

When the kiss ended, Mateo pulled his face away, leaving his cock still inside Ric's hole.  After a few moments he broke the silence with "If he's going to watch, I'd prefer he see us making love, not rutting like dogs."


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Chapter 1.2 - Ranch Hands

The next morning Ric was leaning on the island in the kitchen, watching Mateo and Marco clean up after breakfast. Both brothers were just wearing shorts and sandals and Ric spent a lot of time staring at Mateo's tattoo and ass.  During a lull in the conversation Ric felt Miguel come up behind him.  An arm wrapped around his shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze.  

"Are you responsible?" Miguel asked quietly.

Ric's mind suddenly spun, trying to figure out what he meant.  Was he a responsible person?  Was he responsible for Mateo getting the tattoo?  Was he responsible for pozzing his son and giving Mateo the reason for his scorpion tattoo?  Rather than say something wrong he asked "What do mean?  I try to be a responsible guy."

Miguel turned and looked at Ric seriously.  "You obviously like tattoos.  I have never heard him say that he wanted one.  But also... he isn't a Scorpio.  The symbolism in gay culture matches the tattoo you have below your navel" Miguel continued.

Ric's heart started to race.  "Uh... I was surprised when I first saw it a few months ago.  Both of us had been busy and hadn't seen each other for a few weeks until he showed it to me.  I think you're going to have to ask him about what it means to him, other than looking cool" Ric replied.

"Thanks, I will but I thought you might know.  I love both of my sons and I just want the best for them.  I am just worried that he's too inexperienced and naive about gay sex" Miguel said.

Ric knew they were dancing around the subject of whether Mateo and Ric had HIV, but he wondered how long the cat and mouse game could continue before the subject would get talked about explicitly.  "I don't think you need to worry about that.  He knows what he's doing and he's smart.  That's part of what I love about him" Ric responded, smiling back at Mateo's dad.

The conversation fell apart with Ric unwilling to divulge Mateo's status to his dad.   With the dishes done, everyone split up.  Ric and Mateo were in the family room watching TV, Ric on the floor, leaning on the front of the sofa with his legs spread and Mateo nestled in front of him.   Ric whispered into Mateo's ear "Your dad wants to know if I'm responsible for your tattoo.   I think he suspects you're poz."

"Did you tell him?" Mateo asked.

"No.  It's up to you to decide who to tell.  I told him to ask what it means to you" Ric replied.

"Crap.  I'm sorry, I didn't want you to get stuck in the middle" Mateo replied.  There was a pause and Mateo continued "He knows but I haven't said anything to Marco.  I wonder why he's playing dumb and putting you in an awkward position.  If he says anything more, let me know and I'll tell him to stop the BS."

A little later, Ric and Mateo walked over to the nearby barn.  "You ever ride?" Mateo asked and Ric shook his head 'no'.  It's simple. You can take the bike that you don't have to shift.  It's slower but that won't matter since we're not going to race like I do with Marco" Mateo said.  Ric got a quick lesson on riding the small dirt bike and picked it up quickly.   With the tanks full, they started riding around the ranch.  A few hours in, Mateo peeled off the trail and pulled up to a small grove of trees.  Once through, there was a small pond, a shed and a bench.  

With the bikes parked, they pulled off their helmets and shirts, hanging them on the rack next to the shed. Mateo had his boots off next followed by his jeans.   "Come on, strip down.  I want to cool down in the pond" he said, almost naked.  Ric shucked his clothes and was soon in the water.   They washed the dust and dirt off and enjoyed the warm water.  After a long kiss, Mateo climbed out of the pond and grabbed a blanket from the shed.   

Ric got out of the pond, watching Mateo spread the blanket out and realized he was almost dry just from standing in the hot sun.  He stood on the blanket, holding it down while Mateo stretched it out.  Mateo came up to him, wrapping his arms around and kissing him deeply.

"This is private land and you're trespassing" a guy yelled out from the edge of the trees.   Ric looked and there were two guys standing by their dirt bikes.  They both looked like ranch hands and Ric felt uneasy standing there naked.  

Slowly, Mateo turned around and saw two of the guys that worked on the ranch.  "It's OK, Diego. It's just me and my friend" Mateo called out.

There was a laugh and the two workers approached.  Ric got a little more worried standing naked only a few feet away from the two guys wearing jeans and boots.  Both wore dusty ball caps and the taller of the two looked to be in his late thirties.  The tall one had a full beard and a covering of hair on his chest.  The shorter one appeared to be a little older than Ric or Mateo, wore a thin mustache and chin patch, and while he didn't have any hair on his chest he made up for it in ink.  From the reflections Ric saw, the younger guy also sported numerous piercings in his ears and another in his nose.  "Sorry, I didn't recognize you.   When did you get the tattoo?" Diego asked.

"Last Spring" Mateo replied.

"It looks good.  I bet your father was pissed.  He makes a comment every time I get another one" Diego said. 

"He hasn't said much.  My brother is kinda jealous though.  He wants one but dad said no" Mateo replied.  He watched the taller worker move toward Ric and kneel in front of him.  

Diego chuckled, looking over and watching the other worker turn his ball cap around and stare at Ric's cock.  "I guess Rodrigo is a little hornier than I thought.  I was going to do him, but I think he found a cock he likes better" Diego said.

"He should watch out.  Ric rarely stops at a blowjob and one fuck can really change you" Mateo said, winking at Diego.  Ric stood there looking back and forth between Mateo, Diego and Rodrigo, feeling his cock start to swell but staying quiet.  Rodrigo was kneeling in front of Ric on the blanket, looking up and down his body but not touching.

"Hmm.  Does that mean your tattoo is more than a hot design?  Can you sting?" Diego asked, rubbing his bulging crotch and grinning.

"Both of us can.  And... uh... it looks like you're getting turned on by it" Mateo said.  He looked over and Rodrigo had a different expression on his face.  One of surprise, but he hadn't moved and was still in the same position in front of Ric.

Diego took a deep breath. "I'm a top but I don't think I'd give up a chance at taking a poz load or two" he replied, winking at Mateo.

"Ya gotta do it cuz you want it, not cuz my dad owns the ranch.  I don't want it to come back and bite him in the ass" Mateo said.  Ric pulled Rodrigo's head closer to his cock and felt him lick up the partially hard shaft.

"He has a nice ass and I'd love to bite it, but I learned a long time ago not to fuck the boss.  Yeah, I want it.  All the poz guys around here seem to be undetectable.  I thought about heading into the city and hit some places there, but its hard to get away and I don't know how to set up something that would make sure it happens in one trip" Diego replied.

"You want to be my personal cum dump for the rest of the summer?  I'll make sure you're not shooting blanks by the time I head back to school" Mateo said.  He watched Diego kneel down in front of him and look up.

"Fuck.  That would be so hot" Diego said before he leaned in and took the thick cock into his mouth.  For a top guy, Diego was very good at giving head and had Mateo moaning quickly.  

"What about you, Rodrigo?" Mateo asked, but saw that he now had a mouth full of Ric's cock.  The hand pressed firmly on the back of his head wasn't letting him pull off to answer, either.

Diego flicked his tongue over the head of Mateo's cut cock and leaned back a bit.  "He's a slut and lets anyone fuck him.  If your friend doesn't do it, I will when I can" he said.  Both Mateo and Ric chuckled but a few moments later, Ric felt a pair of hands grab onto his ass cheeks as Rodrigo took Ric's cock into his throat.  Ric let go of Rodrigo's head and let him fuck his face on Ric's stiff shaft.  The strong hands gripping his ass felt good while his cock drove into the tight throat.

The blowjob Mateo was getting wasn't quite as vigorous but still felt good and got him ready to fuck.  He let Diego go a few more minutes and when he saw Ric turning Rodrigo around he slowly pushed Diego's head away.  They grinned at each other and Diego turned, pushing his jeans down to expose his hairy ass.

Rodrigo growled when Ric pressed his face into his ass and began to tongue fuck him.  The growl quickly turned into a loud moan the more Ric jabbed and licked the hungry hole.  Mateo was less interested in rimming Diego than getting his cock into him.  Two gobs of spit and he was stuffing his steel hard cock into the tight hole.   There wasn't enough lube to get in easily, but that was Mateo's intent.  Most of the guys he tried to poz got a lot gentler treatment, but he wanted to see Diego succumb to his bug before he headed back to school.

Diego cried out at the brutal intrusion and both Ric and Rodrigo froze and looked over.  Four thrusts and Mateo was planted deep into Diego's tortured chute.  He paused a moment and then began plowing with long strokes.   Ric knew from experience that Mateo's precum would soon add to the spit and help lubricate the shaft and it's sleeve, but the initial shove had created plenty of ways for the virus to enter Diego's body.

Ric entered Rodrigo much slower, but the long drawn out groan told everyone that he too was getting stretched faster than most other guy's cocks had.   A few minutes later, Ric and his boyfriend were pounding their bottoms and the grunts from all four were drowning out the sounds of nature.

"Ready to take your first charged load, Diego?" Mateo asked, his voice sounding more sinister than Ric had ever heard him.  The last few strokes had Mateo pulling all the way out and driving back into the gaping hole.  Ric's thrusts were getting longer too.  Rodrigo was begging for him to breed him, but Ric was unsure if he just wanted the load or couldn't take any more.

Mateo rooted himself and cried out while he cock flooded the wrecked hole.  Diego groaned as well before falling flat on to the blanket.  The pair hit the ground with a thud and Ric turned his attention back to Rodrigo.  He was close and he could hear the pain in Rodrigo's voice, but he wanted to make sure that even if he never got to fuck him again, it was his strain that got him.   Another five minutes and his cock swelled before he gave a couple final thrusts.  He may have bred Mateo after they woke in the morning, but his balls were full again.  

His slowly thrusting cock began to spray seed over the ravaged tissue.   Rodrigo let out a long moan before repeatedly saying "gracias."   Ric looked over and saw grins on both Mateo and Diego's faces.  He had his own grin and wondered if Rodrigo did too, although he still seemed to be panting from the workout.  Ric pulled his cock slowly out and the moment it passed Rodrigo's ass lips, he spun around and gave a long lick up the partially hard shaft.  A loud whimper came from his mouth while he paused a moment before cleaning the rest of Ric's cock.

Mateo gave Diego a nudge and pointed at his cock.  He got a confused look from Diego and said "You saw him.  Clean my cock, too."  Like Rodrigo, Diego lapped his tongue over the cock and then pulled off.  He looked up at Mateo and had the confused look on his face again.

"It tastes weird.  Does poz cum have a different taste?" Diego asked.

"What are you tasting?  If it's copper-like, then it's blood.  If it's shit then..." Mateo replied.

"Blood?" was Diego's response.

"Mmhmm.  Yours.  I tore you up pretty good.  You don't get fucked much, do you?" Mateo said.

Diego shook his head 'no' and resumed licking the cum mixture off Mateo's dick.  As he finished, they heard the splash of water as Ric went back into the pond.   All four were in the water moments later.  Once everyone was rinsed off, they dressed and put away the blanket.  "Same time tomorrow?" Mateo asked.

"Maybe a little later.  We need to take a tree down, so it will take a while.  Four?" Diego asked.

Mateo grinned and replied "We can meet you over there.  It might be fun to have the crew watch you get bred.  I'll bring some rope."

"Uh... No.  I don't want anyone to know" Diego replied.


Ric laid on the the lounge chair next to the pool after breakfast the next morning while Mateo and Marco goofed around in the water.  He noticed a shadow approach and looked up to see Miguel standing there.  

"Can I talk with you a moment, inside?" he said in Spanish.  Ric nodded and got up, following Miguel into the house and into the large office on the first floor.

"I told you that I love my boys and only want the best for them.   I've tried to be subtle, but I guess I need to be more direct" Miguel said before pausing a moment.  Ric guessed where the conversation was headed and he was already starting to nervously sweat.

Mateo's dad was standing only a foot away, facing him.  He was a few inches shorter, but didn't seem to let Ric's height intimidate him.  "Does your tattoo mean you are infected... with HIV?" Miguel asked quietly.

Ric took a deep breath and replied "They each have different meanings.  I assume you mean the lower one and it has a couple meanings to me.   I got it for being part of a club but, yes, it also means I have HIV.  I'm healthy and I see my doctor to make sure I stay that way."

"Fuck" Miguel replied before then asking "And Mateo?"

"I told you before, you need to ask him that" Ric said.  

"What do you mean about being healthy?  Are you contagious?" Miguel asked.

"It's not contagious like a cold where you can catch it just by being close.  Bare sex is one way and some times it takes repeated exposures to catch it.  So you are safe and don't have anything to worry about" Ric said.

"Contagious was the wrong word.  But you could infect someone.  Right?"  Miguel asked.

Ric wasn't sure where the conversation was heading but knew that if he said yes he would tell Miguel he was toxic.  "Sure, but as I said it might take one time or a hundred" Ric said.  A smile came over Miguel's face and it confused Ric.

Miguel moved closer and cupped Ric's bulge in his speedo.  "I have already talked to Mateo...  Several times this summer.  He said you've given it to several people, including your father.  I won't try and trick you like he did.   I'll just ask if you would share your... what do they call it?   Your gift" Miguel asked.  

Ric thought Miguel might be trying to bluff him except he knew about him pozzing Frank.  "I couldn't.  I tried to keep Mateo safe, but he chose his own path."

"I know.  That was very good of you.  But I am asking you for it.  Do me this one favor.  You won't be here for very long and I don't want to miss this opportunity" Miguel said, grinning back at him.

"There's no going back and no guarantee I can do it in a couple days" Ric replied, sliding his hand down Miguel's back and into his jeans and inside his underwear.  His fingers slipped along the crevice and Miguel let out a sultry moan.  "Promise me once you convert, you'll get marked like I did to let others know.  I don't care where or what, just be proud and show it off.  Let Marco get what ink he wants too.  He's thought about it long enough to not have to wait another year" Ric whispered in his ear.

Miguel nodded and said "Do your best."  He released Ric's bulge, unbuckled his belt and opened his jeans.  Ric turned Miguel around and bent him over the large wooden desk.   Sinking to his knees, he pulled Miguel's jeans down to expose his muscled, fur covered ass.  Ric had noticed that Miguel had a toned and muscled body from working on the ranch.  He obviously wasn't one of those owners that sat back directing everyone, but worked alongside them.   He spread each mound apart and spit on the hole, rubbing a finger around the ring before pushing the saliva in.

Ric was surprised at how easy Miguel's hole opened up and realized that Miguel had taken more than his share of cock in his life.  His finger came out clean too and in a minute had two fingers pushed into the hungry pussy.  He pulled his fingers free, burying his face between the firm mounds and digging his tongue in.  

"Oh fuck yeah!  God, I've missed that so much" Miguel cried out.  Ric chuckled to himself, his thoughts about Miguel's sexual experiences now confirmed.  He spent a few more minutes rimming the quickly relaxing hole.   Ric pulled back and jammed three fingers in, roughly twisting them around and getting a pained grunt from Miguel.  After spitting a few more times and working it into Miguel's hole he decided it was good enough.

Most guys Ric fucked had seen his hard cock before they felt it drive into their ass.  They even sucked it with varying levels of success.  The most Miguel got to see of it was when it was soft inside his speedo.  He knew a loud scream was going to come out of Miguel's mouth and didn't want Mateo or Marco to hear it.  Ric pushed his speedo off, reaching around and stuffing it into Miguel's panting mouth.   There wasn't any protest and he pressed his hand on Miguel's shoulder with one hand, using the other to guide his stiff shaft to the furry mounds.   They helped pull the foreskin back as he zeroed into the slick hole.

"I'm gonna burn in hell for this" Ric thought as he jabbed in.  A muffled cry filled the room and before it ended he jabbed in again.  The cries got louder with each jab until his cock broke past the outer ring.  Miguel let out a loud groan while Ric's cock forced it's way deeper into the tight hole.  Miguel may have tried to relax, but Ric was a lot thicker than any cock he had taken.   Ric got half of his shaft in and paused, giving Mateo's dad a few moments to get used to it.   When his breathing slowed, Ric began rolling his hips, giving short strokes to begin with and getting longer with each passing minute.  Ric didn't want to fuck him for a long time, expecting his long absence might make Mateo come looking for him.  The last thing he wanted was to get caught fucking Miguel by his boyfriend

He never got fully planted in Miguel's ass before his cock swelled and his balls tightened.  Ric grasped Miguel's shoulders and used the leverage to plow faster.   Less than a minute later his charged cum began filling the bruised tunnel. Ric left his cock inside Miguel's ass and before it could soften, began rocking his hips until he broke through the battered inner ring.  Miguel screamed out again, muffled by the spit soaked speedo.

Ric chuckled, wondering if Miguel was now having second thoughts after experiencing his usual "fuck to infect" breeding session.   Slowly he pulled his cock free and looked at the abused, gaping hole.  The cum wasn't pearly white and a scoop with his finger and quick taste told him it wasn't from Miguel not being properly cleaned.  The taste told him Miguel was on his way to sharing Ric's bug with his son.  He pulled his speedo out of Miguel's mouth and heard him breathe deep.  Miguel pushed himself up off the desk and looked at Ric with wide eyes.

"You fuck my son like that?   He can take it?" Miguel asked.

"No, we don't fuck like that, but yes he can take it and I can take his.  With us, it's more than just sex.  This was too, but my motive is very different.  Tomorrow morning after breakfast, be ready for your next dose" Ric replied.  He was sure he heard Miguel whimper, but he nodded 'yes' anyway.

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Chapter 1.3 - Fiesta

The third morning started out like the other two with Ric and Mateo fucking each other just after daybreak.  They took a brief nap, followed by a shower before going down for breakfast.  "I'd love to go downstairs with your cum in me, but I don't really want to be that obvious and both of us reeking of sex" Mateo said as they stepped into the shower.

"Yeah, I don't want to leave a wet spot on the chair cushions either.  But I think I can get used to this bit of getting fucked every morning.  It will be easy with you as my roommate this fall" Ric replied.  Once finished, they stepped out of the shower to dry off and Marco was standing there naked at the sink.   He was shaving, but only his neck.

"You missed a lot" Mateo said, chuckling.

"I like Ric's beard.  I thought I'd let mine grow for a few weeks to see how it looks, but the neck is itchy already" Marco said.  Ric liked how Marco felt comfortable being naked around them and wondered if he normally did that or if he was showing off.   

"How many days?" Ric asked.

"This is my third day.  I can see a couple bare spots, so I'm not sure it's going to look good" Marco said, before washing the shaving cream off his face.

"Give it a chance.  I let mine grow out as soon as I could and it didn't look that good.  I was one of the few that could grow a beard in high school so I was kind of proud of it, no matter how ragged it looked.  A friend gave me some suggestions on trimming it and it looks a lot better now.  I know Mateo likes the natural look down below, but I like to trim there too.  At least I spend less money on floss" Ric said, feeling Mateo punch him.   The three finished up and went down for breakfast.  Miguel was cooking this time and after getting coffee, Ric stood behind Mateo, wrapped his arm around Mateo and pulled him close.

Marco noticed and smiled back.  If Ric had any reservations about showing affection to Mateo in front of his family, they disappeared.   He even got a smile from Miguel.  Once breakfast was done, Marco and Mateo cleaned up as usual while Miguel stood next to Ric, fidgeting.   Ric saw Miguel smile at him, but it was hiding a very worried look on his face. 

The next two days were repeats of the day before.  After breakfast, Miguel would come up with a "chore" for Marco and Mateo to do, leaving Ric for his chore with Miguel.  It was obvious that Miguel was still in pain from the previous day's fuck when Ric's cock drove back in.  After the first day, Ric had put Miguel on his back for the next sessions.  His cock looked like an uncut version of Mateo's with the same thickness and length.  He only had gotten a glimpse of Marco's soft cock and it looked like he was the longer of the three, at least when it was flaccid.

The meeting by the lake with Diego and Rodrigo kept moving times based on the work schedule each day.  Ric thought it was funny that Mateo wouldn't let him fuck Diego.  He wanted Diego to know who had pozzed him.  Rodrigo didn't care, he would take anyone's load but seemed to enjoy Ric's cock.  Each day, Ric's fuck with Rodrigo had gotten harder and longer.  Rodrigo got more verbal when he was on his back, so Ric spent more time in that position.   The third day was the first that Rodrigo had admitted his fate and begged Ric to "make him toxic."

Saturday's breakfast was later and a bigger affair than the previous days.  "Normally we have brunch on Sunday.  It's a tradition from my late wife that we continue to do in her memory.  Since you need to leave early to get to the airport tomorrow, we decided to do it today.  We will also do our Saturday evening BBQ for the workers, so you will get to meet them too" Miguel said while he cooked.

The meal was big and Ric was worried that he might be too stuffed to perform later for his last breeding session with Miguel.  They sat around after finishing the meal talking.  When there was a lull, Miguel looked at Marco and said "It looks like you're no longer my little boy.  In a little over a month you are going to be leaving the nest."  There was another pause and all three stared back at Miguel, wondering where he was going with his comments.  "Have you decided what kind of tattoo you are going to get?"

Marco looked back at his dad, shocked.  "Yes... I have some drawings.  I've gotten some advice from Diego, Mateo, Ric and a few others.  Why?"

"I got some advice too.  Has the design been static or have you been changing it?" Miguel asked. 

"I've made a few minor changes, but it's been the same for the last six months" Marco replied.  Ric's face began to smile.  

"Have you found an artist?" Miguel asked.

Marco dropped his head and sullenly said "No.  Diego said my idea is too hard for the guy he uses.  Ric said he has a good one, but he is a long way away.  Mateo said the same."   

"I talked to a few people and they gave me a recommendation.  Bring the drawings along when we drop Ric off at the airport tomorrow" Miguel said.

Marco and Mateo were sent out to pick up the food and drinks for the barbecue that evening and while Mateo protested that Ric wasn't joining them to help, Miguel said he needed Ric's help more.  That help involved Ric drilling two loads into Miguel's sore ass.  This time they used Miguel's king sized bed.  Ric found it disturbing to see the picture of Miguel's deceased wife next to the bed and turned it face down before mounting Miguel again. 

"I can't believe you fuck Mateo like this.  I can barely walk when you finish.   I feel like you have ripped me in two" Miguel said as Ric slid off the bed.

"Miguel, I don't have sex like this with him.  You and I are not going to have passionate sex.  I save that for Mateo and him alone.  You wanted me to try and infect you and this is the best way I know to do it with sex.   From past experience, you will convert in a few weeks.  It may be barely noticeable or it may knock you out.  This is what you asked for, right?" Ric said.  Miguel nodded before wincing in pain.
The afternoon was spent setting up for the fiesta.  There was a keg of beer and numerous other drink selections, both hard and soft.  The food varied from typical American picnic fare to Mexican food and a lone tray of lasagna.  "Mom liked pasta. What can I say?" Mateo said when Ric asked why.  He chuckled and thought it was nice that they kept her memory alive with little touches like that.

Marco came up to Ric and said "Can I borrow you a minute?"  Ric was soon helping him assemble a volleyball net across the pool.  Once it was up, Marco said "For once we'll have a four on four game.  I hope you're good" winking at Ric.

The workers started to show up just as they finished getting most of pool area set up.  The grill was going and the keg already had several beers poured from it.   Ric and Mateo headed up to change clothes.  Ric put his speedo on under a pair of cargo shorts and a tank top and Mateo was back in his board shorts with a tee.  The party got going and Ric was surprised how many people were there.  "Do all of these people work on the ranch?" he asked and Mateo laughed.

"Nah, some are boyfriends or girlfriends, spouses or friends.  Most of the BBQs are smaller but monthly we hold a big party and since you're here, today is a big one.  Everyone wanted to meet you" Mateo replied.

"They all know?" Ric asked and watched Mateo nod.

"I've been out since high school and my parents were very supportive.  My dad has hired a lot of workers that were... scared to be who they were at other places.  We're the 'gay friendly' ranch and while there are a lot of straight people working here, no one feels they're at risk here.  Many of the other ranch owners wonder why they have a lot of turnover and we have almost none.  We respect our staff" Mateo said.  Ric looked around, a little more closely and realized that there were more than just him, Mateo, Diego and Rodrigo being out and proud.   

Mateo's comment about people wanting to meet him rang true.  There were many people that came up to say 'hi' and tell him they were glad he came to visit and make Mateo happy. 

"Strip down.  It's volleyball time" Marco said, coming up behind them and wrapping his arms around both Ric and Mateo.

"Nude?" Ric asked, getting a laugh from them.

"No, silly.  Swimsuit.  Unless that cock can do a good net slam" Marco said, winking at Ric.

The game was close and Ric's final leap and driving shot just over the net sealed their victory.   "Yeah!!! Our first win in over a year!" Mateo exclaimed.  Ric had targeted a short blond guy for his final shot and it landed right in front of him, too close for him to react to.   After the game, he walked up behind the guy as he was filling a cup of beer.

"Sorry, nothing personal but I get competitive sometimes" he said to the guy.  He didn't realize how much shorter he was until they were both standing on ground next to each other.  Ric figured he couldn't be more than five foot three, but had a nice build, trimmed fur on his chest, stomach and face.  The guy turned around once his cup was full and grinned back at Ric.

"You distracted me.  I wasn't really watching the volleyball.  I saw something I wanted more.  Hi, I'm Brendan" he said.

"Hi Brendan.  I'm Ric" Ric replied, stepping forward and filling a cup with beer.

"Yeah, I know.  I've heard a lot about you.  You're even better in person.  Too bad you're taken" Brendan replied.

"Oh?  I didn't realize Mateo had told people about me.  But... Thanks.  So... what distracted you?" Ric asked.

"Two things.  The bulge in your speedo and the tattoo poking above it" Brendan said, grinning back at Ric.

Ric laughed.  "The bulge is just what I got lucky with.  Some like it and some are scared.  The tattoo just serves as a warning" he replied.

"Warning or advertisement?  Some guys like the danger" Brendan said, sipping on his beer.

"Are you one of them?" Ric asked.  

"Yeah... but since I'm not really out and you're going out with the boss's son, all I can do is jerk off to it later" Brendan said.

"Maybe not.  Between you and me, Mateo and I are more open than you might think.  We just like to keep that part quiet" Ric said.  Ric saw the surprised look on Brendan's face.  He continued "You're not out?  This seems to be an ideal place to do it.  There's plenty of other queer people around and I doubt anyone would give you a hard time."

"I just started working here a month ago.  Once I'm more comfortable, I'll do it.  It was one of the reasons I wanted to work here though.  What do you mean by being open?" Brendan asked.

"Ah, cool.  We're committed to each other but we both like to meet other people for fun too" Ric said as some guy came up and tapped Brendan on the shoulder.  

"Come on, it's new guys vs old farts" the guy said.  

Ric winked at him and said "Meet you on the west side of the house after the game.  Those lips would look good wrapped around my dick."  Ric didn't expect Brendan to show, but when a big smile covered his face, Ric thought his chances got a lot better.  The other guy tugged at his arm, dragging Brendan off.  Ric looked around and hoped the game wouldn't take too long since he thought it might be fun to get at least a little oral action from Brendan.  He saw Marco and Mateo talking and grabbed three plastic shot glasses full of tequila.  As he started to walk towards them, Mateo left, walking back towards the house.

"Hey Marco.  Cool party.  Thanks for the great setup in the volleyball game" Ric said, handing one shot to him. 

"That was one of the best games we've ever had.   I think you helped more than you know" Marco said, grinning back at Ric.

"Huh?  Why?" Ric replied.

"You distracted the other team with that tight, bulging speedo.  I even heard some of the straight guys say you're really hot.   The other team was gay so I think they were all just drooling over you and not playing like they can"  Marco said.

"I doubt that.  Where'd Mateo go?" Ric asked.

"He's playing host.   Some of the food ran out and he's refilling it.   Salud!" Marco said as he downed the shot.  Ric sipped his cup, having seen that the bottle was one of the better tequilas and wanted to enjoy it like Joe had showed him.  They watched the new volleyball game and Brendan's team looked completely outmatched.  Ric noticed Marco fidgeting and when he looked down, he was tugging on his junk through his board shorts.

"Got an itch, there?  Might want to see a doc about that" Ric said, grinning.

Marco looked shocked and realized he'd been busted.   "Uh... Yeah... I haven't had time for my morning jerk this week" he said, looking embarrassed.

"All week?  Damn, I don't think I could make it that long.  You need to drain em more often than that" Ric said.  He could tell that Marco was a little uncomfortable talking about it, but his mind started working on a plan.  As horny as he had gotten in his life, he knew that someone must be making Marco's balls tingle.  He scanned around and couldn't see anyone obvious.  Most of the women were attached to someone else, but he knew that might not stop Marco at his age.

Several seconds later Marco said "From the sounds of it, you and Mateo have been making sure there's fresh sperm in your balls."

Ric handed him the other shot of tequila, since Mateo hadn't come back.  He wasn't sure if Marco had heard their morning fuck sessions or if he knew about them fucking Diego and Rodrigo.  When the volleyball game ended, he watched Brendan closely.  His team hugged each other and one guy slapped Brendan's ass but then they all wandered away from the pool in different directions.  The other team was looking for the next match.  Brendan glanced around but seemed to be following Ric's suggestion and was heading toward the west side of the house.

"Follow me.  I think I know how to solve your problem" Ric said, wrapping his arm around Marco's shoulder and guiding him.  Marco weaved a little as he walked, the beer and tequila now affecting his coordination.   They made it to the side of the house and just like Ric expected, it was dark.  Not completely but it was in the shadows.  He saw two people embraced and making out against the side of the house.  Ric stopped and looked around and found a shape near a wall that divided the garden in two.  

Ric approached, pushing Marco in front of him.  Brendan stood there and in the dim light said "Oh shit. I thought it was just going to be two of us."

"Yeah, but he's got a little problem I thought you could take care of first.  He's about to burst" Ric said.  

"Oh fuck... Brendan?  No... I can't" Marco said several seconds later, swaying in his drunken state and trying to focus on the guy in front of them.

"You're not going to say anything and he isn't either.  And I sure won't...  It's just our secret.  Those balls need to get emptied and I think Brendan would like a little warmup before he tries me" Ric said.

Ric slid behind Marco and grasped his shoulders, steadying him while whispering "Just give it a try.  You might find that it's pretty damn good and it will help you get through college without wearing your hand out."

Brendan knelt down and pulled Marco's board shorts down, revealing a very hard eight inches of cut cock.  Ric caught a glimpse and realized his earlier thought was right - Marco's dick was a little longer than Mateo's but similar otherwise.  The second that Brendan's mouth wrapped around the head, Marco gasped.  He looked down and saw his former classmate licking and sucking on his stiff shaft.   The more that Brendan took into his mouth, the louder Marco moaned.

Ric smiled, noticing that Marco was relaxing with each passing second.  Brendan wasn't relaxing.  He was bobbing on Marco's cock going down further and further until he struggled getting the thick cock into his throat.   It didn't matter since Marco started breathing heavy only a minute later.  His body quivered and a moment later he cried out.  Ric felt Marco's body tense up and knew he was dumping almost a week's worth of cum into Brendan's mouth.

The volleys of cum flooded Brendan's mouth and he tried to swallow as much as he could.  Once the shots slowed to a dribble, he caught up.   "Oh my fucking god!" Marco cried out.  A moment later, he added "Uh... thanks" before stepping back, pushing Ric back a few inches.  He pulled his shorts up and walked away, staggering slightly.

Ric moved forward, taking Marco's spot and Brendan pulled Ric's speedo down.  Ric scooped some cum off of Brendan's chin and tasted it, moaning.  Brendan said "Fuck yeah..." before he started to suck Ric's cock into his mouth.   Ric wished that he'd gotten more of Marco's cum but let Brendan enjoy it.  The warmup with Marco's cock had primed Brendan's mouth and throat for Ric's shaft.

He heard Brendan take a deep breath and then impale his cock.  Brendan didn't make it all of the way, but the tight throat felt good around the end of his cock.  Ric held his head and pulled back, slowly plowing his shaft back in.  He didn't go as far as Marco had earlier, he just wanted to get a good coating of spit on his dick.   A few times he would plunge in deeper but most of the time he was just doing half strokes.

Ten minutes of fucking Brendan's mouth made Ric wonder how his ass was.  Ric slowly pulled his cock past Brendan's lips and looked down at him.  "Once this dick goes in your ass, I don't pull out.  Ready to get knocked up?" Ric asked.  Brendan nodded and Ric pulled him to his feet.  He spun Brendan around and watched him brace against the fence post in front of him.  Ric pushed his speedo down and stepped out of it before spitting on his fingers and pushing them to Brendan's hole.

"Pretty fuckin tight, Brendan.  You haven't been getting fucked by the other ranch hands yet, huh?" Ric asked.  Brendan shook his head 'no' while Ric's fingers probed deeper, forcing some spit inside.   "Well... keep it that way for a few weeks and see if my load does the trick" Ric said.  He wrapped his hand over Brendan's mouth and whispered "This is gonna hurt" a second before his cock thrust in.  
Most of the scream got muffled by his hand and the music covered up the rest.  Ric paused a moment before pulling almost out and thrusting back in.  Brendan's body quivered around his cock until he thrust in again.  Ric started to slowly plow into the tight hole, getting faster with each stroke.  The screams faded down to loud groans and Ric wasn't sure if Brendan was now used to the assault or if he was exhausted.

"You think you're fertile enough to get it with one fuck or should I go longer?" Ric asked, his bare chest now pressing against Brendan's back.

"More" Brendan whimpered.

"Good boy" Ric replied and thrust his cock all the way in.  He felt Brendan's body go limp for a moment and then stiffen back up.  He kept driving into the battered hole for another ten minutes before he started to pound faster.  Ric's hands gripped the base of Brendan's neck as he drilled harder.  The moans and grunts from Brendan told Ric just how much he was willing to do to get Ric's bug.  A couple full length strokes made Brendan yelp until he felt Ric's cock  throb inside him.

"Oh fuck yeah!" he cried out, knowing his guts were now getting coated in Ric's seed.

Mateo continued to watch as Ric pulled his shaft from Brendan's wrecked hole.  "I figured that you were getting your cock into someone while I worked my ass off.   That just means that you're gonna be my bottom slut tonight" Mateo said, grinning at Ric.

"He's all ready for you.  Let that scorpion sting" Ric said, backing away.  Mateo pushed his board shorts down just below his balls and stuffed his stiff shaft into the cum filled hole.  Mateo pumped his cock in and out, churning up Ric's load inside him.   Ric leaned in and told Mateo "Save a little for me."  Seconds later, Mateo was adding his own load to Brendan's cunt.

The party started to wind down, with everyone helping to clean up.  When the party guests started to leave, Ric saw Brendan walking gingerly toward one of the trucks and laughed to himself.   With most everything put away, he and Mateo headed up to bed, stripping off and climbing into bed naked.


Everyone was moving slowly the next morning as they piled into the SUV and headed to the airport.  Ric held Mateo close in the back seat, thinking over the past several days.  While he enjoyed his time, he felt he hadn't spent as much time with Mateo as he wanted.  He wondered how much Marco would remember of the blowjob Brendan gave him.  Once on the plane, Ric slept most of the flight back, waking only when some turbulence reminded him how sore his ass was from the drilling Mateo gave him early that morning.

"You win.  Rodrigo was first 1 sick" Mateo sent two and a half weeks later, followed by "I guess you're still potent, lol." A few days later he got "Diego has flu" and then the next day "Dad not lookin good, but caring for Diego and Rodrigo.  U know anything?"  He got daily updates among the other texts from Mateo.  "Guy u tagged at bbq now sick. Ur like an epidemic, lol" came in a few days later.  

Ric was counting down the days before he headed back to school. He told his mom about finishing the arm tattoo before he went up to get it done.  

"I preferred you without any of that ink on your body... like when you came out of my womb" she told him.

Ric chuckled, hugging her tightly.  "That little boy is long gone and he grew up to be me.  I like the ink and it's not going away so just get used to it" he told her before heading out the door.   The drive went quickly and he arrived at Marcus' apartment right as planned at 9 AM.  It gave him almost three hours of play time before he had to be at Thad's shop.  Shane answered the door naked and invited him in.

Marcus came out of the bedroom naked, rubbing his eyes and stretching as he walked.  "Yo, papi.  Good to see ya again" Marcus said before adding "Get yer clothes off.  Rules of da house" and then chuckling.   Ric looked over Marcus and smiled before he stripped down and followed the other two into the bedroom.  The next two hours were a flurry of sweaty bodies, hard cocks and hungry asses.  Ric liked feeling Marcus' cock drilling into him and wondered if he was trying to get revenge for when he and Joe had bred Marcus that one day during the swim camp.

After Marcus dumped a load into Ric's hole, he rolled over and pulled his legs back.  "I gotta feel that dick in me again" Marcus said as Ric took his spot and pushed his cock into the well used hole.  He drilled and plowed and pounded, watching the smile grow on Marcus' face.   It was a very different fuck from the one Joe and him had given him.  Gone was the uncertainty and fear, replaced by eagerness and moans.   

They laid on the bed after Shane added his seed to Marcus' ass.  "I never got to thank you guys for knockin me up.  Lots less stress now that I don't have to worry.  Didn't think one fuck would do it, but that's all it took you guys" Marcus said.  

Ric chuckled and asked "Sometimes it happens.  Did you hookup again with Joe?"

"Yeah, but only after I got sick.   I didn't fuck for three weeks, waiting for it to hit.  I thought I had escaped and then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Joe helped me through it, though.  It just cost me my first few toxic loads" Marcus said, laughing.  He added "That mofo is one hungry cum dump."

"Yeah, he is.  If you ask him a favor expect it to cost you at least one load.  My last ride to the airport from him cost me three plus the four he and Kyle gave me" Ric replied.
"You lucky dawg.  I'd love to have those two fuck my brains out.  A buddy said Kyle was a great time and knocked him up with one try like you guys did.  I didn't even know my buddy was chasin.  Only found out when I wanted him to fuck me again.  Worked out though.  He gave me his poison, I gave him mine" Marcus said.

"You tag anyone or have you just played with the poz boyz?" Ric asked.

Both Shane and Marcus broke out laughing.  "This fucker is a bad influence" Marcus said, pointing at Shane.  "Once he told me my secret was safe and he wasn't going to tell anyone we started tag teamin guys.  First was a freshman swimmer.  Then one of the cheerleaders and I think it was the JV quarterback after that.  I did some solo and lately we've been working on an assistant basketball coach" Marcus said.

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Welcome back!

Very glad you have posted this continuation.

I’m out of likes for today, but my next quota in 24 hours are already earmarked for your good self. I hope you are encouraged to continue your writings with plenty of upvoting and comments.

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@chi4loads So happy that you are back with another story on here and carrying on with Ric's adventures.

But on the other hand quite devastated to read that this will be your finale to stories on BZ. You have become one of my favourite storyteller on here, so whilst it is your choice, it is a sad day that there will not be any more after this series.

So if this is to be the end, I hope that those creative juices continue to flow uninhibited elsewhere and hopefully you will leave a status update for us fans to follow.

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25 minutes ago, BlindRawFucker1 said:

As always, a very hot story!


Your storytelling ability will be missed.

it is partially my fault

I wrote a story using the "fan fiction" model, assuming that way of writing was globally accepted; with no bad intentions, but I should have asked before and I still cannot forgive myself for this, it was the worst mistake I made as an author, towards another one.


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Chapter 2.1 - A New School Year

The first day back at school their door stayed closed and the pair only came out to grab dinner.  Ric and Mateo ran into their next door neighbor Adam a few days later who said "Damn, one of you is gonna be pregnant soon.  I've never heard two people go at it for that long.  It's fuckin hot, though"

Ric chuckled and said "Took care of that last year" before they went back into the room.   Ric laid on the bed and Mateo sat in front of him.  Both were just wearing running shorts and a jock with Ric's arm wrapped around his boyfriend's body.

"Speaking of which...  Did you really knock up my dad?  He said you fuck like a crazed animal and I should be careful so it doesn't become abusive" Mateo said, grinning back at him.

It was a conversation he had been dreading but knew it would come up eventually.  "Yeah... He wanted it and we only had a couple days.  I fucked him harder than I ever had, trying to make sure..." Ric replied, looking a little embarrassed about what he'd done.

"So he didn't get the soft cuddly fucks I usually get?  They were pretty effective" Mateo said, laughing, before adding "Rodrigo's breeding looked to be pretty average for you and he's got your bug now too." 

"I can't believe he told you" Ric said.

"I suspected something was up when he wouldn't ride his horse around the ranch the second or third day you were there.  He was walking a little stiff too.  But when Rodrigo got sick and he was taking care of him, I noticed dad was looking almost as bad.  You could feel the fever when you got close and when I saw the rash on his arms I figured it out" Mateo explained.

Ric nodded and pulled Mateo's body closer.  "I couldn't figure out who gave it to him until Marco commented about you and dad working on a project together.  Dad didn't say anything until we were at the tattoo shop to get Marco's tat started and he got in the chair after Marco had finished his first session.  He told the guy 'just like his back, but smaller so it fits on my forearm and only the tail is red' pointing at me" Mateo said.

"Fuck, that's cool.  Both of you are marked alike inside and out.  So when did he tell you that I fucked him hard?" Ric asked.

"On the way home.  Marco was asleep in the back seat when he told me that you were an animal and that we now had the same bug inside us.  He was real proud of it.  It was the beginning of the gay phase of his life he told me and he wanted to be out just like me" Mateo said.

"Are you ok with it?  I'll understand if you're pissed at me" Ric replied.

"Surprised, but not pissed.  He tried dating women a few years after mom died, but most seemed to just want a friendship.  I know he's been fooling around with guys for a while.  As long as he's happy, that's all that matters" Mateo said.     

"It looks like all three of you kept the tattoo artist busy.  The arm looks good.  Am I really that bad of an influence on you?" Ric asked.

"Well, yours looks good too.  I like the full sleeve instead of the half one.  And no, you're not a bad influence at all.  They're kind of addicting.  At least I can easily see this one unlike the one on my back.  I was just surprised that my dad would get one, but he seems to really like it.  And Marco is really confused about dad's sudden change of heart to let him get his before his freshman year" Mateo said.

Ric smiled and said "That was part of my deal with your dad.  Don't say anything, but I think it worked out for everyone."

While they talked, Ric had spotted one of the new guys on their floor walk past a few times, glancing in each time he passed their open door.  The fourth time he passed, Ric yelled out "Hey!" and the guy came back and looked into the room.  Mateo watched his eyes quickly glance around and the guy seemed a little surprised.  Mateo looked him over too.  He was about the same height, with long dark blond hair tied up and a matching goatee.  His eyebrow was pierced along with some small black tunnels in each ear.  A tight tee covered his thin torso and he was pretty sure that both nipples were pierced.  Some khaki cargo shorts hung down, revealing a few inches of hairy legs before the black combat boots took over and covered his feet. 

"Welcome to the floor.  Are you just doing laps for exercise or looking for decorating ideas for your room?" Ric asked.

"Uh... I... uh... was... looking to see who was around" the guy said.

"Well, the unwritten rule is that if someone's door is open you can stop by and talk.  Except for Morrison's room.  He's not very friendly.   I'm Ric and this is my boyfriend slash roommate Mateo" Ric replied.

"Hi... I'm Tim...  Uh... wow, I guess this floor really is gay friendly.  That's so fuckin cool"  Tim said.

"We're straight and bi-friendly too.  There's a mix of just about everyone here.  Hopefully you don't mind" Mateo said.

"Uh... not at all.  It will be good not to have to come out of the closet again and scare three quarters of the floor away.  I was afraid I'd be the only queer, but I think there's at least three others" Tim said.

"You still have a few more to meet then.  But... we don't know about all the new people, like you.  We might be the majority, now" Ric said, chuckling.

"That would be really good.  Though we might all flunk out since we'd be having orgies all the time instead of studying" Tim joked, sounding more relaxed.

Mateo chuckled and Ric laughed.  "It would have to be two orgies at a time, since I doubt the gay guys would want to be in the same room as the lesbians.  And some of the guys are monogamous.  Uh... you're better off going over to the bathhouse for sex and keep the dorm for sleep and studying.  There is some action that happens around here, though.  So... Top or bottom? Boyfriend or casual?" Mateo asked.

Ric laughed, remembering his first interrogation with Mateo.

"Oh, wow.  Uh... I'm versatile and prefer casual sex.  I've never had a boyfriend, just fuck buddies.  I want to fool around too much" Tim said.

"Cool.  We're both versatile, too.  Our relationship is open so we play around with other guys, sometimes together but usually apart" Ric explained.

"Fuck, that's so hot.  I never thought of that.  I take it you've lived on this floor before" Tim asked.

"Yeah, I'm a sophomore and Mateo is a senior.  This is my second year and his fourth here" Ric said.

"Ah...  I transferred in.  A buddy was supposed to come out here with me, but that got messed up when his parents found out he was gay and cut his cash flow.  Hopefully he can fix things and get out here.  I know he'd be happier being around more gay guys" Tim said.  Tim showed them a selfie he had on his phone of Tim and Omar both being hot, sweaty and almost naked at a club. 

"Fuckin cute.  Even if he can come for a visit, I'm sure he'd have fun" Mateo said, winking.

"I gotta get back to my room.  My roomie should be back with the stuff he was bringing in for the room.  I hope to see you guys later" Tim said.  He waved and went down the hall, much more chilled than when he walked by earlier.     

"Screamer or moaner?" Mateo asked, making Ric laugh.

"Screaming as we destroy that ass and moaning as he gets charged up" Ric replied.


Ric was waiting for a shower a few days into the semester and was checking out the new guys on the floor.   Most were freshman but there were a few older guys too.  A couple had flirted but he knew that most wouldn't go any further.  "Nice ink.  Bet that cost a lot" a guy said after he stepped out of the shower and walked past Ric.  Ric was caught between talking with the guy or using the recently emptied shower stall.

"Thanks.  Not too bad.  The artist is a friend so I get a discount" he replied, winking at the guy and then heading into the shower.   He hoped that the guy would still be there finishing his morning routine when he got out, but the bathroom was empty when he went to the sinks to finish up.

A few days later after Ric finished his shower he spotted the guy that had commented on his tats, brushing his teeth.

"Hey, how's it goin?" Ric asked.

"OK, could use a few more hours of sleep.  You really like showin off that ink, don't you?" the guy said.

"Yeah, no sense in getting it if I hide it all the time.  Any time you want a better look at it, just let me know" Ric said.  He knew it sounded cheesy, but the guy was cute and he wouldn't mind fooling around with him.

The guy chuckled and said "Thanks, but I don't swing that way.  I'm just looking to get one and want to find a good artist around here."

"Ah, sorry" Ric said.

"Nah, it's cool.  I like that this floor is a lot more diverse than one I was on last year.  Kinda jealous at how much you gay guys get laid, though" he said.

"Yeah, it is...  Uh... the guy that did my ink is back home.   My roommate has an artist near here that he likes.  Stop down some time and I can get you his info" Ric said.

"Thanks, I will.  Hope you have better luck with the next guy you hit on" he replied, grinning as he walked out the door.


Once he was back in his room, Ric opened up one of the apps and took a look around.  He had three hours before he had to go to campus for his first class of the day.  He realized his approach with the guy in the bathroom showed how cocky he had become and not everyone was either queer or hungry for his dick.   He was getting reminded of it again as he looked over the guys online.   He got several rejections and many that didn't even reply at all.

He went back to a few that hadn't replied and it still showed that they were online.   That's when he noticed the "prefer anon" or "anon only" comments on a couple descriptions.   He had always completely filled out his profiles so that guys knew what they were getting and he realized that that's exactly what some guys don't want.   It was easy to cobble together a profile that didn't say much at all.  He gave height, weight, and "big" for a cock size.  Nothing about race, status or body type and no pictures.  The text simply said "looking 4 pump n dump.  bb only. anon good"

Soon, he had several guys hitting him on the new profile.  One wanted a condom fuck and he realized that the guy hadn't bothered to read any part of his very short profile text.  The next guy was close by and he figured he was on another floor of his dorm building.  Ric quickly looked over the profile and while there wasn't a lot of info, there was enough to interest him.

"Blindfolded naked wtg 4 ur raw dik anon no talk  #4307" the message said.  Sure enough, the guy was two floors down.  Ric sent a reply "5 min" before he tossed on a pair of loose shorts, a long sleeved tee and grabbed a black spandex bondage hood that he'd gotten at one of Rawson's parties.  If the guy wanted an anonymous hookup, he was going to go all the way.  Two flights of stairs and a short walk got him to the door.   He pulled on the hood and slowly opened the unlocked door.  

Waiting on the bed was his hookup, kneeling and wearing only a blindfold and white athletic socks.  He was taller and heavier than Ric with a meaty ass on his pale body.  Ric looked around and spied a phone propped on the dresser and aimed at the bed.  He chuckled and realized the guy didn't want it totally anonymous and was glad he brought the hood.  His hands rubbed over the slightly hairy butt.  It was a little moist from sweat and when his finger pushed into the hole, very moist with lube.   A quick sniff found that it was his favorite lube with the smell of some stranger's cum making Ric's cock instantly harder.  

His cock was so rigid it took an extra moment to get his shorts down to his ankles.  He pulled the foreskin fully back with one hand, using the other to spread the mounds of flesh.  Ric nestled the head at the opening and pushed in.  While the guy had recently been fucked, he was still tight for Ric's girth.  A few more nudges finally broke through and the guy let out a loud groan before yelling "FUCK!"   Ric pulled off one of the guy's socks and stuffed it in his mouth.

Slowly he plowed in, stretching the guy out.  The chute felt snug on his cock and the other guy's cum coated more of his shaft the longer he drove his cock in.   Ric's right hand pushed the guy's face into the bed as his cock drilled in deeper.  After a brief pause, Ric started to thrust.   The strokes never got longer than six inches, but Ric knew from the guy's muffled sounds he was feeling every one of them.  He'd promised a pump and dump, so as much as he wanted to spend a long time drilling the guy, he sped up willing his body to cum.

A few minutes later, he felt his balls tighten and cock swell.  The bottom groaned louder and then cried out when he felt Ric's cock shower his guts with jizz.  His cock throbbed with each spurt of cum.  It had been over a day since he'd emptied his balls into Mateo and he was definitely full again for this fuck.  Ric looked down and his cock was only half way inside and there was a little ring of the previous top's cum around the shaft, marking how far he'd plowed in.  

Ric reached over and grabbed the guy's phone off the dresser and aimed it down at his cock partially inside the bottom and pulled up his tee, revealing the tattoo.  He pulled back, keeping the camera on the bruised hole until his cock popped free.  He zoomed in on the gape, showing the cum and battered guts inside while the hole slowly closed.   He hit stop and set the phone back on the dresser.  Ric pulled the other sock off the guy's foot and wiped off his cock before pulling his shorts back up.  A moment later, he was walking out the door and back to his room.   

"That was fuckin hot  had 2 cancel next guy  2 sore" was the message waiting for him when he got back to the room.  Another showed up saying "luv 2 have u own my ass again  hit me up if u see me on."  He ran through the shower, feeling more relaxed and his balls much lighter.  When he got back there was another message waiting, asking "U poz?"  Ric chuckled realizing the guy had watched the video.  He closed the app before grabbing a short nap before class.

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Chapter 2.2 - Getting the Desired Result

Mateo was off working on a project and told Ric "Gonna be back late.  You have the night off, just save me some for tomorrow."

Ric laughed and thought a bit about how he could spend the evening.   He picked up his phone to cruise the apps when he saw that it was Wednesday evening.   An idea flashed through his brain and he got a big smile on his face.  He showered and cleaned out, not sure what to expect or want when he got to the bathhouse.   He showed up only minutes before the free HIV testing table was going to close and that was intentional.

He grinned at Hector, saying "hola" as he walked by and staying well back from the table to not disturb his conversation with the young cub wearing only a towel that barely fit around his waist.  Once in the locker room, he stripped down and secured his clothes.   Just as he was about to get up, he felt Hector come up behind him.
"Your friend from back home is quite a cum pig.  He had at least one load in him when we hooked up last week.  No wonder he's poz" Hector told Ric.

Ric laughed.  "He is.  But he knows who knocked him up.  He wouldn't even let his boyfriend fuck him while he waited to see if his brother's bug did it" Ric said, with a large grin on his face.

"Brother?  That's twisted.  And hot.  I didn't have the strength to wait to see if the first one I took was the one that did it.  I just kept fucking and getting fucked" Hector said.

"It sounded like it was a weekend full of breeding for Joe.  I didn't take it that far, but close.  I just know that everyone I had sex with after that day was neg, but it took days before my ass wasn't sore" Ric replied.

"He's the one that pozzed you?  I guess you took it ok, then" Hector asked.

"Oh yeah.  We're like brothers and every time we meet, we fuck.  He loves a recharge just as much as I do" Ric said.

"Hmm.  He's vers huh?  Next time I'll be sure to get his strain in me" Hector replied.

"I can take care of that" Ric said chuckling.

Hector raised his eyebrows and smiled back at Ric.  "I got one guy waiting for his results then I need to pack the stuff up and put it in the van.  You gonna be around a while?" he asked.

Ric nodded yes before saying "I just got here, so I'll be wandering around and looking."

Wander is what he did, just wanting a fuck or two.  Having heard from the guy at the entrance that no one seemed to be looking for a souvenir meant that there was no specific person to search for and anyone was game.   He spotted the dragon wing tatted guy from the previous Spring.  The nod and grin acknowledgment told Ric that he was doing well.   He thought about following him and hopefully fucking him again, but a new hole seemed to be a better alternative.

After one lap of the halls, he saw a guy walk out of the locker room and look around.   It was clear that this was his first time there and Ric licked his lips at the thought of some fresh meat.  He walked closer and when the guy turned back towards him he remembered the face.

"Hey, Tim.  Funny seeing you here" Ric said.

"Oh, hey.  I took your suggestion... or was it your boyfriend's.  Anyway I figured I'd take a break from studying and check the place out.  You been here long?" Tim asked.

Ric looked over his body, seeing numerous reflections from the jewelry spread over his body.  The ring on his cock looked a little small, but he was used to the thicker ones Joe and Kyle had.  He noticed one tattoo on his chest that looked like a spider in a cage and thought it was weird.  Since he'd walked out of the locker room nude, Ric assumed he was comfortable being naked, unlike a lot of first time visitors.  "I just got here.  I talked to my buddy that does testing here for a minute and then did a quick lap" Ric said.   He could tell that Tim was looking him over as well.

"Damn, that's a nice piece you got there.  Might be even bigger than my buddy's back home.  Bet that feels real good..." Tim said.

"Want to find out?" Ric replied, grinning.  A dozen paces got them to the sauna with Ric taking a seat over on the left side of the back wall.  He looked around and there were five other guys around the room that he could see through the haze.   Tim knelt down in front of him, taking the partially hard shaft in his hand and looking it over.  He pulled the foreskin back and lapped over the exposed head before looking back up at Ric's face.  His gaze turned back to the cock and Tim stopped.  "Oh, fuck yeah.  Hope this is shootin the good stuff" Tim said.

Ric chuckled and replied softly "Yeah... still potent.  You want to get charged?"  His cock twitched, hoping that he was going to be able to knock up another guy in his dorm.

"Recharged.  Gettin new strains is always good" Tim said.   

While he was a little disappointed that Tim was already poz, a willing hole to breed was almost as good.  Tim resumed sucking on the thick shaft, getting it harder and longer.  After several more minutes, Ric pulled Tim up to the bench and got him on his back.   Tim pulled his legs back, exposing a winking hole and a few wisps of dark blond hair.  His ass had a light covering of hair that went down his legs.

Ric spit on the hole and worked it in with a finger.  It went in easier than Ric expected, so another gob of spit was pushed in with two twisting fingers.   Tim looked back at him with a grin.

"I'm used to thick dicks and I've taken a few small fists.   Just shove that bare cock in me" Tim said.  Ric chuckled and stood up, guiding his stiff shaft to the hole.  He pulled back the foreskin, exposing the moist head of his dick and pushed in.  There was a little resistance, but the head popped past the outer ring quickly and Tim let out a loud "Oh... Fuck YEAH!" making a few of the others in the sauna look over.

Slowly he drove his cock deeper, realizing that Tim's comment about being able to take a thick cock was true.  Their eyes locked and both had smiles on their faces.  Tim's chute had a nice grip on his dick and with only a few gobs of spit the friction was higher than he was used to.  The moans Tim made only had the slightest hint of pain and with the smile still present, Ric assumed he liked a little pain with his fucking.

When he began to plow Tim's pussy, Ric broke the stare and looked around.   Most of the guys had moved closer to watch them fuck and all were stroking their cocks in rhythm with Ric's thrusts.  Those thrusts got faster as Tim encouraged him to "drill that poz ass."  Tim was a good bottom and Ric was already planning a few more sessions with him.  His ass was worthy of sharing with the other poz guys on the floor, too, and as good as the barely lubed chute felt, he thought it would be even better with a few toxic loads in it.

Tim's dick was pretty average in size, but Ric knew that didn't matter when it came to knocking a guy up.  The small gauge piercing would help too.  Tim's cock was hard and leaking precum on to his stomach.  "Deeper" Tim grunted and Ric obliged.  The long strokes felt good and his gaze moved back up Tim's smooth body.  

"Ah... a black widow.  Now I get it.  A buddy has one on his ass, just without the cage" Ric said, looking closer at Tim's chest tattoo.

"Cage?  What cage?   Oh, those are hash marks for the ones I've charged up" Tim said, confused at first and then almost cocky when he explained the other marks.  Ric's cock throbbed, realizing that Tim was generous in sharing his bug.

Ric chuckled and said "Fuck... that's cool.  I have no idea how many I've done."  He began to plow faster, happy to have found another guy that likes to breed like he does.

"I have to get a few more inked on.  Not sure what I'll do when I make it all the way around" Tim said before he clamped down on Ric's cock.  There was a noise to his right and Ric looked over in time to watch one of the voyeurs give a facial to another.

"What a waste" Ric thought.   

A minute later he felt someone come closer and turned just as Hector said "Oh, crap you found someone."

Ric kept plowing and asked "Why?"

"One of the guys that stopped by the table earlier is blindfolded and takin loads" Hector replied.

Ric turned back and looked at Tim and saw him nodding vigorously with a huge grin on his face.   His head glanced back at Hector and then at Tim again.  "Wanna share your bug?" he asked Tim.

"Hell yeah, I can get yours almost any time.  You're just down the hall" Tim replied.   

Ric slipped his dick out and then pulled Tim to his feet. He felt like an ass walking out of the sauna with his dick hard, but Tim was the same and they used their towels to mask it for the short walk.

Hector led them to a room where a guy was on the bed getting his ass eaten.   Ric recognized the guy rimming as one he'd charged up a year before.  He was a little surprised when he climbed up the bottom and shoved his dick in, since Ric thought he was a total bottom.   The guy's dick plunged into the hole, making both of them moan.  It was a hard, quick fuck between two short, smooth guys.  The top was pale with shaggy light brown hair that flopped around as he fucked.  The bottom had slightly darker skin and just seemed to lay there, taking the drilling.

A loud groan filled the small room as the top pumped his poz seed into the softly moaning bottom.   When the top pulled out, he turned and grinned as soon as he saw Ric standing there.   He stepped to the side and Ric pushed Tim toward the bottom, whispering "Shred that ass with your PA."

The first top came up to Ric and stroked his still hard cock.  "Hi papi.  Did you like watching me pass your bug on?" he asked quietly and Ric nodded, giving him a wink.  "I started to top a few months ago, but got one already.  It felt so good" he added, blowing him a kiss and then walking out into the hall.

Tim took a quick lick to taste the load in the bottom's mostly hairless ass.  He moaned and then shoved his cock in.  The bottom buried his face into the stained mattress and cried out.  Ric wasn't sure if this was how Tim normally fucked or if he was taking Ric's instructions literally.  Tim drilled into the bottom who was flat on the bed for a few minutes, stopping only to pull him up to his knees.  The bottom's face was still on the bed, getting forced in to it with each thrust Tim made.

"Test was neg on Tuesday and when he came in tonight he told me he was going to try harder.  I'm sure the two of us can make sure that his next test is different" Hector told Ric quietly.  The bottom let out a loud yelp as Tim shoved his cock in a new direction inside the battered hole.

"Four of us.  That first guy is viral and so is Tim.  I wonder how many more are here tonight?" Ric asked.  The bottom was whimpering as Tim started to fuck harder until he unleashed his cum, mixing with what was left inside.  Tim stood there a minute after the last spurt before making way for Hector.  

Tim scooped up the cum on his cock and tasted it.  "Mmhmm. Shredded" Tim said, smiling back at Ric.  They stood side by side, watching Hector sink his cock into the toxic jizz.   Hector moaned and the bottom groaned.   He knew Hector was bigger in both length and girth than Tim and would prepare him for Ric's shaft.  Hector started out with slow, firm thrusts building up to slightly faster and longer ones.  There was a thud as he bottomed out and from then on, it was full strokes of Hector's seven plus inches.

He shoved in and held his cock in deep while volleys of cum fired out of his cock.  When the last shot came out, Hector slowly pulled out, watching the gape slowly close while cum dripped out of the hole.  He moved back and the bottom started to crawl away.

"Not yet.  You got one more before you can rest" Ric said.  He pulled him to the edge of the bed, spreading his legs wide and exposing the wrecked hole.  It hadn't completely closed when Ric pushed in, but the sudden stretch made the bottom cry out again.  He knew that the guy didn't need a rough fuck to get the bugs into his blood, so he took mercy on the bottom and slowly worked his thick shaft in.  The cries faded to whimpers, but there was still pain in his voice.

Ric increased his pace once he'd gotten three quarters of his cock in.  He continued to plow, feeling the cum inside get churned up, some of it getting forced out and coating his trimmed bush and covering the biohazard tattoo.   He looked back and Tim was on his knees cleaning the mixture off of Hector's cock.  Ric drilled faster until he was adding his own strain to the toxic pool inside the bottom.  He left his dick planted, holding the loads in for a minute before moving back.  The bottom collapsed on the bed, still whimpering.  

Tim took a few licks up the sides and bottom of Ric's cock before the three walked out of the room.   Hector closed the door, letting the loads soak in and to give the bottom some time to recover.  Tim headed to the showers and Ric followed Hector to the playroom.  "You take dick as good as you give it?" Hector asked.  Ric nodded and knelt on the padded bench in the center of the room.

"Show me what you got" Ric said.

Hector wasn't sure that his balls had recovered yet, but he wasn't going to pass up a chance to put his quickly stiffening cock into Ric's ass.  He knew of plenty of guys that had gotten Ric's cock in them, many of which got his bug too but he only knew of a couple that had fucked him.

"Damn... that ass feels good.   Your boyfriend's been keepin it in good practice" Hector growled.

"He's not the only one" Ric said as he started to work his ass muscles on the seven inches of uncut cock.  Hector sped up and slowed down, trying to make the fuck last. "You got some more of your special seed?  I love getting a new type in me" Ric said.  Hector chuckled and pounded harder.

"I know the feelin... One of these days I need to get yours" Hector replied before he thrust in and shot a half dozen spurts of tainted cum inside Ric's hole.

Ric was walking down the hall with Hector's load dripping out of his ass when he saw the bottom from earlier walk out of his room.  Without the blindfold, Ric got a look at his face and it showed that he was still in pain.   He knew the guy was Asian, Chinese was his guess.  As he got close, the guy said "Fuck... No way I could take that but it's fuckin hot."  

Ric chuckled, replying "Just let me know when you want to try.  I love knockin up a tight hole."  He walked past, looking back to see dark streaks running down the back of both of the guy's legs.   "Two weeks... Maybe less" Ric thought to himself.

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