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I needed money. 

After finishing high school, I tried to hold down a couple normal jobs, at fast food places and the like. It just wasn't for me though. I can't stand routine. So I looked into alternative ways to make money. Online searches pointed me in one clear direction; I should make an Onlyfans. I always had guys staring at me. I literally could not go to the mall alone without guys clearly staring at my chest, ass, and god forbid I sit down in a skirt. I knew there were tons of creeps who liked me, so why not make a quick buck off of them?

I started innocent enough, only showing clothed pictures. They were mostly skin tight things, and soon I put up a few shots of bikinis. Guys were clambering to buy my pics, and soon they were messaging me too. I'd get things like 'FUCK you're sexy' or 'Jesus I want to pound you', and the most common 'How much can I pay to see that pussy?'

I had told myself I wasn't going to post any nudes, as I didn't want my face to get out there, but some of these guys were offering $100 for each pic, and I was lucky to get five bucks off the bikini pics. I tried to tell them no, and instead go further into kinky texting with them, but that just made them want it further. I now had a couple dozen guys promising me cash for nudes. Eventually I decided 'fuck it, my family isn't going to see me anyway.' and I took put up some nudes. Within days, I had made thousands. More money than I'd had in my whole life. This was the beginning of an addiction.

Over the next several months, I got good. I knew exactly what to say to make a guy cum. I had practice with all my guys fetishes, and I was starting to develop some of my own. Even when I was away from home I kept my phone on me. I'd be riding on the bus while 8 guys were texting me what they wanted to do to my body. I had gotten so used to it, I don't think I could have lived without it. I needed these guys constant affirmation, and also their denigration. Past that, I also needed their money. I had gotten used to being able to buy whatever I wanted, and I sure as shit wasn't going back to the life of a poor young woman.

My life started to change after a single event in a lingerie store. I had started to frequent this place to find more outfits for my fans. As I was browsing, I noticed this guy had entered, and was staring straight at me. I kept browsing, pretending not to notice. It was extremely creepy, but I also like the attention. Have I mentioned how I need guys constantly fawning over me?

A few seconds later I look back, and he's still staring.  Good, let him stare. I decide to bend over to view something on a lower shelf, which not-so-subtly lifted up the back of my skirt. I turn my head slightly to see if he's watching, and he is... coming over. He is literally walking over to me. I stand up straight. I was used to guys staring at me, and they'd often cat call me, but an actual conversation? I had spent so long texting, I didn't even know if I could hold a conversation in real life. Even in the occasional videos I made, they were always one way, where I'd talk to the camera. I tried to go back to browsing, hoping he'd walk past; but no luck. He walked straight up to me. "It's me, Dan, we chat all the time online.'

I recognized him now. Not from his face, I have no idea what his face looks like as he only ever sent dick pics, but I only texted a few guys named Dan, and only one was a ginger. I hadn't ever seen an actual fan in real life. I have dozens of hardcore big spenders; even with that, the country is big, what are the chances any of them would live near me?

"Oh, Dan, nice to see you." 

"Hey, you know this place has a back, right? How about you and I go over and do all those things we always talk about?" Dan asked.

This was a definite no for me. My big secret was that I hadn't actually done anything with a guy, ever. I had gotten kind of good at pretending to give blow jobs, as I often had to suck a dildo in videos for guys, but I hadn't actually ever done that before. Also, Dan was a little crusty, and old. I tried to let him down easy. "No Thanks, I tend to get the most enjoyment from sexting."

Dan was indefatigable. He said "Oh I know what you mean. I never cum from in person encounters."

"Never?" I asked, skeptically. "A guy like you must get a ton of girls," (this was a lie) "and I'm sure you cum for some of them."

"Nope" Dan replied. "I bet even you couldn't make me cum in real life." 

I tried to get him to back down by stepping forward so my lips were only an inch away from his face, then grabbing his crotch area. I could feel his raging boner. 

"Nope, not even you." Dan said.

This fucking liar. "fine, lets go." I yanked him by his collar in the direction of the backrooms. I had never been, and I was surprised at how incredibly disgusting it was. Everything looked oily, like it was covered in an almost imperceptibly thin layer of bodily fluid. Unfortunately for me, I fucking loved being near other peoples bodily fluids. I pulled Dan into a room, shut the door, and immediately pulled down his pants. I was normally the sub in these fantasies, but this guy had pissed me off AND made me horny. I needed this cum. 

I pulled a bottle of lube out of my purse, worked it through my hands, and started going to town. I was trying to do get him to cum with the least amount of effort, as I didn't want to lose my BJ virginity, or worse, on something like this. Dan said "oh yeah, that feels good. But I'm going to need more than that." he started to reach for my skirt, but no, he didn't deserve that yet. I grabbed his hand and put it on my tit instead, then started passionately kissing his face. He smelt as bad as he looked, but I needed this man to cum. His breathing started getting louder and louder for a bit, but then it started coming down again. Fuck, I was losing him. I decided I had no choice now.

I knelt down on the ground, grasped his prick with both hands (guys like it when it seems like you're struggling with the size of their member) and I started sucking. It was slow at first, only managing to get the head into my mouth, but as I got used to the taste I started pushing it further down my throat. After a few minutes, I had worked the whole thing in and I was starting to make the motions; up and down, while sucking and using my tongue liberally. Dan put one hand on the back of my head, holding me down. I could barely breathe, but I was so turned on by his dominance finally coming out. With my head so low though, I was at an odd angle to keep kneeling, so I had to stand my feet up and lean over to get a better angle. When I did so, Dan's other hand came in, grabbed me by a leg, and pulled my ass to him. He then reached his hand under my skirt and started feeling around my panties.

"Fuck your wet." Dan said. 'Fuck me' I thought he's found my secret.

"If you don't make me cum with your lips, you know what we'll have to use next?" He said, as he slid on finger under my panties. 

Fuck. I did not want to lose my virginity here. I started sucking faster, giving all my tongue and my hands into this blowjob. Dan stuck his second finger under my panties and started fingering my pussy. I let out a loud moan as he did. Without meaning, his prick somehow slipped even further into my throat so I was full-on deepthroating him. I couldn't even breath as he is rapidly sliding his fingers in and out of my pussy while his other hand is still slamming me down on his cock. Finally, I feel him expand. I know what that means. I let out a moan of ecstasy as he explodes in my mouth. I relish ever drop of that delicious, salty victory. 

"God damn. That was so fucking hot." Dan said, sliding back in his seat. He looked dead from the experience. I stand up, satisfied in myself, though also extremely horny. I can satisfy myself though, as normal. I move to leave, and I notice Dan's bag by the door. It was positioned on the only other chair, and oddly, his phone seemed to be popping out of the top. I look behind me; Dan literally looks like he passed out. I decide to take a peak and I pull out his phone. As I turn it around, I realize the camera is on. This mother fucker was recording the whole thing. What the fuck?!? Well fuck him if he thinks he can record me for his own profit. I quickly send the video to me, then delete it from his phone and leave. 

On the ride home, I find a spot in the back of the bus and watch the video. It is so fucking hot. I could barely keep from masturbating right there on the bus. Somehow, I make it home and do my business. Afterwards, I get to thinking though, this is high quality content. People routinely paid for videos where I was only masturbating, but where I actually gave a BJ? This could be worth a shit ton. I told some of my regulars the whole story and asked what the video was worth. From their replies, I gathered that it was worth a freaking lot. I set the price at $1,000, and within an hour I had a cool extra $30k in my bank. Just to be clear, that is $30,000. Like, I've earned more than that overall, but it normally took at least a few weeks to get that much. In one night? It was insanity. And more than that, one topic kept coming back from my regulars. They loved the blow job, but they really loved the whole idea of it. This guy, fighting not to cum, and if he can actually manage, he gets further with me? Even if I don't want them to get further/ It was hot. Guys loved it. Guys were willing to pay more for it.

That started my next big plan. I gave my city (which I won't give here) and I told guys to send a pic and sign up if they wanted to take a chance. It wasn't prostitution, because I wasn't charging them; I was going to make money off the video sales. Obviously, many, many guys signed up. A lot of them sent pics, and most of these guys actually looked like of hot. Like they were fit, toned, and they probably thought that was what I was looking for. Unfortunately for them, I figured that good looking guys are probably also more experienced and therefore, can last much longer. I was afraid if they lasted too long, I might have to do something I didn't want to do. Something risky. So I was looking for the least attractive. The ones that were crusty and maybe old too. It helped that I had a huge fetish for nasty men. 

After looking through the pics of the uglier ones, I decided on this one guy. He was black, a little older, and he looked extremely thin. Like you could see way too many of his bones. He also seemed to have a few of these weird little black marks on his body. He would do nicely. I sent him a message, and we settled on a date and decided to do it in this dank motel nearby. I realized this could be putting myself in a bad situation though, as it is even less public than the lingerie store; if he tried to force me to do things, I didn't think I could stop him. I figured out how to get around this though; instead of making the video, then selling it later, I would make it a live stream. That way, if he tried to assault me against my will, my fans could call someone to help. 

The day of the event was only a few days later. I got there early, to set up. I opened my live stream to look at ticket sales. I had a good 30 people watching, each for $1,000 each! God I love money. I felt kind of bad though, as I was probably going to make this guy cum in 30 seconds. It wouldn't be nearly as good as the last one.

I didn't have long to ponder this, as the guy finally showed up. I asked his name, but he said I should just call him 'Tim', and he made it seem like that wasn't his real name. He had this thick accent, so I assumed he was from somewhere in Africa. I asked "Okay, Tim, would you like get down to business?"

Tim said "First, you sure you can make me cum?"

"You like girls?" I reply


"Then Yes, I can make you cum." I said. 

"And that will be quickly, yes? Before we get to the sex? I do not want to put my babies in you."

This was an odd line of questioning, but I answered "Don't worry, while I'm not on birth control, I assure you it won't get that far." I had brought condoms anyway, just in case it did of course.

"Oh good, but birth control wouldn't protect me from all my babies anyway."

I tilted my head at him, confused.

He leaned forward to clarify: "You see, I have AIDS."

I stood up abruptly. I was trying to think of a reply, of a way to get out of this, but I couldn't think quickly enough. He just looked at me and said "You said you would make me cum. You promised, even. Since you can't get my disease from a hand-job, why not try that? Surely there is no harm in it?"

I looked at the laptop, behind which were dozens of guys who had paid to watch this, and to whom I would have to refund if I didn't go through with it. I decided fine, I would give him a hand job, as that was safe, then I'd be done with it. 

I motioned him to the bed. I was wearing a loose pink skirt with a tight pink top that accentuated by breasts. Tim took off his pants and underwear, then laid on the bed next to me. I got out a bit of lube and started stroking his dick. It was surprisingly large for such a thin man, and I started using two hands to get it all. After a few minutes of stroking, Tim reached over and started fondling my breasts. He was still outside the shirt, but when he tried to go in I swatted his hand away. He said "Come on, you want me to come faster or not?" which was sound logic, so I moved my hand back to his prick and he reached inside my shirt. Within seconds he was groping my tits. He had this way of moving his finger around my nipple that actually seemed, stimulating? I moaned a little. It was at that moment that I had a realization: I was incredibly horny. I thought it was fear before, and it was, but that fear had collected itself and somehow moved directly into my pussy which was SOPPING wet. I started getting more into the hand job, actually enjoying it now. 

"Come on, suck it." Tim said.

But I didn't want to risk it. I didn't want to risk any of his toxic cum in my body, even my mouth. "No." I said "You can make due with this." 

"Well at least get closer, so you can use more strength." he said, as he pushed my body closer to his dick. As I was looking at it, I knew, I really, really, wanted to suck on it.. But I wasn't stupid, so I didn't. I did get close to it though, to better worship it's glory. As I did so, I inadvertently moved my pussy closer to his face. He saw the opportunity for what it was, and with one hand he grabbed my skirt and he used the other to reach in and move my panties to the side. Within about a second he had several fingers ramming into my pussy as I hunched over his dick. He was not being gentle about it either. It felt like he was cutting my insides, but that made me even hornierrrrrrr. Fuck it, it turns out I am stupid. I thought as I leaned forward and shoved his whole cock in my mouth. I will make this man cum if it is the last thing I do.

He kept up the frantic pace with his fingers in my pussy as I kept my tongue and lips working up and down his massive shaft. He was moaning a little, but not as much as he should be. "Come on, why don't we take this further?" he asked. 

Was this guy crazy? No way was I taking it further. Technically this wasn't even fully safe. Vaginal would be suicide. I didn't reply, I just kept sucking, hoping he'd get there. Instead, he tightened one hand around my leg and used his other to start pulling my panties down my leg. I tried to close my legs, but it was far too late, I was too thin, and they came down easily. God damn it I thought. He better not try to stick it in. I was still on top of him though, so he couldn't easily do that from this position. I decided to keep my mouth on his prick for as long as it took, to make sure he didn't try putting it in other holes. As I was thinking that, he leaned forward and started pulling up my shirt, easing my arms through. When he tried to pull it over my head, it got stuck, as I was still trying to suck him off. I realized the problem though, and decided to stop for the second it took for him to get my shirt around my head. As I stopped sucking though, he pulled my shirt over my head, then grabbed my head and shoved his tongue into my mouth. I tried to fight, but he was strong and I was weak willed. I thought about yelling out the name of the motel we were at, so the viewers could send help, but fuck he was a good kisser. He moved one hand to massage my breasts, then he moved the other to start massaging my ass, before making it's way to my pussy again. By this point, we were sitting on the bed in a puddle of my making. He stops kissing me and moves his lips onto my neck, where he starts sucking. I go to do the same, but notice those black marks from before. He stopped sucking to say 'I hope you are not off put by my affliction. It is from my AIDS." 

He reminded me of it so casually, but I had already started viewing it differently. It was dangerous, but it was hot. I still tried to push him away, but he said "hey, hey now. You want me to cum? You know what really makes me cum?" I stop fighting and look at him. "Eating your flower." 

The way he said flower was 50% sweet, 50% creepy, and 200% hot. I figured that was safe, and apparently it would make him cum, so I accepted. I laid back and spread my legs. He moved his head between my legs and while making eye contact, started his tongue around my pussy lips. He was too good. Not good at hitting the right spots; he was an expert at not hitting the right spots. He spent several minutes circling around, refusing to enter or to touch my clit. I tried moving my body in a way so his tongue hit my G Spots, but he moved his tongue away, intentionally keeping me in suspense. 

"Please..." I begged 

"Oh, you see, now you know what it is to have Blue Balls."

I finally realized he had done this on purpose. Brought me to the edge, so I couldn't think straight, but he refused to go over. He kept moving his head near my pussy, and I was following his mouth with my hips, trying to give him the right angle so he could dive his tongue back in, but he didn't. Instead, he slowly crawled up to meet my lips with his own. He kissed me and started stroking my hair. At this point i noticed two things: First, his mouth seemed to have blood in it. Was that from me? Second. his dick was now only inches away from my pussy. He said "You know, there is a way we can cure both our blue balls..."

"I don't want AIDS. Or any babies. Please?"

"Don't condoms protect against all babies?"

I figured that was true. They aren't perfect protection, but also, FUCK. I NEED THAT DICK. I reached behind the bed and pulled out a condom. He unwrapped it and put it on, then slid inside of me. My GOD did it feel good. I had never felt anything besides a dildo and that had nothing on the real deal. I started moaning loudly. I was so ready to cum. After he was in, and I was moaning like a cat in heat, I expected him to pick up the pace and start railing me, but he didn't. He started extremely slow. At first, I thought this was a sweet thing, to make sure I was ready, but after a significant period of time, he still hadn't picked up pace. I started trying to pull him up and fuck me faster. I tried to move my body down to increase the friction, but he wouldn't budge; and he kept me still. 

He said "You want me to fuck you?"

"Yes" I begged.

"Well there is one other thing that would help."

"Anything, as long as you keep the condom on." I replied.

"Okay, well I have a fetish. I like to be in control. Complete control." He got off me, and I felt a void as his dick left my pussy. He reached down into his bag, and he brought out a couple pairs of handcuffs and a blindfold. 

"No." I said, flatly. "I'm not stupid."

"Oh okay, well that is good for you. I'll just leave them here in case you change your mind." Tim said, as he placed them next to me on the bed. He then got on top of me again, and slowly started teasing his dick into my hole. I started moaning ravenously, edging him onwards. I needed him to enter me now. All of him. I started begging "please. please. fuck me." 

"Oh, you want me to fuck you, well first, lets try these." He picked up the blindfolds had placed beside me and he moved to place them over my head. I didn't stop him. I could always take them off if I needed. As soon as they were on, the world went dark, and he finally fully entered me. Oh god he entered me. I felt his dick hitting spots I didn't know I had. He started slow at first, but started getting a little faster. As he did, I started moaning harder and harder;  I could feel myself building towards an orgasm. I couldn't see or hear anything outside of this orgasmic lust as he started hammering me. Then I hear a click and I feel something close around my wrists. I move to remove the blindfold, but whatever is holding my wrists is too strong and my hands are pulled to the side of the headboard. I realize too late they're his handcuffs, and my hands are firmly trapped on either side of me. I yell out the motel name, and ask someone to come get me. Tim says "I don't know if that was a good idea..." he then pokes his penis back inside me. "besides which, I don't think it will matter at this point."

His penis feels AMAZING. Like, it had felt good before, but now I can feel it's heat, I can feel my skin vibrate with the friction as he comes in and out. I start moaning, but then I realize why; he wasn't wearing a condom.

"Wait," I gasp, breathless from the pleasure. "Please... condom..."

"No." Tim replied. "It's far too late for that. You're a slut forever now."

Tim finally picked up his pace as he started hammering my pussy. I tried to close my legs, but it was of no use, I was too weak and far too wet. I started screaming in pleasure. I could feel an orgasm coming. He started choking me. He said "No bitch, you don't cum until I do." but that just drove me crazy. He went into overdrive, thrusting his bare cock into me. I begged one last time "Please don't give me AIDS!" but his breath was ragged now. Between grunts he said "Oh no bitch, I've got a crazy high viral load, and your insides are all torn up. You're a goner for sure." 

At that, my body went into a wild orgasm. I started screaming in pleasure. Tim went into overdrive, thrusting his bare cock into me. I felt it expand, then Time left out a huge moan as he exploded inside me. I felt squirt after squirt of his poisonous cum coating my insides. I couldn't say anything for at least another 30 seconds though, as I was waiting for my own orgasm to subside. Finally, Tim pulled out of me and crawled off. When he did, all I felt was the emptiness. Fuck, did I want him back already? As if on command, I felt him return. "Hey baby." He said, except, there was no accent now. I couldn't tell before because of the blindfold, but this wasn't Tim. 

I panicked and tried to get out again, but this time I heard Tim's voice to the side. He said "I told you, you shouldn't have told them the name of the motel. Now they will show up and expect a turn. You did not really think they cared about your safety, did you/"

The new guy already had his prick out and slid it into me, bare. "Nah bitch, I told you over text, you're a cock sleeve. Now you finally learn your place."

The new guy started fucking me like Tim, hard and fast. After only a few minutes, he came inside me. Within seconds, someone else had taken his place. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I was supposed to be safe? And now I had some 30 guys cumming in me in one night? I was almost certainly pregnant, with HIV, and some number of other STD's. Dear God, what have I done?

At some point in the night I passed out. The next morning, I woke up and realized my hands were free. I pulled off the blindfold, but everyone had left. My laptop was still recording the live stream. I could see myself on the screen approaching it. I was covered in semen and blood. I closed the stream and considered what to do next. I wasn't sure how to feel. It was orgasmic, painful, terrifying, and somehow, I wanted it to happen again? 

I didn't know how to feel. I didn't get a chance either. Two days later, my mother called. One of my 'regulars' had sent my whole family the video. I hung up. I don't know what to think of that.

A couple weeks later, I got the worst flu of my life. I then tested positive for HIV, and several other things. The night had probably ruined my life, but god was it fun, maybe even, freeing?


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Okay, wow. Holy shit. This is most likely the best story you've ever written and shared with us. Thank you so much and I somehow wish this wasn't just a story but a real life experience. Again, thank you.

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