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  3. I never fooled myself thinking it was love. It was what it was. An older man supporting a needy kid. I knew all I had to offer him was money, and a big dick. These kids are easy to find. They're everywhere on the internet. Bad families, broken homes, parents kicking them out because they're gay. All of them desperate to find someone to take care of them. That's how I met Brad. His parents kicked him out at 18 for being gay. I happened to run across him online one day while he was at the library using their computers. We chatted and he told me he was looking for a "houseboy" position. Well I was in need of a "houseboy". I didn't get laid too much, seeing that I was 55, pudgy, and honestly, ugly. Oh, and hiv+. I had a couple guys my age and older that I'd fuck around with, mostly because of the nice 10 inch cock I had been blessed with. Otherwise, it was the baths or the bookstores, but they got tedious at times. Brad seemed like a perfect find. He didn't mind my age, or my looks, or my status as long as we were safe. He wanted my money and my big cock, and a place to live. And I wanted a young fuckboy. We met downtown at a coffee shop downtown near the shelter he was staying at. He was exactly what he described. 5' 8", skinny, dark, skater boy hair and clothes. I got hard as soon as I saw him. We talked for a while and he seemed really down to earth and real. I told him everything I expected from him. A clean house and yard, and sex whenever, and however I wanted, I was pretty kinky. I agreed to keep it safe, and he agreed to being my "property." In exchange he would have room and board, and an allowance. I would even help him get his GED since his parents kicked him out before his senior year started. Pretty easy rules I thought. I took him and his only backpack home with me to start our "relationship." I think he was in shock the first night when he saw my cock, I told him it was 10 inches, but not that it was thick too. I have to admit I loved his cries and whimpers as I forcefully raped his sweet little hole for the first time. But hey, if I have to be safe, then I'll make up for it! We quickly settled into our new life. It was nice not to have to worry about cleaning and yardwork. And it was especially nice to have a nice young boy to use daily. Life was ideal for the next 8 months, then things changed. I had to travel a lot, usually 2 to three days at a time. I never worried about Brad when I was gone. I figured he just chilled during those days, maybe letting things like his rope burns heal. Until that one fateful day when I unexpectedly returned 2 days early from a trip. I was supposed to be back Sunday, but things changed and I found myself coming home Friday night instead. I entered the house and started up the stairs when I heard sounds from the bedroom. Sex sounds. I peeked through my cracked bedroom door, and from the mirror I could see Brad, face down on MY bed getting plowed by a man while another man watched. And even worse, that fucking slut was taking it raw! I stood in the hallway listening to Brad's cries of ecstasy as he begged the man fucking him to dump another load in him. I turned red in anger at this betrayal, but didn't interrupt the action. Instead I snuck back out and waited for the men to leave. After they had gone, I returned to the house and went upstairs. I saw Brad on my bed fingering his freshly fucked cummy hole. He would stick his fingers in, then lick off the cum he could dig out. He was quite startled when I walked in. "Dan what are you doing here?" He asked in a panic. "I got home early, slut!" I shouted. He looked genuinely scared of my obvious anger. "Is this what you do when I'm gone? Let men bareback you?" "Please!" He pleaded. "It's not what you think, I swear! I've never done that before!" I backhanded him. "Don't fucking lie to me! And in MY bed? You can't even be a whore in your own room? You disrespectful piece of trash! I took you in, gave you everything, and this is how you repay me? You're going to pay now, bitch!" With that I grabbed one of his skinny wrists while he cried and pleaded, but I quickly had him restrained face down on the bed. I stripped and lined my rock hard cock up to his already cum lubed fuck chute. "Please don't do this!" he begged through tears. I stopped. "You're right." I said calmly. "This is not the way I should be doing this." Brad breathed a sigh of relief as I climbed off the bed, and left the room, only to return with his toothbrush. "THIS is how I should do it!" I shouted as I rammed his toothbrush up his cunt, digging in as hard as I could, rubbing, scraping, until pink cum ran out. All the while Brad thrashed and screamed and begged me to stop. I finally pulled it out, only to ram my thick monster right in. Brad screamed more as I savagely fucked his bleeding cunt. I rammed his filthy, bloody toothbrush in his mouth, making him taste his bloody ass as I continued my assault. I fucked him more viciously than I have ever fucked someone, and squeezed his throat until he almost passed out as I pumped my toxic cum into his ravaged hole. After I pulled out and he lay sobbing, I spit on his face saying, "It ain't over yet, bitch!"
  4. XTube link collection - breeding videos

    His girl friend films how he gets bred, so charming: https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/bb-fucking-with-a-girlfriend-watching-9365427 Great outdoor bareback fuck with audience: https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/polish-bareback-11-9137437 Berlin, city of fun: https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/bareback-groupsession2-1154852 The best parking for your car, love it how the bottoms offers him self by taking the position for breeding: https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/bareback-groupsession2-1154852
  5. Question: hole, cunt or pussy?

    Cunt or pussy is hot
  6. Whoring: nature or nurture?

    Definitely nature for me, I've always known I am there to take cock and cum and please my top.
  7. neg4fulltoxic

    Is there is any toxic top to convert my neg ass ?
  8. Question: hole, cunt or pussy?

    i usually just call mine a "cunt", or sometimes my "sissy pussy" when i feel a bit less vulgar
  9. You might say queer ran in my family, I know they say there is a gene and all and that it is recessive in most people, that is why the Kinsey report only states 10% are gay and 10 percent are straight and the rest fall somewhere in the middle. Well my family fell in the middle at the gay end. Isn’t life bliss when social norms are hidden away? Now we didn’t go around advertising that were queer, from the outside observer we would look like a wholesome middle class family, but enter our inner circle and our deep dark secret is evident. Growing up, I admired the bond that my dad and grandfather and Uncles seemed to share, My Mother seemed to have the same kind of bond with my grandmother, both feisty almost butch in nature we shared a lot of good times. I was the youngest of three sons and had several cousins from my aunt and uncle’s marriages, most of my cousins were boys just like me, rough and tumble, jocks boys and farm boy types. Growing up in a rural town in the Midwest with most of my family nearby, I got to see a lot of my family and the influence it had on our town. As I grew older the admiration for my families bonds grew stronger, and as my brothers and cousins reached maturity I noticed that they too began to share in the bonds between the adult family members, as they went off to college and would return with girlfriends and wives, the sexes would divide several times of year to form bonding circles. I didn’t really know what was going on till I was about 15 and my middle brother was all excited to go on the adult father son fishing trip which I would be invited to the summer after my 18th birthday. With Bud having turned 18 just weeks before school got out, he was all a flutter and told me that grandpa and dad and Cameron, my eldest brother were ready to make him a real family man, along with my uncles and any male cousins that had turned 18 that spring, this was the camping/fishing trip that would declare my brother and our newly adult cousins, part of the male bonding brotherhood of Madison’s. Evidently my brother was not disappointed as he returned with a smile on his face, a hop to his step, as he returned back to the family business in the mailroom, the same mailroom we both had worked when we each turned 14. Bud having worked there two and a half years longer was theoretically my supervisor, but he was my big brother and best friend first so we got along and hardly ever fought. Bud though would be moving up soon and I would become mailroom chief as one of my younger cousins was introduced to the mailroom when he turned 14 in a month or so. When Bud moved up onto the sales floor, Hamilton came into the mailroom and it was my responsibility to train him in the ins and outs of the lowest rung on our family corporate ladder. I really liked Hamilton even though he was a year younger than me he was really cute and athletic, which made working around him hard at times because he distracted me. But we endured and before we knew it my 18th birthday was approaching and I knew the make out sessions with Hamilton would soon be at an end. I really enjoyed sneaking off to a corner and kissing my cousin, but another 2 cousins had already joined us in our mail sorting endeavor. Jack and Kris were just as cute and Farm boy cute, and I knew they were just as sexy as Hamilton since we all showered together at school after practice, football in the fall and baseball in the spring. I was doing my homework, when a knock on my door occurred, my back to the door I did not see who had tapped on my door but an envelope had been slid under my door. I picked it up and it read “Happy 18th birthday Thom” “you are now able to attend the Madison Men’s Camping/fishing experience’ be ready on June 5th 6:30 am for the boat waits for no one “ I was excited and thrilled it was finally my time to bond with my male family members and find out what all the hoopla was about.
  10. Question: hole, cunt or pussy?

    I prefer to refer to my asshole as an asscunt....
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  12. perv/taboo chat

    No limits. Yng. Gay. Trade. Send. Pics. Vids Wickr alphalover
  13. perv/taboo chat

    Your usernames NEVER work. What's up? Lol
  14. Swallow Your Own Cum

    i don't cum very often anymore, but when i do i always eat it. i just love the taste!
  15. Dirty Anal

    i'd love that! If you're ever in the vicinity of Sweden, please get in touch so you can use my ass!
  16. I really like being with other like minded pig's. Who can be completely uninhibited without any taboos between themselves. 

  17. Thank you! Thank you! That's exactly what I am talking about too.That's when you can tell completely that someone's assholes are being used. Look into those eyes and they turn into SEXUAL LUST!
  18. wish there was more Hardcore Rape movies...its all so vanilla...love seeing real torment in a subs eyes !
  19. Dirty Anal

    I could use a sissy like you. I don’t care if you’re clean or it. I want to fuck that shit out of whatever ass will take me — both literally and figuratively. I need to find a hot piece of ass I can do dirty anal with.
  20. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    FT. LAUDERDALE - Was super horny yesterday and went to Slammer around 7:30pm. It was fairly quiet at first but got busier as the night went on. My favorite gloryhole cumdump was there and took my cock several times, working out one load into his pre-loaded hole. The best part of my night was when I was standing around the gloryhole booths in nothing but boxer brief underwear and I saw a hot darker-skinned guy in the vicinity. I glanced his direction and then walked over to the center gloryhole stall. A few seconds later I heard the stall next to mine being occupied. I pulled down my underwear and stuck my hand thru the large gloryhole. It was the guy I was hoping for, he whipped out his cock. I sucked it until it was fully hard, deep throating it a couple of times before turning around and putting it up my hole. As he was fucking me, another dude entered the other gloryhole hole booth that adjoined mine. He quickly stuck his large, fat, uncut cock thru the hole. I was sucking on that fat cock while taking a big cock up my ass. The guy behind me enjoyed my hole for about 3 or 4 minutes before shooting a load in my ass. Once he pulled out I whipped around and sat on the other cock. He was so excited to use my freshly lubed hole that he nutted in my ass within 90 seconds! That, my friends, is exactly what I love...... freshly used holes, whether I'm the top or the bottom.... I just love that!
  21. Dirty Anal

    Would love to have my ass pissed in. i'm usually clean because that's what most tops prefer, but i don't mind being dirty if i'm with one who likes that. Of course i'll suck him clean after in any case
  22. Dirty Anal

    Nice that's fucking hot, I love dirty bareback anal. It's so primal it really gets me going.
  23. yes i do saw him a few years ago a friend had some of his porn i was hard for a week
  24. yes he is hope you hard on lasts all day
  25. Hailey Rose, I believe a bit of a sure thing, supposedly rumors of drug abuse but can't confirm http://haileyrose.naughtynsexy.com/rates.html https://www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/show.asp?ID=237132&pnotes=1
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