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  2. A Brother in Trouble

    Agreed - lookinaround13
  3. perv/taboo chat

    love to hear your storys of step incest brother dads uncles all fun and hot message me on wickr zwildstyle
  4. I'm in Atlanta would love to swap cum 404-915-4316

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  6. IML 2018 Who's going

    My room is booked at the host hotel May 24 - 28. Since my goal is to take as many loads as possible, I’m currently looking for an assistant to help me achieve this goal. Basically, someone who can be there to make sure I’m not robbed, keep away the crazies, and of course help advertise my cunt. Message me if interested and we can set up a time to chat in Skype to see if we connecT and are on the same page. Skype name: boi4mentx
  7. Sold Health

    Chapter 2 was well worth the wait - great writing, details, and plot
  8. Weirdest Fetish

    About 5 years ago, I met a lean stached 50 something business guy online who was into bears like me, but his fetish was they needed to be filthy- body and clothes. After talking online for weeks, we set some parameters, and negotiated a compromise. I wasn't willing to ruin my Wesco boots for his fetish, so he offered to by me a new pair if I sent him the specifics. I figured what the hell, and we agreed to meet when his business travels brought him close. I stopped showering a week before he was coming, jerked off every day and would rub it on my belly and ass. I wore the same t-shirt, underwear, socks all week as well. It was summer so by the time our Saturday meeting arrived, I was ripe. The day he was coming I put on my oldest work jeans which were grease stained and ripped, and my old wescos. I also left my ass dirty and pissed my pants twice before he got there. He also wanted me drunk as fuck, so I hit the bourbon that day and didn't stop til he arrived at 8pm. He pulled in my driveway in a Mercedes, and when he got out he was wearing an expensive looking suit. I was sitting on my porch, drink in hand smoking a cigar. He walks up on porch and starts to chat, telling me I look like some piece of country trash. I see his cock is hard as fuck inside his suit pants. I played along and gave him simple answers, and raised up my stained t-shirt and rubbed my belly with all the dried cum on it. I could tell he was getting worked up, so I told him I enjoyed being dirty, and asked if he could help me out. He pulls out his cock and thru his hard-on he begins pissing on me and calling me country trash. When he's done pissing he orders me in the house. He tells me to get on my knees and suck his cock. I start sucking, and he never touches me cept with his 8" cock. He's calling me every derogatory name he can think of, and right before he comes he pulls out and smacks me with the back of his hand. Now since I was really drunk I fell sideways. As I'm starting to upright myself, he puts his foot on me and keeps me on the floor. He tells me to drop my "fucking hillbilly jeans" like a good piece of white trash. I do, and the smell fills the room. He goes on a rant about what a filthy animal I was, then is behind me in no time pushing into my asshole. He fucks me for about 5 minutes, telling me I'm only good for taking cock and cum. Again, only his cock is touching me, no hands. When he finally shot his load, he stayed in me and I could feel him pissing inside me. He pulls out and walks out front door. I thought he was just gonna leave, but he walks back in the house and tosses a boot box on the floor next to me. Then he reaches back and pulls out his wallet, and throws a couple $20 bills on the floor near me, telling me to enjoy his load in my whore ass. He left for good after that. I jerked off then got in shower asap. Lol. Lots of piss and cum ran out my ass. Once I was clean I went and checked the Wesco box. As agreed, a new pair of wescos just like my old ones he had pissed on. About a $260 value. Plus the $40 cash. Lol. I felt like quite a successful whore, all things considered. My old wescos had piss on them from years of piss play, I had just told him I wanted a new pair to see if he'd actually get em. Oddly, I never heard from him again. So I guess this would be a white trash fetish? Homeless guy fetish? In any case, that's how I got a new pair of Wescos. Lol



















  11. perv/taboo chat

    Young is fucked uo, but i love dog cock.
  12. Trucker bomb

    I still prefer to drink it straight from the tap - at least I have a better chance of getting ass and/or face-fucked too.
  13. heading to London for a training course in Feb. london mate is going to convert me. we've been planning it for a while and he wants to make sure it happens this time. Just wondering if there is any interest in converting a fat fuckhole? he thinks he has one other guy lined up to help but only one. he has told me its gonna hurt and I cant refuse any cock so in that case I might as well open the invite anyone else willing to help - (IF breeding a fat arse is your thing)
  14. Trucker bomb

    Okay, I am not sure if I should be offended or just annoyed with multiple false claims and stereotypes in this posting. As a former trucker of over 25 years, the days of meth-fueled driving is something that occurred back in like the 60-70's and maybe a bit into the 80's when trucking was regulated by the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) but since the early 90's when Congress overhauled the ICC and created a new government agency called the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA): FMCSA revamped the drivers license into a commercial driver's license (CDL) and mandated a stiffer drug/alcohol testing program. The drug-fueled trucker image at that point was slowing disappearing into history. In the last six years, I stopped driving and went into the office as a trucking company safety director/human resource officer for two companies which in total has 68 local and regional drivers. In the six years, numerous potential applicants have walked into my office looking for a job and I can say "zero" drivers have failed. The random testing rate which was set at 50% of the fleet drivers per quarter to be tested (out of them only one failed)...March 2017 for pot usage; ZERO drivers have failed for meth or cocaine usage. As proof of the steady to near zero drug usage in the trucking industry...FMCSA has lower the testing percentage from 50% to 25% of the drivers per quarter per company in October 2017 due to the overall industry-wide drug usage drop. (Sidebar: FMCSA queries random motor carriers and drug testing facilities to submit their drug/alcohol testing results yearly and will change the testing percentage if drug/alcohol usage increases). Pee bottles are not safe to drink!!! Minus the smell from a pee bottle sitting in the sun for gosh only knows how long and what else is in the pee itself should be enough to prevent anyone from touching or drinking them. The author I feel has misunderstood the illegal disposal of meth byproducts which are also found in plastic bottles on the side of the road. THESE DO NOT TOUCH!!! Both can be found on the side of the road but the only one can be touched, disposed of and "somewhat" safe for the environment. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop spreading false information about the truckers; the industry has some of the lowest drug usage rates of any motorist and NEVER EVER consume the liquids in a pee bottle. If anything pick them up and dispose of them properly; if I can myself I try running them over and breaking the bottle so the pee escapes or atleast evaporates so the road clean-up crew doesn't have the task of dealing with a fluid-filled pee bottle. AGAIN....DON'T DRINK the contents of the pee bottles PLEASE!!!!
  15. Trucker bomb

    I'd chug it down!
  16. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I know what you mean. I'm not that surprised at the married guys who want to top through the holes - if you can't see 'em, and you have straight porn on, you can always pretend - but the ones who want the cock, who want the load ... And ironically, most of them want to be in the room with you while they're getting fucked, but will only top through the hole. Bizarre.
  17. DM me stud lets get nasty off meds!

  18. I want to talk dirty and see if I can find some glory holes
  19. Buying Poppers In Germany

    and in Berlin how is?







  21. I still LUV and WANT this CLOCK!!! Someone buy it for me!!! Lol!!!



  22. Deep Dicking is overrated.

    Yeah i dont really care for size aslong as your balls deep and you cum that way.
  23. Sold Health

    so hot
  24. My favorite Alice Cooper song is The Ballad of Dwight Frye.
  25. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I'm still amazed at the number of guys taking raw cock in the bookstores these days. Not the guys like me (a pig) but by guys who are married or in the closet or whatever. Example- I'm in bookstore this afternoon, and see a 30 something guy, chubby hairy and bearded, so I'm instantly wanting to fuck him. I walk over to him and nod, see he's jerking his cock. He nods back so I get right behind him, reach around and start jerking him off with my hand. Now, my cock was poking out of my jeans, so I lowered his pants enough so my dick could rub his crack and start coating it with my precum. He's loving it and lets me do as I please. I start working his hairy tits and nipple with my free hand, as my cock is sliding up and down his crack. I tell him what a hot ass he has and that I plan to fuck it. He pushes his ass back into my cock a bit, but also tells me he's married. I wasn't sure why he brought that up, but I kept up my prodding of his hole, and put each of my hands on his nipples and started massaging them nice n steady. He's breathing hard, and I tell him what a good boy he's being. My cock head finds his hole, so I gently start to work my slimy cockhead into it, in about a half an inch, then back out so as to not panic him. I tell him not to worry I'm just enjoying his crack, and keep this up for maybe five minutes or so. By then I know my entire head was sinking into his opening, and my precum was already coating his pussy good. Then this married guy just bends forward, all on his own, presenting his pussy for me. I line my cock up and push into him nice n slow. He lets out a muffled cry, and I pause once I'm balls deep, and just rub his hairy ass cheeks with my hand. His ass was amazingly tight, and I just began fucking him steady, telling him how good he felt. After about a minute I sense he was ready to shoot, so I picked up my pace. Well, he came immediately then tried to pull off my cock, so I grabbed his hips and held him tightly as I quickly pumped two last times and bred his hole. He was wriggling pretty hard, but I stayed put til my cock stopped pumping my load in him, then I let him go. He pulled off my cock, turned around and was pissed. He began quickly fastening his pants. To be honest I didn't care. He was a willing participant, and it wasn't my fault he felt guilty. Just to be an ass, before he left I thanked him for taking my nut like a whore and told him he had a sweet pussy. He stormed out. Lol.
  26. perv/taboo chat

    Open to talk about any subject here or on wickr
  27. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Took two load so far today one down my throat other in my ass hole when the man that delivers the pizza
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