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  2. Guys into Chastity

    1. Researching bdsm. 2. Denial of orgasms, giving up control to someone. 3. Playing around with it during sessions with my girlfriend. Yes enjoyed it a lot. 4. Haven't had any experiences yet with other guys. 5. unlocked, girlfriend is afraid it will cause issues. 6. I would like to be locked long term.
  3. Younger guys fucking older guys

    At a bath last night I was getting fucked by a big dick slapping my ass hard like I was a bad boy. I was bent over sucking old dirty daddy dick at the same time. Wanted daddy to fuck me even though he was only about 3”. Love the daddies. Now that I am in my 40’s, the older the better. Have even been fuck by late 80’s and sucked off guys in their 90’s. So hot to get these guys off.
  4. Hi guys A friend said I ought to re-vamp my online profile at BBRT because - he felt - leading with a nice headshot/facepic and having the more intimate pics secondary makes the profile 'too vanilla' as what makes people click on a profile and send a message is a big cock or a nice ass... I hadn't thought about it like that. I made some changes but i'm not totally happy. That got me thinking - I've always been interested to know how people react to my profiles and what might attract them to getting in touch or what might not. I've never known anyone ask for feedback on their profile(s) and I'm interested to hear how you react. What makes a good profile? What makes you want to click on it? What makes you want to send a message and hook up? So - and I ask this with some trepidation - please check out AirmaxAndy on BBRT - and offer any constructive feedback - what is good - what is bad - and what, if anything, would you change. Please - let's not get personal - I know I might not be your cup of tea - so let's keep it constructive. AirmaxAndy
  5. Today
  6. This guy usually posts vids of him sucking off XXL dicks but he has a few where his other hole is being used. By: deepthroat4xxxxl https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/second-visit-by-the-incredible-rablondon-29543561 Second visit by the incredible Rablondon I can't believe it has been over 3 years since the last time I serviced Rablondon, way too long!! So pleased to get to suck him and take his big cock raw and deep in my tight ass. I hope it is not another 3 years for session number 3!
  7. Berlin 24th December to 5th January

    Thanks let’s make sure we get a chance to meet up would be happy to
  8. Newly single and been wanting to try one of these places out. Especially Les Hommes... seems filthy and I love that. But curious any one have any info or an opinion? Is there any sort of signal lingo or code I should know? Does everyone bb or do you ask for it?
  9. A Brother in Trouble

    Part 9 - Monday - Long way home Mark woke to feeling his hard cock being massaged by Joe’s ass. Joe had taken advantage of Mark’s morning wood and impaled himself and was trying to milk another load out of his brother. Mark reached his arm around and pulled his brother closer as he thrust his hips against Joe’s butt, driving his cock in deep. He continued to drill into Joe’s warm pussy and rolled him over on to his stomach. The pounding woke Kyle, who rolled over and watched his boyfriend get fucked again by Mark. Mark soon felt the cum rise and began to pump his load inside his brother’s doomed cunt. Mark pulled out and looked at Kyle, “Your turn” he said as he backed away. Kyle climbed behind Joe and pulled him to his knees, driving his hard cock into Joe’s cum slicked hole. Mark sat back and watched, trying to decide which was hotter - watching his brother get fucked or Kyle’s ass as it flexed with each thrust. Mark stood up and moved behind Kyle, whispering in his ear and urging him on. As Kyle pulled back out of Joe, Mark shoved his cum covered cock into Kyle. Kyle moaned loudly and began to fuck himself on Marks cock and then ramming back into Joe. Mark worked Kyle’s nipples, pinching and twisting them which caused Kyle to clamp down on Mark’s cock. Kyle was in pure bliss and tried to hold off his orgasm but finally gave in and shoved his throbbing cock into his boyfriend. Mark felt Kyle’s breathing change and as he lunged forward into Joe, Mark pushed forward ramming his cock deep into Kyle. Kyle shot a large wad of neg cum into Joe and his ass milked a poz load out of Mark into his own hole. The guys laid there in a pile as their cocks and asses twitched. After several minutes, Mark pulled out and went into the bathroom. Turning on the shower, he walked under the spray and washed himself off. Walking back into the room, Joe and Kyle were still on the bed making out. He got dressed in his workout clothes and headed towards the gym. The gym was empty and Mark looked over the equipment again while stretching out. He hopped on the elliptical machine and began. He worked up a good sweat and kept pushing himself. He heard a noise and looked towards the door as Dennis walked in. Dennis had a big smile and he headed toward Mark. Instead of stopping he motioned with his head toward the locker room. Mark got off the machine and followed Dennis. Once inside the locker room, Dennis pinned Mark against the lockers and kissed him roughly. Finally, he pulled back away from Mark and said “Thanks for setting that party up. That was freakin wild. I’ve seen those guys around but never thought they might be toxic breeders. The only time I’ve seen Luis was with his ass backed up to a glory hole at the new ABS. My boyfriend loved putting his cock in my ass last night and feeling all that cum inside.” Mark nodded “Yeah, it was a lot of fun. Hopefully everyone got what they wanted.” “Oh yeah, I know I did. I hope its enough to do the trick” Dennis replied. “Let’s make sure. Turn around and drop those pants” Mark commanded. Dennis grinned and turned around, unbuttoned his pants and let them fall. Bending over the bench he spread his ass and Mark could see that his hole was still swollen. Mark let his shorts fall to the floor and pulled his cock out of the side of the pouch and stroked his already stiffening cock. He spit on Dennis’s hole and shoved his cock in half way and held it there. “What’s the charge for a late checkout?” Mark asked. Dennis was surprised by the question, but answered “One load and you can checkout by one, sir”, the pain clearly showing in his voice. “Mmmm, good. That’s all I need” Mark said as he thrusted his cock the rest of the way in. He knew Dennis wasn’t ready for his cock and could feel Dennis’s hole spasm around it. As the spasms subsided, he began to piston in and out of Dennis’s pussy. He enjoyed fucking Dennis, he was one of those bottoms that knew how to work a cock but always let the top be in control. Mark knew time was short though, and he began to make longer and longer thrusts until his cock was just coming out of Dennis’s hole before he drove back in. Dennis started to beg for Mark’s load and his bug. Hearing Dennis plead just made Mark fuck harder until he felt the load build in his balls. He put his arm around Dennis’s neck and slammed his cock in hard a few times before the cum began to shoot, coating Dennis’s guts. As he lay on top of his back, Mark’s sweat soaked into Dennis’s shirt and he whispered in Dennis’s ear “I wish I could be here when you convert and become a true poz pig. It won’t be long.” Mark pulled his cock out and Dennis turned back around and started to lick the cum and ass juice off his cock. When Mark was satisfied, he pulled his cock out of Dennis’s mouth and tucked it back inside the jock and put his shorts on. “Text me and let me know how things turn out, OK?” Dennis replied “Yeah, I will.” “Oh, and check up on the Steven and Joe. You guys need to help each other out when your bodies lose the battle with the bug. I’m pretty sure all four of you will be poz soon.” Mark walked back to the room with a smile on his face. Joe and Kyle were dressed and sitting on the couch smoking a bowl. Mark stripped as soon as the door closed and headed to the shower. “Smells like someone had a good workout” Joe yelled as the water in the shower turned on. A few minutes later Mark came out and put on the last of his clean clothes. “I’m heading over to the Tattoo shop. Do you guys want to go?” Joe and Kyle jumped up and said “hell, yeah.” They drove over to the shop and walked in. Thad was over near his tattoo chair sketching on a drawing pad. He stopped and greeted the guys “Hey, guys. Glad you came back. Daryl is in back if you want to see him.” “I just want to pick up a couple piercings” Mark said. Kyle immediately picked up when Mark stopped “And I want to see about an appointment.” “Yeah, I warned him. I think thats what he’s getting ready for. Let me get him” Mark replied. Soon out of the doorway walked Thad and right behind him was Daryl. Daryl wasn’t what Mark was expecting. Daryl looked to be in his late 30’s, stood about six foot tall and was on his way to becoming a bear. Like Thad, he sported a long pony tail but instead of scruff he had a bushy beard. Barrel chested with fur popping out from under his tank top, and thick legs that looked like they could break Thad in two in a flash. Daryl was no stranger to the piercing needle either. Mark spotted numerous piercings in both ears, a bridge and septum piercings in his nose, snake bites in his lower lip, large nipple rings were visible through his tank top. Mark noticed the ink too. While not as dense as Thad’s or his own, it covered a large part of his visible skin. Daryl let out a hearty “Hi, what can I help you with?” Kyle hesitated a moment so Mark answered with “I saw a couple piercings in your display while Joe was getting inked yesterday that I would like to get.” “Sure, which ones?” Mark pointed out the ones he saw the day before and Daryl unlocked the cabinet and pulled them out and laid them on the counter. Daryl looked at Mark’s chest, the tight fitting t-shirt revealing all of the curves. “You don’t seem to have your nips pierced for these so I assume its for a PA?” He didn’t wait for an answer and continued “Obviously these are just for decoration. I don’t recommend leaving these in during sex since they’ll shred the pussy you’re fucking. The one with the mini mace balls especially.” Mark chuckled “Yeah, probably.” “These are 7/8ths inch diameter. I have the one on the left in 3/4 and one inch too.” Mark said “OK, I’ll take the mace one and the other one in 3/4 inch.” “Great. Thats the last mace one I have. I only made up a couple. A lot of guys get freaked out when they see it. Let me grab the other one and we’ll be done” Daryl said as he rummaged through a box looking for the right size. He rang Mark up and then said “Was that it? Thad said something about someone wanting to get a PA.” Kyle responded “That would be me, but I want to get two.” Mark and Daryl looked at him with a perplexed look. “Oh, not both for me. One for me and one for my boyfr… er, uh, Joe” Kyle said, looking completely embarrassed. Mark laughed and Daryl looked at the clock checking to see if there was enough time before saying “I think we can squeeze two in if you don’t mind being together when I do it… And if he’s your boyfriend I hope you wouldn’t mind.” Kyle pulled out a wad of money and they took care of the transaction. Daryl ushered both Joe and Kyle into the back room and Mark followed Daryl. Mark noticed poking up above the neckline of Daryl’s tank top was the top of a biohazard tattoo between his shoulder blades and smiled. “Nice ink, Daryl” and patted him on the biohazard tat. “OK, both of you stand next to the table and drop your pants and underwear and lets figure out where we do this.” Mark interrupted and said “Lets pierce them a bit larger than you usually do. 8 gauge? They’re not going to change their mind and they will be stretching them as soon as possible. Daryl looked at Joe and Kyle asking “You ok with this?” Joe replied “He’s the expert.” Daryl said “Cool” before first lifting Kyle’s cock and looking it over. Reaching over and grabbing an alcohol wipe he tore it open and sanitized the top quarter of his penis. Daryl then picked up a marker and put a dot at the spot the needle would go in. He grabbed another alcohol wipe and slid his chair over to Joe. He followed the same procedure with Joe and laid his cock back down. Mark was rubbing his cock through his jeans as Daryl continued “You guys have really nice cocks. They would look even better with a ladder, I bet” Joe and Kyle looked back bewildered. “Ladder?” they both said. Daryl said “Yeah. A Jacob’s ladder. Its a series of bars that run up the cock perpendicular to it. Here, let me show you” and Daryl stood up and dropped his shorts. Lifting his cock he showed the guys the row of 8 bars across the bottom of his cock and the mace balled PA ring on the end. “That would wreck a hole” Joe said as Daryl pulled up his shorts, smiling. “OK, there’s only room for one on the table, so Joe you stand to the side and Kyle you get up and lay back.” Daryl pulled over a tray and ripped open a swab. “This has a topical numbing liquid on it, but a lot of guys think this is the worst part of getting a PA. Do you ever play with sounds?” Daryl asked, looking at Kyle. “Sounds?” Kyle asked a little bewildered. “Ah, never mind. Look it up. It can be fun.” With that, Daryl stuck the swap into Kyle’s piss slit and pushed it down and twisted it around. Kyle squirmed and whimpered. “Once I start with the needle, you have to be still. No more moving around. Got it?” said Daryl in a stern voice. Kyle nodded and gripped the table with one hand and Joe’s hand with the other. Daryl waited a minute for the anesthetic to do its work and picked up the receiving tube and slid it down Kyle’s urethra and then got the needle. “Breathe deep a few times, nice and slow. In……. out….” Daryl told Kyle. On the third inhale, Daryl pushed the needle in, sliding the ring in behind the needle and pulling the receiver out. He popped the ball into the ring and blotted the blood off. “You ok?” he asked and Kyle responded “Yeah, I’m ready. Poke me when you want.” Daryl chuckled “It’s done, you goof.” Kyle looked down at his cock head with the ring in it. ”Wow” was all he could say. “Fuck, that is hot” was Joe’s response. Daryl looked up at Joe and said “Good, cuz you’re next.” Daryl wrapped the head of Kyle’s cock in gauze and helped him sit up and stand. Kyle pulled up his underwear putting his wrapped cock inside and pulled up his pants. Kyle walked over to a chair and sat down. Joe hopped up on the table and was ready by the time Daryl walked back. Daryl threw away the used wrapping and dumped the needle and receiver in a container and set up the items for Joe. Mark moved next to the table and grabbed Joe’s hand, his cock tenting his pants. Daryl repeated the procedure except Joe watched every step. After it was done, Joe sat up on the table with his bandaged cock and pulled up his underwear before standing and slowly pulling up his jeans, gingerly stuffing his cock in. Daryl looked at Mark and said “I assume you know how to care for your boys’ new piercings?” Mark looked at Daryl and laughed before explaining “Joe is my brother. I’m just visiting for the weekend. “ “Oooohhhh. Sorry” Daryl responded. “No need to apologize, but I will tell them about what to do… and not do. The ‘no sex for a few weeks’ part is going to be the worst for them, I bet.” As they walked back to the front of the shop, Daryl handed each of them a small bottle of mild soap and a sheet telling them what to do and not to do. “Be sure to follow the soaking instructions. Its a pain, but will help it heal quicker” Daryl said. Thad tapped Joe on the shoulder and said “we didn’t schedule your next visit yesterday. Can we do it two weeks from yesterday, same time?” Joe replied “I think that will work, unless I have the flu then.” Mark smiled. Mark drove back to the hotel and packed his suitcase and backpack. The three of them got in the car and Mark dropped Joe and Kyle off at their apartment. Standing on the curb, Mark gave Joe a big hug. “Keep in touch. I’m going to call mom and dad on my drive to the airport and tell them what we decided. Don’t forget it. Oh, and let me know what happens” he said with a wink. Mark then gave a big hug to Kyle whispering in his ear “Take care of each other. You may be sick together. Text me if you need anything.” Mark got in the car and drove back towards the highway. Driving down the expressway he dialed his mom and dad’s number. His mom answered the phone and started in again “Why didn’t you call us? We were worried. Are you ok? How is Joel? Where are you?” Mark waited for the string of questions to end before he bothered to speak. “Everything is ok. Not perfect, but ok. I’m fine and Joe is fine.” He detailed the story that Joe and him had agreed on and assured his parents that things will work out well for Joe. “He just needs to survive one and a half semesters and he will graduate“ Mark added. “I’m almost to the airport, so I have to hang up. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.” Mark hung up the phone and breathed a sigh of relief. Mark took the exit off the highway and pulled down the side street to the car rental place. Pulling in to the lot he spotted Aaron sitting on a bench tapping away at his phone. Mark stopped and got out of the car and got his bags. When he turned around there was Aaron standing in front of him with a very big smile. “Hi. Welcome back. I hope the car was ok. Did you have a good time visiting?” Aaron said a bit too enthusiastically. Mark then saw Aaron gazing at his crotch and just smiled. “Oh, lets put your stuff back in the car. The shuttle bus is having issues, so I’ll drive you over to the airport” Aaron explained. Mark saw the shuttle bus in the pickup zone with the driver standing next to it and just shook his head, wondering where this was going but said “Ok.” Mark got in the car and Aaron drove the car to the exit and the person in the hut just raised the gate and waved. Aaron drove down the road and made a few turns before he pulled into an abandoned self serve car wash. Parking the car, Aaron looked over at Mark “I hope we have time for a repeat. I couldn’t stop thinking about you fucking me all weekend long. You’re right, bare does feel better and I tried out a few other cocks to make sure.” Mark looked around and saw no one but still said “Here?” Aaron said “This is the only place I could find nearby. The rental office has too many people today.” “Alright, then” and Mark got out of the car and walked around to the drivers side grinning. Aaron got out and started to get in the back seat when Mark pulled him back and pushed him against the car, his chest against Aaron’s back. whispering in his ear “You want to fuck here, then we do it outside.” Sliding Aaron towards the front of the car, he bent him over on the hood (bonnet). Reaching around, he unbuckled Aaron’s belt, unbuttoned the pants and then pushed them down to his knees. When he tried to pull down Aaron’s underwear, it was caught on his hard cock. He slid his hands in Aaron’s underwear and stroked Aaron’s cock and freed the underwear. He kept stroking Aaron until he started to feel precum ooze from his cock. Coating his finger with Aaron’s precum he spread it over Aaron’s hole and then slid his finger inside. Slowly he finger fucked Aaron until he was able to get 2 fingers inside. His fingernail would occasionally catch and scratch Aaron’s tender cunt. Mark’s cock was straining at his jeans. He undid them and let them drop as his cock poked over the top of his jockstrap. Mark pulled his cock out the side of his jock and stroked it. Moving close behind Aaron he asked “What do you want Aaron?” “Please, sir, fuck me again” Aaron replied. Mark wanted to hear him beg for his toxic load “And?” “Please, sir, cum inside me. Fill me up with your seed” Aaron begged. Mark teased his hole with his dripping cock and Aaron pushed his ass back. “Are you sure? I may have picked up something from one of the boys I fucked this weekend” Mark added. “I don’t care, I need your cock and cum in me. PLEASE FUCK ME” Aaron pleaded. The last part was loud and if anyone had been within a few hundred yards they would have heard it. Mark looked down and positioned his cock on Aaron’s pink hole and started to drive in. Aaron was panting and trying to relax as Mark’s cock relentlessly pushed inside aided by Mark’s puss and precum. Aaron gasped as he felt the head pop inside the outer ring. Mark’s cock felt better and thicker than any he had taken and he needed to feel it fuck him roughly until he got filled with hot, creamy cum. Mark waited a moment letting Aaron get used to his thick cock and then started thrusting his cock in. He wasn’t going easy. He didn’t want to get caught fucking Aaron in public but he needed to breed this sweet 19 year old hole again. Each jab of his cock pushed Aaron’s face into the hood of the car. Harder and faster he rammed his cock into Aaron’s pussy. “He’s going to be knocked up before he’s twenty” thought Mark “hopefully its my seed that does it.” He felt his balls start to tighten and asked Aaron “You want this load?” and got an immediate response “YES SIR! BREED MY ASS!” It was all the encouragement that Mark needed. He slammed his cock in at an angle, scraping his PA along Aaron’s colon and began pumping another toxic load into his body. “Yes! YES! I CAN FEEL IT!” screamed Aaron. Mark gave a few hard thrusts and pulled his cock out. Looking down he saw some streaks of blood and cum on his cock. He pulled Aaron back and forced him to his knees. “Lick my cock clean, Aaron” Mark said in a commanding voice. Aaron looked up at Mark, unsure he could lick a cock that had just been in his ass. Mark nodded and Aaron began to clean his first cock - cum, puss, blood and all. The taste of cum drove him crazy with lust and he made sure he licked Mark’s cock and balls clean. Mark stood back and helped Aaron to his feet. They both pulled up their pants and got into the car and started driving back to the airport terminal. Nothing was said for a few minutes until Aaron said “Thank you, that was even hotter than the last time.” During the rest of the drive Mark debated telling Aaron about the poz cum in his ass, soaking in and becoming part of his body, but decided it really didn’t matter at this point. Aaron would find out soon enough if he was infected. If he kept up getting bred by strangers he would end up poz anyway. Aaron dropped Mark off at the terminal and Mark gave him a hug telling him “Thanks, hope you liked it as much as I did.” Aaron blushed and said “Oh, I did!” Mark walked inside and checked in for his flight. After making it through security, Mark sat at his gate for a while thinking about the weekend. He only got one load, but what a fuck it was. Every hole that he bred was neg, but probably not for much longer. He felt closer to his brother than ever before. His daydreaming was stopped as he heard the boarding announcement so he got in line. Walking on the airplane he was greeted by the same male flight attendant that caught him reeking of cum. They both smiled and nodded at each other as he got on the plane and found his seat. Thankfully no one was next to him and the elderly woman in the aisle seat didn’t try to talk to him. He slept most of the flight waking up just in time to get his little cup of soda. The flight attendant winked at him as he got his drink and he chuckled to himself “Don’t get your hopes up. Not my type, sister.” After they landed Mark joined the herd getting off the plane and went up to the board looking for his new gate number. Just as he found it a hand rested on his shoulder and he heard “Do you need any help sir?” It was the flight attendant. “Let me show you the way” he said as Mark started to protest. They walked down the concourse and the flight attendant said “You must have had a really good time when you were here last Thursday. I’d like to nail that ass and leave my load in you like the other guy did.” Mark looked at the guy in disbelief and said “I’m mostly a top.” The flight attendant laughed “Ive heard that before, honey” and nudged Mark to his right, into the men’s room where he got fucked the last time. The flight attendant wasted no time and directed Mark back to the stalls and pushed him into the same stall as last time. Opening up his pants he looked at Mark and said “Suck it, Mr. Top.” Mark found himself strangely turned on and opened his mouth and started sucking what looked like a very average cut cock. As it grew in his mouth he realized it was bigger than he thought, maybe eight inches long and not quite as thick as Mark’s. His face started to get fucked and the long cock pushed into his throat. Mark was no stranger to long cocks and he gave it a good working over. As quick as it started, Mark felt the cock get pulled from his mouth and he was getting up and turning around. “Drop them” he was told and he did, only to hear a quiet laugh behind him. The flight attendant rubbed his cock around Mark’s hole and then just shoved in. Mark gasped and felt the rest of the guys cock push in. “Yeah, you know how to take cock pretty good for a top. Well, you’re my bitch now” he heard. His ass was getting pummeled. The sounds of the hand dryers was drowning out the quiet grunts he was making as he leaned against the wall being used just like he had used Aaron a few hours earlier. He felt the flight attendants breathing change and then the tell-tale thrusts and he knew he was about to get bred. Sure enough one hard slam pushing him into the wall and he felt his gut get flooded with cum. He felt the hot breath on his neck as the last few spurts filled his gut. The flight attendant whispered “A slut like you doesn’t mind an ass full of toxic cum, I’m sure. Enjoy.” Suddenly his ass was empty and the flight attendant was wiping his cock off with some toilet paper then walking out of the stall, leaving Mark just like he was the week before. Mark cleaned himself up a bit and and left the bathroom, walking over to the gate for his flight home. He sat down feeling the squishiness in his ass as he tried to keep it in. He sent off a text to Eric, asking if he was ok. A few minutes later he got a reply “feel like hell but need ur cock.” Mark remembered that feeling - sick and unbelievably horny at the same time. His flight started boarding and he got up found his seat on the plane. He fell asleep before the flight took off and woke up as the wheels hit the ground. Mark collected his stuff and grabbed a Uber home. Walking in, he dropped his stuff just inside the door and went into the bedroom. Looking down at Eric, he was surprised at how bad he looked - pale and covered in sweat. He took his clothes off and climbed in bed, kissing Eric on the forehead. Eric moaned and said “hi, babe” very weakly. Mark rolled Eric over on his side and kissed his neck while wrapping his arm around Eric’s torso. Mark reached down and Eric was rock hard. “fuck me” Eric whispered. Mark was very turned on by the sight of his boyfriend converting and his own cock was fully erect. Mark slid his cock into Eric, feeling the warmth of his fevered body. Slowly he fucked Eric, knowing he couldn’t take the intensity of their usual fuck. It didn’t matter, after only a few minutes Mark couldn’t hold back and began to shoot volleys of cum into his boyfriends newly poz hole. He kissed Eric again, holding him tight and left his cock deep inside as they both passed out.
  10. Berlin 24th December to 5th January

    I will also be in Berlin from 26th Dec - 3rd Jan and I'm looking forward to it - hope to see you there.
  11. New Members Introduce Themselves

    Hey. I'm Sylvia, a beginning crossdresser. Not very experienced with men and never have been with a man as 'she'.
  12. Next to the Forums button I just see this icon that looks like a Word document (where the Chat button used to be). When I click on it it opens a new window but I am on the Forums page, not Chat. I did log in /out to see if that refreshed the page but it didn't.
  13. perv/taboo chat

    Anyone on wickr right now?
  14. perv/taboo chat

    Dirty perv for chats with other pervs. Few limits. Really filthy Wickr: bitaboo
  15. Give your input on the new chat

    Hey rawTOP, chat is being weird for me. Can get it on my tablet okay but it’s constantly showing as ... on my iPhone so I can never get it. When I check on the kindle there’s guys in there so not sure if it’s somthing wrong or if it just doesn’t work on safari? thanks for the hard work though. Fuckin love this site😈
  16. Tops- How Do You Spot a Cocksucker?

    (Real) tops who can scope out the slightest hint of sexually feminine qualities in another guy have amazing abilities. I've always been complimented by men when they engage me in small talk. Men have also grabbed my ass while cruising. Sadly these type of men are fading away.
  17. - Uncle John?

    - Yes Mark?

    - At school the other guys say I'm hung. What do they mean by that?

    - When do they say that Mark?

    - In the lockerroom

    - Open your pants Mark

    - Why?

    - Just do it


    - Erm....don't worry Mark. They just want you to be the top in your class.

    - Oh...thanks. I'll study really hard.

    - You do that boy. Now, come here......



    1. Dane


      What a sweet little story ... I bet uncle John will make sure to put a LOT of effort into helping Mark with his studies. After all it's important that Mark stays on top of things in his class :P  

  18. When fuckbuds decide to no longer BB

    He might change his mind later on when he realizes what he's missing. I had a fuckbud years ago that fucked me all the time. He was fucking me and another guy bare, apparently only two of us, and he got syphillis. Not sure if he gave it to me or vice versa in all honesty, but he offered to fuck with condom after that, then disappeared. A couple months ago he hit me up again on grindr, offered to fuck with condom (has a great cock), did the usual questions about status etc. When he showed up he shoved his big-fat cock in me raw and filled me up so I guess he got over it in the end ;-)
  19. Left or right?


    left or right.jpg

    1. Dane


      The BIG (... uhm biggest one I meant) please! But then again, DOES one have to make a choice?

    2. NLbear


      Mr. Left to prepare the way for mr. Right?

    3. Dane


      Right NL ;-) I DO think you're on to something there. Gorgeous chaps both of them btw. 

  20. Your Sexual Identity?

    Difficult. Socially: Nowadays I don't really feel like I am part of a LGBT "community". But that is probably because here in NL nobody raises an eyebrow anymore about same sex relationships, marriages or gay couples having kids. It's all very "normal" (if I may call it that). Sure, there are exceptions but overall gays are not different from straights in public or in society. Politicians won't dare to make any insulting remarks. They would be slammed in the press and on social media and it would be political suicide. Even the Christian parties in parliament (except for one very small one ) won't dare, they just say they don't really 'approve'. Nobody listens to religious people anymore anyway, hardly anyone goes to church anymore. Religion only plays a very tiny role in society over here. It was very different when I started out when I was 17 late 70s and moved to the big city to study. I had crushes on teachers even in elementary school but at that age I didn't even realize what that was. I just thought I liked them. It wasn't until high school that I realized I was different from most and felt left out. Surely I was the only one having indecent thoughts about other guys? There must have been others but I didn't know them. When I was 13/14 I started to realize there were others and that there was a name for it: gay (or 'homo' at that time). And there were lots of them in bigger cities far away. So when I moved to the big city for college at 16 - soon to be 17- and I worked up the courage to go to a 'gay' student bar (drinking age at that time was 16, it's 18 now) I felt overwhelmed. Here were boys/guys dancing and flirting with each other and just having a good time with not a scare in the world. There were parties and discussion and social groups and support organizations. That's the first time when I felt I was part of a "community" and I belonged to something. And it felt very good. All this has changed over the years as it has become common now. As for sex: Only took very little time after going to that bar for the first time (and having discovered the cruising area by word of mouth) that I sucked dick and was fucked for the first time in an AVS. And scored tricks in bars or clubs with whoever thought I was hot (looking for confirmation?) or hot for that night or who thought I had a hot ass and was 'easy'.... And I was 'new meat' so there were plenty of them, whether they were my age or old (i.e. anyone >30 at that time). And I loved being part of the "community" of men that simply liked having sex with other men without any hang ups. Hanging out with friends (who you were not going to sleep with!) guessing who would be going home with whom and tease them about that the next time. And them teasing me too of course ("really!! Him? How could you! Was he any good? What's his dick like?). Haven't stopped having sex with strangers since. Considering the number of gay men is so much smaller than the number of straight men I still feel I am part of a 'group' but I don't feel I am part of a "community" anymore. Maybe I would still feel that way when I would be a regular at a certain bar and you know the other regulars there (not necessarily have sex with them, just 'friends') but there aren't any around where I live now. Long reply but I hope this make sense?
  21. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Posted an ad on c/l for a top, and exchanged a few emails with a bearded beefy black guy who's a few years older than me. I ended up at his place for some beers, and right away I could tell he was into my beard, and my hairy belly and chest. He was rubbing all over me before we moved to bedroom. We undressed each other, and he quickly had his 8" cock in my mouth. It was perfect, nice thickness with a mushroom head. We made out on the bed a bit before he handed me a bottle of poppers, rolled me over, and proceeded to tongue my ass for a good 30 minutes. After a few hits of poppers, I was begging to get fucked. He pulled my hips back and rubbed his cock on my hole up and down. That's when he started with the dirty talk, telling me he was gonna fuck me raw like a whore, and make me his white bitch. My cock was dripping and he worked his cock in me nice and slow, and began his slow thrusting. I was moaning and rocking back and forward on his cock, and he leaned forward on my back, reached around my chest and started playing with my nipples and licking my neck, asking me if I was ready to be a black man's whore. I gripped his cock tight with my ass and told him to nut in me. He pushed himself back up, and hammer fucked me for a minute longer before blowing his cum deep inside. I came as he was shooting, and he kept fucking me mixing his load in my ass. We stayed connected side by side with his cock still in my ass. We slept a bit, and I woke up with him hard and fucking into my sloppy hole. He held me in place and gently fucked me for about 20 minutes until he nutted a second time. I rolled over and sucked him clean, and he pulled me back up and we fell asleep til morning. Before I left, he shot a third load in my ass, telling me I was a good cum dump. I'll definitely be texting him sooner rather than later.
  22. Business Daddy

    Another great chapter. Lucky John
  23. Younger guys fucking older guys

    How about 20 years older then? ;-)
  24. Business Daddy

    What a great Daddy!
  25. Barebackbastards

    there are so many tumblr sites with hot clips. true, you do tend to see a lot of the same ones more than once, but so much to choose from.
  26. Barebackbastards

    hey guys....check out "Stepfather and Boys" on barebackbastards. HOT 3-way sweaty action with 3 hot hungry guys and lots of rimming and A2M!
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