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  2. Docebrown

    Not So Neg Greg

    Great story. It would be good if there were more parts about him cheating raw mmmmmm😉
  3. ATLbtmbear-

    Using other tops cum as lube

    Now that’s friggin hot!
  4. studl1

    Not So Neg Greg

    Hot stealth nice start
  5. HOT DUDE... HMU conversion Stud sought

  6. FUCKING HOT...where in TN? GA here...and will travel for raaw cum dumping/dump
  7. Today
  8. ATLSexyGuy

    Using other tops cum as lube

    DUDE I want to avoid those dark rooms. cume here... its all bb fucking
  9. Berdell

    New leather bar in old 2606 spot

    Keep us all posted on this place?
  10. Berdell

    New leather bar in old 2606 spot

    I will be in line first to check this place out and get a recharge too!
  11. bareback-flipflop

    Two slutty husbands and another adventure

    I'm definitely envious of you guys I've lived my bf since almost 17 years, but we had only a short stage, while he was into fucking strictly with eachother in front of an other pair. He never interested in kinkey sex. He prefers making love instead of me, who loves being fucked raw. Therefore, we are in semi-open relationship. He doesn't care about either our common or private sexlife. But I looking for the adventures and more and more cocks. I fucked previously in general with condom, but I'm getting crazy sometimes and want it bare. Now it is the same phase. Since four weeks I've been fucked many times always bare. If have time, write them. To sum, to get a cock is super, but get it bare is the really pleasure. Of course with loading cum into my seed hungry hole.
  12. PervyBblonde

    Perv/taboo chat [but this site has rules]

    Twisted/perv here for extreme Pervy chat more extreme the better Wickr Bblondetop91
  13. Bb4allloads

    Anonymous Breeders needed now

    Knights inn 5116 ga hwy 85 forest park 153 anonymous breeding my neg hole
  14. Call me whatever you want. 36, 5'11", 170. 3000 block of Union Hwy, Gaffney SC, 864-219-2703. Love anon cock, no load refused and open to anything. Take pics, vids, bring a friend...host any time.
  15. Stpetecumdump

    Gay Days

    Yes please,
  16. Stpetecumdump

    New leather bar in old 2606 spot

    I hope so. Need a recharge.
  17. Neg pigdaddy in CT looking for hot 18-30 y/o poz twink or twinks to breed and convert me...can host or travel local within 30-50 miles
  18. The OP’s question is specifically about whether it’s possible to be filled past overflowing. There’s no question that a bottom is going to be unable to prevent leakage while cocks are moving in and out, with flared heads dragging cum back toward the opening with every thrust - but that’s not the question. It could be argued that the volume analysis should figure around the rectum only, rather than the entire colon, as cum is likely to be retained by the rectal valves below the rectosigmoid junction, and so it would take a significantly smaller number of copulations to do it. But if you think of the filling of an ass with cum in the same way as filling it with any other liquid (say, deep douching), it becomes obvious that an ass could actually hold one hell of a lot of cum before you just couldn’t hold it in anymore. Either way, I don’t think what leaks out due to fucking counts for this particular query, but I’ll leave it for the OP to clarify.
  19. So glad I got to take your raw cock and load at Smokeout! WOOF!

  20. hillboy

    Anonymous loads

    Anon is definitely the best, but yeah, if a guy is known poz then it’s even hotter. I will go to saunas and seek out the wasted guys or guys with poz tattoos.
  21. MackyJay

    Not So Neg Greg

    Very hot start to this story
  22. Ozpig

    Butt plugs

    I love my buttplugs when I am in full slut mode I always butt plug myself between loads to keep seed in me and when I am awaiting my first fuck for the day to come over I walk around in my biutt plug, not only does it horn me right up it gets my hole nice and open for the top's cock. When I go to a back room or naked party I always plug up before I leave to keep the seed in me and I love that feeling of cum leaking out around the base when you walk or when you are sitting on the train
  23. Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): Steve Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): 972-347-4809 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): Home: Dallas, Travel to: New Jersey, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, NW Arkansas Times you're generally not available: I can be very flexible Age: 49 Height: 5'10” Weight: 200 Ethnicity: Caucasian Into taking any and all loads. Negative bottom especially looking for toxic Poz loads, but I will never refuse a load from a top wanting to fuck my hairy ass. Few to no limits. Into most anything. I can host when I travel.
  24. ATLbtmbear-

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    In the woods of a nearby park, fucked raw against a tree.
  25. Damn I'd be happy to bottom for you guys anytime!
  26. Face down ass up what more can u ask for ooo am sloppy hole to use and have me ur way rough raw and loaded slutted location u ask come some of y’all should know n others will figure it out
  27. Love guys who talk like this to me!
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