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  1. Pretty face, hot poz cunt Mach Spaß in Berlin!
  2. Bunker is closed IDM is a good shot for cumloads Fair amount of condoms at Sun City. Atlas is a filthy porn cinema for filthy sluts like you, but not sure how good it is on a weeknight. Lots of straight and bi black and Arab guys there. If you're feminine, they like that Might also try Secteur X in the Marais Have fun!!
  3. You'll want to choose one of the bigger chain hotels where they don't look to closely before letting guests visit. Check out the IBIS or NOVOTEL hotels. You'll probably want to find one that's in central Paris. The 11th arrondissement might be a good choice. It's close to the Marais and close to the best bareback bar in Paris, Le Bunker. A buddy of mine says this hotel is his choice for pump-and-dump and chemsex orgies: Hotel ibis Paris Montmartre 18ème, 5 Rue Caulaincourt, 75018 Paris But it isn't really in a gay neighborhood. Lots of "straight" blacks and Arabs nearby that mig
  4. You’re cute. Did the stealth take hold?
  5. Hey, Back around 2009/2010, in the pre-PrEP days, when bareback was still pretty taboo, one of the best blogs was Matt & Dan's Sexual Adventures. Does anybody know whatever happened to Matt & Dan? They were hot and depraved fuckers. I jerked off to their stories so many times... until I took the plunge and became a barebacker myself.
  6. Congrats on your conversion!

  7. hot pozzing story, dude. made me hard

  8. Hot pic of you ass in the air :) Love the naughty smile...

  9. very hot... i love how you talk about your filthy white poz pussy...
  10. Hi Kazore, Just saw your question. The protocol for the Ipergay trial is: 2 Truvadas at least 2 hours before sex Then 1 Truvada every 24 hours For 48 hours after last sexual contact So let's assume I'm going to have sex only on Friday night. I'll take 2 pills Friday morning, 1 Saturday morning, 1 Sunday morning, then stop. If I'm going to have sex Friday night, Saturday, Monday night, and Tuesday night, I'll take 2 pills Friday morning, 1 every morning until Thursday. So if you have sex pretty often, you take it every day. But if you stop having sex for a period of time, y
  11. This is hot, and extremely well written. Is this the guy that lied to you about his status and pozzed you?
  12. Hi, I'm one of the first participants in the French arm of Ipergay (I've been in it for about three years). Enrolling, etc., was really easy. I go every two months for the checkup, to get more pills, and talk with a doctor and social worker about risk, etc. They don't ask a lot of invasive questions and seem pretty open about drug use, etc. I would be surprised if being on antidepressants would mean you couldn't participate. I suspect they're mostly looking at your liver and kidney health, since that's the major risk for Truvada.
  13. As a top, personally, I like a bottom with a slick, open hole while I'm fucking, but who can clamp up tight right when I shoot. I tell him to clamp down on my cock, and I cum harder and he can feel my cock spurt its juice in his guts...
  14. Interesting testimonial, totalasspig. Are you undetectable? Does your VL stay unchanged even when you have gono, syph or chlamydia in your ass?
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