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    Valencia, CA
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    Sucking and fucking big cocks, bug chasing, poz breeding, getting fisted.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Love big dick top men. Looks are unimportant. Love raw fucking and taking loads up the ass and down the thoat. Love pnp and bug chasing.
    I'm a parTy sluT and a whore for sex when flying & spun on meTh... I love getting nicely spun up and giving myself to men who get off on fucking and breeding spun parTy sluTs while in private, in motel rooms, in adult bookstores (in video booths and in group viewing lounges), in bath houses, and in Los Angeles Theaters... I love bondage breedings while naked like a femme sissy sluT an I love being spun up on meTh with pipe hiTs, booTybumps, and slams while men tag team fuck and breed me over and over... I love bondage sex, and I have wrist and ankle restraints, collar and leash, some blindfolds and blackout goggles, a spreader bar, and I have a portable sling set up for bondage breedings that I bring with me when parTying in private or in a motel room... I love being spun and getting fucked by big dick horny tranny sluTs. Love being a whore for men to fuck and I love being turned into a spun and slutty cumdumpsTer for dozens of men at a time... I Love having pics taken and vids recorded of me getting high on meTh and having wild and nasTy and pervy bareback sex with as many men as possible each time... I love being spun and parTied while men and women watch me get fucked and bred, too... I love to perv out when spun, and love nasTy and pervy talk... I also have a fantasy where myself and a sexy little female meTh-sluT get nice and spun while groups of parTy studs fuck and breed us side-by-side hour after hour after hour... My ultimate pie-in-the-sky dream is to find a nasTy parTy Daddy with a 12-inch cock who will breed me, and will make sure to sluT me out and whore me out to thousands of men... Until I find that, I need men who'll spin me up, fuck me, breed me, and share my asspussy with anonymous men as his parTy sluT and his meTh whore...
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    none but willing to do ANYTHING on camera after a huge bootie bump.
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    Big cocks! PNP

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  1. hot pozzing story, dude. made me hard

  2. To be slammed, put in a sling and a fucking machine set up. Every hour the dildo would be changed out to the next size up until the largest dildo has been used. Then a group of bbc's would take over. No cock smaller than 12 inches up to 14.
  3. gansterboogie1

    Filming a Gangbang in L.A.

    I'm interested in being the bareback bottom for 20 tops and having someone film it. How do I go about this?
  4. gansterboogie1

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Last weekend I had a 51 year old black man breed me with his big, thick 8 1/2-inch cock. He blew 3 loads up my ass from Friday night to Saturday morning after he had shoved a huge shard of meth up my ass. Right before he left on Saturday morning I told him I was still fucking horny. He called 2 of his hung friends to cum over. The 2 black friends tag teamed me until my hole was turned inside out. I ended up with 7 loads up my ass in less than 24 hours.
  5. gansterboogie1

    Breeders in LA

    I'm a total cum dump this weekend. I'm wanting all the cum I can eat and carry up my ass. Please help!
  6. gansterboogie1

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I haven't had a load shot in my mouth or up my ass in so long I've forgotten what it feels and tastes like. Fucking parTy tops can't seem to cum. HELP!
  7. gansterboogie1

    Finally Decided To Move To Atlanta

    I love getting a big bootie bump and b having a group of bbc stretch out my hole. I'm looking for some poz tops to breed by ass and give me their toxic loads.
  8. I happen to agree with lovetobottom2000. The maximum pleasure for the top is priority but there's nothing wrong with me having my cake and eating it too. I personally love the taste of cum but equally love the feel of a big load dripping from my ass hole so when I can get both I'm in Heaven.
  9. gansterboogie1

    Taking a trip to Tijuana

    I'm planning a trip down to Tijuana Mexico and was wondering if anyone has knowledge of some bath houses or underground sex clubs. Would love to get a small group of hung top Latino men together for a little fun. Not especially looking for a gang bang but would love to have all of them cum on me while I'm getting fucked and sucking another.
  10. I love the taste of cum but nothings hotter than a big load of cum flooding my ass.

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