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    Im glad we're here to help you top studs out! I'm always glad when a top chooses my ass to plant his seed in! One day I'd like to get yours, CG!
  2. Chaser looking for poz chat tonight.  Kik or whatsapp, message for details!

  3. thanks for following!

  4. Fuck, my ass is a cummy mess!  fuckin need more!

  5. Just took an anon load from a guy I met on squirt. he walked in, I was naked riding my dildo, and he walked up and shoved his cock in my face. Sucked him til he was rock hard. He then played with my ass with the dildo be fore lubing up and sliding in. fucked for a few min before unloading deep inside me, all the while making me beg for what I wanted. Im now gyrating my ass on a plug
  6. Oral Front? Or Oral Back?

    Thats basically how I feel too. Nothing hotter than eating a hot ass, be it a smooth twink, or a hairy muscle ass. However, if I am really into the guy, I can sometimes LOVE sucking cock. But thats more the exception than the rule.
  7. Hey stud.  finally took my first poz load ;)

  8. Can't find a story

    This one?
  9. Got off from work about an hour ago and got hit up by a guy from CL. He came over, I was blindfolded and on my knees waiting for him. he walked in, stripped and i started by sucking him to get him rock hard then he proceeded to shove his big uncut cock deep inside me until he left me dripping! I hope we can go it again soon!
  10. Just took an anon load from a guy I met through my cumdump taking loads ad. he had a good 7" cock, and knew how to use it. he walked in, shucked his clothes, and slid his rock hard raw cock inside me. Pounded me a good 10 min before unloading a huge load (which I promptly asked him to put my plug in) into me. its still in there as I type this. I cant wait to take him again!
  11. Anyone North Of Barrie, On?

    Just going to bump this. Anyone living or even planning on travelling north this summer?
  12. Dorm Dude Double Dicking

    Please continue this! This one is incredible!
  13. Love smacking on precum 👄💋

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      Rim your hole work your  nuts into my mouth and take your cock and swallow as many loads you can dish out💋

    3. negversbbvirgin
    4. Willing


      Love to share our precum with each other 💋

  14. Thanks for the follow, stud!

  15. Porn trap

    Fuck i miss poppers.

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