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  1. Any tops feel like telling the best blow job they've gotten? Always looking to improve my technique
  2. precumlvr

    love to breed chub ass

    CG you could take my ass anyday
  3. precumlvr

    Hot audio videos

    Drew Sebastian
  4. precumlvr

    A Brother in Trouble

    Rock fukin hard here!
  5. precumlvr

    Sorry, No Escort Anything Anymore

    Not sure if this has been covered, but using terms like "whored out" or "whore me out"....are these ok as long as no mention of money? I know Ive seen in the past where bottoms get whored out, simply to take as much cock as possible.
  6. precumlvr

    Bbrts Profiles

    BBRT: precumlover
  7. precumlvr

    To tops: rough when told by bottom to be gentle?

    Holy shit, glad im not the only one! Very few tops can get it in on the first shot, only one in recent memory (and he left a load in me too )
  8. anyone up for some poz chat with a neg bottom?  skype, whats app, phone, all good to me.  let me know!

  9. Just took a load from my craigslist bud. Same scene as always, he walks in, finds me ass up, lights out and bareback porn playing. He had me keep my toys out this time, so I met him with plug in. he used that and my dildo on me before sliding his raw cock in me. He fucked slowly for about 10 min before dumping a huge load in me which is being held there by my plug. Fuck I love being a bareback cumdump!
  10. precumlvr


    Im glad we're here to help you top studs out! I'm always glad when a top chooses my ass to plant his seed in! One day I'd like to get yours, CG!
  11. Chaser looking for poz chat tonight.  Kik or whatsapp, message for details!

  12. thanks for following!

  13. Fuck, my ass is a cummy mess!  fuckin need more!

  14. Just took an anon load from a guy I met on squirt. he walked in, I was naked riding my dildo, and he walked up and shoved his cock in my face. Sucked him til he was rock hard. He then played with my ass with the dildo be fore lubing up and sliding in. fucked for a few min before unloading deep inside me, all the while making me beg for what I wanted. Im now gyrating my ass on a plug
  15. precumlvr

    Oral Front? Or Oral Back?

    Thats basically how I feel too. Nothing hotter than eating a hot ass, be it a smooth twink, or a hairy muscle ass. However, if I am really into the guy, I can sometimes LOVE sucking cock. But thats more the exception than the rule.

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