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  1. Yes, you are doing good work to increase the number of men wanting to have bareback sex. You never know how far, but you do know you some will see the barebacking light. Anything we do to increase the amount of cum sharing between men is worthy work indeed.
  2. muscmtl, I would be honored to have you inside me. I will also make out with you, try to keep you in me as long as possible. Any sane bottom would.
  3. You look like you need my cum inside you! So hot!

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    2. AZRawPig


      That's the ONLY way for HOGS to enjoy themselves!  I totally agree with that scene...especially; when its over a long weekend where there are NO TABOOS or LIMITS untouched by everyone...its a journey of purely 'animal lusts' for everyone....the nastier the better.

    3. sleazycumwhore


      fucking perfect...deeper, gaping, sloppy and just filled with so many loads

    4. AZRawPig


      Viagra cocks and loads dripping with sloppy load's sharing inside our darkroom. .No taboos when everyone gets all lubed and raunchy. 

  4. Skin on skin feels so much better, just like for you. And why wouldn't I want the skin of the man inside me literally touching me without barrier? I know well before he cum I am already absorbing precious precum from him into me. In general any pulling out is so wrong. Cum belongs in me. I know that. I want and need cum in my ass. I keep it in me to absorb as much of my top forever as I can.
  5. I sure do hope you get properly knocked up

  6. In Brookside area. We should breed each other soon.


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    2. Toon


      Yeah. I want that. 

    3. notknown


      check your email

    4. Toon


      Describe yourself a little...so I can have a fantasy.large.unnamed.jpg.33b6f619f804b61950eafa3b641e4ffc.jpg

  7. I am very eager to bottom for you, Stud.

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