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    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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    I'm a power bottom with few limits but also many fantasies from vanilla to hardcover taboo. I'm especially interested in meeting tops or top/versatile men for bareback fun. I'm not shy and would like to go online with you if you like that.
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    Not Sure, Probably Poz
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    I was totally straight until I was 40ish when I finally bottomed one night and I've never looked back. I can't get enough cock and I have an unbreakable as for the aggressive power top guys
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    Anything new or exciting such as waters ports, getting gangbanged, public or Webcam, about the only things I'm not down for are scat,blood, or degradation

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  1. Silverbtm

    Anonymous or gangbang

    I am visiting soon and I don't know what my best chances are for as many loads as I can get in 2 days
  2. Silverbtm

    Biohazard tattoos

    Do these tattoos excite you or do they scare you off
  3. Hey. I'm a power bottom with virtually no limits. I love getting used hard and prefer groups or long sessions but quick is also good. I can take huge (dicks or toys). Pics or vids are fine without face. No loads refused. Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): Curtis Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): 587-800-1926 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code) Edmonton, Alberta Southside Times you're generally not available: Age:48 Height:6'2" Weight:200 Ethnicity:white It would help a lot if you attach a picture, but that's optional.
  4. Gotta let you know, I am sorry I missed a shot at giving you a load of my seed. 

    Maybe the next time I am in Edmonton.  

    1. Silverbtm


      Hey. I'm in Vancouver this weekend I'm going to be a total cumdump to anyone for anonymous raw only

  5. Without hesitation. I was at Steamworks and hoped up on the sling. As soon as I did a black man who had been following me around the place walked right up to my ass, spit on my hole and pushed his rather large cock into me. He just kept the pressure on until I had him to the hilt. He was actually quite considerate, slow medium length strokes to begin with the would increase in length and spread as I relaxed into the situation. He did this without stopping for over ten minutes at which point he was long stroking and pounding me like a jack hammer. And the he drove in all the way and painted my guts with a huge load. When he pulled out I noticed 3 other men waiting for their turn and by the time they finished the black fellow had left the bathhouse. I never did get his name
  6. Silverbtm

    Cum in mouth or ass?

    It means so much more to me that I'm bred deep and largiin my ass.it screams out the the top has just claimed my ass as his... if I'm in a group the first to do this for the session gets to decide where any future load goes
  7. Silverbtm

    Piss up the ass

    I've asked tops to for it for me but it has only happened once the the amount was sufficient to feel and the 2 or 3 other times were pathetic at best.
  8. I fantasize about winning the lottery and not needing to work or really do anything I don't feel like doing would allow me to do only one thing exclusively for days on end... I would have an endless string of men, all shapes and sizezs for the variety necessary to stave of boredom taking their turns breeding me one after the other for days on end. --Or-- (To taboo to mention online)
  9. Did you find Poz tops in Alberta?  I'm looking for a great night of getting topped by multiple gifters and videoing the event. 

    1. Saturn1


      Sadly, no. No poz tops were to be found in Alberta... :(

  10. Silverbtm

    New Members Introduce Themselves

    Hey all. I'm from Edmonton Alberta, Canada. And although I'm not new to barebacking, I am need to the pig persona. I'm hoping this sits will allow more opportunity to hook up with tops and versatile guys interested in helping with my personal evolution as a BB FF POZ bottom. Submissive.
  11. Looking to meet top men for some bb sex. I'm a bottom vers into almost anything and I have several things on my fetish bucket list to cross off still, some are not so wild, some are utterly taboo. I'm decent looking and a great personality but normally don't get the sex I want because I am too nervous to ask most guys since I hate being judged. If you are interested, please send me a message and lets get something happening soon
  12. Silverbtm

    1 Bottom 1 Vers Bottom

    I would love to be in your group
  13. Silverbtm

    Do you like Watersports/piss play?

    I love having my ass filled
  14. Silverbtm

    Poz loads and lots of them

    I'm now able to give my over eager hole to all that want it. I'm never wearing a condom again nor letting one enter me
  15. Silverbtm

    Anonymous loads

    I'm into anonymous loads deep in me at gloryholes or more... Would you let a total stranger breed you raw?

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