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  1. I'm in town but I'm really more of a bottom than a top. Don't think you guys should have a lot of trouble looking for tops in this town.
  2. Line works. What's your Line ID? I'll add you.
  3. Hey you, just saw your message. I'm also a bottom but wouldn't mind hanging out or chatting. I'm rarely on here anymore unless I'm tweaking out of my mind and fucking myself reading chem sex fiction. You got Telegram or some other way we can talk?
  4. Finished my first day of meds, just popped my second pill over an hour ago. Asides from a minor side effects such as feelings of indigestion, some dry heaving, dizziness and general feelings of unease, I am not feeling so bad.
  5. Another clinic visit, blood work as follows: VL - 22000 CD4 - 230 Also, I have Hep C, of all things... I got my meds (Triumeq) today along with my first shot of the Hep A vaccine. Doc says since I have Hep C, I have to head over at the end of March for an ultrasound to check for liver cirrhosis and do a follow up blood test to see my VL and CD4 count after my first month on the meds. They're not overly concerned about the Hep C at the moment since my liver function seems normal and told me they'll look into meds for that when my CD4 count gets back up since it's on the low side right now. And thank fuck for government subsidized healthcare, I paid 15 bucks (Hong Kong Dollars, so 1.92USD) for my Hep A vaccine, another 2USD for my month's worth of HIV meds and 17 bucks for the doctor's consultation.
  6. That's the problem, I don't recall getting the fuck flu. I did feel all sorts of ill for two or three nights around the middle of last year but the timeline doesn't match up unless I got a very delayed fuck flu. I've notified some close friends who I hook up regularly with and while they expressed their sympathies, they said they're still happy to fuck my little brains out. Met up with one of them a week ago and while we played safe at the beginning, we went right back to barebacking fairly quickly. Now even thinking about my poz status is making me incredibly horny. Also, on to more serious news, I start meds at the end of this month. It was supposed to be this week when the blood test results (testing to make sure the meds work and making sure there's no unforeseen medical complications) but it's Chinese New Year over here and the clinic is closed for the week.
  7. So, I've had a night to calm down and assess the situation. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of support I've received both on this thread and those of you who sent me messages in private. I cannot thank you guys enough for this. I'm not sure whether or not it's because I already know the basics of what will happen from this point already because I'm well read and like to be kept informed on the topic even before I've started barebacking or maybe I just need more time to process everything but I'm not feeling any particular strong emotions regarding me being pozzed. If anything, I feel slightly cheated out of a more...dramatic experience. I've always thought me being pozzed would be something closer to what I've read in the Chem Sex Fiction section of the forums. This feels anti-climatic, somehow.
  8. That's correct, hardly any barebacking and I'm a bottom, I haven't topped in years.
  9. I've dabbled in barebacking on and off for a few years now. I used to get tested quite regularly, every 3-4 months or so but stopped doing so for a year when my job got demanding enough that I stopped sex altogether for most of last year. Which is also probably why the diagnosis came back as a bit of a shock.
  10. So, I got a call from the clinic after a routine check up. I showed up today and was informed that while I was clean for everything I was concerned about getting...I came back positive for HIV. I'd like to think of myself as someone who was smart in selecting my sexual partners and I've read most of the sources regarding HIV/AIDS available to me to make sure my risks were minimized and I would be physically and mentally prepared if I ever become poz. I've always imagined me becoming pozzed would be something a little bit more memorable or at least the person who gave it to me would be somebody I can recall. I feel slightly cheated by this sudden turn of events... Oh, and I'm scared, no amount of book reading and academic knowledge regarding this subject is making this feel any less horrible. I'm rambling right now, I guess I'll stop.
  11. I just joined, looking forward to meeting everyone in there.
  12. Anyone feel like chatting with a partied up Asian twink? Msg me.

  13. Tweakin ' and bored. Anyone wanna chat?

  14. Bored. Wouldn't mind skypeing for a little bit for a chat before I go back to actual work.

    1. Ravenholm


      If you're interested, leave a comment and I'll PM you my Skype screen name or just leave your Skype name here

  15. Back when I first started, barebacking in sauna was not exactly common, condoms were a perquisite to action. But now that I've travelled some and been to some other saunas - depends on the scene. Like bars and clubs, some are about as sleazy, raunchy and dirty; some try and act posh, classy and somewhat sterile. I've been to both, I ended up helping the sauna staff clean the shower area because I was bored in the sleazy one and I'm a neat freak; I watched the entire Band of Brother series on the TV inside the sauna inside the classy one (it was inside a waterproof box) because it was quiet. You will play how you want and you will go to places that you like because the chances of you meeting people more likely to share your 'interests' or particular 'niches' are higher.

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