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  1. I lost my virginity to a daddy I met online. We skyped for a while then I took the step to head over to his on a Saturday. We went out for lunch then he took me back to his house. He was a pervy big bellied daddy who coached me through my first time, ended up with a big load of his spunk up my boy hole. From then on I saw him regularly almost once a week. He would pick me up after college, and fondle me on the drive back to his flat. He taught me how to please a man and how to take cum and piss in both holes. Valuable lessons I hold dear still to this day!
  2. Very lucky lad to take a hot breeding for you! I'm sure he took more loads after that!
  3. I have a couple of businessmen dads who let me know when they are in town . I get texted a hotel and room number for me to come round that evening or the following morning. Had a couple times when one of them would suprise me with one of his colleagues room numbers. Those were always fun, having to be a good enough lad to earn dad's room number!
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