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  1. Using Grindr The area where i stay is a such a waste of time because far to many guys behind the profiles are blatent time wasters , Pic collectors and simply want to know who you are and surreal fantasists . It has got to the point i have blocked more guys than i have met . Hardly a soul is ever interested in Casual Sex . Fabguys is the only site i have had more success on even at that it also has it's fair share pretenders . And BBRTS is just as awful you could post a qik connect add and never get a reply If i do the message arrives a day later
  2. Because i much prefer sex without having to stop to put on a condom . But trying to hook up with guys for bb is another thing hardly anyone meets ..
  3. I recently got banned from Grindr unsure why but in general the guys around me wouldn't meet only interested in what you looked like . Too many were only interested in dates whilst others pretended looking when all they were was just down right liars and timewasters . bbrts is just awful .. been on it for like 5yrs .. only met 2 guys . I've had more success on fab . But recently not getting any luck just having my time wasted . Might start going to a local sauna
  4. Never done darkroom before . Don't know the decorum of how do i know a guy ether wants to fuck me or vice versa
  5. At the present i use 3 sites and the success of regular BB meets is frankly a massive let down .To many timewasters pic collectors etc not enough guys who like NSA encounters . Prefer dates n drinks to Sex . What on earth has happend to the Gay scene
  6. I recently hook up with a Bttm player the other week . He never tried or gone top before as he is BI a local guy who stays not far from me . As he was lying on the bed so made the move to straddle him his expression said it all . He loved it . He enjoyed it that much moved to laying face down for him to fuck me . Then i returned the favour not long after , .
  7. like to hook up i can accom and travel if need be
  8. Not enough , Am finding it rather hard to find guys online who want to fuck BB , unfortunately most of the online cruise sites are filled with guys looking for dates , timewasters / pic collectors - nosey guys who have no intention of meeting just want to collect pics etc
  9. They are making it more harder for free users of the site by limiting you're access even more . TBH the rewards overall is dreadful . I've been on that site for a wee while and have only ever met one guy from it ..
  10. Where is the best place in Edinburgh to hook up for BB [ Sauna Wise ]
  11. My first BB experience was with a TS Escort from Brazil was a late night encounter it was a fantastic experience . I fucked her bare and came inside her . She fucked me but she never came inside me . Then as time went by i delved into the gay scene purely to feed my addiction for sex . Met 2 guys through a gay site both fucked me bare but never came inside me . Went on holiday met 2 local guys both topped me and gave me what i always wanted , to experience the feel of it
  12. Many sites are a haven for endless timewasters and pic collectors . Many are a waste of a membership fee
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