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    I like getting fucked by bears and I love to pump and dump trannys and crossdressers and twinks
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  1. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/breeding-mature-tranny-cha-cha-36961431 Pumping a two day load into this tranny. Look at that big splooge of cum come out of her ass when I pull out. Music sucks but not my choice.
  2. Love guys who take Tons of JIZZ in their hole.

  3. im neg but have some other gifts for you and im right on the ri ma border

  4. The thoughts of seeing any of my family naked disgust me. My only incest was when I started dating this girl when I was 14. She snuck me into her house one night and was eating dinner with her family when her much older brother walked in. He explained that he was going to kick my ass because his sister was "his" or I would suck his dick. Me being the bi slut I am happily grabbed his dick. About 20 minutes later she came in and he was ball deep in my ass, and that was the start of the best 2 years of my life...... My favorite times were when their parents were gone. Her brother would destroy my ass, then stick his shit tasting dick in her hole nut in her, id do the same and he would make me swallow every last drop of ooze. One of the best nights of my life was when we were all drinking, and her brother told me about a website called squirt, kinda lied about mine and her ages, found this grungy 30 with a big smelly black dick. Her other older brother and the other brother and the black guy pretty much destroyed my ass. Black guy came in me, Bro #1 came in me bro number 2 pulled out and blasted his sisters chest I licked the cum off of her, she sucked it outa my ass we went to make out and then all I pretty much remember was her bro's taking turns fucking my ass and each other and her till sunrise. Damn I wish I was a teenager again lol.
  5. Even though I bottom most of the time I bred a hot cross dresser and gave it a 6 day Load last night

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