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  1. Insides sloshing with cum =p

  2. Going to try a blog out to document pics and vids and stuff! Check it out!

  3. chasteandlocked98


    I'm not sure itll ever happen. Maybe for my 21st birthday or something!!
  4. chasteandlocked98

    Mentoring A Young, Wanna-Be Cumdumpster

    I've included a couple pix of the young, wanna-be cumdumpster. Get him locked!!!
  5. chasteandlocked98

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Daddy used grindr to find a 17 year old guy to fuck me (age of consent is 16 in uk). Was weird being with someone thats younger than me. I felt pretty embarressed as i was locked and everything. Then the boy watched as daddy bred me slowly. I had to keep eye comtact with him the whole time. He got hard and came down my throat. I was blushing the whole time! He was so confident, just proves i'm a pussy bitch boy!
  6. chasteandlocked98

    Feel it Shooting in Your Mouth?

    Once daddy pulled out just as he began to cum and the shot got in my hair. True power!
  7. chasteandlocked98

    Sleep with cock up your ass

    Yip, all the time! If I could breathe easily then I often fell asleep under daddy with him still in me. Then I'd be woken up a few hours later and feel him starting to get hard in me or already starting to pound me again. It feels so wonderful!!! Or I would wake up to him pissing inside me. After which he's get up and go and i'd be up for ages trying to keep it in!
  8. Reminiscing about how long ive been locked and about the first time my step dad bred my boi hole.

  9. Where's the best place to upload videos??

    1. cuntspunker


      Raunchy Fuckers site on here. Second option under Bareback Porn on here. There's also XTube of course.

  10. I have now been locked without break for 112 days. My hole aches every night for cum, i can't stop thinking about it. I have been made into a true cum slave.

    1. WolfinSheepsClothing


      you are lucky to have found your calling.

    2. bellyguy44


      You are a lucky guy. I know that feeling myself and love it.

  11. I have now been locked without break for 112 days. My hole aches every night for cum, i can't stop thinking about it. I am a true cum slave.

  12. chasteandlocked98

    Prince Albert And Chastity

    Oh, we have soft water where I live so limescale isn't a problem
  13. chasteandlocked98

    Prince Albert And Chastity

    Awesome, I need to be careful because I'm not allowed to touch myself at all so it might be difficult at the start. I've seen ones you can basically get all the way down the shaft and that would be ideal but obviously don't want to get it infected. I'll have to do some research.
  14. chasteandlocked98

    Tell Us Your 'first Time' Stories

    My post and many others are on this (in case you're interested): https://breeding.zone/topic/2716-the-first-time-you-got-fucked-was-it-safe-or-raw/page-20
  15. chasteandlocked98

    Prince Albert And Chastity

    I was just wondering if anyone has a PA and if they work either passively with or part of a chastity device? And can you wear it all the time or do you need to take it out to clean it? I know you can get ones you can pee with easily enough but if you NEED to take it off to clean it then I'm not sure I could get one. The reason is, I was thinking about getting one that could be welded or fitted on to my chastity device for added security but I can't take it off to clean it. I was told by quite a few people I'd need to take off my chastity belt periodically to clean it but I've managed almost 3 months now with no problems, I'm quite diligent with cotton buds and soap in the shower. Anyway, is this possible? Has anyone ever done anything like this before? And for those that have a PA, does it hurt? Is it a nuisance? What made you want one?

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