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  1. Thanks. For  Following. Hope you'll find interesting!   H S

  2. Hey pigbro.  good to see  you  in chat room!

  3. SuccessfulChaser. ....

    .... Been curious of your  condition,  being your castration is past a week, is the swelling deminising or is the  swelling being in advancement and be as more  galled  ?  Best of deludable recovery.



  4. It's Fuckin awesome to see you are Poz and Med Free.

    1. lostsheol


      Yeah def get off on it. Love taking all loads that wanna fill me up. 

  5. 000000

    Do You Get Into Nudism?

    Teivel Here. ... I am a Nudist, spend as much time in the Nude as possible, returning from an outing, I remove clothing as quickly as possible, certainly always before the shopping is put away . I visit nude beaches and nude resorts when ever it possible! I entertain friends in the Nude as or not being nudist them selves. Membership lists of local gay nudist group's will include my name!
  6. 000000

    Poz Tattoos And Piercings

    I'm POZ and my Biotat is in the process of finishing design, and soon Inked just above my Cock. As noted in the pervious posting, I'm fuckin Proud of my HIV Status. And what to be permanently marked as is the Virus ! It is a Badge of Honor. I have a Reverse PA, I had before I pozzed up, it's useful too, for when Barebacking it may cause bleeding makein HIV Infection earlier to pass. And as mentioned in an earlier post will likely cause a condom to fail, enabling HIV Virus to be spread! Which brings me to my question : ..... Do newly diagnosed HIV Pozitive Faggots usually if not already having, get a PA piercings?
  7. Fuck man your HOT!    I'M POZ AS WELL!

  8. Congrats. Those numbers I agree. Your Full Blown AIDS  .

  9.  Great to see another Calgarian here!


  10. We are telling the exactly the same experience on our journey to SAT AN . I sever Him in so many ways I won't mention them here , but well if anyone is interested ! I understood that I had to become Poz as SAT AN wished for me and did after having fun chasing the bug. I agree SAT AN , dark forces are close by, all around us. I was given my name by a Satanic High . TeivelPheonix . For which it is I value my name very highly ! and Honored to be given it! HAIL SAT AN
  11. Sounds like the perfect kind of seeds to me.

    1. 000000


      Indeed.  I give freely, as one of  the ways i serve!

  12. Love to have a viral load of your sacred poz cum?

  13. Hi . I'd just like to find out if there is already an existing post to which I may not have decovered . ? I like to decuss a biotat . whether to have one or not , ? Is a topic already in the forums some ware , Thanks
  14. You should serve  who as I serve . !


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