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  1. Just had a good fuck from an old friend.  Always nice to feel a familiar cock.  As he started pumping, so many memories came to me.

  2. As I have written other places, I am freshly castrated. So far, i have found that I am not wanting for partners. Since I have preferred to bottom for many years, my sexual role has not changed that much. No doubt, some of the more recent fucks have included an element of the curious who want to see/experience what a eunuch can offer. But others, simply want to enjoy great sex. No doubt, some like the idea that it is ALL about them. I had contemplated castration for many, many years. In fact, for many years, I assumed that I would be nutless before I got knocked up. As it turned out, I converted nearly two years before I was cut. For me, both "modifications" stem from many of the same thoughts and desires. Certainly both a permanent (and serious) changes. No doubt, the consequences of both actions are mine alone. My first ever sexual experience was gay and and I never considered myself anything other than queer. But as time went on I recognized that I was something other than simply a homosexual male. Exploring those feelings eventually resulted in me becoming what I am today.---a very POZ EUNUCH. As others have indicated, not everyone appreciates castrated men. I can understand that. Not everyone appreciates POZ guys and raw sex. But we all have to make the choices that allow are mental selves match our physical selves. For me, this journey has been amazing, erotic, sex filled and a natural evolution to become the PERSON I need to be.
  3. Man, you gotta feel that delicious cum oozing out of your freshly fucked hole to be a real barebacker.......but once you enjoy will never want it any other way.
  4. Two syringes of my Eunuch Essence are now coursing through my third blood slam partner.   His last two loads of negative cum are well deposited in my ass.   Hopefully my record holds and he is converting as I type this.   I am really getting turned on by doing slams.   Perhaps it is time to start sharing my fluid more freely

    1. ChaserBtm84
    2. rednyellow


      That's so hot. keep it up

  5. Been over a month since my nuts were eliminated.  Still having some temperature control issues...but pain is all gone.  Must guys have enjoyed knowing they were fucking a eunuch.  No doubt, I have not had anything close to a hard cock since then...and even with effort no cum.   I do seem to leak much more pre-cum than before.   No doubt, it is all still kind of new....but I like it....A LOT.

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    2. ChaserBtm84


      I'm genuinely curious Successful, and while I've read your writings and know it's not your main concern but, do you think you'll still get erections in the future? I don't think that testicles Alone cause or don't cause hard on's but I could be wrong. Do you expect to at some point or is it different for everyone? 

    3. SuccessfulChaser


      so far no erections.....and after a month....a real change in sexual arousal.   I am still fucking a lot....and get turned on..but it feels different....more mental that physical.   I expect that I will not be able to get erect with any regularity 

    4. Jamesleeee1


      Ooh fuck yeah! Please write more about your castration and eunuch experiences!

  6. I took a load a my local ABS last week end. It is the most minimal place you can hallway, 7 booths, no doors and no glory holes. You either quickly loose your inhibitions or you don't suck/get fucked. I am kind of a regular and most of the clerks do not charge me. Last weekend was kind of slow....sucked off the usual couple of older dudes and on really nice BBC. But, I was not getting anything in the ass. Was just about ready to leave when I guy who had fucked me before came in.....and he quickly was pushing his meat deep. Given the layout, guys fucking always draw onlookers (hard to NOT watch). He was quickly ready to cum...and blew his load while groaning loudly.....much to the pleasure of the crowd......not to mention MY PLEASURE. One of the most amazing times there was a day when another fem, POZ verse dude was there when I got there. He is a pretty cool dude....we fuck some....and are kind of in the same social circle. Between the two of use, we service every guy that came in for the next hour. Kind of wild to know that each of those seven guys....regardless of what they did....when home with a very resent exposure to HIV.
  7. Incest has been a common thread through out my long queer life. No doubt that I introduced my younger brother to the world of queer sex. Like me he never swayed from loving the cock. We have fucked a lot over a lot of years. He is married now and both he and his husband enjoy topping me. He is 9 years younger....but never regretted his somewhat forced introduction into the wonders of queer fucking. They sent a selfie of themselves just after midnight on New Years. IT was both of them holding their test strips....showing the twin pink lines. I kind of thought they were chasing....but not certain of it. They did their unveil as "the ball dropped". I had just seen them in mid-December for a family holiday visit. They both topped me then....their first time to get some eunuch ass....but neither mentioned the possiblity of being I am sure I took a POZ load from both of them just a month ago. I sucked my older brother a few times...but he was not really into it.....and he is married to a female now. Doubt that he ever rides on the bi-side, I have a same age cousin that I used to spend a lot of time with. I think we both got into gay stuff about the same time....and eventually fucked a lot over a few years. We do not live near to each other it is quite infrequent. My younger sister came to me when she wanted to start getting laid. She was in early highschool....damned good looking....killer bod....cheerleader...that type. She wanted to get fucked at homecoming and came to me to learn "how to make a dick feel good". And yes...that resulted in popping her cherry.....not planned...expected...nor repeated.....but she liked it....and was soon a very slutty cheerleader. She promptly got her little cunt knocked up....and I helped her "fix" that.....something that was repeated a number of times before she got out of college. When she was in college, I know she was getting more dick at that time. Only "dad" I got fucked by was the father of my highschool fuck bud. We were the full on queers of our school....and did not hide much. His did caught us one day....this son's cock was buried deep in my ass and I was groaning in pleasure...and did not notice for a bit. Father ended up fucking us both as punishment.....and made us fuck in front of him a number of times.......sometimes he joined in...other times not.
  8. Been away for a while..serving out my punishment for inappropriate posting.  But had a lot of fun...even if I could not right about it.   Got confirmation of a second conversion from a blood slam...2 for 2 in toxic blood donations.  And my brother and his husband both tested poz at year end.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. backpackguy


      Welcum back buddy...missed U!!

    3. rednyellow
    4. ChaserBtm84


      Welcum back. Wish we could hook up sometime.

  9. When I read posts such as this I usually have the same thoughts. It sounds like a natural born queer has been hiding as a breeder to avoid dealing with what he really embrace his homosexuality and to live a the life as a true bottom faggot. But the allure of man on man fucking is too much. The desire for cock in the ass is too much and you start playing around and as many of us find, sooner or later you get knocked up. I am very much PRO-POZ if you read my writing. But I am also very much opposed to infecting those who are unknowing, or not willing participants....such as the OP's little wifey. Fags fucking raw know what risk they are taking. Some of the pussy fags take PREP or use condoms.....but the real men just fuck raw. OP did, got stealthed and now is "worried". No matter how good or bad your marriage is, wifey did not ask for her cock loving hubby to infect her. Unless she is fully aware of your practices and risk, make sure you protect her. Or be open and share your new gift with her...but make sure she understands the consequences. Being a POZZED up FAG is perhaps your destiny......some soul searching will help you realize who and what you really are.....embrace that.....and leave the innocents alone.....MAN UP and be the FAG you know you are.
  10. Sometime later today, I will take my last cock of the year.  A short time later, I will get filled with the first cum of 2017.  Lets make 2017 the most CUM and BUG filled year we can.

    1. ChaserBtm84


      Lucky bitch...😁

    2. Homo60


      I agree with ChaserBtm84 on this, wished I could get some cock and cum lined up here in the midwest for a celebration to see the old out and the new in, but is looking unlikely at this late time.

  11. I started getting fucked well before I could drive. The older dude who "recruited" me did a great job of helping me embrace being a queer. Not only was he a patient lover/master, but he took time to help me with things that have served me well in a lifetime of fag-dom. He was able to help me learn how to clean and why. No doubt, I have been in a few situations over the years when I would have preferred to be cleaner....but for the most part, his methods still work today. Diet, hose, time all in proper form make the difference for me. and every time a top mentions something about a good fuck.....i know i have that one guy to thank
  12. I think that some of these small signals are hints that we have the desire to go POZ ourselves. For me, there were so many small hints, seeing a biohazard tat on a guy (in a non-sexual situation), meeting guys who were poz, seeing articles in main stream media---all seemed to crank up my desire....before i even fully understood the desire was present. I remember going to a concert a number of summers ago. One of the guys in the group brought a new date....and that guy had a prominent biohazard tat on his left arm. I could not act, since he was with a bud of mine, but he had me in full fuck mode all day and night. I know I would have had him that day, had he been single. Seeing the drugs on the bathroom counter when visiting a queer me smoking fired up again. Both were undetectable....and before that weekend was over, I had those two undetectable loads....well before I was a chaser. I am not certain which comes first.....seeing stuff that turns you on, or being turned on by something that causes you to notice the details. But, I do know this, long before I really started enjoying the pleasure of POZ cock, i was hyper sensitive to all things POZ... And many of those signals were very small and very insignificant....unless someone was destined to become a POZ slut.
  13. Got fucked twice this morning.  Both from long time poz fuck buds.  These were not about being a eunuch or being poz....just really great fucking between buds who really know how to put out.    FUCKING GREAT

  14. No doubt, a top that can go balls deep and keep on pumping well after he delivered the goods is my preference. Love the feeling of his dick pumping that load deeper and smearing it thoughout my guts. I like getting fucked....not just fucking...but having a hard dick pound my the guy who can keep up that effort is a hero in my book.

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