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  1. hooked up with a fine, fine fine cock on BBRT tonight. guy was just visiting. i had messaged him this morning......and he replied....drove up and drilled my ass good. had a really great biohazard tat......and while not huge, he really knew how to work what meat he had. i love it when you truly know that you have been well fucked.....there is just a great feeling. not all about size......a master cocksman is a true delight.
  2. always....always keep it in place. usually have a nice comfortable butt plug to ensure it all stays in place for a long time. in fact, just "pulled the plug" on the two loads i took last night as part of a booty call a fuck buddy asked for. you still get a nice "plop" into the toilet as you push it out.......but you also have the satisfaction of knowing you have cum in you ass for a of all worlds.
  3. I am firmly in the court of having enjoyed being with a good number of black men. I agree, the concept of "BBC" is very real in many cases, it is not just those amazing cocks that I enjoy. I like the guys those cocks are attached to as well. I love the site of black skin on white skin. I have found many more black guys have a "what the hell, lets fuck" attitude rather than the picky, prissy, bitchy ways of what seems to be a higher percentage of non-blacks. First guy I ever lived with BLACK (he is poz now, we still get together 22 years after we lived together) First guy I ever did in a bath BLACK (The Works in Indy) First non-American cock BLACK (guy from Uganda, my dad's grad student and still the most amazing skin color ever) First 10" or bigger cock BLACK (in a old school pron theater in downtown Akron) Second POZ guy to fuck me BLACK (years ago, before chasing) First POZ cock of my chase BLACK (was a guy I knew, and he had offered POZ cum for years) 70 percent of the loads of chase BLACK (they hooked me up with each other) 66% of guys in week i got pozzed BLACK (80% of the dick that week came from one amazing guy....and I believe he did the job..BLACK) Cuban Strain Partner BLACK (Cuban, but considered himself black) Last 3 loads I have taken BLACK (One theatre/random, one booty call I answered, one dinner/date with long time friend) I am sure there are more milestones, but these come to mind. Not only have these guys given me some amazing sex (and likely the bug) but many have been just very interesting fun guys. A good number on that list are still among my friends and FBs. Do not take this wrong, I am not black exclusive, I will ride any cock any time. But, I seem to connect to these guys. I also have had a few racists who would not drill me when the figured out I liked both black and white meat. I figure that says way more about them then it does me. I have to brag about about the booty call I answered on Saturday. Haitian guy, great skin color, 9 inches---and with that amazing deep curve that insure the prostrate is massaged "just right". Said he had a 7 day load, and it took almost 40 minutes of hard ass fucking to coax it out. A quick ATM recharged him and he hammered for 30 minutes before giving up load two. Men, there seem to be many fewer white guys who can fuck that hard that least in my experience. Cock is like probably do not want to eat the same meal daily (no matter how good). If you have not tried a man of color, it does add a wonderful variety to your fuck life. But more than that, take time to get to know the guy(s). If you are like me, your life will be better with a more diverse group of buds.
  4. Interesting opportunity. Only female chaser I know is gonna take a needle from me Friday night. Saturday night she wants to ride some poz cock. Since I can't provide that, looking for any dudes near or willing to go to Spartanburg SC. She is mid thirties...curvy..amazing tits and eyes.....and lots of fun...and LOVE TO FUCK as much as I do.....hmu if intersted

    1. Achilleus


      Dude, be really careful. Transmission of HIV is a felony in many states, I can't imagine SC is any way different or given to leniency. 

    2. hoosierdadddy4h


      Very Tempting to make the drive!

  5. I am getting more cock since turning 50 than I did at younger ages. I am fucking horny all the time and need a lot of dick to help with that condition. So far, I have had zero problem in getting are some of the reasons I think that is true. I am damned good at being a bottom. I am enthusiastic and I have spent years trying to get good at giving up my ass and using my mouth. It takes time and effort to learn what you can do to help a top feel better. Once you gain the skills to have a "magic ass" word will get around. I have few (if any) real limits, I am not picky about what kind of man tops me. Sometimes, they may seem like "mercy" fucks, but I have found a great group of guys who might be a bit outside the normal range of fucking faggots......but they like my ass. I make it clear, I like and accept all POZ cum. THis may seem a bit different, but some POZ guys are quite cautious about spreading their seed. An always willing, always available, booty call answering POZ cum dump provides a good service to those guys. Yeah, I answer some 2:00 booty calls.....but that usually turns into a good Saturday all day fuck sooner or later. I try to be a decent person.....someone the tops like being around....I fuck a lot at my place...and try to make it nice for the guys who visit....drink, smoke, plenty of towels, lube........a safe, secure, inviting place for anyone to explore their needs. I have a very good cleaning technique. good comfort for both of us. I share lot on line.....let guys have some idea of who I am as a queer. Not needed for a quick fuck, but great to encourage regular fucking....and trust with guys. Right now, I am riding a "wave" of guys who want to fuck me because I am a eunuch. My shrinking nuts and cock coupled with an "all about the top" attitude makes it clear it will be a unique experience. I have learned to be more aggressive at bookstores, clubs, many cases, just a slight bit of greater "interest" gets the shy and scared guys to play. I intend to take cock as long as I can....and hopefully will have a group of fuck buds who want to tap my ass as long as I am horny It takes effort and time.......time even when you are not horny to keep this up. Looking for a cock when you need fucked is too late....developing a "team" of possible fuck buds has proven to be my way of always getting cum in my ass when i indeed need it.
  6. Bit of a surprise this am while shaving/showering. Had a little bit of a stinging sensation when touching lymph nodes in neck while shaving. Just enough to notice, but nothing more. While showering, lymph nodes in pits responded the same way. Nothing in the groin. Checked temperature....and had bit of a fever, but again nothing serious.

    I did not have any type of fuck flu when I got knocked up....nothing that was noticed. I know that what I am experiencing now could be due to lots of things.....but also aware that coming a week after my exposure to the Cuban superbug, may not be fully a coincidence.

    Trying to not be too optimistic or imagining things that are not real, but damn, it does remind me that the possibility of a co-infection with that strain COULD be underway.

    Than again, I may just have the same crap that seems like is going around those who are NOT AIDS sluts.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. toad2


      if you get the fuck flu you want to share

    3. bareall77


      Oh God that would be hot if you got reinfected! A superstrain in your dna? Wow!

    4. hoosierdadddy4h
  7. Well, there goes my "record" all to hell. After a 100% conversion rate (via a point) over 8 guys, number 9 (ninth to be tested...was #7 to take my crimson scourge) has tested negative---twice. Once was a home test and kind of on the line of being too early. The second time was at clinic and well withing the "window". So much for being a "guaranteed" process. Number 10 is still too early....but within a couple more weeks, he should know as well.

    Sadly, number nine has declined my offer to try again. Perhaps he got all the thrill he wanted.......

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ChaserBtm84


      But you do realize that those rapid HIV tests are kinda fucked up right? They only measure the antibodies created by the virus fighting the body and despite certain statistics there are tons of people who's bodies will not produce antibodies for up to 90 days and in some cases I've heard of even 6months, a year or longer. It does happen! Just depends on the immune system of the person infected. Now if they had blood drawn and tested in a lab where they check antibodies and antigens(the actual virus in the blood) no matter how far along or how great their immune system they will test positive bc in the lab they focus on looking for the virus in the blood...not the byproducts the virus creates as your body tries to fight it off. I think you could still have a perfect record. For the above reasons I never took it personally when a rapid test said Neg. I'd always follow with a blood draw that my Dr or clinic would send to a lab. If infected, the virus (the antigens) are present and you're Poz no it's ands or buts about it. But if someone's looking to convert and only using rapid testing for their stamp of approval they may be disappointed. I've actually known Poz guys who've gone with me to do a rapid test for the kink factor of it and tested themselves and tested Neg on a rapid test...simply bc at that point their VL could be low or UD and they may not be producing enough antibodies at that point in time to show on the rapid test. The human body is an enigma...from person to person we're all so different that we have to remember the statistics we hear from the gov't regarding the testing and accuracy was all done in a controlled study under the best of circumstances. Don't get discouraged. You have a gift to share. I wish we lived closer bc you know I'd GLADLY take a slam of your strain!

    3. 1deviantlad


      Yeah and so would I like to take his strain too. Need a top up.

    4. Homo60


      as ahs been indicated with the previous posts, don't be discouraged with what looks to be just one failure, this is still a very impressive record to begin with. This guy that refuses to allow you to try again, may just be in for a shock later on, as ChaserBtm84 has said, all guys and immune systems are different and it just very well may be that it's taking him longer to come up with the antibodies to become detectable. By his reluctance in allowing you to try again, this may indicate his indecisions to converting to poz anyway, and is it possible he may have been on Prep maybe and just not up front and open with it? Anyway, your record is nothing to be down about, Damn impressive to the lot of us, so keep up the good work, If I were in your local, I'd damn sure be one of your next conquests and accomplishments, as I'd damn sure make you keep pumping that toxic seed into me until it took!!

  8. Enjoying the "flashbacks" of the caramel cock that pumped a superbug strain into my ass this past Saturday.

    Me encantó conseguir follada por un gay cubano

    Now lets see if that superbug is super enough to give me a second infection. AIDS by 2020?????????

    1. Homo60


      Good luck on your Quest.  That would be great to be able to go to full blown in the approximate 3-5yrs instead of the long  wait on the other strains. I would be inclined to make the trip to find one of those super bug gifters myself if it were possible for me. You have been very lucky in finding him and if possible, be sure to have him breed you a few more times, just to enhance the results maybe??!!

  9. Months and months of research and effort paid off last weekend. A beautiful Cuban man, infected with the fast acting strain found in his homeland, share it with me. His highly toxic, nearly untreatable strain was delivered to my body via a point and his prick. I know a second infection is rare, but it was amazing, after all the work, to finally know I had shared that aggressive strain.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. bareall77


      Awesome! Hope it takes! 

    3. RawAdventures


      Must be an incredible feeling 

    4. bellyguy44


      I keep my fingers crossed for you.

  10. On a website that caters to pozzed up, drug using, piss and shit loving raw ass fucking queers, it would seem difficult to offend anyone, but I have. I am now off of probation for my latest sin.

    Even though I am ranked #4 in likes on the year, i will likely no longer post here. To all the decent guys I have met, thanks for the conversations and discussions, I have enjoyed each and every one.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. barefootboy


      I hate to see you go too.....What other sites are you on?

    3. bareall77


      What was your sin? Don't go...give it a chance...

    4. backpackguy


      Bummer...enjoyed your posts!


  11. I tested on the same day of each month when I was chasing. Prior to that I was doing the "good queer" thing of testing a couple times a year...usually at the local gay center. When I started riding sick dick, I wanted to know when I finally converted, so it was easier to buy a bunch off e-bay at test at home. The home tests measure the HIV antibodies in your system...not the actual virus. As others have noted it may take a bit to build up the level of antibodies until the test reflects a level that suggests that you are indeed POZ. In essence, if you are fucking a lot, the test is only valid for the moment you took the test. What happened after that is still unknown. But, if you get two pink lines, in nearly 99% of the time, any other type of testing will confirm you are indeed knocked up. On the other hand, a negative result my be disproved by other more discrete testing. In short, a negative test on a home tester is really of little value in proving you are indeed negative, while it is extremely accurate in stating you are POZ. As LKMIKE said, I found the testing kind of fun. I actually videoed each of my capture what my true reaction to the results would be. No doubt, the smile on my face when I saw two pink lines confirmed that all that fucking had finally paid off. On all these negative videos, the disappointment was equally clear.
  12. Number 3 blood slam dude joined the POZ team as expected.  !00% conversion rate so far.   Have two more line up for the weekend if they have balls enough to show up.   Maybe not as much fun as fucking...but looks like I can be a sure thing for those who are certain they want the bug.  Anyone else wanting some very toxic ESSENCE OF EUNUCH?

    1. MikeyJD


      Yeh me!! 

    2. Sarif98


      fuck, would i love slamming your toxic blood!

  13. Stopped by to see a buddy yesterday. Too much wine and lots of good weed lead to us spending the whole afteroon and evening together..... Needless to say, most of that evening was spent with his very large, very POZ BBC rammed deep in my very POZ and horny Eunuch ASS. My nutz may be dead...but my ass and tits are ALIVE.
  14. Just had a good fuck from an old friend.  Always nice to feel a familiar cock.  As he started pumping, so many memories came to me.

    1. PaBandedballs
    2. ChaserBtm84


      You lucky bitch! Sometimes I hate 😈 Seriously tho good for you! Keep it up!

  15. As I have written other places, I am freshly castrated. So far, i have found that I am not wanting for partners. Since I have preferred to bottom for many years, my sexual role has not changed that much. No doubt, some of the more recent fucks have included an element of the curious who want to see/experience what a eunuch can offer. But others, simply want to enjoy great sex. No doubt, some like the idea that it is ALL about them. I had contemplated castration for many, many years. In fact, for many years, I assumed that I would be nutless before I got knocked up. As it turned out, I converted nearly two years before I was cut. For me, both "modifications" stem from many of the same thoughts and desires. Certainly both a permanent (and serious) changes. No doubt, the consequences of both actions are mine alone. My first ever sexual experience was gay and and I never considered myself anything other than queer. But as time went on I recognized that I was something other than simply a homosexual male. Exploring those feelings eventually resulted in me becoming what I am today.---a very POZ EUNUCH. As others have indicated, not everyone appreciates castrated men. I can understand that. Not everyone appreciates POZ guys and raw sex. But we all have to make the choices that allow are mental selves match our physical selves. For me, this journey has been amazing, erotic, sex filled and a natural evolution to become the PERSON I need to be.

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