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    Intentionally POZZED in 2015. Intentionally castrated in 2016. Verified superinfection with both HIV1 and HIV2. Thrilled to be a knocked up eunuch. No meds and willingly share via points
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    Love getting fucked. Have a policy of any cock, any cum any time.....the only limits are YOURS.

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  1. Long time no post.  Today is 1 year anniversary of my castration.  Hell yeah....a year without nuts.   Truly a total bottom and loving it.   Back at Thanksgiving, marked the 2 and anniversary of getting my ass knocked up......no meds and loving that too.

    1. curmud


      U are a guiding star + any bloke lucky enough to hug shirtless + french-kiss w/U is a lucky man. 

  2. Hi, any chance of an invite code for darkfetishnet please?

  3. SuccessfulChaser

    Do Any Of Your Friends Know You Bareback?

    Anyone who knows I got knocked up knows I did AT LEAST once! Several have actually been bold and asked why I did not use condoms?
  4. Appreciate the information,  can't believe you took a Poz load in Muscle Shoals AL  hell even the word Poz is taboo around here and  yes I did know their was a few Poz guys here but have never been able to hook up with any. I have recently been talking to a cutter with 12cyears medical experience,  I am waiting on him to see when he will be able to remove them he self castrated himself.i also just found out about another cutter so I am seek several just in case one or the other does CUT the mustard so to speak.THANKS to all who have replied and hope you'll will continue to do so because as you'll all know a lot of times people back out .

  5. SuccessfulChaser

    Would you bareback a eunuch?

    I was knocked up in 2015 and castrated in 2016. I can state for a fact that SOME guys really get off on fucking a eunuch. But some guys just think that is too weird. No doubt, I have not had any lack of partners since my balls ceased pumping testosterone into my fag body.
  6. SuccessfulChaser

    Jay from Scruff

    That sounds like one fucking hot effort at joining Team POZ. The great thing is that if that session did not knock your ass up, you get to repeat the fun until you get it "right". Thanks for sharing and keep us posted.
  7. Been away from the site for a while.  But am gonna try to be back around some more.  Certainly have had a lot of questions and comments about my castration last December.  Gonna hit the 8 month point in a couple weeks (also the 2 year anniversary of being confirmed POZ).   Both anniversaries will be events to CELEBRATE with NO regrets. 

    1. SuccessfulChaser


      That should have been THIRD anniversary of testing POZ.   What a thrill ride it has been

  8. SuccessfulChaser

    Carolina guys?

    Mountains of western NC here. North of Asheville.....kinda of remote. Not the end of the world here....but I can see it from my window.
  9. SuccessfulChaser

    Is stealthing morally okay?

    Stealthing in the news. http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/27/health/stealthing-sexual-assault-condoms/index.html
  10. SuccessfulChaser

    Stealthing in the news

    http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/27/health/stealthing-sexual-assault-condoms/index.html CNN on-line story about steathing and a movement to consider it sexual assault.
  11. SuccessfulChaser

    Castration play

    I have written about it other places on this site...so I won't repeat it all. One of the posts got me banned for a while as well. But, there were done at the same time. One clamp per side....about 15 minutes (so the guys doing work said...I was in no condition to keep up with that). Nuts are shrinking...much much smaller, and very "squishy". Dr. says could be another year for them to be fully gone.
  12. SuccessfulChaser

    Castration play

    Have some experience in play with them....and of course lost my nuts to a burdizzo clamp 4 months or so ago. Band play can be kind of fun. You are correct, the bands are quite small.....and getting human nuts through the band is a bit of a pain. That probably makes it better for a two person sport. Not much pain when the band is slipped of the tool. A bit of a pinch...but nothing like the bit of the burdizzo. My nuts would swell up a bit after 10 minutes or so...and the pain would increase. Also, seen/felt at that time is they start to darken from dark pinkish red to blue/black as they starve for blood/oxygen. Always make sure you use a safety loop of some sort. I always threaded a zip tie through the band before inserting nuts. that gives you a bit of a handle to pull the band away from your sack. Without doing that, the band can be difficult to cut--without nicking your bag as well. If you are playing with someone else, two loops work more nicely....but single handed, the extra loop is worthless. Watch the time....your nuts are starving for that that gives them life....blood and oxygen...from the moment you turn the band loose. I am not in the medical field, so I have no idea when damage starts....but unless you want to join the eunuch clan--be very careful. Even if you do want to go ball-less, I am not sure that is a good choice. The chances for infection and/or needing professional repair seem high. Having rotting nuts hanging around for a bit until they sluff off seem disgusting to me as well. Play, have fun...but be careful....just like getting knocked up, getting castrated is a once in a lifetime experience...no going back.
  13. SuccessfulChaser

    Castration question

    I felt the pinch of the burdizzo on the 11th of December last year. While others may have different results, it appears to have done the job for me. My most recent testosterone level blood test was 55 ng/dl. In many cases, 50 ng/dl would be the level expected if your nuts were surgically removed. Additionally, I have not had an erection in almost 4 months, my temperature regulation is all to fuck and my nuts have shrunk and turned into mush blobs....certainly not the balls they once were. I am very happy with the results. The pain was intense, but fairly short lived. I know now that I am a fully submissive bottom, and 100% focused on giving pleasure to any cock that I encounter. Not everyone aspires to be a POZZED up EUNUCH, but I love it. But one word of caution. I have doubts that most guys would have the ability to fully close the jaws of the clamp on their own nuts. I was restrained and still bucked against the pain. Find a willing helper....practice....and go for it. But, just like getting knocked up, it is a lifetime...life style choice. Make sure it is what you want.
  14. Once again I have returned from the wilderness. If anyone has been offended by my posts, it was not intentional.

    But, the good part, for me anyhow, is that while banished from posting, I was NOT banished from sucking and fucking. Still dedicated to taking as much POZ cock up my toxic ass as possible.

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    2. demon4semen


      It may come as a huge shock to whoever's job it is to dish out those punishments, but no visitors to this HIV-sharing themed website are offended by comments about sharing HIV when they appear in the wrong section of the site. Glad you found a productive use for your time in exile bud. ;-p

    3. curmud


      i would like to suck that toxic ass

    4. BBBeard


      i agree with demon4semen and would also like suck that ass

  15. Love that tee shirt!:)

    1. useme21


      Me too.. I would like get a t-shirt same

    2. SuccessfulChaser



      lots of poz related tee shirts....they are "iron on" and not screen printed...but at least there is someone with balls enough to market to chasers and gifters

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