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  1. Pissplay is my second oldest fetish, so no I don't think of it as hardcore. In fact it's one of my kink requirements for anyone in a long-term relationship with me. I've been lucky in that the vast majority of my playmates have been willing to indulge me, and even luckier that a few have come to demand it.
  2. Yes, exactly. I had an idea by the time I was 14-15, but didn't really know til a few years later when three trans girls all said the same thing when they saw how horny I got when servicing dick. After that another alpha dom convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was not only a bottom slut fag, but also a sub bitchboi meant to please and drain big white dicks. The faggotry came first, the feminization came later.
  3. A few years ago, after weeks of pleading, I agreed to let this dom daddy take me to a bathhouse specifically to get used and pissed on while he watched. This was just the third time I'd been pissed on by a group. It started off slow at first, but within the hour about 5-6 guys had pissed on me or in me or bred me. Two of them got my contact info from my daddy, and I gave them private toilet service when I could. When I was 21-22, I met a woman that was into the same thing. First piss playmate I'd had. For about 4 months she'd stop by around 7am after leaving work and ride my face and piss down my throat, then let me lick and rim her til she came.
  4. The first time happened during my one and only gangbang. 4 guys pissing in my mouth when I got spit-roasted, then was finished off by getting pissed on after they all came. Since then its only happened with individual hookup partners and the odd playtime with a couple.
  5. If it goes anywhere near my mouth, I'm swallowing. But when I have my way, I lock my lips around the head and take the flow down my throat.
  6. I knew all the way back in high school that humiliation and shame were turn-ons. It took some years after that before I was able to accept it and start seeking it out. I don't need it every time I'm with someone, but with the right person, it intensifies the experience like nothing else.
  7. My preference is for the 40+ guys, and has been since I first started out.
  8. Somewhere around 8 or 9 if you count fumbling around with other kids. The real thing happened at 16 after talking to a 40+ man online.
  9. I was 10 years old too. Figured out how to cum a year later.
  10. I'm also near Houston, into any and all WS variations!
  11. I've seen folks moving over to bdsmlr.com as of today. It's slow since they weren't equipped for this massive spike, but they're steadily upgrading their server capacity.
  12. I'm just here to cosign this with extensive personal experience.
  13. I'm usually total bottom and submissive, so I definitely have bitch tendencies. I'm known for letting them have their way and doing whatever they want to get them off. I don't scream or moan much, but I'm not passive at all (unless they want a passive fuckhole). A few tops and all of my white doms have been comfortable calling me their bitch in the right environment.
  14. I've gotten lots of experience with this over the last few years, especially as I've got deeper into bdsm play. Verbal humiliation and abuse has always turned me on, but the first time it took a turn to racial comments I was surprised. I'm used to being fetishized for my skin, ass and lips, so I went along with it. When I saw how much he loved calling me his nigger slut and telling me I was property now, I started getting very turned on too. Since then it seems a lot of my white partners would secretly love to do it, but many are too inhibited even when I suggest it. I've had a couple of doms that had that as their major kink, and I love being shown my place as a shameless nigger bitch.
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