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    Inside you if your lucky.
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    The usual. Kittens, Flowers, Sunny days,MIND ALTERING NARCOTICS and UNPROTECTED SEX with RANDOM strangers. Oh yeah, walks on the beach as well. Nude beach of course.
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    Been responsible most of my life. Wanting to give up a career in Aviation to work in a Sleazy Adult bookstore and/or be a Chemical Enhancement entrepreneur. (That's a drug dealer take notes you children of sheltered households headed by religious fanatics. Aka: Killjoy's and Party poopers.)
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    Does video footage from churches surveillance cameras qualify?
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    Sleazy fun times. Mind numbing sex chat. This site is full of cumdumpsters. I enjoy being a CUM-PUMPER. Don't worry, you can't get pregnant. By the way I am open to a penis administered Protein injection. I have standards!

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  1. I’d love to drop by and take your load sometime 

  2. As a real father it is extremely arousing knowing that older/younger sex is a favorite in the gay community. I live alone and I am divorced. When guys know I am a divorced dad, they get turned on of pumping my ass full of faggot batter. Gay men are incredible. Deviant!
  3. Went there in 2004. First bathhouse ever went to!
  4. Love the pic on the pipe alternatives thread 

  5. A bareback sex site has no gone full retard c-span. I prefer SPUN!
  6. I am mostly into women. Except when I enjoy a little party time . I have had luck posting as a generous guy on a few hook up sites. Paying for it for some reason makes it hotter! Never understood why gay men like straight porn when sucking a guy off...just recently I really like the PMV vids with straight scenes while chugging dick.
  7. It depends. My favorite is a guy with a defined tanline. White cheeks, and a fury but clean trench. If I am defiling a pussy boi twink, prefer smooth.
  8. Very hot!!! If that were my son...I would give you a promotion!
  9. kenaibull


    Sounds like Louisville manor. GreaT place To play. Lots of sleazy stuff!
  10. That is a damn nice looking piece of ass. Eat. Fuck. Felch. Repeat. Nice cock too....handle for flipping you over.

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