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    Love a good Kisser...69 action...Love Buddy play all day. So Sensual for me to give you a Foot Job with my 11.5 feet...Find Men and their Big Bare feet so sexy...Makes me my Cut Sicilian sausage so Hard. Love to eat some sweet ass! Since we can’t Play like this in person and Together IN Palm Springs CALIFORNIA! Come Buddy play with me on Cam to Cam… My Skype ID: Ninowalkabout
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Top
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    5.11 and Brown eyes...Sicilian
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    A Fun Play Buddy!

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  1. Oh yeah...Just Love the Thickness...make me Gag!

  2. sent you a message on skype....lets try to connect sometime

  3. I Just Find your Bare Feet and Dicks so hot!

  4. You have such a Hot Butt!

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  6. Horny Sicilian Looking for fun C2C Play or Buddy play in person!

  7. I just knelt Behind of You and took your Semi Dreamy sensual ass  into my mouth, so I was surprised and flattered when you started moaning in your deep voice Instinctively I started to pull away but your hand held my head firmly in place of your Rose Scented Hole as you started to slowly Face fu-k my mouth like a sweet tight pussy…

  8. May I suck your ass?

    1. Fistulike666


      ... cum over and suck mine when you've finished there ...

    2. wildwildwildwildFe


      Please and let me suck your Dick right off too!!!

    3. Fistulike666


      Suck the lot fella!:P:drool:;)

  9. Your Sac and feet got me so very hard!

  10. May I suck your sweet ass for you?

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