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    I have a very wet pussy that needs lots of attention. I am very experienced in the bedroom and can host.
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    creampies, pregnancy risk, pussy only, porn and toys. gentle and slow, weekenders if possible just lots of hot sex basically.

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  1. Pregnancy risk?

    Wow great sex today thanks very passionate.
  2. Bb sex in Bristol this girl can host

    i would have but im not a bug chaser.
  3. Shame i cant travel that far would love a gangbang impregnation session with some hot horny men ;-)

  4. fucking the family

    Only problem is the thread keeps going cold so dont even know if this is gonna happen.
  5. fucking the family

    Might have a father and son session tonight but not sure as he keeps going cold on me. Son's a virgin, at first it was just gonna be him but he told me the son might hear and wanna join in and i told him that would be fine.
  6. Swinging and bareback

    Fab has a US members section.
  7. Transexual hypothetical question

    It is offensive to refer to someone as a tranny (unless thats the term they use as well). Personally i would still go with them, in fact have been with a pre op trans girl but it didnt work out. Thats because our personalities werent compatible and her political views clashed with mine. Havent seen her since. Im bi so will swing either way.
  8. Your last hetro load...

    Had my first spit roast last night it was great fun.
  9. Your last hetro load...

    Had three different men last night two came in me. Theres a guy trying to get me pregnant coming over today. i cant wait.
  10. I had a guy last week convince me to stop taking birth control and now im actively baby making. It's part of a roleplay we do. He asks if im on birth control i tell him 'no'. He suggests we fuck bare and make babies. i then fuck him as much as a can and we talk about other guys coming to seed me as well. i think the thrill i might be pregnant is what turns me on. He messaged me and we started emailing each other. He "would love to have his seed swimming around my fertile belly" that convinced me.
  11. Why Did You Start Barebacking?

    At first it was because i liked the feel of a guy cumming inside my pussy. Now i want to make love and babies. Im off contraception in the hope this can happen soon. im finding sex is better being done in this way. im finding it easier to orgasm off contraception, im getting hornier as well.
  12. Bb sex in Bristol this girl can host

    Yeah definitely and would be naked the whole wekeend as well.
  13. Bb sex in Bristol this girl can host

    That man i saw tonight was so hot, heres what happened. i had something else to do in town but managed to finish earlier so emailed him giving an eta when i would be at his house. i found the house ok with the help of my sat nav. i was greeted warmly and started kissing him. i told him i needed the toilet and when i come out the bathroom naked he can be as well. He was which really turned me on. We kissed sat there completely naked playing with each other. He wanted to taste my pussy so i laid down on the sofa and let him lick me. i asked if he could rub his cock next to my pussy as it might slip in and that turns me on. He did and slipped inside me quite quickly. He asked if i was on contraception and i told him no which got him asking if he could seed me. i told him i wanted him to seed me as i wanted his babies. We were kissing and making love at the same time. It was so passionate. Then we went upstairs to his very comfortable bedroom. i laid down on the bed with my pussy pointing upwards. "now where were we" he said and went back into my pussy. Once he had cum we stayed locked together kissing until his cock fell out. We had cuddles and more kisses. i was playing with his cock. He started playing with my pussy so i asked him to fuck me and he did. Then i played with his cock and asked if i could ride him. He let me get on top of him and we made love again with more kisses and cuddles. He told me how much he wanted to seed me and how he wanted to take me to a sex party and watch other guys fuck me bareback. i told him i wanted him to egg them on to seed me. He went stiff again so i rode him this time i asked him to play with my clit and he did until i let out a massive orgasm. We tried the spoons position but it didnt work, then we made love with him on top twice more. i was there from 930pm until 1145pm. We made love at least 6 times and he came about three. i cant wait for more of the same with him. Seeing him on Monday next.
  14. Bb sex in Bristol this girl can host

    Yatton is my nearest train station. If you tell me the time your train is coming in and the time it leaves temple meads i can pick you up from there. i live in clevedon.
  15. Bb sex in Bristol this girl can host

    Going to see a local guy tonight, he's a dad already and is really into pregnancy risk sex.

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