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  1. Thanks for following me

    1. versmetropig


      You are welcome!

  2. Moving to a gay 'clothing optional' household. The sex parties are expected to be failry regular

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    2. Read1


      Ssor, congrats! Now the FUN begins... Enjoy!

    3. Daddyph


      Congratulations and enjoy ! That sounds like a fun house !

    4. NLbear


      You mean you're becoming a roommate there? How many guys live there?

  3. Thanks for the following 😉

  4. I never been so horny and frustrated since I was a teen loitering the changing rooms, hoping for a Daddy to notice...

  5. I miss the chat room...

    1. infoseekeruk


      Whats happening with the chat room

    2. ssoranaid


      It's not working


    3. infoseekeruk


      hope the solve the problem soon

  6. Thanks for the follow 😉

  7. I would love to sub for you Sir

  8. I sent you a message on BBRT and Skype

  9. Thanks for the following 😉

  10. Thanks for the following ;)

  11. Thanks for the follow, you are hot ;)

  12. Thanks for the comments ;)

  13. You are fucking hot...

  14. Thanks for the following ;)

  15. Thanks for following me

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